APP: Chapter 88

You Jing had this thought and lowered his head, pretending to gently question Xia Yao.

Xie Chi rescued the scene in time and Ren Ze and Lu Wen were stunned. Xie Chi had clearly been injured before. In just seven or eight minutes, he changed and acted like nothing had happened. He had obviously been covered in blood just now.

Xie Chi covered his mouth and coughed, suggesting that they move. Ren Ze and Lu Wen immediately trotted over.

“I sent you a message and asked you to come over, but you ran to save Xia Yao? She is You Jing’s girlfriend. Why save her?” Ren Ze pretended to complain. He lowered his head and found that Xie Chi’s hands were trembling uncontrollably. His heart beat faster as he realized that Xie Chi’s condition wasn’t good.

Lu Wen cocked his head and noticed a trace of blood leaking from the back of Xie Chi’s shoulder. You Jing was still staring at them from before. Lu Wen was anxious but he calmly and naturally placed an arm around Xie Chi’s shoulder, covering the blood.

Xie Chi groaned and Lu Wen hurriedly spoke loudly. “Ren Ze, you should complain less. Aren’t we fine? Brother Xie has done so much for us. Don’t care about this time.”

Xie Chi made a helpless expression.

[Hahaha, it is a real competition for acting. I’m laughing to death.]

[Distressed for Chi Chi.]

[Lu Wen’s acting has improved.]

The moment the three of them returned to the room safely, Lu Wen immediately removed his arms and spoke with concern. “Xie Chi, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“Your rescue was a bit slow.” Ren Ze glanced at the chair to one side. There were blood-stained clothes and the obtained organs.

He climbed through the window back to the room, put down the organs, cleaned himself, changed clothes and then contacted Xia Yao for help. Then he and Xia Yao came over like nothing had happened. Only Xie Chi could do such a series of actions in an orderly manner.

Xie Chi smiled and said nothing.

Lu Wen wasn’t injured and pulled out medical supplies from the box to bandage Xie Chi. Ren Ze was only slightly injured and dealt with it himself. After being treated by Lu Wen, Xie Chi looked up at him. “Did you find the brand?”

Lu Wen had forgotten to announce the good news due to his anxiousness. He put down the bandages, took out the brand from his pocket and gave it to Xie Chi.

“Well done.”

Lu Wen flushed a bit and lowered his head. This time, he hadn’t held Xie Chi back. Xie Chi looked at the brand that had the big letters ‘three squeaks’.

“How did you find it?”

Lu Wen said, “The one who experienced the accident was Ma Heng. He was sleeping and just like us before, there were many mice under his pillow. He was scared and screamed. He cut the pillow with a knife and prepared to kill them. The group of mice got out and started to run away. I saw one with the brand around its neck and grabbed it before it disappeared.”

“That’s it.” Xie Chi was thoughtful. Now it seemed that apart from the most difficult to collect the first brand of raw monkey brains, the other three brands weren’t too hard. Right now, he had collected four brands and there were two left, namely the iron plate turtle and baby soup.

Xie Chi glanced at his watch. It was four o’clock in the morning and they were about to enter the fourth day. The movie time limit was six days. One half of the time had passed and a fierce battle was bound to start.

Xie Chi recalled that apart from the mice of the three squeaks dish choosing to harass the actors, the animals representing the other three dishes all appeared at night after the actors had eaten the corresponding dishes. He hadn’t encountered the animals representing the iron plate turtle or the baby soup but the conditions to produce the brands were obvious. Actors had to eat the problematic dishes representing them at dinner. Only by eating the problem dishes would the corresponding animals find them.

Now they had benefited from Zhao Jinhua. They obtained the menu and learned about the problematic dishes so they could almost be completely avoided. Other actors wouldn’t eat these dishes in order to survive. This would actually prevent the production of the brand so…

Xie Chi barely hesitated before making a decision. Tonight, he was going to eat the variant of the iron plate turtle and let the turtle take the initiative to find him. The ghost had gained four teeth and every second that passed now was their life. He could no longer drag things out and could only use this method. As for the last dish of baby soup, if it was really a last resort…

Xie Chi’s lips tightened and his eyes were cold.

Xia Yao had previously helped him. Xie Chi took out his phone and sent a message thanking Xia Yao.

Xia Yao: It’s fine.

Xie Chi: Did you go back to your room?

Xia Yao: Yes, he originally stood outside for a while. Then he saw that you didn’t come out and went in by himself.

Xie Chi: Okay.

Xie Chi turned off the phone screen and stood up. “Go. Lu Wen and I will go down to move the younger sister’s body.”

They had been anxious to stuff the organs they obtained into the younger sister’s body but they could only wait for You Jing to leave. Now was the time.

Ren Ze said, “Then I will look after the organs.”

The two of them quietly moved the younger sister’s body into the room. Ren Ze stuffed the organs inside one by one and once they finished, the three people’s phones rang.

[The younger sister has gained a heart (2x), a kidney (1.5x), a liver (1.5x) and a tongue (1.5x). The increase in strength: 1 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 = 6.75 times]

[Congratulations, you have helped the younger sister’s strength increase by 6.75 times.]

[It is almost dawn and the younger sister needs to adapt to her new organs and recover her long lost ghost power. She will have the right to move around the next night.]

[Thanks to your great contribution, you can now put the younger sister’s body in the app’s backpack.]

“Multiplication?” Lu Wen was surprised before smiling. “I was wondering how it was calculated.”

“Doesn’t multiplication mean a snowball?” Ren Ze curled his lips and raised his head. “I’ll do the calculation. A kidney means 6.75 x 1.5 = 10.125, rounded to the nearest 10. Get a baby and it will triple…”

Ren Ze stared. “That is 30 times the original amount. Tsk, this must be enough to defeat the sister.”

Lu Wen didn’t know this and was shocked. Xie Chi listened to this number and frowned slightly as he remained silent.

“There is still a kidney.” Lu Wen smiled bitterly as he looked at Xie Chi. “Do we still have to grab the corpse tomorrow night?”

Xie Chi gently hummed. “6.75 times definitely isn’t enough. The younger sister needs her organs to increase her strength. According to the general rules of confrontation, the older sister isn’t necessarily eating the organs after killing because of hunger. She might also need to eat organs to increase her strength. Therefore, she will be relatively weakened if we snatch her food. No matter the reason, we must continue to snatch bodies tomorrow.”

The two of them nodded. Xie Chi’s eyes lowered and he fell silent.

“Hey.” Ren Ze called out to Xie Chi. “The younger sister will be able to move around tomorrow night. Isn’t this great news? Why aren’t you reacting?”

Xie Chi said, “I’m thinking how much stronger the younger sister has to be to win against the sister with all six teeth.”

Ren Ze didn’t understand and instead said, “If we move faster, can’t we let the younger sister face the sister who hasn’t found all six teeth?”

A warm smile overflowed on Xie Chi’s face. “Do you think the app will make us feel better?”

“The app is always for the audience’s enjoyment, not the survival of the actors. Not to mention, there is Zhao Jinhua. I don’t believe that Zhao Jinhua’s existence won’t make the movie more difficult. At present, she has basically done nothing.”

Ren Ze’s joy scattered and he mumbled, “Professional at pouring cold water.”

Xie Chi smiled. “Shall I put the younger sister’s body in my backpack?”

The two of them had no opinion.


Early the next morning, You Jing found that the female corpse downstairs was missing and felt uneasy.

He searched and searched. He basically rummaged through the entire house but couldn’t find the female corpse. The basement where Ren Ze and the others had fallen was dark and bloody. Naturally, You Jing wouldn’t go down there. After all, it was the male ghost’s lair. If the ghost attacked him then his mother might not have time to save him.

In the end, he could only think that the male ghost had stolen the female corpse.

Nothing happened all day and it was calm. Xie Chi’s wounds were still aching as he stood smoking by the door, staring up at the cloudy sky. The dark clouds were rolling, the ground was still damp and the air was humid. The dragonflies were flying low among the flowers outside the house. It was a type of grey dragonfly, dark as iron, gloomy and with a strong breath of death.

Xie Chi’s eyes were indifferent.

This was the last peace before the storm, right? He even felt that it would be over soon because it was too quiet.

However, the progress was obviously still lacking. The older sister’s plotline and teeth hadn’t been found, the animal plotline hadn’t been found and the younger sister’s plotline hadn’t been found. It was strange. Xie Chi frowned as he got an unspeakable strange feeling.


Night arrived as promised. Everyone was stunned when they saw Xie Chi tasting all the dishes.

Ren Ze pulled at Xie Chi’s sleeve and whispered, “Are you crazy?”

The moment he finished speaking, he was stunned as he became aware of Xie Chi’s intentions and coughed. He gave Lu Wen a look and joined Xie Chi in eating everything. You Jing sat opposite and watched the three of them taste all the dishes. His expression was puzzled.

After the meal, Xie Chi’s group of three went upstairs. You Jing’s group of four sat at the dinner table. For a while, You Jing kept crossing his legs over each other, switching legs while obviously feeling irritable.

“Mom, we’ve been searching for a whole day and haven’t found any of them. The house has been rummaged through. Where can it be hidden? It is the fourth day.”

Zhao Jinhua was also very unhappy about this.

They chose to help the female ghost and were always on guard against the male ghost who could appear to eat their internal organs at any time. It wasn’t easy for them to find the teeth and now the progress had stopped.

“Did you find any?” You Jing asked Xia Yao and Ma Heng without any hope.

Xia Yao was thinking about what Xie Chi had reminded her previously. She was absent-minded and shook her head dumbly after hearing these words. “No.”

“That’s fine.” You Jing looked disgusted and called her a useless woman in his heart.

[The most useful thing Xia Yao did was to betray you and your mother hahahaha.]

“What about you?” You Jing asked Ma Heng.

Under the table, Ma Heng gripped his pants tightly as he shook his head like Xia Yao.

“Forget it.” It was as he guessed and You Jing stood up in a bored manner. “Go upstairs.”


It was mostly dark outside as Xie Chi and Xia Yao exchanged messages.

Xie Chi: You Jing and Zhao Jinhua haven’t found any teeth today?

Xia Yao: No, I will tell you as soon as he finds it.

Xie Chi: Yes, thank you.

Xie Chi turned off his phone and raised his head with a frown. “They didn’t find the tooth.”

Lu Wen and Ren Ze looked blank. “Isn’t it normal that they didn’t find it?”

Xie Chi didn’t speak. He turned and opened the window. The thick clouds outside the window increased as if something was about to come into being. The invisible hints of the weather and atmosphere were so strong that Xie Chi thought things were going to get much worse.

For example, You Jing had found the fifth tooth. However, Xia Yao said this wasn’t the case and Xia Yao wouldn’t lie to him. Was he thinking too much?


Ma Heng deliberately walked slowly. After confirming that they entered their room and locked the door, he hurried back to his room. He locked the door and his mood finally calmed down.

He had been beside them for the past two days and came to the conclusion that after submitting a tooth to the ghost, the app wouldn’t post a progress update prompt. This was too good for him. He wanted the plot progress but he didn’t want to offend Zhao Jinhua and You Jing.

He had to finish the task quickly and leave.

There was only Ma Heng in the empty room and his mental tension reached the peak. He was used to having roommates but they all died one after another, leaving him alone. Xia Yao had squeezed into the room with You Jing and his mother.

Zhao Jinhua’s strength was much higher than his and was an existence he looked up to. Naturally, she wouldn’t bother with ants like him. In the end, he was the only one living in the room.

It was too hard.

Ma Heng touched the cross on his chest and prayed for a few seconds.

This was his item called God’s Favor. As long as he sincerely made a wish to God, there was a certain probability that God would hear and satisfy his wish. The greater the wish, the lower the probability of God hearing it. He made a trivial wish like finding the tooth during the day and found it within an hour.

It was a real surprise.

Excitement flashed in Ma Heng’s eyes as he thought about getting the plot exploration points.

Ma Heng crouched down and pulled out the tooth he had hidden in his shoes. After finding it during the day, he thought the safest thing was to hide it on his body. This was indeed the case. You Jing never thought he would dare to hide the tooth.

The ghost shouldn’t appear before the lights-off time required by the app. Ma Heng thought so as he turned off the light. He followed Zhao Jinhua’s previous actions and muttered to himself in the darkness, “Female ghost, I found your tooth. Come out and get it.”

There was no answer. It was dead silent. Ma Heng almost suspected that only Zhao Jinhua could contact the female ghost. Then suddenly, a slight drooling sound was heard from the darkness in front of him.

A white tooth was exposed. Then there were two, three and four.

Ma Heng raised his gaze and met the ghost’s eyes!

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

‘God’s Favour’? Ngl that sounds like an OP ability

10 months ago
Reply to  Moon

It’s not much of a favour now that he has messed up his chances of survival although ,In fact the tooth may well be called the devil’s favour as it’s likely to get him killed because he will probs end up the next sacrifice

2 years ago

Oh no, Ma Heng!
Well, I guess he doesn’t realize that the cannibal is this ghost. Ma Heng probably thinks this is a nice ghost. And he probably thinks that since You Jing and Zhao Jinhua haven’t been killed when they give the tooth, then he should be safe.

2 years ago

Canon fodder canon foddering himself.

2 years ago

Thats probably the most canon fodder thing you could’ve possibly done Ma Heng…

Imagine pairing that item with XC’s luck buff and the fact that he was refined to perfection by the heavens it WILL become op. Well XC is op enough even without it lol

Last edited 2 years ago by Takkun
1 year ago

i mean at least ur kidney will save people………..

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Oh no poor baby 😭😭 he wanted some progress instead he’s getting death. I hope our Xies save him in time tho he’ll pbbly be the one they get the organs from

10 months ago
Reply to  Yoshi K

If you think about it it’s a smart thing to do…but he unfortunately didn’t know the real story

10 months ago

Tbh they have the heart, idk Abt the liver, I think they need the kidney, like you don’t have to kill an actor to get one😭 it just says to not kill them, you can just temporarily take some organs that don’t kill ppl, my main concern now would be where to get the baby after ripping out lu wens kidney

9 months ago

doesn’t lu wen still have one of the teeth?? when xie chi handed one of them over wasn’t it only the one they found at the scene of one of the actors death?? did the author forget or did i miss lu wen taking the tooth out of his scales to give to the other group?

9 months ago
Reply to  hailey

ah after reading a few chapters lu wen does still have the one tooth