APP: Chapter 87

“Lu Wen will go look for the brand while you and I will steal the body.” Xie Chi spoke decisively.

“Xie Chi!” Ren Ze’s eyes moved. Finding the brand was as important as grabbing the corpse but the two weren’t in the same magnitude in terms of danger. Grabbing the corpse was their task and failing wouldn’t affect Xie Chi. Meanwhile, the brand was the key token of Xie Chi’s camp…

“Don’t be moved. I know what I’m doing. It isn’t about sacrificing myself but maximizing benefits.” Xie Chi frowned and spoke calmly. “In addition, Xia Yao is still useful. We might have to save her.”

Xie Chi glanced at Lu Wen. “I’ll leave the brand to you.”

Lu Wen was taken aback before nodding heavily. Such an important task was entrusted to him. Lu Wen felt the burden as he rushed in the direction of the scream.

Xie Chi and Ren Ze walked in the opposite direction, Xie Chi sending a message to Xia Yao as they walked: Hurry and come out.

Xia Yao: …Huh?

Xie Chi: If you want to save your life then hurry up!

Then a heart piercing scream came from the room next to him. Xie Chi felt suffocated. It was too late!

“Brother, the situation has changed. It is up to you!”

Xie Xinglan came out instantly. He didn’t say a word as he kicked open the door violently.

In the room, one person had already been killed silently. The older sister crawled out from under the bed and half kneeled in front of the bed. She leaned forward like a snake, exposing her fangs as she fiercely bit the actress’ neck.

The sleeping actress twitched and woke up. She struggled violently, twitching and trembling all over like a dying fish. She struggled hard but her eyes started to turn white. The cry for help became a bit weaker.

The older sister let go with satisfaction and used her fat tongue to lick the blood from the corner of the mouth. Then the older sister heard a noise from the door and looked over, resentment and cunning flashing in her grey eyes.

Xie Xinglan kicked open the door. In the room, two pale ghost hands reached up from under the wooden floor to grab the feet of a corpse respectively, dragging the two corpses down. The older sister was trying to hide the truth and let the actors mistakenly believe that the murderer was a male ghost. The wooden boards were fragile and started to crack. In an instant, ice-like cracks appeared on the floor of the room.

Xie Xinglan rushed over without hesitation. As the sister’s hands pulled down, the wooden boards cracked and most of the corpses were dragged below. Xie Xinglan rushed over and grabbed the head of a corpse before it fell. The downward pulling force was huge and the corpse was still falling down, dragging Xie Xinglan’s body towards the pit.

The clothes on his chest were torn by friction. Xie Xinglan didn’t let go even if his hands were numb. Ren Ze joined in but their strength still wasn’t a match for the older sister. Finally, the wooden board under Xie Xinglan’s body cracked. There was a loud sound and Xie Xinglan fell down along with the corpse.

“Xie Chi!” Ren Ze lay on one side with wide eyes. For a moment, his heart fought. Below him was the evil ghost but Xie Chi was a teammate. Xie Chi might be doing it for himself but he was also directly completing the task for them…

Ren Ze wasn’t a villain who was greedy for life and afraid of death. Ren Ze gritted his teeth before letting go, following the body down the dark hole. Xie Xinglan landed easily and pulled up Ren Ze who had fallen miserably. Ren Ze spat out a mouthful of blood and barely stood firm. He coughed violently, his face pale.

“Are you okay?” Xie Xinglan’s voice was low and cold.

“No.” Ren Ze denied it immediately.

Xie Xinglan nodded. The surroundings were so dark that he couldn’t see his fingers. However, there were white things at his feet that emitted a faint fluorescence. They were bones!

Xie Xinglan gripped the Evil Spirit Blade tightly and finally saw his surroundings after his eyes adjusted to the extreme darkness. This was a dark and damp basement. There were piles of bones, sticky flesh and chewed-up organs under his feet.

Xie Xinglan brandished the blade and cut open the wooden boards that kept hitting them. He looked around in the darkness and finally locked onto a direction. There, at a height of 1.5 metres. A white tooth appeared first and then two, three…

In that place, the older sister was slowly opening her mouth. There was the sound of her biting a corpse. It was too late!

Xie Xinglan ordered decisively, “I’m going to grab it. Stay here and look for the right timing to use the watch!”


The sound of chewing made one feel numb. Xie Xinglan rushed over and inserted the Evil Spirit Blade without hesitation into the sister’s hand to prevent her from grabbing the corpse’s heart. The ghost’s hand paused and then reached out again. This time, the target was Xie Xinglan!

They were so close and the ghost hand approached fiercely. Xie Xinglan avoided the danger and didn’t hesitate to dig out the bleeding heart from the corpse’s open chest. They might not be able to take the whole corpse but they could take the organs.

“Give it back to me.” The older sister’s voice was hoarse and ghostly.

Xie Xinglan had a bad feeling and quickly retreated. There were sparks as the white teeth bit at him in the darkness. If he had retreated one second later then the hand holding the heart would’ve entered her belly along with the heart.

Xie Chi called out, “Brother, she has already killed two people. She can’t kill you! Killing you is against the rules. Let’s try to find a way to escape!”

The older sister abandoned the two bodies and chased after Xie Xinglan.

The heart was too big to fit in his pockets and Xie Xinglan could only hold it. This further restricted his use of weapons. He held his breath and hid in a dark corner for 10 seconds, tapping on his phone to send a message to Lu Wen to break the ground.

The original hole was small and it was impossible to go up there. As he was being chased, Xie Xinglan paid close attention and found that the entrance of the basement was sealed. They either had to break the entrance to escape or the person above had to smash the ground.

Suddenly, a blurred face appeared on the bright mobile phone screen. Xie Xinglan was alert and raised his head. The older sister was above him, stretching out her red tongue at him! Ren Ze immediately reversed the watch.

Xie Xinglan counted the time accurately. Then he sprinted to the corpse and cut off the tongue without blinking. The Evil Spirit Blade was sharp and the tongue fell off instantly. He stuffed the tongue in his pocket. The chest of the corpse was open so the liver was easy to get. However, he had to cut open the corpse to get the kidneys…

In the deep darkness, the face loomed.

“Xie Chi!” Ren Ze roared.

Xie Xinglan calmly slashed open the waist of the corpse. Then without lifting his head, he relied in his sixth sense to throw the Evil Spirit Blade behind him. There was a sharp cry in her eyes and Xie Xinglan took the opportunity to grab a kidney. Blood splashed and stained his face.

There was a heart, a kidney, a liver and a tongue. Xie Xinglan’s hands were full but he was still one kidney short. He also threw the Evil Spirit Blade and he couldn’t tear apart human skin with his hands alone.

In a timely manner, there was the sound of the ground being hit. Ren Ze’s pale face appeared as he cried out happily, “It is Lu Wen!”

Xie Xinglan glanced above him and immediately rushed to Ren Ze, squeezing the heart and kidney into his hand. “You go first!”

“What about you?”

“There is still a kidney!”

“Okay!” Ren Ze went to the place where the sound of the smashing was the loudest. At the same time, he stared at Xie Xinglan’s surroundings, always ready to use the watch.

Xie Xinglan glanced at his blade in the distance and called out, “Give me two more seconds!”

Ren Ze immediately used another two seconds. Xie Xinglan took the opportunity to pick up the Evil Spirit Blade that was very close to the older sister. Meanwhile, the older sister’s offensive became fiercer. She might not be able to kill them according to the rules but it was more than enough to hurt them. Right now, their actions had completely angered her and her ghostly energy was rising. The basement became as cold as an ice cellar. Xie Xinglan knew that he couldn’t be greedy for the kidney and gave up decisively. He covered Ren Ze’s retreat and ran toward the hole.

Above them was becoming brighter. Lu Wen lay down against the hole that had been smashed and lowered a curtain.

Xie Xinglan called out, “You go up first!”

Xie Xinglan barely resisted the ghost behind him as there were a few more scratches and bites on his body.

Ren Ze didn’t hesitate to climb up the rope. Seeing that the situation wasn’t good and that the two of them were going to take away the organs, the older sister changed her strategy. She gave up on Xie Xinglan to attack Ren Ze. Xie Xinglan had great vision and could see the ghost teeth looming in the darkness, about to bite Ren Ze. He wisely picked up a piece of rotten meat from the ground. wrapped the Evil Spirit Blade in it and pretended to shout, “Ren Ze, catch the organ!”

Xie Xinglan threw the piece of rotten flesh over.

Cunning flashed in the older sister’s eyes. She immediately reached in front of Ren Ze’s body and grabbed the piece of rotten flesh first. The next second, the older sister’s pained screams ran through the basement. The screams of the ghost made his entire body tremble and Ren Ze almost vomited.

The Evil Spirit Blade was extremely destructive to ghosts but Xie Xinglan hadn’t been able to touch the ghost with the blade previously. Now the ghost was deceived and was injured, buying them some time. Xie Xinglan picked up the Evil Spirit Blade and seized the time to climb up the curtain rope along with Ren Ze.

There was light outside the hole.

Ren Ze was panting heavily and there was a shallow, bloody tooth mark on the side of his face. If Xie Chi hadn’t saved him then he would’ve been finished, really finished. The shadow of death expanded, shrunk, expanded and finally disappeared from in front of him. He collapsed on the ground, his entire body weak.

Xie Xinglan’s situation was much worse but his expression was as cold as ever. He calmed his turbulent breathing and stood up. He had lost too much blood and his face was a bit pale.

Lu Wen was just about to come over to bandage him and tell him that a brand had been found as well. However, Xie Xinglan shook his head. “No need to bandage. We should leave here quickly.”


Xie Xinglan was silent and looked at the door. There was a knock on the door from outside.

“Xie Chi? Are you okay? Did something happen that there is so much noise? Did you find any clues?”

“If you don’t speak then we’ll come in to save you…”

“Xie Chi? You’re in there, right?”

You Jing’s polite and hypocritical voice was clear.

Xie Xinglan controlled the body while Xie Chi spoke in a low voice. “I will take all the organs out through the window and hide them. You wipe off the blood on your body. Don’t be too deliberate and remember to lie. If you can’t lie then don’t talk. Wait for me to come back.”

“Okay.” The two of them looked at each other like they were facing an enemy.

They chose to help the younger sister and were standing on the opposite side of You Jing and Zhao Jinhua. If these two knew their plot exploration and discovered they took the organs to help the younger sister against the older sister…

Old and new hatreds would be combined and they would definitely get in the way.

There was a bang as the door was knocked open. You Jing immediately looked around the room and found that the room was a mess. The wooden boards were broken, the curtains were dirty and bloody and there was a huge hole in the ground.

You Jing instinctively felt something had happened and was secretly anxious. He smiled and approached. Along the way, he opened the curtains and looked at the wardrobe and side room. Ren Ze clenched his fists and his eyes were filled with strong disgust. He and Lu Wen knew that You Jing was looking for Xie Chi.

You Jing looked down at the hole before turning to ask Lu Wen in a condescending manner. “What happened? How can there be such a scary mess? By the way, where is Xie Chi? Isn’t he here? Aren’t you three together?”

Ren Ze folded his arms and sneered. “Are you blind that you can’t see on your own?”

“What were you doing when the male and female actors in this room had an accident?” Ren Ze raised his chin and spoke aggressively. ”Aren’t they your people? They ran into the male ghost and the movement was so loud yet none of you came to save them? We came in to save people. Do we still have to explain it to you?”

Apart from Zhao Jinhua and Xia Yao, the only remaining member of the older sister’s camp, Ma Heng, was pale. Although he knew that You Jing and Zhao Jinhua wouldn’t care about them, he got a chill once he actually saw this scene. Now he was the only one left who had joined You Jing’s camp…

Ma Heng suddenly had a thought. Xie Chi’s group of three was fine while those of them who joined You Jing were dead or wounded…

Ma Heng’s heart was cold.

You Jing was stunned and his expression was unsightly.

“So what is going on?” You Jing forced out a smile.

Lu Wen was instinctively about to tell a lie when Ren Ze preempted him. “How old are you? Why should we answer you?”

His tone was provocative and no different from usual. You Jing’s doubts started fading away.

Ren Ze secretly sighed with relief. At this time, the more perfect the lie, the more deliberate it seemed. It was better to say less.

“Let’s go,” Ren Ze told Lu Wen.

No one answered You Jing and his face was ugly. Ma Heng was afraid he would have a hard time if You Jing was angry and he cautiously opened his mouth, “It looks like the male ghost came to kill the two actors in this room. They rushed over when they heard the movement. The two people were dragged into the basement by the ghost and Ren Ze went down to save people, but couldn’t. He wanted to come up so they sent a message to Lu Wen for him to come and save him. Thus, the curtains are covered with blood.”

You Jing also thought this was reasonable but there were two obvious questions. You Jing reached out his arm to stop the two of them from going and sneered. “You will go to save people?”

Ren Ze met his gaze and looked impatient. “Are you sick? Do you think I would’ve wanted to if it wasn’t for him insisting?”

Ren Ze kicked Lu Wen with disgust. “Lu Wen, haven’t you heard of him? He is a good boy from zombie movies. Do you think that everyone is a person with a bad heart who goes to ghost movies like you?”

You Jing’s face was red from anger.

Lu Wen knew Ren Ze was lying but he still lowered his head in shame.

“What about Xie Chi? Where did Xie Chi go at this time? He wants points so much. You don’t mean to tell me that he is still sleeping right?” You Jing sneered. He thought he had caught their handle and wanted to crush the two of them with momentum.

Alarm bells rang in his heart. He wanted to complain but then he saw Xie Chi and Xia Yao walking side by side. A beautiful woman and handsome man were talking and smiling and the atmosphere was too good.

You Jing followed Ren Ze’s gaze and his face turned blue.

Zhao Jinhua’s face was also gloomy as she spoke sternly, “What’s going on?”

Xia Yao shrank back as she was yelled at. She immediately apologized to Xie Chi and ran over. “I just encountered the male ghost in the bathroom and he rescued me.”

Xia Yao pointed to Xie Chi, her face full of fear from the disaster she just escaped. Xie Chi nodded slightly toward this side, humble and elegant. You Jing looked him up and down. Xie Chi’s clothes were clean and ironed while his face was white. There were no traces of anything happening.

You Jing repeatedly confirmed that Xie Chi had no blood on him.

Lu Wen and Ren Ze had blood on them. If Xie Chi had been with them just now, it would be impossible for him to have no blood. Moreover, You Jing had been blocking the door just now and he hadn’t seen anyone go out. So things were really as he saw…?

Xie Chi didn’t participate at all and instead ran to the bathroom to save his girlfriend? Wait, why did he save You Jing’s girlfriend?

You Jing’s eyes widened before he narrowed them with a sneer. He knew that Xie Chi had seen his mother’s greatness and wanted to hook up with Xia Yao in order to get their information from Xia Yao’s mouth.

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2 years ago

Ohhhh Xinglan won’t be happy hearing bout this 👀

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Phew, close call.
You Jing and his mom ave truly become awful. By now they should realize that people die as they give teeth.
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Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago
Reply to  ctomes

I think they do realise that but they trust in the vision so much that they conclude it must just be the ghost getting stronger cuz they’re eating more food or smthg

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I don’t think they will belive it and will blame everything on our MC/Ml

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