APP: Chapter 86

“What happened later? How did the older sister end up dead?” Ren Ze couldn’t wait to ask.

Xie Chi answered, “The younger sister turned into a ghost. She was afraid that her sister would eat people so she pulled out her sister’s teeth and killed her cruelly. She was afraid that her sister would turn into a ghost and cause harm to others after death, so she hid the teeth in various places around the house. The older sister really did turn into a ghost and due to deep grievances, she was much stronger than her younger sister. The house contains both sisters. A mountain can’t tolerate two tigers. The weak younger sister was suppressed and her ghost power declined. She can only linger in the body hidden in the wall, waiting for someone to come before her sister gathers her teeth to help her kill her sister completely.”

Ren Ze and Lu Wen were stunned.

Lu Wen wondered, “What about the chef? What is the chef’s situation?”

“The older sister killed the chef directly after transforming into a ghost and asked him to cook for her in the underworld. That’s why we didn’t find any raw materials or food waste when we went to the kitchen. It is because those foods don’t belong to this world and are actually cooked for the older sister. The chef was enslaved by the sister so he lied to us, saying there was a husband and wife living here. All his actions are beneficial to the older sister. Our invitation here was also planned by the older sister. She wanted to use us to find her teeth so she can break away from the shackles of the rules and kill.”

“After the sisters died, everyone who stepped into this place died, including the younger sister’s lover and the police who came to investigate. Eventually, this place became a famous ghost house and the people nearby moved away. 10 years passed in a flash until a few months ago, the older sister contacted Zhao Jinhua who participated in a lottery through a supernatural phone call. She told Zhao Jinhua that she was selected for a six day experience in a luxury house.”

These were the details of the story of the movie.

Lu Wen and Ren Ze were like mirror images as they showed relaxed expressions. The background story was finally clear. Now that the younger sister had made contact with Xie Chi, she must have a request for XIe Chi. He would lead the way and they could just follow suit.

Xie Chi saw their slight relaxation and told them, “Don’t be too happy. The younger sister did give me a task but it is difficult to complete. I feel it is no easier than the older sister’s camp.”

Lu Wen made an ‘ah’ sound.

Xie Chi opened his phone. “I will send you the task of the younger sister’s camp.”

Xie Chi communicated first with the younger sister and became the spokesperson of her camp. The spokesperson could release information about the faction to other actors and let them choose to join the camp or not.

Zhao Jinhua and You Jing had communicated with the older sister. They were now the spokesperson of the older sister’s camp. You Jing excluded Xie Chi’s group of three so they weren’t eligible to join the older sister’s camp.

Ren Ze saw the information on the screen and stared incredulously. “This…”

[Younger sister’s camp mission: Help the younger sister gather her missing organs and make her strong enough to compete with her older sister, killing her older sister.]

[Note 1: Since the younger sister’s organs have been completely eaten by the older sister, there are no organs belonging to the younger sister in the house. The actor can only choose corresponding organs in the house to fill the vacancy in the younger sister’s body.]

[Note 2: An actor can’t kill another actor. Organs can’t be obtained after an actor kills another actor. If this basic rule is violated then the actor will be punished and killed directly. The organs of an actor killed by an animal can’t be used because of the animal’s grievances.]

Lu Wen’s brain couldn’t comprehend it. “What are the organs in the house? We can’t kill actors to get organs and those killed by animals can’t be used. Then where will we get the organs from?”

Xie Chi clearly smiled but it wasn’t in his eyes. “Grab food from the older sister’s mouth.”

Ren Ze swore and jumped up, his face extremely ugly.

Lu Wen’s heart jumped. “You mean, we have to grab the body after the older sister kills an actor but before she eats the actor’s organs?”


[Fu*k! This is too hard. It is forcing them to go against the older sister!]

[My god, grabbing food from a ghost’s mouth.]

[No wonder why the older sister eats the actor’s organs. It isn’t necessarily hunger. She probably doesn’t want her younger sister to get the organs to become stronger.]

Ren Ze frowned. “However, the older sister can only kill one person after each tooth. After she kills the actor and we try to grab the body from her, she can’t kill us according to the rules…”

Xie Chi shook his head. “You can’t think like that. You have to look at it from the perspective of development. Your guess is based on the premise that the older sister’s ability is constant during the process of obtaining the teeth. This is a static view in itself. What if the sister becomes stronger in the process of getting the teeth and it is possible for her to kill those who aren’t in her camp? Even if she can’t kill us, she probably has the ability to seriously hurt us.”

Ren Ze’s expression was heavy.

“The younger sister’s camp has surfaced. All my previous guesses about the numbers have been confirmed.”

Ren Ze wondered, “Numbers?”

“The house number 1552 adds up to 13, which implies the last supper. There is a problem with the dinner.” Xie Chi paused. “Three sixes is the code name for the devil. We have found three sixes in the house.”

“Three sixes?” Ren Ze couldn’t integrate the information for the first time.

Xie Chi explained concisely. “The first six is the older sister’s camp finding six hidden teeth. The second six is the animal camp finding the brand of six dishes. The third six is the younger sister’s camp gathering six organs.”

“Why are there six organs?” Lu Wen was taken aback. “Tongue, heart, liver, kidneys and child. Aren’t they five?”

He even used his fingers to seriously count.

Xie Chi was stunned and tried to control his mouth.

Ren Ze cocked his head to look at Lu Wen. “Are you stupid or just nervous? How many kidneys do you have?”

“…..”  Lu Wen bowed his head in shame.

Xie Chi told them, “The growth of the two sisters’ camps is stepwise. The older sister’s strength increases by one step for every tooth found and it is the same for the younger sister.”

The app gave a detailed explanation of the younger sister’s strength.

[Find the tongue, liver and kidneys (2). Every time you find one, the younger sister’s strength is increased by 50%.]

[Find the heart and the strength is increased by 100%.]

[Find the baby and the strength is increased by 200%.]

[Once the younger sister’s strength reaches a certain level, she can defeat her older sister.]

“Finding a baby?” Ren Ze was surprised for a moment before looking blank. “No, I remember that none of the actors are pregnant. Where will the baby come from?”

Xie Chi said, “The baby in baby soup. That is why the app says ‘organs in the house’ rather than actors’ organs. However, the increase in strength is so great that the baby definitely isn’t easy to find.”

The clues were clearer than ever. The two of them didn’t hesitate anymore and chose to join the younger sister’s camp.

“What about you?” Ren Ze looked up at Xie Chi. “Are you joining? Can’t you join multiple camps at the same time? You might not be able to join the older sister’s camp but you can join the younger sister’s camp. In any case, the younger sister and animals are the same. There is no conflict with us and you can gain more plot exploration.”

Xie Chi nodded happily. He tried to join the younger sister’s camp and found this was indeed okay.

Xie Chi said, “We will move the younger sister’s body to our room after the incident occurs and we are allowed free movement.”

The two of them understood that Xie Chi did this to prevent the younger sister’s body from being lost. After all, they had to place the organs in her body later. It would be bad if the body was lost.

“The organs grabbing…” Ren Ze might be bold but there was still a chill down his back.

“We are lacking a complete set of organs. The older sister has killed two people which means that she will kill four people for the next four teeth. It looks like four chances but it is actually three. Once she gets the last tooth, she is no longer bound to the rule of only killing one person per tooth. By then, we definitely won’t be able to compete with her. So three opportunities. We have to grab a corpse whose organs haven’t been eaten.”

The other two nodded thoughtfully. Lu Wen hesitated for a moment before speaking the question in his heart, “In fact, I always wanted to ask. This seems too perfect. It is very beautiful and everything is linked seamlessly. There are no omissions. However, if You Jing and Zhao Jinhua weren’t deceived into joining the older sister’s camp then won’t all current plot developments be useless? There is no older sister about to be released so we won’t have to join the sister camp. Isn’t the confrontation between sisters two-way? If one side doesn’t exist then the other side doesn’t need to be born?”

Xie Chi smiled. “At that time, the app will force the plot. Even if no one joins the older sister’s camp, the older sister will find the missing six teeth to complete the horror movie shooting. Even if we don’t find the younger sister’s bones, the app will publish something similar to a ‘break the wall’ mission to boost the plot and allow us to find her corpse. We just won’t be able to get the exploration points for this part of the plot.”

Lu Wen instantly understood it.

The three of them raised their spirits and made plans to steal the organs. They weren’t timid people and facing ghosts didn’t require much psychological preparation from them. After the discussion, Xie Chi sent Xia Yao a friend application on the app. Xia Yao accepted it within a minute.

Xie Chi: You haven’t slept yet?

Xia Yao: No.

Xie Chi: Is it convenient to talk?

Xia Yao: You Jing is here. I will immediately find an excuse to go out and give a report.

Xie Chi: Okay.

After a while, Xia Yao responded by saying it was fine to talk.

Xie Chi: If you collect new teeth, can you notify me as soon as possible.

Xia Yao seemed to hesitate before replying positively.

Xia Yao didn’t have a choice. If she really met a ghost then Zhao Jinhua and You Jing wouldn’t care about her. If she helped Xie Chi secretly then Xie Chi might really save her. The possibility might be slim but it was better than waiting to die. There was one more person and multiple paths to live.

Half an hour later, a woman’s scream came from the opposite room. Xie Chi immediately glanced at the phone. “Xia Yao didn’t send a message. It isn’t the older sister, it is an animal. Go and find the brand.”

The others nodded. They were just about to rush to the door when Xie Chi’s phone screen lit up.

Xia Yao: Xie Chi! You Jing found two teeth in a small plastic bag in a toilet tank water pipe!

Xie Chi’s pupils shrank and his brain moved quickly. From the perspective of You Jing and Zhao Jinhua, the other actor in danger must be due to the male ghost or the animals. No matter which one, Zhao Jinhua and You Jing wouldn’t go to save people.

They didn’t know about the existence of the brand and wouldn’t rush to find the brand. If he was You Jing and Zhao Jinhua, the first thing he would do was…

Give the teeth he found to the older sister.

The older sister was about to kill someone.

Ren Ze was anxious and asked, “What should we do? Find the brand or grab the corpse?”

Xie Chi made a noise.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Honestly… this sister ghost is the scariest one to me so far. When it seems like it can happen in modern day, I get more scared.
Shiver me timbers😖

2 years ago
Reply to  NeroLotus

I agree. The thought of her roaming the house and eating actors is so creepy.

2 years ago

I find something weird, why does the younger sister only say that she will kill her older sister but not protect her camp members from her older sister?

1 year ago
Reply to  ChickenNugget?

It probably isn’t included in the bargain at all, just like the older sister never mentioned any protection from the animal spirits or the “male ghost”. But stopping the canibal sister is still good news for the actors, so…

9 months ago

I just feel like even the younger sister is suspicious, don’t know why

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