APP: Chapter 85

Trigger warning: more food horror in this chapter.

[Isn’t this too misleading? Male to female?]

[I think it makes sense! No one has really seen the male ghost. It is all because of the chef and the cannibal mentioned it. Can you believe the words of a dead person or a ghost?]

“I have become more certain that there is a teeth hiding ghost. It is because the animal camp can only protect one person and the female ghost can’t protect the lives of other actors. The reverse push can prove the existence of the teeth hiding ghost. If all the brands aren’t collected and the animal camp fails then the female ghost camp will be unstoppable. The final outcome must be that all the actors except for Zhao Jinhua will die. The app can’t set such a harsh way of living. After all, under normal circumstances, who would search the remaining half of the corpse’s brain to trigger the opening condition of the animal camp?”

Ren Ze thought that Xie Chi was right.

Xie Chi continued. “The opening condition of the animal camp is too harsh. It is more like the icing on the cake than the main line. The key play must be the teeth hiding ghost camp. Moreover, the wordplay by the app obviously allows actors to join multiple camps at the same time. This further proves there is a third camp apart from the female ghost camp and the animal camp that allows only one person.”

Ren Ze and Lu Wen’s hopes were rekindled.

Xie Chi looked at his watch. There were only five minutes left until they had to turn off the lights to sleep. He no longer hesitated. “Go, we can’t drag it out. Let’s go to the female corpse again.”


The three men stood beside the female corpse.

“What do we do?” Lu Wen turned his head and asked Xie Chi.

Xie Chi frowned and crouched down to examine the corpse. Without warning, the corpse suddenly opened her eyes and stared at Xie Chi! The blacks of the white eyes slowly rotated as if measuring the value of the human in front of them. Xie Chi’s heart jumped wildly. The moment he met these eyes, his face turned white and he fell to the ground like he lost his soul.

Ren Ze immediately ran over and shook Xie Chi’s shoulder, shouting, “Xie Chi!”

The female corpse closed her eyes again. Ren Ze and Lu Wen felt cold. They were especially afraid that Xie Chi was possessed by a ghost and were ready to fight at any time. After a minute of confusion, Xie Chi suddenly woke up and stared at them vaguely. It took him a few minutes to recover the ability to speak and he got up with difficulty. “Go, let’s go back first. I know what is going on.”

Ren Ze and Lu Wen sighed with relief. Just as they were going to help him back, Xie Chi told them, “Wait a minute.”

“What’s going on?” Lu Wen was highly nervous.

“Help me see if there are any scars on the woman’s body.”

Lu Wen nodded and followed Xie Chi’s instructions. He examined the woman’s cut apart belly with disgust and saw an ugly scar on one side. The scar wasn’t big. It was light in color and there was no growth. It could be seen that the scar was carefully healed when the female corpse was alive.

After receiving Xie Chi’s inquiring gaze, Lu Wen nodded. Xie Chi knew it. Time was running out and the sense of collapse had already disappeared. Xie Chi and the two people quickly went upstairs. In the room, Lu Wen turned off the lights and went to Xie Chi with Ren Ze in a worried manner. “What happened?”

“I’m fine. She wasn’t trying to kill me. She just invaded my consciousness and shared some of her memories with me. She is indeed the teeth hiding ghost.”

Lu Wen and Ren Ze were in a good mood.

Xie Chi looked solemn. “However, she is too weak and is suppressed by the cannibal ghost. Her physical body was blocked in the wall and she didn’t have the ability to come out of her body. This is why we have been here for so long and haven’t met her. It also explains why Zhao Jinhua is only contacting the cannibal ghost. The teeth hiding ghost is so weak that Zhao Jinhua’s ability can’t even sense her.”

Ren Ze and Lu Wen were stunned.

“The only way to get in touch with her is to break the wall and let her body reappear. It is only in this way that she can wake up briefly in the dark environment. Of course, this is far from enough. It is probably a rule set up by the app. If we can’t get rid of the confusion of the cannibal and guess her identity then we can’t join her camp. It is because the teeth hiding ghost is the weaker party. This isn’t society and there isn’t anything to rule on fairness. Weakness is a reason to be bullied. The weaker party has no right to negotiate and choose in the confrontation between camps. She can only be selected in a humble manner, waiting for people to discover her and relieve the complicated confusion. In this confrontation, the cannibal ghost has the lead.”

Lu Wen raised his head. “Then what is the relationship between us, the cannibal ghost and the chef…?”

Xie Chi replied, “They were conjoined sisters when alive. 20 years ago, medical technology was underdeveloped. They possessed all the key organs but their skin was connected together. They were never separated due to the huge risk.”

“The cannibal ghost is the older sister and the teeth hiding ghost is the younger sister.”

“As the sisters grew up, the younger sister found that her sister liked to eat some strange things. Her older sister would ask their parents to cook rabbit meat, dog meat, snake meat and other meats that aren’t often eaten in daily life. Later, she fell in love with eating game, including many protected animals. Their family was very rich and her mother was full of guilt toward her. In order to satisfy her, their mother didn’t hesitate to buy these meats illegally and cooked them for her to eat.”

“In the process, the disgusted younger sister endured her nausea as she watched her sister eat these strange creatures.”

“When playing, the younger sister would watch her older sister grab a handful of ants or a praying mantis from the weeds and put it directly into her mouth, chewing greedily…”

Ren Ze got goose bumps as he thought of emerald green juice flowing from the girls’ mouth, the mantis arms exposed outside the mouth, shaking constantly as the girl chewed. Lu Wen also felt numb.

“If she is an abnormal eater, why didn’t the parents take their daughter to a doctor.”

Ren Ze hit his arm. “Don’t substitute reality in. It is normal that there are various logic bugs in the setting of the movie. This definitely isn’t a simple eating disease and there probably isn’t a specific explanation. She just likes eating messy and horrible things. There is no shortage of this type of ‘evil’ in horror movies. It is because there is no reason for it that it is evil.”

“Yes.” Xie Chi nodded and continued. “Eating insects marked the transition from eating cooked food to eating raw food.”

It was late at night and the incident hadn’t happened yet. The three of them couldn’t move. Xie Chi simply poured a glass of water and told them the story.


These were the scenes that Xie Chi saw:

The family dog died in the garage late at night. The younger sister was very sad and their parents were going to find a good graveyard to bury the dog in tomorrow morning.

That night, the two sisters slept in the same bed. The younger sister quickly fell asleep but was awakened by the sound of drooling. The younger sister cocked her head and looked sleepily at her sister, asking if she was hungry.

Her older sister’s eyes lit up strangely in the dark and she whispered, ‘I’m so hungry but you were sleeping.’

The younger sister was understanding. ‘Then let’s go downstairs together to find food.’

In the darkness, the two of them quietly opened the door, afraid they would wake up their parents. They didn’t turn on the lights and went downstairs in the dark. However, the older sister went straight to the garage outside.

The younger sister asked naively, ‘Aren’t you going to the refrigerator?’

The older sister didn’t speak and dragged her sister to the garage, crouching down beside the dead dog.

‘Sister, do you want to see Ah Wang for the last time—’

Before the younger sister could finish her words, she watched her older sister lay down on the ground, showing her teeth like a wolf. Then she started tearing into the dog. The younger sister was terrified and screamed and howled. Their parents woke up, saw the dog that was eaten until only bones were left and felt terrified.

Their daughter was abnormal. They knew this but they finally chose to hide it.

The older sister told her younger sister, ‘I am a monster.’

The younger sister comforted her and said, ‘Sister, I understand you and I accept you. I will always accompany you.’

Their parents confirmed that eating raw food wouldn’t harm their daughter’s body. As long as their daughter liked it, they indulged their daughter and allowed her to eat it. This lasted until one night a few years later when the sleeping mother heard her younger daughter scream.

She woke up suddenly and found her two daughters standing beside her bed. The older daughter was holding her hand as if she was going to bring the hand to her mouth. Since the oldest daughter often tore at raw meat, her teeth were sharp and glowed eerily in the moonlight.

The mother was frightened when she thought about how her oldest daughter almost chewed and ate her hand. The desire for human flesh finally made the mother understand that this wasn’t her daughter. It was a beast, a beast that would kill her parents to fill her stomach.

The youngest sister was very scared, so scared that she couldn’t sleep at night. She was afraid that the older sister would eat her while she was sleeping. Even though her older sister repeatedly promised not to do so, the younger sister didn’t believe it. Her sister was a heinous cannibal.

Their parents made every effort and finally separated their two grown-up daughters using medical means. Their parents locked up the eldest daughter and wanted to take the youngest daughter out of here forever. However, on the night they were packing, the older sister was freed from her shackles. She attacked their parents from behind and killed them. The youngest sister went upstairs and witnessed it all.

She hid behind the door, not daring to come out. She desperately shed tears as she listened to the appalling chewing noise from the bedroom.

Her parents were eaten alive by her sister. Her sister grew up and no longer ate like before. She loved the heart, liver, kidneys and tongue and only ate these organs. However, this time she ate their parents from start to finish. She didn’t even let go of the hair.

The sound of bones being chewed on made the youngest sister feel limp and numb. She was in a daze and even her own bones ached.

The younger sister felt that she was unlucky. She wanted to get revenge for her parents. She picked up a chair and waited for her sister to come out, planning to die together with her. It was just that she was discovered by her sister first.

Her older sister’s mouth was covered with blood and her stomach was bulging. She looked like she had just eaten. The light in her eyes was dark and sickly. She crouched down and touched her younger sister’s face with her bloody hands. Seeing her younger sister trembling all over, her voice was affectionate and gentle. ‘You are my sister. I said I would never eat you. You won’t betray me like our parents, right? You said that you understand me, accept me and will always be with me. I am you and you are me. We can’t be distinguished from each other. You are my dearest person in this world.’


At this moment, the idea of survival conquered everything. The younger sister lowered her head and nodded stiffly. She gave into the cannibal. Her heart had softened. This was her sister, her only relative. Her parents were dead. If her sister was gone then she would be alone.

Her older sister committed evil and the younger sister chose to close her eyes. The devil slaughtered in the world while those who lived in heaven had nothing to do with it, choosing to close their eyes.

Their family had money and power. Countless food was served on the table. Even if it was human flesh, there was always a way to get it as long as they wanted. The older sister hired a fat chef with superb craftsmanship and told her younger sister, ‘You see, as long as you have money, someone will rush to cook human flesh.’

At first, the older sister let her watch. Slowly, she became dissatisfied with this and had the younger sister eat with her.

‘The ultimate delicacy in the world should be shared with your closest person.’

The younger sister refused. The older sister didn’t force it but she was very unhappy. She was often furious but she fulfilled her promise. She never hurt her sister and even gave her freedom. This was the only person in the world who understood her.

Until her sister fell in love.

Until her sister got pregnant.

This was a clear betrayal. They were no longer the only important ones to each other. They could be distinguished from each other.

The older sister killed the younger sister and ate her heart, so that she wouldn’t fall in love with that disgusting man. The tongue was eaten so she would no longer talk sweet words to others. Of course, the older sister’s favourite liver and kidneys couldn’t be left out.

Then the older sister ate her younger sister’s child, which was the root of all the evil.

At last, the older sister was afraid of loneliness and left the younger sister’s body in the house to accompany her.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

I feel so bad for the younger sister and her parents 😞

2 years ago

That’s such a horrifying thing to live through. I’m scared just reading it.

2 years ago

suddenly reminded of a book i lost, the thirteenth tale. about twin sisters that afraid being lonely. soft horror and mystery but not gory like this though ._.
also just realized I’m reading this excitedly and forget it’s already midnight (╥﹏╥) hope i don’t dream anything scary, gonna read something fluff to wash this before sleep

1 year ago

That’s fu… up

1 year ago

Hmm 😲😨😱

7 months ago

I’m sorry but I kind of get the ghost…like her younger sister fell in love and got pregnant??! While she was supposed to be with her 😠 like they were so close and it must have got in the way … She literally tried her best not to eat her and she is so cool but nooooo . I do feel like the have communication issues. They were so close but they the older one should have conveyed her loneliness and feelings of being a monster more openly( as from this I feel she has a fear of being seen as a monster and abandoned by her sister so killed her because she thought her sister thought she was a monster and abandoned her) and then mabey she would have learned to accept and could be comforted, you can tell because she obviously feels she herself is a monster so she isn’t entirely selfish and did have her sister in her heart. They must have been so close after so many years of being conjoined and in this case I can see how hard it would be to live without her younger sis and how she only has her to rely on in a world where her eating and habits are outcast and she is perceived as a monster.ofc she would now feel alone and like she had no one and was betrayed