APP: Chapter 84

Lu Wen went forward and grabbed the actor’s legs to pull him down from the ceiling fan. Lu Wen carefully examined him before turning around and telling the two of them, “To be precise, his heart, liver, kidneys and tongue are missing.”

Xie Chi’s eyes showed understanding.

Ren Ze frowned. “Isn’t this exactly the same as Lu Ming’s method of death? The cannibal ghost did it? Why did she kill two people overnight? I thought that the actors would have a short safety period after Lu Ming died…”

Lu Wen glanced at Xie Chi.

Xie Chi told them, “Go back and talk.”

The three of them returned to their room and closed the door. Xie Chi said, “My conjecture has been confirmed. The cannibal ghost should kill a person every time she gets a tooth.”

Lu Wen’s eyes widened and he asked with disbelief, “Didn’t they help the cannibal ghost find the teeth? Why kill them?”

Ren Ze’s reaction was relatively quick. “The way you are thinking is wrong. You can think of it this way. The growth in strength needs a price, similar to a sacrifice theme. If the female ghost wants the tooth to contain ghost power then she must sacrifice one person so that the tooth is covered in the fresh blood of that person.”

Lu Wen nodded. “I can understand it when you say it like that.”

Xie Chi leaned against the door. “I was thinking about it. Lu Ming was killed by the cannibal ghost. What death condition did he trigger? My original guess was that the actor who turned in the tooth would be killed by the cannibal ghost but I think it is more appropriate to change the words. Every time the female ghost gets a tooth, a random person in the female ghost’s camp will die. Thus, the grey named male actor is dead.”

Ren Ze nodded. Then he thought about it and shook his head again. “I don’t think it is appropriate to say random. She is more likely to choose someone weak but it must be within her camp. Every tooth must be stained with blood to be filled with the ghost power but she doesn’t want to reduce the strength of her camp. Otherwise, why wouldn’t she come to kill us who didn’t join her camp?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Xie Chi didn’t deny it and raised his head. “The question now is how many teeth the female ghost still lacks. There are already two, the one from Lu Ming and the one I handed in. At present, there are still Zhao Jinhua, You Jing, Xia Yao, Ma Heng and the two grey named actors in the female ghost’s camp. That is a total of six people. How many teeth the female ghost lacks determines how many people will die. I even suspect that at the end, only You Jing and Zhao Jinhua will survive.”

Ren Ze felt a bit lucky.

Xie Chi glanced at the two people. “In fact, I suspect the ghost is missing six teeth.”

[Fu*k??? How did he guess that?]

[I lost. It is as if he is peeping at the script.]

[Why does he know more than us even though we have the god’s perspective??]

He received the two people’s puzzled gazes and explained. “It is just a baseless guess. Don’t be too nervous.”

Xie Chi looked at Lu Wen. “On the first day, Lu Wen and I discussed the fact that the numbers 13 and 6 are ominous in the west. In fact, it isn’t 6 that is ominous, it is three consecutive 6. However, I will treat it as if the number 6 is ominous. The animal camp’s requirement is to collect six dishes so I guess that they have to collect 6 teeth. It isn’t unfounded but it is also far-fetched.”

Lu Wen shook his head. “The implication of the number 13 has been confirmed. The last supper—there was a problem with dinner. So your guess of 6 is still possible. I think the credibility is very high!”

Ren Ze looked at Xie Chi. “Then you aren’t going to tell them the problem of the female ghost’s camp?”

“They can’t quit so it is useless to tell them. In addition—” Xie Chi shrugged and smiled softly, his eyes cold. “They are so smart. Of course they will slowly realize. Then we will watch them fight each other.”

There was a lot of noise outside. Someone should’ve discovered the actor’s body. Xie Chi’s group of three went outside to get tools to break the walls. This was just in time to hear the discussion.

“The male ghost has acted again!!”

“I’ve never met a ghost who kills twice in one night. Why isn’t there a buffer?”

“Three people died tonight, three…”

“We have to find the teeth quickly or we won’t live through tomorrow night…”

“How can this be…?”

Several actors looked pale while You Jing and Zhao Jinhua had ugly faces. Xia Yao remained silent while worrying for her own safety. Xia Yao coughed when Xie Chi passed Xia Yao with the tools. Xie Chi’s figure paused and he looked back at her without revealing any flaws. Xia Yao nodded slightly at him. Then Xie Chi turned around and walked casually, pulling the two others into the bathroom.

“Aren’t we smashing the walls?”

Xie Chi told him, “Wait.”

Five minutes later, Lu Wen hid behind a pillar and saw Xia Yao slip over. Xia Yao looked around and made sure no one was watching before approaching the three of them.

There wasn’t much time so Xia Yao spoke bluntly. “You Jing and Zhao Jinhua are basically ignoring me now and aren’t prepared to care about me. I will disclose information to you. I hope that you can help me when necessary. After all, I don’t have much fighting power. I think everything points to a disaster.”

Ren Ze raised his eyebrow. This Xia Yao was much smarter than You Jing.

Xie Chi was silent. Xia Yao knew she had to show her value on her own. She was extremely sincere and told everything she knew from eavesdropping to Xie Chi’s group of three. A strange light flashed in Xie Chi’s eyes. “You mean, you handed in the tooth I gave and the progress was… one out of six?”

“Yes,” Xia Yao didn’t know why he mentioned this alone.

“It’s nothing.” It was related to the camps. Even if she was sincere, Xie Chi wouldn’t easily exchange information with her. He just warned, “If you trust me, don’t rush to hand in the tooth to the female ghost when you find it.”

Xia Yao nodded blankly.

Xie Chi asked Lu Wen and Ren Ze for their opinions. Neither of them opposed protecting Xia Yao at the appropriate time. Xie Chi didn’t hesitate anymore. “Then it is agreed. We will do our best but we can’t promise anything if it endangers our interests.”

Xia Yao happily said ‘okay’ to him and cautiously went back.

“Xie Chi, you really guessed correctly…” Lu Wen almost couldn’t hold back when he heard Xia Yao say they were looking for six teeth. Now he spoke with excitement.

Xie Chi smiled in an intrigued manner. “I thought You Jing and Zhao Jinhua were prostituting the other actors but now thinking about it, the cannibal ghost is actually the one prostituting everyone in their camp.”

Xie Chi’s sighed. “Wanting them to sacrifice their lives while helping her find the teeth. In the end, she doesn’t even give any rewards. She is a truly evil and cunning ghost.”

Ren Ze wondered, “No reward at all?”

Xie Chi explained, “There are a total of six teeth. Lu Ming found one but it wasn’t counted. The real progress is actually 2/6 and it is four teeth short. However, she told her camp that there are still five teeth missing? Where can they find the fifth tooth? At the time of 5/6, the cannibal ghost will already have all her teeth and they will never be able to complete her task. Not only that, four more people will die.”

“However, Zhao Jinhua still has a way to live. No matter how powerful the cannibal ghost, she might not be able to kill Zhao Jinhua.”

Lu Wen sincerely sighed. “To be blunt, the agreement has no effect. It depends on strength. Those who aren’t strong aren’t even qualified to talk.”

Xie Chi didn’t reply. He just smiled and said, “That’s why compared to people, animals are much more lovely. They are honest, loyal and don’t bully honest people.”

Ren Ze curled his lips and he couldn’t help muttering, “How are you honest?”


The three people were ready to smash the wall. Lu Wen focused on finding a suitable place to smash. He didn’t pay attention to his feet and tripped over a disconnected cord. He fell and got up, scratching his head in an embarrassed manner.

Xie Chi was just about to ask him if he was okay when he lowered his head and his eyes fell on the somewhat loose socket. Then he slowly froze. He let go of his tools and crouched down. Then he called for Ren Ze to come over and remove the socket.

“What’s going on?” Ren Ze also sensed that something was wrong.

Xie Chi didn’t speak and let Xie Xinglan out. Xie Xinglan supported himself with one hand against the ground and stared sideways into the dark hole behind the socket. He happened to meet a protruding red eye!

Xie Xinglan’s heart jumped and he instinctively gripped the Evil Spirit Blade. However, the eye remained motionless. It was the eye of a corpse, not a ghost. Xie Xinglan stood up and spoke in a cold voice. “Smash the wall, this side. There is a body behind it.”

Ren Ze and Lu Wen’s eyes lit up. Had they found the corpse of the teeth hiding man?

Xie Xinglan directly stabbed the wooden wall and pulled it strongly upwards. This wasn’t enough. He let go and stepped on the handle of the dagger. There was a click and a wooden board was pried open under his brutal treatment. The corpse lying upside down in the wall was immediately exposed to the three of them.

Ren Ze and Lu Wen immediately stepped forward to help pry off all the boards on both sides. The corpse was no longer supported by the wooden planks and hit the ground with a bang. The movement was so great that the other actors gathered around.

Xie Chi’s group of three were disappointed when they saw the body. This wasn’t the body of the man who hid the teeth. It was a woman’s body.

The woman’s body wasn’t rotted. She was as white as wax and her eyes were wide open. The corners of her eyes were cracked and dark red blood condensed in her eyes. Her grey-white eyeballs were covered with bloody threads. The woman’s body was split in half and the skin fell loosely to her sides.

The scene was smelly and gloomy.

“It is the ghost’s body!” The actress was thrilled.

Ma Heng sneered. “Are you blind? Didn’t you see it? The heart and liver of this corpse are gone while she has her teeth. How can it be the corpse of the female ghost who was killed by the male ghost and had all her teeth pulled out?”

The actress shrank back.

You Jing hurried over. He heard Ma Heng’s voice and secretly agreed. The female ghost had told them her body had been burned. This couldn’t be the female ghost’s body. The actors whispered. “Is it a dead person who was previously killed by the cannibal man?”

“This method of death seems to be similar to Lu Ming. Their hearts and liver are gone. Her tongue and kidney must also be gone…”

“There are bodies in the walls… how many people did that man eat before?”

“It probably isn’t easy to dispose of a corpse so it was hidden in the walls.”

You Jing was afraid of someone getting a clue first and went to examine the corpse first. Finally, he came to a conclusion. “It was killed by the cannibal ghost. She should be a person he ate before.”

“At present, the male ghost likes to eat the heart, liver, kidneys and tongue. This woman should’ve been pregnant when she was alive. The child in her belly was cut out and probably also eaten…”

The group shuddered. Ren Ze was disappointed. He moved to Xie Chi’s side and lowered his voice. “I thought we found the body of the teeth hiding ghost.”

So much time had passed and they hadn’t found anything. Xie Chi touched his throat with a bit of irritation.

Lu Wen pulled Xie Chi and Ren Ze to one side. “Then shall we continue to look?”

Xie Chi stared at the body. “There’s no other way.”

You Jing obviously wasn’t interested in an ordinary corpse. He checked it once before leading the group to continue looking for the teeth.


At five times the speed, the daylight hours passed quickly. They soon had dinner for the third day. Everyone already knew the menu. After quickly analyzing which one was a variant of the problematic dishes, they ate the others and went upstairs.

The three of them returned to the room, their mood a bit depressed. They didn’t find the corpse of the teeth hiding man at all. During the day, they checked almost all the walls and floors but found nothing. The only body found was that of the victim.

10 minutes before the lights were turned off, Xie Chi stood by the window with his arm on the edge of the window. He was quietly smoking, sorting out his thoughts as the grey smoke rings floated.

Was there really no such thing as the teeth hiding ghost? Was it only the animals who hid the teeth?

In fact, this also made sense. The logical change if the teeth hiders = animals and the teeth = cannibal ghost closed the logic chain. The absence of the so-called third party didn’t have any impact on the logic chain.

Was he thinking too much? Did he complicate the problem? He was…wrong? Xie Chi felt incredulous the moment these words floated through his mind.

In fact, the so-called third camp was just his guess from beginning to end. It was his baseless inference and there was no evidence to prove it really existed. They hadn’t found it after searching for so long and this further illustrated this point.

Xie Chi was irritable.

“Xie Chi.” Lu Wen walked over and handed him a glass of water, speaking warmly. “It’s okay. You don’t need to be too hard on yourself. We don’t feel tired.”

Lu Wen glanced at Ren Ze and Ren Ze also nodded in agreement. He gave some uneasy comfort. “This matter isn’t big. It is just a prediction error. No one is a god. There are hundreds of secrets. Let’s just revise the reasoning result. Don’t think about it…”

Ren Ze felt that Xie Chi was more like them after making a mistake rather than always being calm and strategizing without fail. Xie Chi took the water and remained silent. He was grateful for their understanding but he couldn’t let it go.

“Xiao Chi, I think you’re right.” Xie Xinglan suddenly spoke.

“Brother…?” Xie Chi was a bit dazed as he asked. “Why?”

“I don’t know.” Xie Xinglan’s tone was so straight forward that it was outrageous. “Xiao Chi must be right.”

A smile flashed in Xie Chi’s eyes. “I don’t know how you can be so confident.”

His brother always thought he was right. Ren Ze didn’t understand how Xie Chi could be serious and indifferent one second only to smile softly the next second. Xie Chi pressed out the cigarette and closed his eyes. Then he raised his head slightly as he thought carefully.

This process lasted a long time and Lu Wen became flustered. He thought that Xie Chi had been hit too deep and wanted to comfort him. Then Xie Chi suddenly opened his eyes and spoke inexplicable yet firm words. “I’m right. That female corpse is the corpse of the ghost who hid the teeth.”

“Huh?” Ren Ze and Lu Wen stared at each other with surprise.

“T-The gender isn’t right. The female ghost and the cannibal ghost’s husband…” Lu Wen looked confused.

Xie Chi snorted and his eyes were sharp. “If the psychic images can be faked, why can’t the gender be faked?”

Ren Ze and Lu Wen froze for a second before feeling suffocated.

“We have never seen the husband of the female ghost, that is, the teeth hiding male ghost. All our knowledge of him comes from the chef’s words and Zhao Jinhua’s psychic communication. The chef said that a husband and wife lived here. We subconsciously believed it because what he said was the same as what Zhao Jinhua saw. However, the chef lied to us and concealed his own death. Then why should we believe his words? If one of his sentences is a lie then it is possible every word is a lie.”

“As for Zhao Jinhua’s psychic ability, according to her description, all she saw was a shadow wearing men’s leather shoes.”

“However, is it only a man who can wear men’s leather shoes? Since the whole image might be fake and the cannibal ghost is deceiving Zhao Jinhua for her purpose then perhaps the men’s leather shoes are fabricated by the cannibal ghost. She wants to mislead us into misidentifying the gender of the teeth hiding ghost, thus missing the opportunity to join the teeth hiding ghost’s camp.”

“As for why she didn’t directly say the teeth hiding ghost is a man, it is probably a result of the struggle between the weak teeth hiding ghost and the cannibal ghost. In the end, all that was revealed was a confusing pair of men’s leather shoes.”

“So there is no male ghost who hid the teeth, no husband or wife. There were two women who lived here. The cannibal female ghost and the female corpse we found during the day.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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Ugh, so awful. This technically the second story with a pregnant woman being killed and her kid taken out by a crazy person Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

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Ohmylord the baby soup, ughhhh that’s so terrible

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I heard it is good for keeping your youth so it depends

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Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

There are too many smart plots here. I keep laughing at Yang Jin but I’d definitely be worse than him if I was there. I wouldn’t be so arrogant tho bc I’d recognize my limits so I’m gonna keep calling him an idiot

10 months ago

I find it weird cuz I immediately knew that the person who was in the wall could be one of two things 1) the female ghost lied …she hadn’t been burned that’s her corpse (however I doubt it as her teeth are intact), 2) that is the hiding teeth camp, why believe the story ,who else could it be ? The story was probably completely shown by the evil ghost and if I was her I’d definatly go for extra insurance and make the other camp impossible to find and mislead people of the identity of the hider, basically I would do what the female ghost did so It makes sense who’s in the wall😭 idk how mc missed it tho, like I do get she could be the source of the baby soup and that may be the reason she is there, but she is in the right place to be that camp and they have been looking so hard and she is the only clue, not to mention she herself isn’t on the menu (so she probably isn’t food herself) and she probably wouldn’t appear if she wasn’t important to the plot