APP: Chapter 82

You Jing walked all the way and knocked on every room. The actors opened the door in an alert manner. They saw it was You Jing and fully opened the doors one after another due to Zhao Jinhua.

Three actors had died and ten remained. Excluding the three people in Xie Chi’s group, the remaining seven gathered in the corridor in no time. Xia Yao instinctively glanced at the room in the corner. You Jing hadn’t called Xie Chi and the others for this. Was he ready to do something to them?

“Please come with us,” You Jing said.

The group followed suspiciously and came to the rails of the stairs.

“Yes, what is it?” An actress was full of fear and spoke with a flattering, cautious expression.

The four of them looked at Zhao Jinhua, You Jing and Xia Yao’s group of three.

You Jing received Zhao Jinhua’s permission and cleared his throat, smiling gently. “We have a breakthrough and would like to invite you to join us. As long as you join us, we will soon be able to leave the movie.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up but they felt there wasn’t such a good thing in the world. For the next two or three minutes, You Jing clearly described their ghost communication and how the female ghost begged them to help find her teeth.

The previous actress beamed. She looked at the remaining three people and couldn’t wait to ask, “That means we can leave the movie as long as we help her find her remaining six teeth?”

In just two days and one night, three people had died. The plot was still confusing and several people had no clues. They were highly nervous and a bit scared. They wanted to leave early.

You Jing smiled calmly. “Yes.”

Zhao Jinhua stood beside him and backed him with invisible strength. The four people’s hearts were moved. The moment three out of the four were about to agree, the only newcomer among them asked a question. “What should we do for you?”

There was no such thing as a free lunch in the world. The other three woke up from the dream and looked cautiously at the group of three opposite them.

You Jing stared at the newcomer called Ma Heng. “Since you have asked then I won’t hide it. Everyone is sensible. Once you find the teeth and give it to us, we will communicate with the ghost. This is all you have to do. For this, we will provide you with appropriate protection.”

The four people made a fuss, their expressions ugly.

If the main plotline was to help the female ghost collect her teeth then every time they turned in a tooth, they would definitely get a lot of plot exploration rewards. Now if they found the tooth and handed it over, didn’t it mean they were required for nothing?

Zhao Jinhua and You Jing wanted to prostitute them for nothing.

“I don’t think it is worse than buying and selling you.” You Jing stopped smiling and raised an eyebrow, a bit of contempt in his eyes. “The three of you are grey named actors and aren’t qualified for a pros outweigh the cons movie. It is because you haven’t made any progress that you were punished by the app to come here. You shouldn’t think about the overall ranking but whether you can leave here alive. The longer you stay here, the more dangerous it becomes. If you join us, the faster you find the teeth then the faster you can leave.”

The three people were pale and they obviously remembered the tragic ending of the other three actors. They only thought about it for a few seconds before they were completely shaken. They slowly walked to join You Jing.

Ma Heng was still hesitating and You Jing stared at him condescendingly. “I don’t think you have the right to choose.”

Ma Heng’s eyes showed resentment but he could only agree along with everyone here. All the people here were just shrimp in Zhao Jinhua’s eyes. If he didn’t agree then he was really looking for death. In order to save his life, he could only give up on the comprehensive ranking.

Ma Heng felt deep regret. He shouldn’t have been greedy for the 20% points bonus. Now he was facing a situation where he was likely to pass as a cannon fodder. In the end, he wouldn’t be able to get all the rewards for the comprehensive ranking…

You Jing felt a bit proud about easily winning over all the actors except for Xie Chi. “Now you should open the app and choose to help the female ghost.”

The four of them received the message from the app and chose to join. Xia Yao was anxious in her heart. She was forced to join and now only Xie Chi’s group of three hadn’t joined.

You Jing coughed to attract everyone’s attention. “Listen, I will be straightforward since we have the same goals. There is a very important matter. Xie Chi has a tooth in his hands.”

The four people looked at each other.

Xia Yao’s eyes were dark. Did he mean to steal the tooth?

You Jing’s next words confirmed her guess. “We will immediately ask him for help.”

You Jing’s eyes flashed with pleasure and madness.

“We have no problem,” the four people quickly replied. The hatred between Xie Chi and You Jing was obvious to all of them. Xie Chi had nothing to do with them. Their lives were the most important thing.

Xia Yao felt that things were gradually becoming bad but she couldn’t express her heart.


In the room, Xie Chi glanced at his watch again and spoke to Lu Wen and Ren Ze. “I am going to find the brand. You start looking for the corpse.”

Xie Chi was about to go out when he was stopped by Ren Ze. He looked back doubtfully. “What’s the matter?”

Ren Ze was a bit hesitant. “Should we hide that we are looking for a body from the other actors?”

Xie Chi thought about it for a few seconds. “No, you can even publicize it. It is because the more actors that join, the more people there are to help and the faster the body can be found—”

Xie Chi was halfway through his words when there was a knock on the door. The knock on the door was eager, revealing the person’s impatience and contempt. Xie Chi’s eyes froze slightly before he smiled. “Maybe not.”

“They’re stupid.” Xie Chi sighed gently. Did they really choose the female ghost camp?

“They?” Lu Wen was taken aback. “Who?”

Xie Chi gave him a look and signaled for him to stay calm. Xie Chi’s sense of crisis gradually increased but he couldn’t avoid it. He didn’t hesitate and went straight over to open the door.

You Jing was about to kick open the door when the door suddenly opened. He sneered and stretched out his hand when he saw the familiar face. “Hand it over.”

Xie Chi glanced at the people standing behind You Jing and sneered in his heart. ‘Stupid leads first and stupid follows.’

He lowered his head and stared at the hand that You Jing was holding out, his expression indifferent. “What should I hand over?”

You Jing sneered. “Don’t pretend to be a fool. I saw it that day. Do you need me to remind you? The raw monkey brain room, under the bed.”

Xie Chi’s expression was unchanged as he looked up. “So what?”

This could be regarded as an admission. Lu Wen and Ren Ze clenched their fists. They were outnumbered and Zhao Jinhua was here. If these people really wanted to steal the tooth then they weren’t a match at all.

Xie Chi felt there was no need to conceal it. These people would rush in to find it. No matter how deeply the tooth was hidden, it wouldn’t withstand the intensive search. There was no doubt that a key item like the tooth couldn’t be destroyed and discarded.

Moreover, he now had more than one tooth. The cannibal ghost could only exert her maximum power when all the teeth were gathered. Then he only needed to protect the last tooth. The other one was icing on the cake but it wasn’t particularly important. Abandoning it when necessary was a decision he had long thought of and he could even fight for his best interests.

His current focus was to find the brand and he had no time to play with this group of people. In addition, he didn’t want to have a conflict with Zhao Jinhua if not necessary. He wasn’t sure of Zhao Jinhua’s ability but Xie Xinglan was temporarily far below Zhao Jinhua.

This gap couldn’t be made up by talent. It was something that was accumulated day after day. Otherwise, the veterans wouldn’t have such status and could easily be trampled on by the newcomers.

He knew about this gap yet still dared to come. It was because there was another consideration. There wasn’t just Zhao Jinhua and him. There were also the ghosts and the app that made the rules.

He could gain benefits as long as he made use of them. He didn’t have to personally go into the water to make himself miserable. He just needed to wait for the opportunity. There was no need to talk about other things. At present, he didn’t want to fight to the death and then be seriously injured, only for the ghost to take advantage. Now that he had to kill, he should look for an opportunity to kill in one blow. Before that, he couldn’t expose his cards.

Xie Chi was silent and You Jing became impatient. “Don’t think you have the right to choose.”

This was the second time he had said this today. Xia Yao glanced at Xie Chi subtly from behind You Jing, expressing she couldn’t do anything.

Ren Ze gritted his teeth. He was about to go up and hit people when he was stopped by Lu Wen and pressed back. Lu Wen whispered to him. “Believe in Xie Chi.”

Ren Ze’s mood was slightly calmer but his expression was still gloomy.

Xie Chi suddenly raised his head, met You Jing’s gaze and smiled. “Okay, I’ll give it to you.”

At first, You Jing thought there was a problem with his ears. “You…”

“Yes, I agree.” Xie Chi repeated it again.

You Jing cocked his head to look at Zhao Jinhua, questioning her with his eyes.

Xie Chi promised so easily. Was there a conspiracy?

Xie Chi looked at him. “What? You don’t want it?”

You Jing’s senses returned and he clenched his hands. He spoke in a strangely sarcastic manner, “You are a really ‘smart’ man.”

Zhao Jinhua thought deeper than You Jing. Xie Chi agreed so quickly. Could it be that he grasped something they don’t know?

“Don’t get me wrong.” Xie Chi chuckled lightly. His eyes skimmed over the people behind You Jing before he retracted his gaze. “I’m not stupid. You said that I am a smart person. Smart people don’t do business for a loss.”

“What do you mean?” You Jing frowned. This feeling of not being able to grasp Xie Chi’s thoughts made him very irritable.

“You have gained the menu. Everyone is here. Why don’t you share it?” Xie Chi spoke casually like he was talking about something common. However, the faces of everyone behind You Jing changed suddenly.

Zhao Jinhua and You Jing’s expressions were ugly.

You Jing glared. “When did you know?”

“When you were acting stupid at the dinner table.”

The angry Ren Ze became amused again and his mood was complicated for a while.

“Of course, I was just tricking you. I didn’t expect there to actually be a menu. What a surprise.”

Lu Wen felt that You Jing and Xie Chi weren’t on the same level when it came to being mystifying.

“You!” You Jing’s face flushed and his hands formed fists. He contained the urge to hit this person. “Are you worthy? What qualifications do you have to negotiate terms with me?”

“I’m not worthy.” Xie Chi admitted it happily and shifted the conversation. “However, isn’t it too unkind if you ask them to help you find the teeth and don’t even share the menu? You have to guarantee the survival rate, don’t you? Besides, this isn’t a loss for you. It isn’t an important clue. It is just helping everyone avoid risks. Why not do things that are mutually beneficial?”

“Don’t even think about it!”

“In that case, I don’t think you’ll find my tooth so easily.” Xie Chi spoke with regret. “I seem to have forgotten where I hid it.”

“Would you like to search me or the room to see if it is there?” Xie Chi spoke and opened his arms in a generous manner, indicating he would allow them to search.


“Enough!” Zhao Jinhua couldn’t stand it anymore. She really wanted these grey named trash to help and time was too important for her. Killing Xie Chi was just by the way. The most important thing was to finish filming. She wasn’t a person who could afford to waste time.

In addition, this Xie Chi was a bit mysterious. Zhao Jinhua simply couldn’t figure out where Xie Chi had gained so much information.

He obviously knew why they were looking for the teeth.

Now wasn’t the time to think about it.

Zhao Jinhua took out the menu from the app, slammed it down on the table and sneered at Xie Chi. “Give the tooth to me.”

Her strength was known and it was expected that Xie Chi wouldn’t go back on his word.

The group rushed to look at the menu. Xie Chi glanced at each dish and noted their names. Then he didn’t hesitate to pull out the tooth he previously hid in the wall and placed it in Zhao Jinhua’s hand.

Xie Chi closed the door once the group left.

Ren Ze was red-faced. “Why did you give it to them?”

Xie Chi glanced at him. “Why so anxious? I didn’t lose profit and will always earn blood.”

“Where did you earn it?” Ren Ze calmed down a bit.

“I’m in the animal camp. Knowing the names of the dishes is a great thing for me.” Xie Chi was smiling but it wasn’t present in his eyes. “Gaining the tooth isn’t necessarily a good thing for them.”

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2 years ago

OMG imagine arguing someone and you’re as smart as Xie Chi, that would be the bestest feeling and I probably won’t shut my mouth

2 years ago
Reply to  Biejsgye

Same same

2 years ago

So will they all die if the cannibal ghost wins? Oh dear the cannibal ghost will be more powerful now.

1 year ago

so dumb ah, xie chi intentionally or unintentionally said that the menu is not a clue and they believed that? do they really think it is only for the sake of avoiding risk in eating bad foods…. you’re in a horror movie gosh, think about it more. is it really that easy to finish the filming by asking the ghost for information lmao. i remember the app has restrictions when it comes to asking questions to the murderer/victim. the app is playin w dumbshits. they be takin their life too easy.

1 year ago

Aye aye You Jing is blinded by his narrow mind and pettiness he has the potential but it will remain hidden because exists flaws outweigh and control the consequences currently.

1 month ago

ahhh… i wish i could be as smart and good at talking like xie chi, if i was, I’ll feel so superior when arguing with someone(✧◡✧)

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