APP: Chapter 81

“This is the only way to explain the number of people.”

Lu Wen’s chest rose and fell slightly. He was sweaty the moment he thought about the cause and effect.

“Animal camp?” Ren Ze asked.

“Yes.” Xie Chi lowered his head and glanced at his watch. “I don’t have much time. I only have 30 minutes to decide if I want to join the animal camp or not. I mentioned the camp of the cannibal ghost to provide you with an idea. Presently, the reward for the animal camp is the most reliable but it is also the most difficult and there is only one spot. I have decided to join because even if it is difficult, the rewards aren’t bad. It is the best choice for me. I haven’t confirmed it in the app yet because I want to delay the refresh time of the second brand, so as to prevent the second brand produced by the charcoal roasted suckling lamb from being found by someone else…”


Xie Chi waved his hand after seeing the two people’s puzzled look. “I won’t explain it for now but we might have to start searching the house next.”

“Looking for the teeth?” Lu Wen asked.

Xie Chi shook his head. “More than that.”

Lu Wen was puzzled. “What else are you looking for?”

Ren Ze also stared at Xie Chi with a bit of confusion.

Xie Chi calmly told them, “Look for a corpse.”

“A corpse?” Ren Ze frowned. “Look for the cannibal ghost’s corpse to destroy her body and destroy her?”

Lu Wen expressed his concern. “However, I remember that You Jing’s group found the body of the chef and there was an accident. We heard screams…”

“No, it isn’t looking for the corpse of the cannibal ghost.” Xie Chi stood up. “I want to find the corpse of the man who hid the teeth.”

Xie Chi said, “At present, the method to defeat the cannibal ghost is basically clear. Let the other two camps grow stronger. Since we have been given the method of eliminating the cannibal ghost, there is no need for us to find her corpse. It is because finding it won’t help us in any way. Destroying her body won’t help us destroy her. The only way is the method I mentioned.”

“So look for the body of the possible teeth hiding ghost. Find him and help him. Make him strong enough to contend with the cannibal ghost. In the process, you will be blessed.”

Ren Ze and Lu Wen exchanged looks. “You want us to find the trigger to open the teeth hiding ghost camp and join that camp?”

Xie Chi nodded.

Ren Ze and Lu Wen’s minds suddenly became clear.

Xie Chi walked to the wall and tapped on it with his index finger. “Listen to this. The wall is a hollow wooden wall.”

The sound of the tapping was indeed empty.

“The app said that we can’t destroy the mansion when there is no sufficient logic chain since we can’t violate the basic logic. However, if my reasoning is correct, we have a sufficient logic chain and can start destroying walls to find the corpse.”

“In addition, a wooden house has one more feature.” Xie Chi’s eyes fell to the ground.

Ren Ze’s expression changed. “You mean there might be a basement or something under the wood?”

“Yes, so you must find it as soon as possible. I’m not sure if Zhao Jinhua and the others have joined the female ghost’s camp or not. If their brains work well then they shouldn’t join. If their brains don’t work well then most of them will be deceived by the cannibal ghost and they will start looking for the teeth everywhere.”

“I’ve checked the app before and you can’t quit after joining a camp. So even if they realize their mistake, it will be irreversible and they can only go one way. If we choose the animal ghosts and the teeth hiding ghost, we are destined to stand opposite them.”

The two other men realized the severity of the situation and their breathing was slightly short. Fortunately, they were no longer headless flies. They knew what they should do next and could complete the shooting as long as they did it step by step.

Time was running out. Xie Chi had to go investigate the situation of the second dish, the charcoal roasted suckling lamb to find the brand. Xie Chi frowned and hesitated to say the next words. Lu Wen had known Xie Chi for a long time and knew this person had something to say. He smiled bitterly. “You can tell it to us all at once so we are mentally prepared.”

Xie Chi thought about it for a few seconds before raising his head. “Okay, I will make a long story short.”

The two people looked serious.

Xie Chi took out his phone and read the emphasized message sent by the app again. After confirming it once again, he opened his mouth. “In fact, I still have three doubts.”

“Three?” Ren Ze was really hit.

Xie Chi nodded slightly and showed them the screen of his mobile phone. “Look, the app emphasizes that we can’t change or leave the camp midway but it doesn’t say… we can’t join multiple camps at the same time.”

Ren Ze’s eyes widened. “Fu*k, is it a word game again?”

Along the way, he had suffered from the app’s word games.

“If I join the animal camp then you can’t join me. However, it is unknown if I can join you in the teeth hiding ghost camp or even the hostile female ghost camp.”

“That is the first question.”

Xie Chi’s tone was flat. “The second question is if there are really two ghosts, the teeth hiding male ghost and the cannibal. Then there is a question. The teeth hiding male ghost should be good and willing to communicate with Zhao Jinhua. The cannibal ghost is evil but she has a need. She needs to lie to Zhao Jinhua to find her teeth. These two ghosts have no reason to refuse Zhao Jinhua’s communication request. They must be very willing to communicate with Zhao Jinhua. Then why is it that Zhao Jinhua has only communicated with the cannibal female ghost?”

Lu Wen frowned. “Is it that the teeth hiding ghost is too weak and his opportunity was taken by the cannibal ghost? Or perhaps Zhao Jinhua’s psychic ability can only communicate with one ghost at a time?”

“I can’t rule out this possibility,” Xie Chi replied truthfully.

“At the time of the eavesdropping, through the retelling of the scene, all I could learn was the picture of a woman frightened and afraid to escape. What Zhao Jinhua saw was an illusion. It was the cannibal ghost lying to her. After all, the motivation is very strong but… I’m thinking of another tiny possibility.”

Here, Ren Ze was completely unable to keep up with Xie Chi’s thinking.

“Is it possible…” Xie Chi was thoughtful and spoke to himself. “Is it possible that Zhao Jinhua’s psychic vision was the result of the combined effect of the teeth hiding ghost and the cannibal?”

Lu Wen’s eyes widened. “Are you saying that the two ghosts competed and finally gave her this image?”

Xie Chi nodded. “I don’t know the specifics of Zhao Jinhua’s psychic ability so all this is just a guess. It is just defined as a ‘tiny possibility’ so you don’t need to be nervous. I just hope you can take it into consideration in the future. As for whether it is needed or not, this is another matter.”

Ren Ze secretly admired it. Such a person was one who really controlled the overall situation in a calm manner. As a companion, he felt a lot of peace of mind. He might’ve previously been angry about being rejected but now he felt this was the most correct thing he had done since entering the app.

“Then there is the third point and the strangest place.”

The absent-minded Ren Ze’s senses returned in an instant and Lu Wen also stared.

“The third point is just my hypothesis. I mean if, what if Zhao Jinhua and You Jing didn’t join the female ghost camp? What if everyone sees through the problems of the female ghost camp? Then there is a doubt. I think you can clearly feel it.”

Ren Ze reviewed all the conditions and his expression changed. “Are you saying the crisis doesn’t exist? I hadn’t thought about it but I think this problem is very serious.”

“Yes,” Xie Chi spoke quickly. “It is very serious. If everyone sees through the cannibal ghost’s deception and no one joins the cannibal ghost’s camp to find the teeth then the power of the cannibal ghost is limited and she can’t kill. She can only try to steal from us but as long as we get together, the danger is greatly reduced. It can even be said that the crisis has completely disappeared. Then what we have to watch out for is the danger brought to us by the animal camp, which isn’t practical and is strange. I even suspect that there are other hidden dangers in the house to offset the embarrassing situation that might occur.”

“No.” Ren Ze showed a negative opinion for the first time. ”Xie Chi, your idea is right but there are too many prerequisites. There aren’t so many smart people. At least one person will be deceived by the cannibal ghost. Not everyone is you and the human heart is too completed. Even if one person knows there is a problem with joining the female ghost’s camp, they might not tell others. After all, everyone here is in a competitive relationship. We are all rivals. I can’t believe it at all even if you talk about digging out your heart and soul. The situation where everyone gathers together to help each other against the female ghost is too much of a utopia and the probability of it occurring is too small. You also said it. The quality of this movie is pros outweigh the cons. There will always be flaws. How do you know that this embarrassing situation isn’t part of the flaws? Perhaps you thinking too perfectly is a problem in itself.”

This topic was really too sharp.

“The probability is so small that it is almost negligible… but isn’t it still a possibility?” Xie Chi didn’t deny Ren Ze’s point of view. He smiled but his eyes were sharp as he insisted. “Zero is zero, one in ten million is one in ten million. They might be close but they will never be equal.”

“I have to consider all possibilities because I can’t… take my life too easily.”

Xie Chi’s voice wasn’t loud but Ren Ze was a bit ashamed for a moment. He couldn’t help wondering if he was too casual previously. This was the thinking and attitude that a rigorous actor should have. He seemed to be far behind Xie Chi.

Lu Wen couldn’t interject and sighed silently.

[Lu Wen is me.]

[Fu*k, after listening to it, I finally remembered to send out a barrage I kept holding my breath because I was so nervous.]

[It was spoken so fast but I actually understood? Incredible! Have I always underestimated my IQ?]

[That is because Xie Chi’s logic is meticulous, not because of your IQ. Thank you.]

[Above person pierced my heart!!!]

[This information is too much and my brain hurts.]

[Why do I think he is speaking so plainly but my legs are soft?]

[Isn’t this the future movie emperor? For the first time, I am extremely sure that a person can become a god.]

[Previously, I thought this several times to be honest.]

[You Jing, Zhao Jinhua and the others are all trash who are relying on being here for a long time. Sooner or later, Son Chi will step on them.]

[Son Chi has to swallow his breath now. It is really infuriating. He is bullied by an old person who is inferior to him in all aspects but has stayed here for a long time.]

[Don’t say it. I’m really angry. I went from being a You Jing fan to a Xie Chi fan. Now I’ve started stepping on You Jing fu*k.]

[The previous person is another me.]

[Fu*k, speak of the devil and the devil comes. You Jing and his mother are heading here.]

[No way, do they want to grab the teeth?]

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