APP: Chapter 8

Zhou Wen just wanted to raise his head when he felt a burning pain from behind his shoulder. He howled and desperately used his right hand to reach for his left shoulder and felt something… in the shape of an eye.

The eye on his left shoulder blinked and the eyelashes brushed against Zhou Wen’s palm, bringing a terrifying inch.

There was an eye on his back!

“Satan’s eye!” Zhou Wen suddenly realized and screamed. He desperately pulled at the eye and the piece of flesh was instantly peeled off. Blood dripped down his back but the eye was still embedded in his flesh.

Another drop of warm and stick water dripped from the roof of the elevator.

Zhou Wen finally remembered Xie Chi’s words and raised his head stiffly and slowly. The next second, a pair of cold and pale hands suddenly hung from the elevator roof and grabbed his neck. They slightly lifted him up and Zhou Wen was hung up in the air!

Xie Chi smiled as he met Zhou Wen’s dizzy eyes and raised his head.

He successfully saw the appearance of the female ghost.

The female ghost hung from the roof of the elevator. Her bright red dress was covered with blood and the skin of her belly was loose. It was cut open like a clam shell and half her intestines were dangling in the air, looking like they might fall out at any time.

Under her dirty black hair was a rotten face and violent eyeballs. There was no black in the pupils of her eyes and they were all grey and muddy.

“Help… help me!” Zhou Wen struggled to squeeze out the words. After struggling to take a few breaths, his face was purple like an onion due to the suffocation.

Xie Chi was indifferent. It was as if the terrifying female ghost in front of him and the corpse at his feet didn’t exist.

The eye on Zhou Wen’s back blinked faster, flashing with a mysterious and faint red light that was evil and unpredictable, just like the red dot of a radar. Once it found its prey, it would immediately stare until the prey died.

“Satan’s Eye, is this the name?” Xie Chi remembered what Zhou Wen had just called out.

“Satan.” Xie Chi realized that the meaning and his heart was like a mirror as he laughed softly. “Since it is a sacrifice for the ghost, I won’t disturb the ghost to enjoy it.”

He took off his blood-stained white gloves and stepped back calmly. He watched the dying Zhou Wen and smiled sincerely. “Thanks to your active dedication, I can see the appearance of the ghost.”

“Don’t be sad. You might be dead but the spirit of sacrificing yourself is immortal.”

The female ghost put her hand on Zhou Wen’s belly. In a few seconds, Zhou Wen’s end would be the same as Zhang Lan.

Zhou Wen’s blood and tears dripped down. It was only when he died that he finally realized the man in front of him was more terrible than a ghost.

In the last moment, his retinas reflected the filthy blood in the elevator and the young man with a well-dressed appearance and smiling face standing nearby.


The audience outside the horror movie had long exploded.

[Wait, Zhou Wen is dead?!!}]

[Wow, this is only the first night and Zhou Wen was killed by his own play.]

[His skills aren’t good enough and he deserves it. It is shameful for Zhou Wen to be killed by a newcomer.]

[Wow, seeing death and not helping. This little brother is a bit… perverted but I like it.]

[He also reacts too fast. I don’t know how he struck that thing on the back. Thinking about it, my scalp is numb. His face is too deceitful.]

[Watching you go to death with a smile. My god, this contrast is too abnormal.]

[What is the psychological quality of this newcomer? He has been with a ghost for so long and is completely ignoring it.]

[He did so much to Zhou Wen and should’ve offended Zhou Wen’s agent… it feels a bit troublesome.]


At the same time, outside the elevator, the newcomers were in chaos.

The thin, black man pointed at the elevator door and quivered. “Why did the door suddenly close…?”

“Brother Zhou and the newcomer would never take the initiative to close the door. After all, no one wants to stay in a closed elevator. The only possibility is that… it is a ghost.” The talking newcomer shuddered.

“So what now? Should we do something…?”

“But there is a ghost inside…”

The newcomers had fallen into a panic while Yan Jing sat calmly to one side, even wanting to kick his feet. He felt he was being too proud and finally refrained.

Ding. The elevator door suddenly opened. The newcomers held their breaths and involuntarily clamped their shoulders, becoming stiff. They saw the gentle newcomer come out and take a deep breath. Then he said with a heavy face, “Brother Zhou is… dead.”

“What?” The newcomers exclaimed, their faces white. The only veteran actor, Zhou Wen had died on the first night.

Yan Jing was also stunned. He hadn’t been worried about Xie Chi at all but he hadn’t expected Zhou Wen to actually die.

Xie Chi was silent for a few seconds before speaking in a low voice. “He desperately struggled with the ghost and made a heroic sacrifice.”

[Ahhhhhh really sinister, who can beat him in acting?]

[Fu*k the sky. This is simply seamlessly putting on clothes.]

[Hahahahaha xswl. Heroic sacrifice, self-sacrifice.]

Xie Chi finished speaking and no longer cared about the uproar of the newcomers behind him. He walked to Yan Jing and stated, “Go with me to the monitoring room on the first floor.”

Yan Jing immediately stood up and followed up, asking in a low voice about what happened in the elevator just now.

Then the mobile app suddenly rang.

[The plot progress has been updated. The actors’ first day of work is over and you are officially off work.]

[You have entered the free time again. In order to avoid the audience becoming impatient, daytime will pass at a speed of 3.0. Actors, please accurately grasp the time and return to the company before the next work shift starts.]

“3.0 times the speed, this fu*ker.” Yan Jing couldn’t help cursing. “Thankfully, we slept during the night. Otherwise, there is only a few hours during the day. We need to investigate and catch up on sleep…”

Xie Chi calculated it. Their working hours were from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. which was seven hours. There were 17 hours during the day so at three times the speed, they had more than five hours of free time.

Time was tight and he had a lot of work to do.


In the surveillance room, Xie Chi sat in front of the computer and skillfully started to adjust the elevator video to the time of his death. Yan Jing couldn’t help it. He sat down and asked, “Brother Xie, what happened to you and Zhou Wen in the elevator?”

Xie Chi downplayed it. “He was killed by a ghost.”

Yan Jing froze for two seconds. Then he was shocked. “Brother Xie, you saw a ghost?”

He hurried to ask.

“Yes.” Xie Chi responded lightly. “It is a female ghost. I’m sure she is the Spirit in Red Clothes in the title.”

Yan Jing’s heart thumped hard. The video was shown but disappointingly, only Zhang Lan was on the screen. It seemed the female ghost couldn’t be captured on camera. The image couldn’t be intercepted. Xie Chi thought about it and decided he could simply draw it on his own. He pushed Yan Jing and requested, “Please hand me the paper and pen next to you.”

Yan Jing quickly touched it and handed it to him. Xie Chi took the pen and paper and casually asked, “You previously saw the ghost hand. What type of ghost hand was it?”

Yan Jing paused for a few seconds and tried to remember. “It was a female ghost’s hand. The skin was very good um… the fingers were long and there was red nail polish.”

Xie Chi made a sound of understanding before saying, “I saw the same ghost hand in the elevator so it should be the same ghost. Currently, there are only two ghosts in the horror movie. The female ghost is in the elevator and can only kill people in the elevator, but it seems she can make trouble outside the elevator.”

“There is also the baby ghost we saw last night. The baby ghost can move around the building at will. At present, it is stronger than the female ghost because we can avoid the female ghost as long as we aren’t tricked by her and don’t get close to the elevator.”

Xie Chi spoke quietly while his hands moved nonstop. Yan Jing nodded and his chaotic thoughts instantly became clear. Since he was blind, his ears were extra sensitive. He heard the sound of the pen brushing against paper and asked, “Brother Xie, what are you writing?”

“I’m drawing the ghost.”

Yan Jing couldn’t sit still. “My god, can you draw?”

Xie Chi casually told him, “It is the level of a soul painter.”

Yan Jing was relieved. “It is fortunate. Otherwise, it would be too shocking on other people.”

(Fortunately, he can’t see hahahahahahaha)

[This fu*king person has started fooling others again. I’m laughing to death.]

After a few minutes of effort, a female ghost appeared on the white paper. It was clearly just a sketch but the female ghost’s ferocious appearance leapt from the paper.

Xie Chi had found the basic facial features from the female ghost’s distorted face. Then he restored the skin’s direction and expanded on what the female ghost might’ve looked like before she died—a beautiful young woman.

Her skin was white, she had a full-bodied figure, long hair, big eyes, thick lips and a black mole above the corner of her mouth. It was very likely that she was pregnant before she died. Xie Chi strongly circled the word ‘pregnant.’

Zhou Wen and Zhang Lan’s death method was almost identical. The heart and lungs were stuffed into the stomach, making them look like a pregnant woman. The female ghost’s belly was also cut open and the skin loose. If she was really pregnant then it should be later in the pregnancy. In addition, the baby was gone.

Xie Chi moved his pen thoughtfully. The ghost baby didn’t even reach his knees… it was probably the child of the female ghost. He only needed to figure out what happened in this building 18 years ago and he should be able to solve the mystery.

Xie Chi briefly explained to Yan Jing.

Yan Jing racked his brains for a moment before suddenly becoming excited. “Brother Xie, do you think this is the case? The female ghost was originally pregnant with the baby ghost. The female boss hated her so she lured the pregnant female ghost to this building and killed her in the elevator. The boss still felt she couldn’t get rid of her anger so she cut the baby out of the stomach, raising the poisonous Gu on the living baby and letting it bite the baby to death.”

Xie Chi was unsure and stared at his already healed finger. Yan Jing’s guess might seem logical but he was missing a crucial link. What was the role of this poisonous Gu? Xie Chi felt that things weren’t so simple. Then without any warning, a drop of blood fell on Xie Chi’s hand and slowly dripped.

Xie Chi raised his hand. He… had a nosebleed. He got a nosebleed for the first time in 21 years.

Xie Chi was a bit puzzled. “Jing ah, why do normal people inexplicably get nosebleeds?”

“Isn’t it because you’re angry? You’re too dry?” Yan Jing felt this question was really dumb. “Or leukemia? That would be pretty scary.”

Yan Jing scratched his head. “Why are you asking about a normal person? Brother Xie, the way you are talking, it is as if you aren’t a normal person…”

Xie Chi took a piece of tissue to wipe off the blood and slightly frowned. As pet 1.0, he had no chance of getting sick. Becoming angry was also something that was distant from him. However, without an external force, he actually… got a nosebleed.

Xie Chi realized something and glanced at his index finger.

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