APP: Chapter 79

[Hahahahahaha, Xie Chi, you are done. You made Sister Ren Ze cry.]

[Afraid of thunder in the middle of the night so climb into bed hahaha.]

[Following the hair on the arm, Ren Ze is killed again.]

Xie Chi himself had another personality and he knew that each personality was an independent person. The one in front of him was the little sister. He should coax her but due to Ren Ze’s angular face, he really couldn’t express any words.

Xie Chi’s mood was complicated and he simply threw the responsibility. “Brother, you are so fierce you made her cry. You coax her.”

Xie Xinglan’s fingers were stiff and he silently retracted the Evil Spirit Blade. He looked into Ren Ran’s helpless and frightened teary eyes and coldly ordered, “Don’t cry.”

Xie Chi, “……”

“Brother…?” Ren Ran never expected the gentle brother to be so vicious and was in a daze.

Xie Xinglan frowned. “You aren’t allowed to call out Brother. Your older brother is Ren Ze. It also isn’t a good habit to climb into someone else’s bed in the middle of the night. You are in your teens and you aren’t married. Didn’t your brother teach you anything? Can you guarantee that I’m not a bad person?”

Ren Ran was dumbfounded before she burst out crying. “You aren’t my big brother. You are a bad guy! Ren Ran wants Brother!”

Xie Xinglan’s eyes narrowed and he was about to educate this ignorant, stinky girl when Xie Chi hurriedly told him, “Brother, you go back!”

Xie Xinglan, “……”

Lu Wen was awakened by the crying girl. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw Xie Chi sitting on the bed, holding a tissue and looking helpless as he helped the big and tall Ren Ze wipe his tears. “I will teach him, don’t cry.”

Xie Xinglan, “……”

Ren Ran shrugged and bit her lower lip slightly, eyes wet and bright. “Then can I sleep with Brother?”

Xie Chi didn’t know what to do about her. He stared at the secretly happy Lu Wen and then smiled. “Come and put the bed together. Otherwise, how can three people sleep?”

Lu Wen’s smile froze on his face. Then he slightly pushed his bed over so the two beds were together. Ren Ran instantly forgot what happened previously. She happily took off her shoes and climbed between the two of them.

Lu Wen sighed deeply. Five people were sleeping in these two beds.

She might be sleeping in the middle but Ren Ran ignored Lu Wen, who was looking up at the sky next to her. She moved closer to Xie Chi, wishing to get into his bed. The fragile bed creaked due to her weight and it seemed like it would collapse the next second.

Ren Ran stared at Xie Chi with bright eyes, not blinking for a long time. Xie Chi knew that she wanted to get closer but looking at Ren Ze’s stronger body, Xie Chi’s thoughts were a bit complicated. It would’ve been fine if this was really a soft and fragrant little girl. The problem was that it was Ren Ze’s body.

“Xiao Chi, if you want her to sleep in your arms then I will kick her down in the middle of the night.” Xie Xinglan’s voice was low, lazy and filled with ice.

Xie Chi immediately clutched the quilt and refused Ren Ran. He helplessly touched Ren Ran’s hedgehog hair and told her, “Brother is doing this for your own good.”

It was to prevent her from being kicked down by Xie Xinglan.

“That’s fine.” Ren Ran was a bit disappointed but she looked at Xie Chi with a sweet smile. “Good night, Brother.”

Xie Chi nodded with a smile. It was too hard to coax a child.


In the middle of the night, a shrill scream cut through the silence. Ren Ze suddenly woke up and found that there was a hand on his waist. He immediately stiffened. He twisted his head, saw Lu Wen’s big face and his mind became blank. He kicked the drowsy Lu Wen out of bed in an annoyed manner.

“Ah!” Lu Wen’s ass was kicked and he screamed, completely waking up.

Xie Xinglan teased in Xie Chi’s mind. “You should thank me?”

Xie Chi’s mouth twitched slightly and he interrupted Ren Ze’s cursing. “Something happened. I will take advantage of the chaos to go to the room of the grey named actor. The two of you should go to the room that the scream came from, understood?”

Ren Ze wasn’t a person who disregarded the situation. He and Lu Wen looked at each other and nodded reluctantly.

Xie Xinglan came out and the three people rushed into the corridor. A group of people was gathered around the door of the room opposite them. Xie Chi stood on tiptoe and peered inside. You Jing and Zhao Jinhua were in the middle of the crowd. They were separated by the crowd and wouldn’t notice him for the time being.

Xie Xinglan blinked at the other two and slipped into the room where the grey named actor was located. One day and one night had passed. Although the corpse of the grey named actor didn’t stink, there were corpse spots all over the skin and it was normal to feel nauseous.

Xie Xinglan moved the decorative vase in the room to block his figure. Then he took out disposable gloves from his pocket, endured the nausea and started to examine the body of the grey named actor. He moved quickly and examined it carefully, not missing anything. Xie Xinglan searched the actor’s entire body and shook his head as he found nothing.

Xie Chi felt doubts. Had he been thinking too much? “Brother, are you sure you’ve looked everywhere?”

“Yes—” Xie Xinglan’s words were stuck in his throat as his eyes fell on the top of the grey named actor’s head. “There is another place.”

Xie Xinglan covered his nose with one hand and his other hand reached into the remaining half of the grey named actor’s brain without hesitation. He groped around for a while before his expression changed slightly.

There was something in the head. Xie Xinglan drew out a small sign that was like a pendant from inside. There was a faint light and he could see the words on the small sign: eat raw monkey brain.

Just then, Xie Chi’s phone screen lit up. Xie Xinglan took out his phone with his clean hand and scanned the screen.

[The plot progress has been updated. Congratulations on getting the brand of the first dish. Do you want to start the collection of the six horror dishes?]

[After the collection is opened, the brand of the later dishes will start to appear. Note: it is only when the brand of the first dish is found that the collection can be opened.]

[After opening it, you will automatically join the animal camp. Collect the brands of the six dishes and you will get the unconditional protection of the animals.]

[Please note that this camp can only be opened by one person. It is because there is only one dish for each horror dish and only one brand can be refreshed.]

[The decision time is 30 minutes. If no decision is made within 30 minutes, this collection shall be voided permanently.]


[What the fu*k!!!]

[Fu*k, reverse thinking. Who would’ve thought of searching such a disgusting corpse?]

[Wait, Zhao Jinhua and the others have joined the female ghost camp, right?? There are different camps. No wonder why their plot progress was updated!!]

[Son Chi is obviously more reliable? The female ghost camp only updated the requirements and didn’t mention the reward, let alone the details… meanwhile the animals’ unconditional protection is clear.]

[Relative superiority?]

[Sure enough, psychic ability can’t beat brains?]

[Still, don’t you think that finding a brand is much harder than finding the teeth? More people are allowed to join the female ghost camp while this is a lone wolf? In addition, if someone steals the brand of a certain dish in the middle then he won’t be able to collect all of them.]

[No no no, you have missed it. There is one point that is extremely scary. Haven’t you found that the conditions for refreshing the dishes…]

[Fu*k, a dead person? Eating a dish alone?!]

[Six dishes. Isn’t this killing six people?!]

[Fu*k, suddenly thinking about it. The rule for the female ghost camp is that every time a tooth is found, a person dies. The female ghost got the tooth given by Lu Ming and there should still be five missing. In other words, the female ghost will kill five more people. Four dishes are still missing so four people will be killed by animals? Three people are already dead and there are 10 people left…]

[The big shot in front is awesome. My math teacher in elementary school was dead.]

[You don’t need to die to make a dish…]

[Have you found that… six dishes correspond to six teeth. Do you want to say that there is a certain level of difficulty balance and confrontation?]

[The number 6 is the devil, which means incompleteness. Wow…]

[So the menu that You Jing got matches the animal camp?]

[The plot doesn’t seem to be so important anymore… no wonder why there are so many actors. It turned out to be because of this!!]


Xie Chi hadn’t expected to get something else. He looked at the reward ‘animals’ unconditional protection’ and his heart moved. Even so, he didn’t rush to open it. Since the brands would refresh after it was opened, it was best to wait until the last moment to open it. The later the brands refreshed, the more advantageous it was for him to find. Time had been given for consideration so why make a decision immediately?

The phone screen lit up again. Xie Xinglan looked down and his pupils shrunk.

Lu Wen: Someone is dead again! It might be another dish! Xie Chi, come here.

The brand wasn’t the same as the teeth. It could be put into the app backpack and there was no need to work hard to hide it. Xie Xinglan immediately put the brand into the backpack and tried to restore the scene so that people wouldn’t see that the corpse had been searched.

He casually flashed out of the room and walked into the room filled with actors. There was a corpse covered in red on the bed in the room. The one who died was an actress called Wu Wenwen. The smell of barbecue oil filled the room. Wu Wenwen had her head down on the bed, hugging her huge bulging belly in a kneeling position.

The entire bed had become like a barbecue rack. Pools of corpse oil flowed. Wu Wenwen was roasted, shiny and oily. Her meat was fresh and tender and looked like it would melt in the mouth.

Xie Chi had a slight impression of this actress. Her belly was completely flat previously but now she looked like she was seven or eight months pregnant. She couldn’t be pregnant so why did she have a big belly?

There was a flash of inspiration in Xie Chi’s head. Could this correspond to… charcoal roasted suckling lamb? He carefully remembered what dishes each person had on the table. Wu Wenwen had eaten the chicken. The second dish was refreshed.

He had less than half an hour to decide if he wanted to join the animal camp or not. Within half an hour, these people must also leave. Otherwise, once the brand was refreshed, it would be difficult for him to search for the brand that symbolized the second dish.

“What’s going on?” You Jing in the centre of the group asked Wu Wenwen’s roommate.

Wu Wenwen’s roommate was also a girl. She had been frightened when the incident happened and was limp on the ground. She was unable to squeeze out any words for a long time. It was only now that she regained her senses. Her eyes were hollow as she spoke painfully, “I don’t know!”

She trembled and pointed at Wu Wenwen’s body. “The moment the lights turned off, she started to say that she was hot. I didn’t care…”

“Then she asked me if the room was heated. After a while, she got up and searched through the sheets. She wondered if there was an electric blanket under the bed sheet. At the time, I thought she was hot because she was tense and nervous. Then she suddenly screamed and convulsed all over. She was cooked and her stomach bulged out…”

You Jing had the menu and he knew what happened at first glance when he saw the corpse. Now that everyone was here, he needed to pretend not to know.

He seemed to listen carefully but he glanced over the crowd and carefully searched for Xie Chi. He just happened to meet Xie Chi’s eyes. You Jing thought about how Xie Chi had a tooth and rubbed his hands over his pants. He couldn’t wait.

Xie Chi ignored him and frowned while thinking about the names of the other dishes.

At present, the raw monkey brain and charcoal roasted suckling lamb had appeared. The Three Squeaks hadn’t killed anyone but he knew the name of the dish. In other words, there were three other dishes that were completely hidden and he knew nothing about them. Meanwhile, You Jing seemed to have gotten some clues.

After hearing the information disclosed by Xia Yao, Xie Chi felt even more certain that You Jing probably knew what the other three dishes were. Xie Chi gave Lu Wen a look and Lu Wen immediately came over. Xie Chi lowered his voice and asked, “Do you remember You Jing’s expression the first moment he saw the corpse?”

Lu Wen was confused.

Xie Chi simply asked, “Was he shocked, stunned or afraid?”

Lu Wen made a comparison and shook his head. “No… it was more like he was disgusted?”

Xie Chi nodded and became more certain that You Jing knew the dishes and the possible ways for actors to die. They must’ve gained something from the chef. This information was very important to Xie Chi, who was about to join the animal camp. It was most likely the names of the six dishes.

He needed to know.

Zhao Jinhua gave You Jing a look and there was a sarcastic smile on her face. She wanted to get rid of the crowd and ask Xie Chi for the tooth when an actor looked around at the crowd and suddenly asked, “Where are Lu Ming and Huang Hong? It has been so long. Why haven’t they come out?”

He knew these two people. Everyone glanced at each other and confirmed there were two people missing. Their expressions changed suddenly and they rushed to the room where the two men were staying.

Zhao Jinhua stopped You Jing and lowered her voice. “Wait a bit.”

You Jing understood and watched Xie Chi with proud eyes. It wouldn’t be too late after a while.

“Huang Hong? Lu Ming?!” Several people shouted anxiously at the door.

There were no movements from inside and everyone had a bad feeling, Lu Wen’s physical strength was good and he was about to hit the door when it suddenly opened from the inside.

Huang Hong rubbed his sleepy eyes. In the dark, he slowly opened the door, pressing a hand against his pained temples. Then he became stunned when he saw everyone. “W-What? I don’t know what’s going on. I just fainted on the ground…”

“Ah!” The moment the light penetrated, Wu Wenwen’s roommate saw the bloody handprints on the foggy glass of the bathroom. She was frightened twice in a short time so she screamed and fainted.

The door was fully opened and the mess on the foggy glass slammed into everyone’s eyes.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

I wonder is Xie Chi can trick You Jing into giving him the list.

2 years ago

Ohoho? So there are 2 sides to the story, one is the female ghost and helping her find her teeth while the other is the vengeful animals and the dishes? If the husband really had forced her to eat the dishes and she died because she was unwilling to, why wouldn’t the animals help her?👀 I love horror books aaaaa

2 years ago

Hey, but what if the one with the pica disorder was actually the female ghost? That would both explain why the animal spirits aren’t or her side (as she was the one eating them) and why her husband (or anyone else for what it matters) took out her tooth and tongue then hid them, so she couldn’t eat anymore

PS: credit to the one above for asking why the animals wouldn’t be on the same side as her if she was forced to eat them

1 year ago

I would choose the animal camp the female ghost protection isn’t that believable

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