APP: Chapter 78

A pale hand stretched out from the mist, asking for the tooth. At the same time, the face approached quietly. The ugly and terrifying mouth breathed out and the stench sprayed against the side of Lu Ming’s neck.

The ghost was like a poisonous snake, playing with its prey and devouring fear.

Lu Ming’s knees were limp and his neck desperately shrank back. The space for survival was running out and his fear of death was like a maggot. He closed his eyes and deceived himself to avoid the nightmarish scene in front of him. Finally, he collapsed. “I will give it to you! Please don’t kill me!”

He opened his fist and the bloody tooth in his palm glowed with a faint white light. The ghost’s hand immediately grabbed the tooth, its eyes full of greed, evil and ecstasy…

No movement? Was the ghost gone? There was silence in his ears. Lu Ming wringed his hands and slightly opened his closed eyes. He was about to peep when he was scared to death by what he saw!

Most of the water vapor had dissipated. By the windowsill, the ghost was opening her mouth wide. It was so wide that her mouth was torn. The female ghost was like the split-mouthed woman as she stuffed her tooth into an incomplete place on her gums. She tried it and after confirming its position, she pressed down hard.

The tooth… was put back in place. The ghost had one more tooth.

She slowly twisted her neck to stare at Lu Ming. She raised the corners of her mouth that reached her ears and made a clown-like, ironic smile as if she was laughing at his stupidity.


There was a thunderstorm and heavy rain started falling outside the mansion. In the dim room, a few bloody handprints gradually appeared on the bathroom door. The bloody handprints were messy and intertwined. It was as if the prey in the bathroom finally lost its strength and stopped struggling. The bloody handprints solidified on the foggy glass and dark red blood flowed down the lines on the bathroom door.

During the whole process, there was no movement outside.

[Fu*k, deceptive! He gave the tooth but he died!]

[Is it a rule that the ghost will kill for every tooth it has?]

[Where did this ghost come from? I’m so confused.]


You Jing was awakened by the thunderstorm. In the darkness, he heard light and anxious chatter. He was taken aback and sat up. Then he turned his head and found it was Zhao Jinhua talking in a dream. He sighed with relief and secretly said that he was too paranoid.

A flash of lightning crossed the sky at the right time, illuminating the room. You Jing discovered that Zhao Jinhua’s face was pale and she was sweaty from head to toe. His instincts told him it wasn’t good so he hurriedly shook Zhao Jinhua and tried to wake her.

“No… no! Don’t come over, don’t… don’t kill me. I’m innocent.” Zhao Jinhua became more anxious as her dream progressed.

“Mom!” You Jing was frightened and screamed in her ear. Zhao Jinhua suddenly opened her eyes and sat up. She was stiff and cold as she sat there motionless like a corpse.

You Jing was frightened and shook her shoulders desperately with red eyes. “Mom, wake up!”

Zhao Jinhua finally regained consciousness and felt severe heart palpitations. She clutched her chest and spoke weakly. “I dreamed of that female ghost. I even had a conversation with her.”

You Jing was stunned for a second. “Communication? Is your psychic ability working?”

Zhao Jinhua nodded.

You Jing’s worry turned to joy in an instant.

Zhao Jinhua was afraid that she would forget the dream and she spoke extremely quickly, “The female ghost told me that her husband had the pica disorder and he liked to eat the dishes on that menu. He ate the monkey brains and baby soup. Her husband also forced her to eat with him several times. She was unwilling and resisted desperately. She tried to call the police to stop her husband but this completely angered her husband. He pulled out her teeth and cut off her tongue. She bled to death.”

“What about her husband?” You Jing brought his mother a glass of water and asked.

“After handling her body, he was ready to flee when he was killed.”

“Does this mean there is another ghost in the house besides her? Perhaps her husband has also become a ghost?”

Zhao Jinhua nodded.

You Jing frowned. He originally thought there was only one ghost who had grievances. In this case, they wouldn’t be harmed as long as they fulfilled the ghost’s wish. As a result, there was now a male ghost and they had to be careful.

Therefore, this movie was about freeing the female ghost and defeating the male ghost. In addition to helping the female ghost fight against the male ghost, they had to beware of the animal spirits who had grievances because they were eaten.

You Jing asked again, “What about the female ghost’s corpse?”

Generally speaking, they needed to find the female ghost’s body and let her body reappear so that her grievances could be made public.


You Jing made an ‘ah’ sound. Then he wondered, “How can we help her? If her body is gone, how can we resolve her grievances?”

Zhao Jinhua drank the hot water and her mental state was fully recovered. She reassured him, “Don’t worry, there is a way. She said she is here because she feels incomplete. She wants to find her missing teeth and tongue before she reincarnates.”

You Jing was at a loss. “Aren’t her teeth and tongue easy to find? Why hasn’t she found all of them?”

Zhao Jinhua shook her head. “Her husband hid the teeth in every corner of the mansion before he was going to escape. As long as she can’t find her teeth and tongue, she will never be able to leave the house and chase him. This calculation was very good but unfortunately, he was killed before leaving the house.”

You Jing felt this was a bit far-fetched but he didn’t ask any questions. He just continued listening to Zhao Jinhua.

Zhao Jinhua continued, “She said that she is restricted by the rules and only has 10 minutes to go out and find her teeth every night. The house is so big. She has searched for a whole year before she found 26 teeth. She has a total of 32 teeth so there are still six remaining.”

Zhao Jinhua added, “By the way, she just found the tongue and it has been put back in her mouth. This is why she can talk to us. She wanted to talk to me before but she didn’t have her tongue and had to temporarily give up.”

“She found her tongue?” You Jing wondered.

Zhao Jinhua glanced at him. “A certain Arctic shellfish among the Japanese food yesterday was a variant of her tongue.”

You Jing’s eyes widened and he was afraid for a while. He thought that if he had eaten this Arctic shellfish, the female ghost might’ve gone to find her tongue in his stomach. The intention of the female ghost was obvious.

“So she wants us to help her find the remaining six teeth?”

Zhao Jinhua nodded. “As long as we are careful of the male ghost and find the other six teeth within the movie’s deadline, we can successfully complete the filming and leave the movie.”

She was all smiles because she had the winning ticket in hand.

“I promised to help her find it and she promised that she wouldn’t do anything to us. We just need to focus on finding the teeth and to be careful of the male ghost.” Zhao Jinhua repeated their next goal. She was happy for the clear ending. They would be able to get the clearance rewards for the movie soon.

You Jing always felt that something was wrong but he couldn’t precisely say what it was.

Zhao Jinhua told him, “She told us to beware of her husband. She said that her husband is very strong and will come out at night to kill people from time to time. He will open their stomachs and eat their internal organs.”

You Jing get goosebumps.

“Listening to her words, her husband should be better than her?” You Jing was silent for a moment before suddenly asking.

Zhao Jinhua nodded.

“Mom, I have a question. If there are two ghosts and her husband is stronger than her, why did you only sense and have a conversation with the weak one?”

“The strong ghost’s evil thoughts are too deep and he just wants to kill. He disdains to communicate with us. I have encountered this situation before.”

You Jing felt this statement was reasonable and completely let go of the worries in his heart.

“Then once we find the teeth, how should we give them to her?” You Jing asked a practical question.

“Isn’t she free for 10 minutes a day to search? After we find them, I just need to psychically tell her and she will come to take them.”

You Jing hesitated for a moment before expressing his doubts. “Mom, are you sure your ability is 100% and… there is no problem? After all, we are dealing with ghosts.”

Zhao Jinhua interrupted him. She was obviously very unhappy about her ability being questioned. “How long have I been here and how long have you been here? I might not have used this ability hundreds of times but there are still 40 or 50 times. There has never been a problem.”

You Jing also felt that he was too speechless. This was a pros outweigh the cons movies. There must be flaws. Yes, the background story was a bit far-fetched but this might be within the scope of the flaws.

As the two of them were talking, their phones suddenly rang. You Jing was surprised and took out his phone to check.

[The plot progress has been updated. Zhao Jinhua and You Jing should look for the remaining six teeth of the female ghost and fulfill the wish of the female ghost.]

The app’s task was refreshed, showing that their direction was completely correct. You Jing’s face was happy and relieved.

“Mom, it isn’t enough for the two of us to find the teeth. Shall we tell the others tomorrow? After all, looking for teeth in such a big mansion is like finding a needle in a haystack. The ghost has been here for so long and hasn’t found all of them. This means the ones remaining must be hidden deeply—”

You Jing’s words were stuck as he remembered something. Then he raised his voice. “Mom! Xie Chi has a tooth in his hands!”

Zhao Jinhua was surprised. “What? How do you know this?”

The scene from last night flashed through his mind and he recalled every detail. Xie Chi was propped on the ground with one hand as he stretched out his leg to reach under the bed for something very small. Then he hid it…

It was a tooth! It must be a tooth!

A cruel expression flashed on Zhao Jinhua’s face when she heard You Jing’s description. She immediately said, “We will go find him.”

“This is a collection ghost movie. The more we collect, the more progress rewards will be given to us. We can’t let him take the lead.”

“What if he doesn’t?” You Jing asked.

“Then he is looking for death.” Zhao Jinhua smiled coldly.

You Jing smiled proudly.

There was a conflict of interest and they could openly act against Xie Chi. They weren’t the villains. It was Xie Chi himself who didn’t listen.


The thunder became a bit smaller. After Xie Chi was woken up, he couldn’t fall back asleep. He closed his eyes and recharged himself. The incident hadn’t happened yet so he couldn’t go out.

Suddenly, there was the faint sound of soles rubbing against the floor. Xie Chi immediately opened his eyes in an alert manner. In the darkness, a tall black shadow crept slowly toward his bedside.

“Brother.” Xie Chi’s muscles were tight as he spoke inside his heart.

Xie Xinglan touched the Evil Spirit Blade under the quilt. He pretended to be asleep while waiting for the shadow to approach, preparing to kill it in one blow. A black shadow stretched out a strong arm and held Xie Chi’s quilt. It quietly lifted it and leaned over.

Xie Xinglan grabbed its wrist and his voice was colder than ever. “Get lost.”

He was about to stab at the black shadow without hesitation when the black shadow was scared by him and started sobbing. “Brother, I-I’m afraid of the thunder. I want to sleep with you.”

Big teardrops shone on Ren Ran’s face that was wrinkled up like a walnut.

Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan, “……”

Proofreader: Purichan

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Ren Ran is so cuteee

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