APP: Chapter 77

[Hahahaha Son Chi, you are bullying others!]

[Son Chi, why are you like this!]

[Good or bad, I really love it.]

[Fortunately, I have stopped being You Jing’s fan early or I would’ve done something embarrassing again.]

[Hahaha, demonstration. Stinky man, how can you do this?]

[You Jing: He wants to fight with me. I can’t lose. I want to mislead him. Xie Chi: Throw away the food.]

[Following him.]

Zhao Jinhua finally realized that her son was competing with Xie Chi and her face was blue and white. If it wasn’t for the outsiders, she would’ve slapped You Jing on the spot and scolded him for being a ‘fool’.

You Jing was embarrassed to the extreme. His whole body was hot, his face was flushed and he wanted to find a place to hide in. Seeing everyone secretly watching the good show, You Jing stood up and looked at the instigator furiously. “Xie Chi, you—”

Xie Chi glanced lazily at him, eyes confused and innocent. “What’s the matter?”

Then he lowered his head and glanced at the plate full of trash like he realized something. “Oh, you’re talking about this. I just grabbed a piece for myself and put it in the bowl to check the quality of the meat. What if I eat some strange meat?”

You Jing stared angrily, eager to poke a few bloody holes in Xie Chi’s body. He gritted his teeth as he exclaimed, “You kept looking at me. You did it on purpose!”

Xie Chi elegantly crossed his legs, raised his chin slightly and spoke in a surprised tone. “I can’t even look at you? You can also look at me.”

He put on a generous expression and made a ‘please’ gesture.

“You—” You Jing was stunned. His hands clenched into fists and he bared his teeth. It seemed that he could do anything at any time.

“Enough!” Zhao Jinhua yelled at him. If this continued then You Jing would just be more embarrassing. This type of thing was voluntary. The one who was stupid would be fooled by the one who was smart. She couldn’t blame Xie Chi for anything.

You Jing ate a loss and sat down sullenly, his face gloomy to the extreme.

The more Zhao Jinhua saw of her son, the less pleasing he became. He was usually well-educated and intelligent. However, he lost his senses when he met Xie Chi. He was like a beast with no vision and couldn’t distinguish the occasion. Now wasn’t the time to fight. It would be a big problem if the dishes were destroyed.

However, she did have to deal with Xie Chi quickly.

Xia Yao secretly felt relieved and she peered at Xie Chi with brightly shining eyes. The others lowered their heads but their eyes were gloating. Zhao Jinhua and You Jing arrogantly refused to treat them as humans. They were upset but they could only hold back. Now seeing these two losing to Xie Chi, they felt cool as they lowered their heads.

Ren Ze glanced secretly at Xie Chi. The more he looked, the more pleasing this person became to the eye. From top to bottom, he was pleasing to the eye. He was polite, wasn’t terrified when something happened and had the same bad humour as Ren Ze. There was a sense of having the same enemy. Ren Ze hesitated for a few seconds before hitting Xie Chi’s arm.

“Eh?” Xie Chi cocked his head to look at Ren Ze with a bit of doubt in his eyes.

Ren Ze avoided this gaze. He folded his arms and asked uncomfortably, “Do you think Lu Wen is too weak?”

“Eh?” Lu Wen was unjustly ridiculed and looked confused. He didn’t understand why this person suddenly stepped on him. However, he had a good temper and wouldn’t argue with Ren Ze. He was just a bit unhappy.

“No.” The confused Xie Chi responded honestly.

He had no requirements for others. Other people’s business had nothing to do with him. He wouldn’t evaluate the value of friends in his heart. If he didn’t like them then he would just break off their friendship. He wouldn’t dislike them and try to change them.  Since he was willing to get along with others, he wouldn’t consider this issue again.

Ren Ze scoffed, his face a bit red. “He really isn’t weak? Shouldn’t you think about it again?”

[I have experience with coaxing girlfriends. I understand this question! The clever Xie Chi: You are right. He is too weak.

[Ren Ze raises an eyebrow triumphantly and gives him an expression that says ‘you know this’: Then do you want me to join you?]

[Hahahahahahaha, Son Chi, why are you such a straight man? You will lose as soon as you are serious.]

Ren Ze continued to hint to Xie Chi. “Then what do you think about me?’

Xie Chi looked dazed. “Very good…?”

He didn’t understand why Ren Ze was speaking so much. Ren Ze was so choked up that he couldn’t speak. His face turned red and he turned around angrily to ignore this person.

[Baby! Oh my god, you praised me!!]

[Hahahahaha, Xie Chi dismantled the two ladders Ze Ze could go down without realizing it.]

Ren Ze sat on his seat like a stuffy mushroom. On reflection, he thought that Xie Chi was quite reliable. He didn’t belittle his friend just to gain an ally, even if that friend didn’t care. Ren Ze sent an apologetic look to Lu Wen and bumped Xie Chi’s arm again, “I just don’t want to be a lone wolf anymore. Make an alliance?”

Xie Chi stared at him with amazement.

“What are you looking at?” Ren Ze was a bit uncomfortable and spoke nonchalantly, “There is no need if you don’t want it.”

He clearly said he didn’t care but his eyes were full of ‘If you dare to refuse me, I will kill you’.

Xie Chi chuckled softly and felt a rare gratitude. It was Ren Ze who analyzed his bad situation and said he would die at any time. Now it was Ren Ze actively seeking to join him. Choosing him at this time was equivalent to standing opposite Zhao Jinhua and the others. If it was put to anyone, Xia Yao’s choice seemed to be the smart person’s choice when considering interests.

Xie Chi sighed and replied with a serious face, “I appreciate your kindness.”

For him, it wasn’t kind to pull people as his ally when he was in danger. Friends were used to add the icing on the cake, not to save him from danger. He was more inclined to help his friends than to be supported. He didn’t want to drag others down, even if they were willing.

There was a time to play and a time to be serious.

Ren Ze glared viciously when he was rejected. Then he turned around and completely ignored Xie Chi. A bit of brightness appeared in the darkness Lu Wen had felt.

[Ren Ze: This stinky man doesn’t know how to praise me. Hmph, I’m going to ignore you.]

[Hahaha, why do I think Ze Ze has the potential to lose money instead of being paid.]

[Why did Son Chi refuse? Ren Ze’s items are quite powerful but the variety show passed too quickly for him to use them.]

[Perhaps he doesn’t know how strong Ren Ze is? He is afraid of Ren Ze dragging him down?]

[Lu Wen: Wanting to compete for favour with me, who do you think you are?]

[Who remembers that they are eating?]


“Eat.” Xie Chi whispered to Lu Wen. “Choose what you like. The meat should be fine. I just checked and one or several dishes might be a variation of the problematic dishes. In short, just eat less.”

After all, eating a large amount might attract great grievances.

Xie Chi was too lazy to think about it now. Good and bad things were linked together. It wasn’t a bad thing to eat the problematic dishes. Surviving the danger meant he could get clues first. It was like this in all horror movies. It was the so-called riches and honour in danger.

He was the first to see the monkeys eating the human brain and he picked up a tooth. The grey named actor whose brain was eaten had no skill. He was different. He had his brother to protect him.

Thinking this way, Xie Chi became bolder as he started to select the dishes.

Lu Wen nodded and was about to grab some food. Xie Chi thought about it and added, “It is best not to eat the beggar’s chicken and goose in honey sauce. At the beginning, You Jing couldn’t react in time and the expressions he gave weren’t from making predictions.”

“I understand,” Lu Wen said.

“Did you hear?” Xie Chi seemed to talk to the air.

“You don’t have to say it. I know.” Ren Ze was still angry.

Xie Chi chuckled.

You Jing was angry. In order to deceive Xie Chi, he intentionally ate the dishes that might have problems. However, he found that Xie Chi didn’t pay any attention to him and ate in an elegant and calm manner.

[One person’s secret rivalry.]

[It isn’t without results. At least he misled others.]

[You Jing is also crazy. He isn’t afraid of danger in order to harm others.]


After dinner, the group went upstairs and back to their rooms, just as they had done the day before. Xie Chi passed by the room of the person who died last night and paid special attention to it. He found that the body was still inside and wasn’t cleaned up.

Xie Chi paused slightly and frowned. The fat chef’s spirit body cleaned the mansion every day. So why didn’t he dispose of the corpse? Did it mean the corpse wasn’t ‘trash’ to him or…

Something flashed in Xie Chi’s mind. Or was there a clue on the body that was left for the actors, so the fat chef couldn’t clean it up? He could only leave the body there?

There were people coming and going in the corridor. It definitely wasn’t a good time to investigate. Xie Chi casually walked back to his room with Lu Wen.

The app rang.

[The second night is about to begin. In half an hour, please return to your room and turn off the lights to sleep. You can move freely after the ‘incident’ occurs.]

Xie Chi returned to his room, locked the door and reached for the wall outside. He touched it and was relieved when he determined that the tooth was still there. Lu Wen came out after cleaning and happened to see Xie Chi walking outside. “Where are you going?”

Xie Chi leaned against the door and shrugged. “I’m going to ask Ren Ze if he can’t sleep alone.”

Lu Wen nodded. It was necessary to take care of others. It was Ren Ze’s business if he was willing or not. 10 minutes later, Ren Ze reluctantly came over holding his quilt. He met Lu Wen’s gaze and repeatedly said, “It is my sister who made me come.”

“Okay okay.” Xie Chi smiled. “Say hello to Sister Ren Ran for me.”


It was completely dark.

In the opposite room, Lu Ming finished taking a shower and took a pair of slippers from the bathroom shelf. However, he felt there was something on the sole of the slippers that hurt his feet. He didn’t care and took another two steps. Then the slippers rubbed against the floor and there was a sound like nails scratching a blackboard.

Lu Ming got goosebumps and hurriedly took off the slippers to check. At first glance, there seemed to be nothing on the sole of the slippers. Lu Ming carefully felt around for a long time before touching a small, hard object in the centre of the soft sole.

Lu Ming instinctively felt this might be an important clue. He quickly scanned the room. His roommate was changing clothes and didn’t notice him. Lu Ming casually walked back to the bathroom and locked the door. Then he pulled out the unknown object from the sole of the slippers to check.

It was like a… tooth? Why was a tooth here? The tooth was embedded so deeply that it was almost invisible from the outside. If he hadn’t put on the slippers, he wouldn’t have noticed there was anything there.

Lu Ming held it against the light and was prepared to carefully examine the tooth. Then the bathroom suddenly became dark and the scared Lu Ming jumped up high.

“Huang Hong, what are you fu*king doing?” Lu Ming cursed.

“Why are you scolding me? It is time to turn off the lights according to the app’s instructions. Is there a problem?!” Huang Hong had a bad temper.

“I’m still in the bathroom!” Lu Ming also scolded. Then he thought about it and was a bit panicked about being alone in this narrow space. He held the tooth in the palm of his hand and was about to unlock the door.

He fiddled with it twice before his face paled. The door wouldn’t open.

“Huang Hong, don’t play with me. I was wrong… let me out.” Lu Ming begged in a panic.

“Who is playing with you? I’m not that idle!” Huang Hong’s voice was far away and it wasn’t at the door at all.

“Then come over and open the door for me. The door is broken!” Lu Ming roared.

Suddenly, a chill went down his spine. Lu Ming’s body stiffened and his blood froze. The bathroom was foggy because someone had just showered. Lu Ming turned his head stiffly and saw a hideous and distorted face through the water vapor!

The face’s mouth was dry and looked like an old lady without any teeth. The face slowly opened its mouth, revealing a mouthful of dirty and mutilated bloody gums. Blood ran down from the missing teeth and hit the ground.

Lu Ming desperately pulled at the door and shouted for help, only to find… his voice had disappeared. The words spoken were automatically muted and the banging on the door wasn’t transmitted.

Lu Ming was almost desperate.

“Lu Ming?” Huang Hong’s slightly suspicious voice was heard from the room. “What are you doing in the bathroom for so long? Why are you suddenly not talking?”

Huang Hong’s footsteps approached.

“Um… what’s going on? I suddenly feel sleepy.”

There was a bang and Huang Hong fell to the ground asleep. Hope ignited only to be shattered.

After dozens of seconds of effort, Lu Ming’s feet were covered with the blood from the ghost’s mouth. The ghost reached out to him, hollow eyes twinkling in the dark. “Give me my tooth and I won’t kill you.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Uwa why is this story bearable at day time but terrifying at night time my body hair is about to become as straight a bamboo from standing up so frequently

2 years ago

I have a theory, the female ghost without teeth is the “evil” ghost that is trying to kill everyone, thus the husband had to pluck out all her teeth so that she doesn’t maybe? tear apart other people with her teeth? And u cannot allow her to get all the tooths or u will die? Possibly?👀👀

6 months ago
Reply to  Saltyduccs

Your comment made me remember the past of the ghost

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It might be a cannibalistic ghost 👻 who need sher teeth to be powerful.

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his tsundere attributes are gonna skyrocket HAHAHHA.

the ppl around XC are so darn cute. 😂 they’ve all got their image flipped except for yan jing. he’s the same old cutie HAHAHA.