APP: Chapter 76

Everyone’s faces suddenly changed.

“Garbage app.” One of the new and sharp budding talents had a bad temper and directly cursed.

Xie Chi was only surprised for a moment. Then his expression turned to normal. The app would always push the plot forward. Xia Yao sat down and instinctively looked at Xie Chi. Then she looked away with a guilty conscience and sat silently beside You Jing.

“Do we eat vegetarian food?” Lu Wen asked in a low voice as he sat beside Xie Chi.

Before Xie Chi could answer, Ren Ze muttered from the other side to enter the conversation. “Relying on chance? Look at who is unlucky?”

After all, there were nearly 20 dishes yesterday. It was estimated that there would be no less today. There were so many dishes and they had to eat three. The probability of these dishes having problems was greatly reduced.

Xie Chi lowered his head and played with his fingers. “It won’t be that simple.”

“What do you mean?” Ren Ze stared at him.

Xie Chi just smiled without saying anything. It wasn’t until the fat chef put down all the dishes that Ren Ze understood Xie Chi’s words.

There were only seven dishes in total and all of them were meat dishes. The servings were very large and they were all on oversized plates, like the chef was afraid they wouldn’t have enough to eat. The faces of the group became ugly in an instant.

Xie Chi took the opportunity to glance at You Jing again. He saw that this person’s chin was slightly raised. He watched the dishes, one eyebrow lightly raised and the corner of his mouth hooked up in a smile. There were no waves in his eyes.

Proud, clear, contemptuous and gloating. The emotions revealed by You Jing’s micro-expressions were like this. You Jing seemed to know some information that was related to the dishes.

Xie Chi glanced at Xia Yao who was blank, frightened and pale. So Xia Yao hadn’t deceived him or hid information from him. You Jing and Zhao Jinhua hadn’t told her.

[This is too ridiculous. There is a 3/7 chance of eating the problematic dish. Ah, that menu is too disgusting.]

[The above person is wrong. That is when there is only one dish. Who knows how many dishes there are today.]

[Wtf this is too hard.]

[Ah this is too unfair. You Jing got so much information from an item. He knows how to reasonably circumvent it. What about other people?]

[I’m distressed for my Son Chi. It is so difficult. I am overly concerned about my Son Chi.]

[Son Chi is able to use all of them. He didn’t even let go of You Jing’s girlfriend.]

The fat chef started to introduce the dishes. “Yesterday, you ate Japanese food so I made wild and primitive Chinese food today. Today’s dishes are mainly roasted and fried.”

The fat chef walked up to Xie Chi and pointed to a fragrant chicken in front of him. “You must’ve seen this in martial arts novels. It is called beggar’s chicken. I wrapped the chicken in lotus leaves and coated the lotus leaves with clay. Then I placed it in a fire and baked it.”

Everyone looked at the chicken. The chicken was a bright maroon colour and it was oily.

The fat chef used scissors to cut the thread tied around the chicken. The chicken belly opened instantly and delicious juices flowed out from the gap. It flowed to the bottom of the dish like a soup dumpling. The filling in the chicken’s belly was also exposed. It was yellow, black and red. It was rich in colour and fragrant, causing people’s fingers to move.

The fat chef laughed. “I stuffed it with ingredients like minced shrimp, meat and shitake mushrooms. They soaked in the chicken juice, expanded and blended together. The flavour is very good. You can try it.”

[I thought it was going to be disgusting but actually… I’m hungry.]

(15555551 For this year’s Ghost Festival, I want my mother to cook a beggar’s chicken for me.]

“Fu*k.” Ren Ze gulped and became angry. He didn’t eat last night and it had been nearly two days and one night. He was now so hungry that he was famished yet he was being tempted like this.

“Oh, yes.” The fat chef changed his angle and pointed to a small yellow ball hidden in the chicken breast. “This chicken is a hen and these are all chicken eggs. In other words, there are egg yolks. It is very nutritious.”

Xie Chi looked at the chicken eggs. The eggs were yellow and there was a net-like egg membrane wrapped around it. The net was basically transparent with a bit of blood on it. Chicken blood was red and it was ochre brown when cooked. The blood on the chicken egg at this time was ochre brown.

You Jing glanced at Zhao Jinhua secretly and asked if there was a problem with this dish. Zhao Jinhua carefully compared it in her mind and shook her finger under the table. This was a bit like a variant of the charcoal grilled suckling lamb, one of the six courses on the menu.

Charcoal grilled suckling lamb was served as a whole adult ewe on the table. However, it basically wasn’t the meat of the ewe but the delicious little lamb in the belly of the ewe.

The ingredients for charcoal roasted sucking lamb were comprehensive but it was actually an ewe that was about to give birth. Such ewes were killed, had their wool removed and were roasted on a charcoal fire. They didn’t need to be wrapped in lotus leaves and other materials to keep them warm as the ewe was the best material to keep it delicious. In the process of charcoal roasting, the taste of the ewe would be absorbed into the suckling lamb in the belly and the suckling lamb’s meat would become tender and smooth. The taste was very fresh.

No matter how she looked at it, the chicken was a bit the same. There was something in the stomach and it was baked.

The fat chef introduced the other six dishes which were charcoal grilled, shredded or fried in oil. They were fishy, greasy and fat. After the explanation, everyone looked at each other with different expressions.

“Now please start. It won’t taste good when it is cold. We have to finish eating and go to bed before 9 o’clock.” The fat chef looked at everyone expectantly.

No one moved their chopsticks first. They all stared at Zhao Jinhua and You Jing in unison, a bit of suspicion and vigilance in their eyes while they appeared expectant and friendly on the surface.

They had all heard Xia Yao’s previous scream and knew that something unusual had happened. However, now Xia Yao was fine. They must’ve overcome the difficulties and perhaps discovered something.

Regardless of this point, Zhao Jinhua also had many methods and must have more information. They just had to eat what she ate and they could definitely live.

[A group of scum wants to copy homework hahahaha.]

[Yes, just follow them to eat.]

You Jing realized this and his face was a bit ugly while his eyes hid his disgust.

[Top student You Jing doesn’t want to be copied because he is afraid the learning scum will catch up later.]

“What do we do?” Lu Wen came closer and asked in a whisper.

Xie Chi was thoughtful as he lowered his voice. “They might’ve obtained something from the fat chef’s corpse so they know how to avoid eating the wrong food.”

Their subtle movements all hinted at this.

Lu Wen was surprised and whispered, “Then should we eat the same food as them?”

Xie Chi smiled and shook his head. “No, this is a paradox. To put it bluntly, it is a game. For example, we are playing rock paper scissors. You know that I’m used to playing paper and I also know that you know I am used to playing paper. You think I will definitely play paper according to my habit so you decide to use scissors to beat me. However, if you think about it carefully, I know that you know I am used to playing paper. Then I might predict you will play scissors to win against me and I play rock instead, wanting to beat the scissors that you predicted. So what if you predict that I will want to play rock to beat your scissors so you play paper instead, wanting to beat my rock by predicting me twice…”

Lu Wen was a bit dizzy and his mind wandered around for a long time. “Um… this seems to be the case.”

“This is an infinite loop.”

“So?” Ren Ze’s heart was itchy as he listened to the side and he couldn’t help urging on the results.

Xie Chi smiled. He didn’t seem affected by the food with an unknown safety. He glanced at Zhao Jinhua’s duo and said in a low voice, “So we want to follow them and they know we want to follow them. Actors are in a competitive relationship and they don’t want us to eat the right food. They want to eat the right food by themselves. If we eat the wrong food then we will enter the same endless loop.”

Lu Wen said, “Ah, I seem to understand.”

Ren Ze was suspicious. “You mean, we think they are eating the right thing but in fact, they might mislead us into eating the wrong thing? It is because they aren’t afraid of eating the wrong thing. They are strong and can survive. It is us who are afraid of eating the wrong thing. However, they might also predict that we will know they are misleading us into eating the wrong thing so they will instead eat the right thing. Then due to prediction, we will eat the wrong thing.”

Xie Chi’s eyes were filled with a bit of praise. “Yes.”

Lu Wen looked like he had nothing left to live for. He couldn’t insert a single word.

[Lu Wen: What are these two people talking about? Why can’t I understand it? Who am I? Where am I?]

[Lu Wen: I feel excluded.]

After a while, the two of them finished chatting in low voices and Lu Wen interjected, “So what is the conclusion?”

Xie Chi replied, “Use your brain to think about the information the fat chef gave and don’t be led by others.”

Lu Wen touched his nose in an ashamed manner. “What if you can’t think about it?”

Xie Chi looked innocent. “Then eat what you want to eat. In any case, the probability of winning the lottery is the same as trying to copy other people’s homework.”

Lu Wen, “……”

[Hahaha?? I thought the learning scum Xie Chi would carefully copy homework but he instead decided to write nonsense?]

“You don’t believe it?” Xie Chi raised his eyebrow.

Lu Wen was weak and didn’t know what to say.

“If you don’t believe it then I’ll demonstrate to you.”

Xie Chi was smiling but Lu Wen saw it and always felt that it was full of malice and a bit of teasing.

“Demonstrate?” Ren Ze’s curiosity was hooked.

The table was still at a stalemate as no one moved their chopsticks. You Jing’s eyes had a different colour. His mind flashed and he made eye contact with Zhao Jinhua. Xie Chi put down his raised legs, moved his chair forward and picked up the chopsticks first. The two strange actors on the opposite side noticed this and immediately looked at him.

Xie Chi didn’t act like anyone else. He slowly cleaned his dish and the chopsticks. He deliberately made a small sound as his chopsticks tapped against the porcelain. This time everyone looked at him, including Zhao Jinhua and You Jing.

Xie Chi grabbed a piece of honey-glazed roast goose and placed it into his bowl. Then he looked up and deliberately met You Jing’s eyes.

You Jing was stunned. He saw the testing in Xie Chi’s eyes and knew this person wanted to determine if there was a problem with the dish based on his expression. You Jing was slightly proud and immediately made a secretive expression. Then he felt like his acting was too much and avoided Xie Chi’s gaze, staring down at his bowl.

You Jing slightly glanced at Xie Chi using the corner of his left eye. He saw Xie Chi hesitantly pick up the honey-glazed roasted goose in his bowl and stuff it into the garbage plate. You Jing thought, ‘As expected, he wants to eat based on me. He is thinking too beautifully!’

Xie Chi placed a piece of beggar’s chicken in his bowl and secretly glanced at You Jing.

You Jing’s heart jumped. He knew there might be a problem with the beggar’s chicken but he felt that Xie Chi might’ve noticed his previous exaggerated expression. Maybe he was suspicious and knew You Jing was lying to him.

You Jing remembered that Xie Chi was a smart person and it was hard to guarantee he wouldn’t notice. Therefore, You Jing once again made a cheery expression. This time it was even more exaggerated, as if he was afraid that Xie Chi wouldn’t know there was a problem with this dish.

You Jing thought that Xie Chi would eat it. Instead, Xie Chi strangely placed it onto the garbage plate. Why didn’t he eat? It stood to reason that he should eat it in reverse? Xie Chi was obviously so suspicious…

Xie Chi leaned forward again and grabbed a piece of fried chicken. You Jing tried to be expressionless but Xie Chi stuffed it onto the garbage plate. You Jing was completely confused and tried to make a misleading expression.

Xie Chi grabbed the next one.

Ren Ze and Lu Wen were sitting next to Xie Chi and saw that You Jing’s face resembled a traffic light. They were expressionless for a while and then it changed too fast and their expressions distorted.

Ren Ze was smiling in his heart and his expression was distorted. Lu Wen barely held on by pinching his thigh and his face was red. They now understood what Xie Chi’s ‘demonstration’ meant.

Undercurrents were surging between Xie Chi and You Jing. The game between You Jing and Xie Chi was like a battle as they reacted swiftly, hoping the other person would lose and eat the wrong food.

The people at the table saw this weird scene and were all stunned.

It wasn’t until Xie Chi picked up every dish and placed it onto the garbage plate that You Jing saw Ren Ze and Lu Wen’s strange expressions and realized that Xie Chi had played with him.

Proofreader: Purichan

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