APP: Chapter 75

[The fat chef is dead?]

[I thought it was the body of the female ghost!]

[Then the one who talked to Xie Chi just now…]

[No wonder why he ignored the corpse. He turned out to be a corpse.]

[Wtf, the fat chef said that he is new here yet he is dead. So did he lie to Xie Chi? Are his words true or false?]

The fat chef was like an egg. He was connected head to toe, wrapped in a ball and stuffed into the drum. The drum was filled with water and the fat chef’s swollen flesh rose, looking like white flowers. His head was in the middle of the drum, buried between his knees.

Xia Yao took a few steps back and barely stood still. Her face was pale and her chest was violently moving up and down. “The fat chef is dead. Then who is cooking for us? Who was walking outside just now?”

You Jing was also sweating but his girlfriend was here. He couldn’t flinch. You Jing endured his nausea and crouched by the corpse, leaning forward to examine it. However, the fat chef’s head suddenly twisted. Before You Jing could react, the fat chef opened his eyes!

You Jing fell to the ground and Xia Yao screamed.

You Jing had met the fat chef’s hollow eyes and his eyes became as red as fire. The intense sensation of burning needles piercing his eyes made him instantly collapse and howl. He was going blind!

In the western-style drum, the fat chef moved his limbs. There was the sound of his joints rubbing and twisting. Then the fat chef’s white flesh was squeezed out of the drum, bringing with it some water and a stench.


At the same time, on the other side, Xie Chi noticed that something was wrong with the fat chef. He gave up on his plan to search the house and followed the fat chef instead. The fat chef walked to a corner where the sun didn’t shine but suddenly… disappeared. There was clearly a wall here. Xie Chi only blinked but the fat chef disappeared into thin air.

Xie Chi looked around and reacted. “A spirit!”

The newborn mice and monkeys could disappear into thin air. They were spirits. The fat chef also disappeared into thin air. He was also a spirit! The fat chef wasn’t a living person at all! He suddenly disappeared…

Just then, there was a scream from Xia Yao in You Jing’s room.

Xie Chi sensed something must’ve happened. “Brother, go!”

Xie Xinglan immediately came out and ran down the corridor.


You Jing’s room.

“Xia Yao, save me!”

Xia Yao hesitated as she watched the fat chef slowly approach the injured You Jing. The fear of death made her cruel and she rushed out the door. She bumped into someone at the door.

Xia Yao was extremely frightened as she looked up to see who it was. Then her soul instantly returned. “Auntie!”

Zhao Jinhua rushed over after hearing the scream and her eyes were only full of her son. She rushed in, looked at the evil thing and chanted a few spells silently with her eyes closed. A black water vortex appeared on the ground of the room and black gas surged from the water vortex. There were mysterious lines wrapped around it and the temperature of the room dropped sharply. The water whirled and bubbled. A few seconds later, a dry skeleton hand stretched out from the water vortex and grabbed the fat chef’s ankle.

The great evil energy made Xia Yao’s knees soften and she was unable to stand up straight. The fat chef narrowly escaped from the blow of the skeleton hand and his empty eyes showed instinctive fear. His body suddenly slumped and shook a few times. Then he smashed into the ground with a bang, becoming a pile of lifeless meat.


Meanwhile, Xie Xinglan was rushing to You Jing’s room when he turned and found that the fat chef appeared on the first floor again. He was walking around like the walking dead.

Xie Xinglan frowned. Something had happened but it seemed to be over now.


[What is that on the ground? I’m a Jinhua fan and this is my first time seeing that item!]

[It’s terrible. It is a skeleton hand.]

[What was her previous one? Which bigshot has analyzed her items?]

The strange formation in the room had disappeared and You Jing survived. His amulet and items were completely used up in the last instance. Before this, he had used teleportation and the cooldown time hadn’t ended yet. Fortunately, Zhao Jinhua arrived in time or he would be dead or disabled.

You Jing’s eyes no longer hurt and he could clearly see Zhao Jinhua’s stern face. He instinctively shrank back.

Zhao Jinhua sneered. “Useless thing. Did I give you too much of a sense of security? You actually made such a low level mistake!”

“Auntie, it isn’t strange—”

Xia Yao wanted to speak up for You Jing when she was suddenly slapped. Her face was hot and painful. Xia Yao was stunned for a long time before rubbing her cheeks with trembling hands. She stared at Zhao Jinhua in disbelief. “You hit me?”

“It is you, bi*ch! Leaving You Jing and running? Do you think I would let you live if something happened to my son?!”

Zhao Jinhua’s sarcastic and angry words made Xia Yao’s face hurt. Her anger accumulated and tears welled but Xia Yao didn’t dare say anything. She didn’t dare offend Zhao Jinhua.

“Go!” You Jing was annoyed as well.

Xia Yao was previously a pampered daughter of the heavens and she had never suffered such an insult. Hatred surged in her heart as she rushed out. The fat chef’s body was still on the ground. Zhao Jinhua’s eyes swept over it briefly before falling on the western-style drum that had been pried open.

There wasn’t the cover of the fat chef’s huge body so the stuff in the drum came out. Zhao Jinhua intuitively felt this was a clue. She hurriedly went over, scrunching up her nose as she picked up the thin piece of paper wrapped in plastic from the smelly water.

You Jing’s eyes had recovered and he walked over to see it was a menu. You Jing’s heart jumped sharply when he saw the dishes on it.

“Eat raw monkey brains, three squeaks, charcoal grilled suckling lamb, donkey meat, hot iron plate turtle and baby soup.” There were only six dishes on the menu and there were disgusting pictures shown. Zhao Jinhua read the names of each dish and realized the meaning it wanted to express. Her face became happy and she glanced at You Jing in a benevolent manner. “You actually got a clue.”

You Jing thought about it for a while before his eyes lit up and his speech became extremely fast. “Iced tofu is a variant of the raw monkey brains. If you eat the iced tofu then you will be caught by the unknown creature at night… it is very likely that the monkey brains have been eaten and there are five dishes left. As long as we avoid eating their variants for dinner, won’t we avoid the risk? This also shows that there might not only be monkeys in this house. There are also mice, sheep, donkeys, turtles and babies. They are likely to try and kill people.”

Zhao Jinhua glanced at him approvingly.

You Jing was still a bit puzzled. “Why are there six dishes? Does it mean one dish a day? Or is it not fixed and there are two or three dishes a day. Perhaps there will even be no dish a day. Mom, shouldn’t the point of this movie be about the female ghost? Why is it about these foods…?”

Zhao Jinhua temporarily couldn’t understand it.

“Mom, should we reveal these dishes to them—”

“Of course not. Let Xie Chi and the others die.”

You Jing realized it and smiled triumphantly. Then he asked, “What is the situation with that chef? Why did he suddenly move…?”


At the same time, Lu Wen also asked this question.

Xia Yao had swollen eyes as she cried. She lowered her head and was choked up. She was unable to speak for a long time when a towel suddenly appeared in front of her. Xia Yao sobbed and ignored the towel that exuded a warm air as she stared at the clean and beautiful hands with distinct knuckles. She looked up slowly and met a pair of gentle eyes.

“Place this on your face.” Xie Chi said warmly.

Xia Yao stared for a long time before realizing how offensive it was to stare like this. She hurriedly retracted her gaze, took the towel and whispered, “Thank you.”

[This stinky man is taking advantage again to gain information.]

[I was wondering why he didn’t enter the room but instead took someone to the bathroom to wash her face. It is sinister.]

[Zhao Jinhua probably wouldn’t have let him in the room. It isn’t good to get into a conflict early on.]

[Furthermore, he wouldn’t have obtained anything if he went in. Now it is different.]

[The fake warm scumbag is taking drastic measures.]

Lu Wen continued to question Xia Yao. “That chef…”

Xie Chi glanced at him. “Don’t ask questions at this time. It isn’t bad to wait a while.”

“It’s fine.” Xia Yao’s head was dizzy right now. She was still angry and had lost most of her sanity. She compared the gentleness of the stranger Xie Chi with the indifference of her boyfriend You Jing and hatred overflowed in her heart. She spoke with a bit of desire for revenge. “I will tell you.”

Xie Chi was surprised and embarrassed. “No, you misunderstood. I didn’t want to—”

[You do!!!]

[It isn’t a misunderstanding!!!]

“I know you just have good intentions. I can distinguish good from bad. This is voluntary. I should repay you.” Xia Yao looked around and dragged the two of them to a corner. “We found the chef’s body. The one wandering outside should be the chef’s spirit body. The spirit body must’ve sensed the corpse being exposed to light and attached himself back to the body, causing the body to move. The fat chef originally wanted to kill You Jing but his mother arrived. The spirit body immediately ran away from the corpse.”

“It is like this.” Xie Chi nodded lightly.

“You have to be careful with You Jing’s mother. She is a psychic.”

Xie Chi made an ‘ah’ sound. Lu Wen was half a beat slower before also making an ‘ah’ sound.

[Han han, your acting is always so pure.] (Han Han = silly silly. Their nickname for Lu Wen)

Xia Yao told Xie Chi what You Jing’s mother had heard from the ghost. Xie Chi already knew about it but he still pretended to be surprised and grateful.

“His mother also seems to have an item. You Jing didn’t tell me about it so I don’t know the details. It should’ve just been obtained or was hidden…”

Xia Yao described the scene of the skeleton hand being summoned.

Xie Chi frowned slightly.

Xia Yao was frightened. “I’ll go back first. I know they might not seem good but I am able to live following them. I will stay far away from them in the next movie but if I am seen with you, I will be dead. You Jing hates you too much.”

She continued, “I will tell you the truth. If you are as good as You Jing’s mother then I would definitely join you instead of staying over there. But…”

Xia Yao looked embarrassed and didn’t continue. Her meaning was obvious. Xie Chi was too weak. He performed very well in the variety show but he was still too weak compared to Zhao Jinhua. She was just looking for death if she joined his team at this time.

Xie Chi understood. “I know.”

“Don’t say it, please.” Xia Yao was sober now and she regretted her impulse in saying so much to Xie Chi.

Xie Chi nodded slightly to thank Xia Yao and Xia Yao also nodded at him. She made sure that no one was outside and left while wiping her tears.


The free time passed quickly.

The app rang to remind everyone to go downstairs for dinner. The fat chef was still busy in the kitchen when Xie Chi came down. The kitchen door was closed tightly and he couldn’t see what was inside.

Xie Chi’s eyes swept over everyone’s expression and he came to a conclusion. At present, the only ones who knew that the chef was dead was You Jing’s group and Xie Chi’s duo. You Jing didn’t share the information with the others. The only strange thing was the look in You Jing’s eyes. Previously, it was a proud provocation and now it seemed to be… a secret celebration like he knew the future.

There was a strange feeling in Xie Chi’s heart. The fat chef came out with the dishes.

Xie Chi sat down and turned to watch the busy chef. Xie Chi now felt that the fat chef was like a mechanical dinner maker. He was like a slave, following the serving rules without any personal emotions.

Everyone was ready to not eat the dishes served when the app suddenly rang.

[Actors, please choose at least three dishes to eat.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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