APP: Chapter 72

There was a knock on the door. Xie Chi and Lu Wen immediately stopped talking. Xie Chi walked over and opened the door. The fat chef stood outside the door. “It is time. I see you haven’t come down yet so I have come to tell you it is time for dinner.”

Xie Chi glanced at his watch and found it was already 6:30.

“Then let’s go down.” Xie Chi glanced at Lu Wen, who packed up his things and followed.

As he walked downstairs, Xie Chi walked by the chef and seemed to casually ask, “Can I ask about the previous owner of this house?”

The chef looked at him and was confused. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. It is just that the decorations in the room are quite interesting and it made me a bit curious.” Xie Chi walked down the stairs with a wry smile. “To be honest, there is a monkey head vase in my room. I was scared when I saw it.”

The chef smiled and his eyes narrowed until it was an almost invisible seam. “You are so timid.”

“Who would have thought?” Xie Chi was embarrassed.

The chef explained, “In fact, I don’t know it very well. Didn’t you win a six day experience in a luxury house? I was hired to temporarily take care of your daily life. I will tell you quietly that this house has been unoccupied for a long time. The first time I came, there was a lot of dust and nothing to eat. I cleaned it myself for two days and one night. I was completely exhausted. Then I washed all the sheets and quilts. After all, you are going to live here…”

The chef complained and Xie Chi thought he probably wouldn’t be able to get anything from the chef. He was about to give up when the chef said, “Didn’t you just ask me about the previous owner? In fact, I heard a little bit before I came here but I only heard that it was a couple who lived here. They were young and rich.”

“I see.” Xie Chi asked with interest, “What happened later? Why don’t they live here anymore? Why abandon such a large house?”

The chef had a secretive expression as he whispered, “I heard the man had habits of torture and was quite violent. He was especially possessive and prevented the woman from going out. The woman was very miserable. After that…”


“They might’ve moved out. I don’t know.” The chef spread open his hands.

Xie Chi nodded. So the violent man killed the woman he married? He had only been here for more than an hour. He hadn’t even met the ghost yet he got so much information. Lu Wen was also surprised by the smooth progress.

“By the way—” The chef suddenly remembered something and turned to look at the two of them. “Did you find anything in the room?”

Xie Chi was surprised. He realized this person might be talking about the tooth and his heart suddenly tightened. He raised his eyes with a blank expression. “What’s the matter? What is it?”

Lu Wen was puzzled for a moment before also reacting. He asked with a worried expression, “Did you lose something? Is it important? After we eat, shall we go back and look for it?”

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry, I didn’t lose anything.” The fat chief smiled and hurriedly explained. “I was just afraid that I left behind something while cleaning up. It would be embarrassing if it causes you trouble.”

“I see.” Xie Chi and Lu Wen’s expressions cleared up. “It’s fine. The room is very clean.”

“That’s good.” The fat chef laughed.

The three of them arrived downstairs. The chef stopped chatting with them and went into the kitchen to serve the food. The fat chef disappeared from Xie Chi’s view and his face instantly became gloomy.

Lu Wen also realized something was wrong. “Xie Chi, he seems to be…”

Xie Chi sneered. “He cleaned the entire house. The subtext is that he looked everywhere. He asked us if we have found anything. The subtext is that he has searched all the places but still didn’t find what he wanted. He should know something. He might’ve lied and might be the one looking for the tooth. The tooth might have a special use for him. Of course, this is just a preliminary guess. We have too few clues.”

Lu Wen was stunned. “You are too…”

[I’ll say it for you. You are reacting too fast!]

[I’m a bit confused.]

[Just wait for the bigshot to clear the game.]

[Speaking of Zhao Jinhua’s psychic advantage… the bigshot is first this time.]

[It is good to be alive.]

[It is just embarrassing. She said she would kill him in the future. Hahahahaha.]

[So what if you can get information through talking to a ghost. Xie Chi always has a way to get information.]

[Ah, he is so powerful that there is a sense of security.]


Xie Chi walked to the dining table. At this time, the other people had already sat down. Xie Chi watched the fat chef bringing out the dishes and asked Lu Wen, “Are you hungry?”

“I’m fine?” Lu Wen didn’t know why he was being asked this.

“If you can skip dinner then don’t eat it.” Xie Chi was previously pitted by the story Severed Finger and had a psychological shadow against food in horror movies.

Lu Wen was slightly nervous. “Do you think the chef has a problem and will do something to the food?”

“Not necessarily.” Xie Chi frowned and felt the need to say it clearly. “You can completely ignore my words because I don’t have much of a basis for them. All my inferences now are based on illusory human words, not evidence, and there is no way to confirm it. You have to know that human words are the least credible and the human heart is the most unpredictable. If there are any clues contrary to what I know now then I will overthrow all my current opinions. I’m just choosing the safest method for safety reasons. I am sensitive to the point where everyone is nervous.”

Lu Wen didn’t understand. “Sensitive to the point where everyone is nervous? Xie Chi, you don’t have to demean yourself…”

Xie Chi shook his head. “I’m not demeaning myself. Do you know why I’m not going to have dinner?”

“Why?” Lu Wen couldn’t always keep up with Xie Chi’s way of thinking.

Xie Chi didn’t answer the question. “How many actors have come in?”

“13 people.”

“Do you remember how I explained to you the reason for the number 13?”

“I remember. You mentioned Jesus. You said that Judas who betrayed Jesus was the 13th disciple of Jesus. At that time, 13 people had dinner—”

Lu Wen suddenly realized and his expression was shocked. “The last supper? The last supper of 13 people? We are exactly 13 and it is dinner. You are afraid this is a hint. So you’re not going to have dinner because of this?”

“Yes.” Xie Chi shrugged and sighed. “That’s why I said that I’m sensitive to the point of making everyone nervous. I don’t know if this is just a hint or a coincidence. Perhaps I’m worrying too much.”

Lu Wen felt that Xie Chi was terrifying. He could always connect some unrelated things. Other people knew nothing while he had already looked at something from a new perspective.

“1552 Haunted House, it adds up to 13…” Lu Wen understood it and frowned. “I think there is something wrong. It is called 1552 Haunted House but the house number adds up to 13. 13 people happened to come here. How can there be such a coincidence?”

Xie Chi shook his head. “You’re wrong. Let’s not talk about how reality is full of incredible coincidences. After all, we are shooting a horror movie. No matter how realistic, it is still an entertainment product in essence, not reality. The movie isn’t equal to reality. The plot and details of the movie are all artistically processed. There might be some details that aren’t logical but will reveal information. You can even find hints that you can believe or don’t believe.”

“It is like the movie Horror Cruise. There happens to be a painting of a Greek god pushing stones back and forth. In fact, there is no logic in this itself but it implies that the protagonist and the group are in an endless cycle. Most horror movies emphasize a type of overall aesthetic feeling and the logic of thinking is full of mistakes.”

Lu Wen seemed to understand but he also didn’t understand. They were too conspicuous here. The group looked at them and Xie Chi realized it wasn’t the time to talk. He smiled and prepared to go to the table. At the end, he told Lu Wen, “Hide the tooth.”

Lu Wen nodded. They sat down and the five or six metres long table was filled with dishes. Xie Chi saw the dishes on the table and was taken aback. It turned out to be Japanese food.

“Why is it Japanese food?” One of the newcomers was dissatisfied.

“Yes, I don’t eat raw food.” You Jing’s girlfriend followed. You Jing’s girlfriend was called Xia Yao.

Xie Chi looked at the dishes in front of him.

Japanese food was eaten raw, cold or fried. The sashimi in front of him was simply seafood on ice, for example raw salmon and octopus. Most of it was raw. The seafood from the deep sea wasn’t fishy and could be eaten directly after getting rid of the poison and dipping it in mustard. Of course, not many people could accept it. After all, it was raw and they weren’t used to the taste.

Xie Chi used to eat it often. He stared at the Arctic shellfish in front of him. He didn’t know if it was an illusion but he always felt that this plump ingredient in the past now looked like a human tongue.

Arctic shellfish was very fat and chewy shellfish. It had a certain thickness and the colour of the front end was similar to that of the tongue. It was slightly lighter and orange, a bit like rotten tomato-coloured lipstick. The bottom was white but since several pieces of Arctic shellfish were stacked on top of each other, they looked a darker red and thicker. The more he saw it, the more it looked like a tongue.

Xie Chi frowned slightly.

The fat chef came over and You Jing looked up. “Can’t you make something else? Some of us don’t eat Japanese food.”

The group looked at him in a united manner.

The fat chef shook his head in an embarrassed manner. “You have been selected for the six days experience. The menu was given to me and I have to follow the menu. It has been decided that tonight is Japanese food and there is no way to change it. Perhaps tomorrow will have something you like to eat.”

The fat chef praised himself. “Just try it. It is really delicious. In any case, I am a top chef!”

You Jing asked Zhao Jinhua in a low voice, “Mom, will there be a problem with the food?”

You Jing had just come out of Severed Finger and he was wary of food in horror movies.

Zhao Jinhua was a bit impatient. “You can eat. This is a haunted house movie. I am the best at it and I’ve shot five movies. The routines are all the same. The ghost will harass the actors for a period of time. Then they will attack and finally possess people… it has nothing to do with food. We have to find out the truth and help the ghost be liberated. How many movies have you passed? Has Severed Finger made you suspicious? The accumulated experience is always correct. This is only the first day. An actor’s survival rate is extremely high. Don’t worry, we have so many methods. What can happen?”

Xie Chi heard her say this. He glanced at her and was silent. The thing he didn’t believe in most was experience. A fixed mindset could kill people. The short movie Hide and Seek was still fresh in his memories. Zhao Jinhua was an expert and it was normal for her to be bold. After all, she had many means. Such small troubles weren’t painful for her. After all, she considered this a low level movie.

The group was relieved to hear her say so and started moving their chopsticks. There was no way to accept Japanese food and the app didn’t force them to eat.

Ren Ze was by Xie Chi’s side and he seemed to want to try it. He reached out with his chopsticks to grab a piece. Xie Chi liked the little sister Ren Ran quite a bit and bumped Ren Ze’s waist under the table.

The piece of raw meat that Ren Ze picked up almost fell off. He turned his head to ask with his eyes what Xie Chi was doing.

Xie Chi glanced at the table and remembered each dish. Then he deliberately dropped a chopstick, lowered his head to pick it up and whispered, “If you really want to eat, it is better not to eat meat.”

Ren Ze was surprised. Xie Chi was reminding him. Xie Chi suddenly remembered the iced tofu dish. He made some strange associations and his expression subtly changed. The monkey head vase in the room, the burnt monkey head, the charcoal grilled monkey head, the middle was completely empty, there was no brain, the white brain looked like… iced tofu.

“You better not eat the tofu.”

Xie Chi finished speaking and picked up the chopsticks casually.

Ren Ze glared at this person. Japanese food basically wasn’t vegetarian. If he wasn’t allowed to eat meat then what else could he eat? He simply put down his chopsticks and stared at Xie Chi.

Several people shouted that it was delicious and were addicted to eating. A grey named actor took a mouthful of iced tofu which melted in his mouth. He chewed it twice but felt the taste was a bit strange. It was a bit fishy and felt thick.

Proofreader: Purichan

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damn it suddenly reminded me of past experience eating cow’s brain without me knowing… yes it’s delicious, soft and melt in the mouth. but after knowing what’s it made of, i can’t continue to eat that, no matter how delicious it is. same with cow tongue or tail >A< idk why i can eat meat or intestines but not others eventhough it comes from the same source. maybe i can’t pass the mental image of that organ as a food?
just writing this makes my stomach suddenly feeling unwell 🙁

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