APP: Chapter 71

[Did I hear it right? Climbing over? Eavesdropping?]

[Hahahahaha this is imitating the dog and stealing the chicken.] (To not do things in an open and above board manner)

[Son Chi does everything to the extremes.]

“Brother.” Xie Chi called out after he discussed it with Lu Wen and Lu Wen went next door to find Ren Ze.

“You only think about me after the discussion?”

Xie Chi just laughed. He didn’t feel that unkind for acting first and reporting later.

Xie Xinglan joked around but he turned and went directly out the window. his hands gripped the edge of the window sill and his body hung in the air. He moved a bit towards Ren Ze’s room. On the edge of the window, Xie Xinglan didn’t move as he visually measured the distance from this side to that side. Then he frowned. “It is a bit far away.”

“You can’t do it? Then let’s go back.” Xie Chi didn’t have to eavesdrop and he didn’t want Xie Xinglan to have an accident. It wasn’t worth the loss.

Xie Xinglan didn’t speak. He thought for a few seconds before freeing one hand and taking the phone from his pants pocket. One hand was supporting his whole body and the blue veins on his arm bulged. He seemed shaky but his expression was casual.

Xie Xinglan touched the phone, flicked the screen and took out the Evil Spirit Blade from the app’s backpack.

He put away the phone and gently swung his body, inserting the Evil Spirit Blade deeply into the wall. He stepped on the Evil Spirit Blade, made a jump and accurately grasped the edge of Ren Ze’s window sill. Then he leaned over and pulled out the Evil Spirit Blade embedded in the wall.

Lu Wen was facing the window. He saw Xie Chi by the window and was shocked. Ren Ze felt a dark shadow passing by the window behind him and was about to look back.

“Don’t—” Lu Wen couldn’t stop him in time and stared nervously.

The suspicious Ren Ze looked back but saw nothing. Lu Wen sighed with relief and pretended as if nothing had happened. “What’s the matter?”

Ren Ze frowned. “I think something passed by the window just now.”

“Eh?” Lu Wen was dazed. “Why didn’t I see it? Perhaps it is a bat or a bird. I’ll take a look.”

He was close to the window. He stepped past Ren Ze, opened the window, poked his head out and looked at ‘Xie Chi’ hidden under the window sill. Xie Chi’s feet were hanging in the air and Lu Wen’s heart beat faster out of fear that ‘Xie Chi’ would fall.

“Is there anything?” Ren Ze saw that he was frozen and was about to come over suspiciously.

Xie Xinglan looked up and gave Lu Wen a look.

Lu Wen was quick-witted. “I don’t see anything outside? Did it fly in the curtains?”

He raised the curtains to look.

“What are you doing?” Ren Ze felt there was something and pulled open the curtains to look down. However, he didn’t see anything. Ren Ze was confused while Lu Wen looked like he didn’t know anything. Ren Ze thought this person was suspicious but didn’t think much.

[Above Ze Ze, above the window!]

[A clever man who can only be seen when looking at the eaves of the window.]

[He climbed up in an instant.]

[This man is a rock climbing champion, right?]

[Spider-man of the new century. He flew over walls towards eaves for hard-core eavesdropping.]

Xie Xinglan crouched on top of the window and sighed. “His acting skills are really bad.”

Xie Chi replied, “Agreed.”

Xie Xinglan waited before following the same process to finally reach the top of You Jing’s window sill.

[Is this dagger his item? Very handsome! It is especially suitable for him.]

[I finally saw Xie Chi’s item.]

There was a deliberately lowered voice in the room. Xie Chi’s body had been transformed by the heavens and his hearing was so strong that he could barely hear their words.

“How is it?” You Jing’s voice was a bit urgent.

“There is a woman… a woman is crying.” Zhao Jinhua’s voice was a bit weak and incoherent. “A lady is crying and has fallen to the ground. She is begging for mercy. Panic, yes, panic is in her eyes!”

“Panic?” You Jing was shocked and asked quickly, “What did she see? What did she see that panicked her?”

Zhao Jinhua seemed a bit confused. “Move back, move back, a black shadow, there is black shadow in front of me… ah!”

“Mom, are you okay?” You Jing was concerned.

“I’m fine.” Zhao Jinhua seemed to have recovered from her psychic state. She rested for a bit before speaking again. “That woman should be the ghost in the haunted house and the shadow is probably the one who killed her when she was alive.”

“Auntie, did you see what that person looked like?” The one asking the question should be You Jing’s girlfriend.

Zhao Jinhua was silent for a whole minute as she tried to remember. Then she suddenly raised her voice. “It’s a man!”

“Mom, how do you know?” You Jing wondered.

“I didn’t see the shadow but the black figure was wearing leather shoes. They are a man’s leather shoes.”

You Jing speculated, “So there is a man who wanted to kill the woman. The woman was very scared and desperately begged for mercy. She watched him approaching bit by bit and moved backwards feebly? This is what you saw?”

“That’s right.” Zhao Jinhua added, “The woman is quite beautiful and very young. I sensed her so she is a ghost. She must be the ghost of the haunted house.”

“Auntie, it is great to follow you.” You Jing’s girlfriend flattered her.

Zhao Jinhua smiled with a bit of pride and raised her voice slightly, “At present, I only know this. Once the clues gradually increase, there will be a basis for channeling the ghost and more information will be obtained. I will even be able to talk directly to the ghost to figure out the truth. Perhaps the main ghost line is to help out the female ghost. Of course, I can’t rule out that the male shadow is the ghost who still wants to persecute the female ghost after death. We might need to help the female ghost overcome the male ghost.”

“This ability is great.”

“Don’t feel envious. It hasn’t been long since you have come in. You will have everything after you stay for a long time. I just came here to help,” Zhao Jinhua said.

The three people exchanged a few more words before Zhao Jinhua told them, “I’m not feeling well and want to rest. You go around and collect clues. I will come out later when it is time for dinner.”

You Jing responded positively.

Xie Chi thought it was good that he came early. He secretly remembered what the three people said. Then he told Xie Xinglan, “Brother, let’s go back.”

It wasn’t too late for him to think about the contents of the conversation.


They were about to go back when they heard a quiet conversation in the room.

“Mom, what are you going to do about Xie Chi?” You Jing’s tone was a bit cautious.

Xie Xinglan paused his movements.

Zhao Jinhua heard this name and spoke coldly. “Let’s explore the plot first and reveal the truth. Put the rest aside for the time being.”

“Mom…” You Jing seemed a bit upset.

Zhao Jinhua sneered. “He knows I am here and definitely won’t dare shake in front of me. I will let him live for two more days. Once the potential crisis is resolved, it won’t be too late for us to deal with him. He had potential but he is just a newcomer who has been through a few movies. He doesn’t even have any items. He knew I was coming yet he dared to run to this movie. He is so courageous. Don’t blame me if he dies.”

You Jing laughed. He should be feeling very proud.

[Cough cough cough, ‘doesn’t dare shake in front of me’…]

[Embarrassing hahahaha. Does she know that there is only one wall between her and the other person?]

[The most embarrassing scene of the year.]

[Hahahahhahaha, he danced in front of her nose but she doesn’t even know.]

You Jing questioned, “Didn’t the movie emperor give him an item?”

Zhao Jinhua replied, “Shen Yi gave him an item but it depends if he can conquer it or not. In addition, who cares if he conquers it? It is just a pros outweigh the cons item. How powerful can it be? At present, he only has the luck buff.”

“What about the last zombie movie? He seems to have obtained an item but the final selection process was hidden…”

“It is a pros outweigh the cons and the strength of the item is limited. At most, it will be an exclusive item for zombie movies. He might not be able to bring them in at all.” Zhao Jinhua’s tone was very impatient. “Useless thing, why so worried about him? Are you afraid of him?”

You Jing immediately denied it. “No!”


Xie Chi’s face was gloomy. Zhao Jinhua knew all about his situation. Indeed, for Zhao Jinhua, the points she spent to watch his movies were just a fraction of her points. For him, watching movies made by other people was extremely expensive. To put it bluntly, he was poor and being poor caused an information imbalance. He simply didn’t have enough points to understand other people’s information.

“Shall we go back?” Xie Xinglan asked.

Xie Chi responded positively before asking, “Brother, what way will Zhao Jinhua use to achieve her goal if she wants to harm me?”

Xie Xinglan frowned. “I remember the app saying that actors can’t kill other actors?”

“Yes.” Xie Chi pondered on it for a few seconds. “In fact, she can talk to ghosts. It is a bit like a psychic, a psychic…”

Xie Xinglan’s heart sank. “Xiao Chi, is it possible that she can reach a consensus with the ghost so that the ghost kills us?”

Xie Chi had also thought of this and had some concerns. “I’m not sure but we have to be prepared. She does have a few trump cards.”

Xie Chi decided to consider it from several aspects. One was the protection where actors couldn’t kill other actors and the second was the measure of the actor’s specialization direction.

To a certain extent, they could only use special means if they wanted to kill someone else. Once they turned a corner, there was a lot of room for mediation. The second was specialization. You Jing and Zhao Jinhua both specialized in ghost movies. Actors who specialized in ghost movies had obvious characteristics. Their own strength was average and they had more items. To put it bluntly, those who specialized in action horror movies were fighters and most of them had things that directly increased their strength. For example, Lu Wen’s sword, Yan Jing’s zombie blood and Zhou Tong’s blood burning buff. Those who specialized in ghost movies were probably magicians. They had more abilities and items. Abilities and items were equivalent to wands. Zhao Jinhua being able to channel the ghost was an ability but there was no actual lethality. She needed to use the ghost to attack him. She might be strong but it wasn’t a simple and crude method.

Of course, Zhao Jinhua could reach this point and it showed her strength value would never be weak. However, a strong opponent wasn’t a reason for him to retreat. He couldn’t retreat.


Two minutes later, Lu Wen in the room smoothly received ‘Xie Chi’ who came in through the window.

“How was it?” Lu Wen closed the window and the curtains before asking in a low voice. Lu Wen had seen Xie Chi’s previous demonstration and had been a bit nervous. He was especially afraid that the trio would figure out that Xie Chi was eavesdropping on them.

Xie Chi briefly explained what he heard to Lu Wen. Lu Wen was thoughtful. “I think our current findings are similar to what she saw?”

Xie Chi sat down and poured himself a glass of water. “Yes, I think so as well. We found a bloody tooth.”

Lu Wen added, “Yes, you also said that the owner of the teeth should be a young woman who pays attention to dental care. I feel it belongs to the woman that Zhao Jinhua should’ve seen!”

Xie Chi was silent and seemed to be thinking about something.

Lu Wen suggested, “It could be this. The man abused the woman before she was alive, took her teeth and hid her here.”

Xie Chi thought for a while. “Do you think that Zhao Jinhua’s two guesses about the main plotline are correct? One is for us to help the female ghost who has been abused to death become free? The other is to help the female ghost overcome the male guest?”

“I think it is 80-90% similar.”

Xie Chi frowned. “I have a question, a very obvious question.”

“What is it?” Lu Wen looked at him.

Xie Chi’s index finger tapped the table top. “Why hide the tooth and who hid it?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Sigh this mother and son can’t just leave it alone. They are just here to gather points and fulfill their wishes, why add weird and unprovoked vendettas.
Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

You Jing’s mom sounded like a scam psychic lol

1 year ago

I guess unfortunately You Jing and His mom would have to say tata bye bye forever if they are hell bent on harming Xie Chi

1 month ago

I keep getting the feeling the author is trying to say there’s something wrong with the chef, so the tooth might be a clue someone left behind. Like the previous tenants/visitors. What are teeth used for? To eat. Thus reinforcing my belief there’s something wrong with the chef.

The author is fat-misic (against fat people), as their description of fat people is always negative. I really don’t like this.