APP: Chapter 70

“What are you fu*king laughing at?” Ren Ze gritted his teeth. “You know, it is my sister who likes you, not me. She is her and I’m me. I’m not finished with you.”

His ears were suspiciously red but he had a harsh voice and gloomy eyes.

Xie Chi stopped smiling. He had a dual personality himself and knew that the will of the secondary personality wasn’t equal to the will of the master.

“Don’t be angry.” Xie Chi rarely met someone of the same kind and it was inevitable for him to say a few more words. He stroked his own arm with a bit of interest. “Look.”

“What am I looking at?” Ren Ze cocked his head and looked over coldly. Xie Chi’s pale arm was eye-catching. It was also thin and slender.

“I don’t have any hair. Isn’t this the same as you? It is really good and isn’t ugly. It is just body hair and doesn’t equal the dignity of a man.”

Ren Ze felt choked up, angry and amused. His face softened slightly and he snorted coldly.

After a moment, Xie Chi asked in a low voice, “Right, let me take the liberty to ask. Are you her brother or her boyfriend?” After all, he also called Xie Xinglan his brother but it meant boyfriend.

“Are you a fu*king beast?” Ren Ze was suddenly furious.

Xie Chi was stunned. How was he a beast?

Ren Ran might seem very young but perhaps she was acting cute. The age of a girl couldn’t be defined. Ren Ran had asked him for a signature and Ren Ze was so angry. It might be a pure sister control or the jealousy of a boyfriend.

“You really dare to think such a thing? Who would develop that type of relationship with their other personality?”

Xie Chi coughed abruptly. “…That’s true. You are right.”

“Ren Ran is just a teenager.”

“Sorry, I guessed wrong. Then are you here to get her a body so she can be separated from you?” Xie Chi paused and added humbly, “I’m just curious. You don’t need to answer.”

Ren Ze narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at the gentle Xie Chi. He always felt that this man was a bit ill-intentioned when asking things. He seemed to know something and was particularly interested in Ren Ze. However, his guess was indeed correct. Ren Ze looked a bit ugly. His wish was unique yet it was discovered so easily.

“I won’t tell you.” Ren Ze sneered.

Xie Chi laughed. So the answer was ‘yes’. In other words, it was the same as his own wish.


The five people in the car had a brief exchange. It was evening when they reached their destination. The car stopped in front of a mansion that was exactly like the one drawn on the poster. Everyone’s phones rang the moment they got out of the car. Xie Chi took out his mobile phone to check.

[A few notes about 1552 Haunted House:

1. The maximum length of the movie is six days and the exploration can end it in advance.

2. This movie is a purple card and the quality is pros outweigh the cons. After the shooting is over, the actor ranked first on the comprehensive ranking will be rewarded with 600 points (500 x 1.2) and the other actors will receive a gradual reduction.

3. All rewards for this film will increase by 1.2 times.

4. During the filming, there are hidden clues about the plot exploration. Actors are asked to think carefully about the correct direction of exploration so as to not go astray.

5. The character of the movie isn’t important. The actors just have to conform to the basic logic of the character or points will be deducted depending on the severity to the plot.]

“Basic character logic?” Lu Wen was a bit puzzled.

Xie Chi pushed up his glasses. “The basic logic is probably the logic that excludes personality factors. It is a simple logic of causality. For example, you are hungry so you eat. This has nothing to do with personality. Anybody will do these things. Our basic logic is correct and we can’t destroy it. If we don’t mess with the basic logic, then there will be no problems.”

Lu Wen nodded because Xie Chi had made it clear. To put it bluntly, the app was guaranteeing the maximum freedom of movement under the premise of the smooth progress of the plot. It was trying not to restrict them as much as possible.

Xie Chi counted it. Including him, there were a total of 13 people in this movie. There were seven New and Sharp Budding Talents and Zhao Jinhua. The remaining five should be gray-named cannon fodder or added actors.

[You Jing’s mother really entered.]

[This isn’t very suspenseful.]

[The above person is wrong. The title is based on the total points in your history. Having a lot of points doesn’t mean you are powerful. You can always rise up as long as you stay here for a long time and don’t die. It doesn’t mean this person has a strong overall strength. It only shows that she has more experience and items.]

[The mother of Son Chi is here again!!]

[I don’t understand why Xie Chi is here. It is better to be safe than sorry. Isn’t he afraid of being killed in the darkness?]

[I’m curious about Xie Chi’s items. I haven’t seen them yet.]

Xie Chi’s phone rang.

[The shooting has officially started and the plot progress has been updated. Actors are invited to enter the mansion. Please don’t leave the mansion area.]

Xie Chi placed his phone back into his shirt pocket.

Out of the 13 people, apart from Xie Chi, Lu Wen and Ren Ze, the rest inevitably settled by You Jing and his mother. Ren Ze was probably a lone wolf and he walked inside alone. The surrounded You Jing glanced at Xie Chi. Seeing that he didn’t respond, You Jing went in first, leaving Xie Chi to look at his back.

The person who greeted them in the house was a fat chef. The fat on his stomach seemed to be layered and his fat head and ears made him look like a pig. His skin seemed to be stretched by fat. It was very thin and white, like it had been soaked in water for a long time.

The fat chef said, “Congratulations on winning the six day experience at this luxury house. I will be responsible for your food and accommodation for these six days. You can rest assured.”

Xie Chi looked around the house while the fat chef gave trivial information.

The house had three floors and was very old. The wall paint was reddish-brown and gave people a depressing feeling. There was a soft and thick grey-red carpet under their feet. The furnishings in the house were also very old.

Xie Chi’s nose was sensitive and he always felt that the house smelled strange. On the side, Lu Wen stomped his feet. “The house seems to be wooden.”

Xie Chi nodded. Most haunted houses in haunted house movies were wooden. It was easy to understand the reason. The sound of people walking on a tiled floor was dull and very small. If it was wood then the movement would be loud, making it convenient for ghosts. They intentionally made their movements scary. This was the general routine for haunted house movies.

The fat chef finished his explanation and said, “I will take you to your rooms so you can put down your luggage first.”

The fat chef was a bit embarrassed. “I didn’t expect so many people to come. We have seven rooms in total so I’ll have to trouble you to live together in twos.”

Lu Wen looked at Xie Chi. “Let’s stay in one room.”

Xie Chi had no objections. There were 13 people and seven rooms. One person needed to live alone in a room and no one wanted to be alone. They soon formed groups of two or simply squeezed into a room with three or four people. Ren Ze was left alone but he didn’t seem to care.

The fat chef glanced at his watch. “If there isn’t a problem, let’s have dinner at 6:30 after you settle down. I will make it in time and it will be absolutely hearty. You will be satisfied.”

Xie Chi stared at the fat chef’s face and felt there was something weird in the kind smile.

“What’s going on?” Lu Wen asked.

“Nothing.” Xie Chi frowned without saying much.

The fat chef distributed the keys and headed to the kitchen. Xie Chi took the key to their room while Lu Wen grabbed the luggage.

The guest rooms were located on the third floor. There were seven rooms distributed to the left and right of the corridor. Xie Chi’s room was in the innermost area on the left. In the innermost area of the corridor, there were a few vases taller than people. Xie Xinglan headed there first and hid behind a vase.  He hid his figure and watched as You Jing and Zhao Jinhua entered the outermost room on the left while Ren Ze entered the middle room on the left.

Xie Chi noted down the rooms where everyone was staying. He waited for everyone to go in and close their doors before coming out from behind a vase. Then he took the key and opened his door casually.

[Wtf, Xie Chi’s defense is so heavy.]


At this time, Lu Wen also brought up their things.

Xie Chi opened the door and saw two beds side by side in the room. They were quite clean. After dividing the beds, Lu Wen suddenly called out from where he was standing by the window sill. “Xie Chi, come and see!”

Xie Chi casually closed the door and walked over. There was a black decoration on the short and wide wardrobe. From the back, it looked like a burnt coconut shell. It was dark with hair on it. The top of the coconut shell was sawed off while the inside was hollow, like a small round-bottomed glass for drinking. The coconut shell was also wrapped with circles of transparent tape and was filled with water. The water exuded a light fragrance that should be a perfume. There was a bunch of vivid roses placed in it.

It seemed that this coconut shell was acting as a vase. Xie Chi turned the ‘coconut shell’ around and his eyes narrowed. Lu Wen took a step back in fright.

This was… a black monkey head. The vase was actually made of a monkey head. The monkey head’s eyes, nose and mouth were taped up to prevent any water from leaking. The raised mouth and brow bones were gloomy and the dark eyeballs exuded a bright and frightening light as they faced Xie Chi.

“What is the situation?” Lu Wen frowned. “Using this type of thing to make a vase…”

Xie Chi didn’t speak. He just pulled out disposable gloves from his belongings and with Lu Wen’s help, he removed the tape wrapped around the monkey’s head. Water flowed out. Then Xie Chi scraped a bit of burnt ash from the monkey’s head. He looked at the black charcoal on his gloves and said, “This monkey head seems to have been roasted by fire.”

“The skull was opened and it was roasted?” Lu Wen couldn’t understand the purpose of the monkey head.

Xie Chi also temporarily couldn’t figure out the situation.

He continued to examine it. He opened the mouth of the monkey head and his hand suddenly stopped.

“What’s going on?” Lu Wen realized something was wrong and looked over.

In the mouth of the monkey head, there was a white, bloody tooth lying in the centre of the soft tongue. Xie Chi pulled out the bloody tooth, placed the tooth in his palm and examined it several times. His brow furrowed. “This might be…  a human tooth.”

Lu Wen made an ‘ah’ sound and repeatedly counted the teeth in the monkey head. Then he looked up at Xie Chi with a solemn expression. “Monkeys have a lot of gums on the teeth. This is really a human tooth… it still has blood on it. Where did the blood come from? Was it pulled out?”

Xie Chi took out another disposable glove, tucked the tooth into the glove, sealed it and rolled it up.

“It might be a woman’s tooth. Of course, it can’t be ruled out that it is a man’s but this tooth is very beautiful and exquisite. The owner should have a deep knowledge of dental beauty and paid special attention to the maintenance of their teeth. The tooth is large and the degree of wear is very small. Still, the possibility of it being a denture can’t be ruled out. At present, we don’t have enough information and can only guess.”

Lu Wen wondered, “Why is it in the monkey’s mouth?”

Xie Chi was thoughtful. “Maybe it is to hide it.”

“Hide it?” Lu Wen was puzzled. “The opposite of hiding it is to find it. If someone wants to hide it, does someone else want to find it? It was hidden to prevent being found?”

“I don’t know. I am just guessing.” Xie Chi replied. He paused and felt a bit distressed. “Where should I put the tooth? Should it be changed to a more hidden place?”

After all, they were in competition with the other actors and this was a clue. It was best to hide it. If left in the room, it was hard to guarantee that no one would sneak inside.

Lu Wen pondered for a few seconds before looking a bit strange. “I have a good place to hide it.”

Xie Chi looked at him.

“I have scales… if it is hidden under the scales, it won’t fall out.”

Xie Chi coughed. “…Okay.”

He handed it over and Lu Wen hid it. Xie Chi was just about to look around again while waiting for dinner. Then his phone rang.

[Your agent has sent you a message.]

Xie Chi said, “It is Yan Jing.”

Xie Chi opened it and Lu Wen came over to see as well.

Yan Jing: Brother!!! I know Zhao Jinhua’s special ability!!!

It was always allowed for the agent and actor to communicate briefly in the movie. This was the first time Xie Chi had used this feature.

Yan Jing’s tone was very excited. Actors had to pay points to watch movies filmed by other actors. This was equivalent to using points to buy information about their opponents. They were very poor now and Yan Jing could only go and find information from other agents. Of course, these agents might not be willing to say it.

Xie Chi: Did you buy it?

Yan Jing: Yes, I went to a rough quality zombie movie and earned some points. It is just enough to watch a pros outweigh the cons movie… ah, I won’t talk nonsense. In Zhao Jinhua’s ghost movie, her ability is ‘communicate with spirits’. She used it several times so it doesn’t seem like a limited skill. It should be a permanent special ability and it feels like it was given by a particularly powerful item. Both she and You Jing specialize in ghost movies.

Xie Chi was interested and replied: How does she use it?

Yan Jing: Presumably, if there is a spirit in the location then she might be able to sense it…? Then she uses this method to get some information? Could it be direct communication with the ghost? I don’t know the specific format. The movie revealed relatively little.

Xie Chi immediately turned his head and asked Lu Wen, “Will there necessarily be a ghost in the haunted house movie?”

He just wanted to confirm the other party’s thinking logic and possible actions.

“It is a normal routine.” Lu Wen knew that Xie Chi’s brain was turning fast. He didn’t try to guess what this person was thinking and just replied to the question.

“Then if you can communicate with spirits, would you immediately use this ability when you come in and no one is present?”

Lu Wen thought about it. “I would definitely do so.”

Xie Chi stood up abruptly and looked around. His eyes finally fell on the closed window and the skylight above him. He was idle so he might as well give it a try. Perhaps he could get some information.

Xie Chi thought so as he opened the window and looked down.

The drainage pipe for this room was upright and could be used as a handle. the distance between the drainage pipe and the window sill next door wasn’t reachable using the length of his arms but his legs should be enough. This was only the third floor. If he fell then his brother definitely wouldn’t die.

He had noticed that You Jing, Zhao Jinhua and You Jing’s girlfriend shared a room. It was the outermost room on the left hand side and happened to be separated from them by one room. Next door to them happened to be Ren Ze.

Xie Chi ordered, “Go next door and get close to Ren Ze. See if you can hear Zhao Jinhua’s side. If you can’t do this, divert Ren Ze’s attention and remember to block the window.”

Lu Wen looked dazed. He wasn’t good at this type of thing but he could only summon up his courage and respond, “What about you?”

Xie Chi quickly replied, “I will use Plan B and see if I can climb over to their window sill to peek. Or I will climb directly along the drainage pipe to the top of their third floor and look from the skylight…”

Lu Wen, “……”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

this and hospital arc is also really interesting!!

2 years ago

Xie Chi is jumping out of windows again XD
I feel like You Jing’s girlfriend might be a hidden powerhouse. Too suspicious.