APP: Chapter 68

Xie Xinglan’s body finally returned to the phone. Xie Chi gasped slightly, his legs stiff as if he was on the verge of fainting.

He once locked all his instinctive desires in a cage, like a pious nun who dedicated her love to God, only to discover that the god of abstinence was transformed into a devil who had fallen into the sea of desire.

He used to think that their first kiss would be as youthful and beautiful as a couple walking side by side on campus. It was indeed beautiful but it was never youthful. It was erotic, wet and hot while filled with a type of understanding. There was also a tingling sensation that could ignite the fire in the heart in an instant. The person who burned was stunned and willing to fall.

Xie Chi was 21 years old. He might’ve never experienced anything but he understood everything. If there was half an hour then his brother would definitely continue.

Xie Chi was frightened by the out of control Xie Xinglan and also frightened by himself. The previous person wasn’t like his normal self. Fortunately, it was only three minutes.

His shirt was messed up and the two top buttons had fallen off. Xie Chi hadn’t expected that he could be so embarrassed in a place that wasn’t an instance. He smiled bitterly, turned on the faucet and washed his face to cool down.

Then he said a few words to Xie Xinglan in an expressionless manner. After cleaning up, Xie Chi sat on the sofa and opened the app backpack. In addition to the eight trigrams that he previously obtained, there was Xie Xinglan’s simulation body.

Xie Chi clicked on it and a note popped up.

[This item is your wish.]

An inquiry jumped out.

[Do you want to use 200 points to turn on the ‘Temporary Use of Body’ function?]

[The Temporary Use of Body function description: After consuming 200 points to open the function, you will be able to spend points to temporarily let Xie Xinglan out. The ratio of points consumption to time (unit: minute) is 1 to 100. In other words, 100 points are required for him to come out for one minute.]

Seeing this, Xie Chi’s first reaction was to wonder how many points he and his brother needed to continue from just now. Then after Xie Chi reacted, his ears became red and he poured cold water into his mouth to cover it up.

No, his current points weren’t enough.

Xie Chi forced himself to think properly.

100 points per minute seemed very expensive. He also needed to spend 200 points to open the function. However, in some cases, Xie Xinglan might have unexpected results when coming out. Of course, Xie Chi also hesitated. The main reason for hesitation was because he wasn’t sure if Xie Xinglan separated from him was better at cooperating with him or if they fought better in the same body.

However, the meaning of this app function was obvious. It was to increase his point consumption and lengthen the amount of time it would take for him to achieve his wish and leave the app. Originally, he could unbind and leave the app with only 10,000 points. If this function was turned on, in addition to the initial consumption of points, he might need 10,200 or even more to achieve his original goal. Of course, he would have an extra player in the instance.

Xie Chi felt that the app was very business-minded. It divided everyone’s wishes and allowed the actors to pay in installments. The wishes weren’t out of reach and the actors had the motivation to fight for it. It even developed derivatives of the wish to entice the actor to spend points. The app currently provided him with a wish derivative: spend minutes with Xie Xinglan.

Xie Chi clicked his tongue. Who could resist a derivative related to their ultimate desire? How much self-control did that require? If a man’s wish was to have a harem of 3,000 beauties and the derivative provided by the app was to spend 100 or 200 points to have a bed partner, would the lustful man refuse? Probably not.

The app sent another message.

[Turning on the function or not depends on the actor. You don’t need to worry. If you decide to enable this function, just open the backpack again and click on the item.]

Xie Chi thought it was a compromise. He put the matter on hold and would decide on whether or not to open the function in the future.

Xie Chi rested for a night. The next morning, he received a video conversation invitation from Lu Wen. Xie Chi had nothing to do so he clicked to accept. The screen was connected and the slightly excited Lu Wen appeared. Xie Chi asked, “Did something good happen?”

Lu Wen didn’t say a lot of words. He took off his shirt and showed his back to the camera. “Xie Chi, look.”

Xie Chi looked at his back. The area of fish scales on Lu Wen’s back had shrunk and the colour was lighter. Looking at the texture, there was a tendency to soften. As long as he didn’t wear a transparent white top, the shape and colour wouldn’t be easily noticed. The small fish scales on Lu Wen’s face also showed signs of shrinking.

Lu Wen saw some doubts in Xie Chi’s expression and smiled. “This is the plan that the app gave me. I can pay in installments.”

Xie Chi was startled. He inwardly thought that it was indeed like this and wondered, “The fish scales will be eliminated in stages to enhance your strength but the total number of points has increased?”

Lu Wen was taken aback. He apparently hadn’t expected Xie Chi to realize so quickly. He nodded and explained, “Yes, I originally needed 5,000 points to achieve my wish. Now the total amount is 6,000. However, I can eliminate the scales and improve my strength in stages. The performance of all aspects of my body has improved compared to before.”

“It is like a loan…” Xie Chi murmured.

Lu Wen smiled bitterly. “That’s it. I know what it is doing but who can refuse? After all, my strength has improved and it is more convenient to pass the instance.”

Xie Chi nodded. “You are exchanging 1,000 points to increase your strength. It isn’t a loss.”

“Yes, that’s also what I thought.”

Xie Chi wondered what he would do if the app gave him a pre-consumption period. He would get his brother first and pay in installments, but the amount of points was 1.5 times the previous one. He thought carefully but didn’t want to.

He remembered the feeling of Xie Xinglan pulling away from his body and entering the other body. There was a huge panic when he suddenly didn’t feel Xie Xinglan’s existence.

The matter of letting Xie Xinglan stay in another body forever required long psychological preparation for him. It meant he would never know what Xie Xinglan was thinking and he might leave temporarily due to some force majeure. Xie Chi wasn’t willing, at least not at present. The current symbiotic state both troubled him and made him feel at ease. He also didn’t want to extend the time limit of the day of eternal gain for temporary greed.

Thus, this seemed to be the best state right now. It was possible to temporarily use the body without being separated from Xie Xinglan.

Xie Chi thought that the app really understood the psychology of actors. It didn’t propose the loan plan because it knew that he would definitely refuse. The app should’ve measured the mental state of the actors and even knew the stories behind some actors, providing them with a well thought out wish realization plan.

“Xie Chi?”

Lu Wen’s light call made Xie Chi’s mind return. He asked, “What is it?”

Lu Wen started talking about business. “The follow-up bound movie to the Horror Skewers show, are you going?”

“Bound?” Xie Chi frowned slightly. “What do you mean?”

Then he had a thought. “Did you come to me with Jing to say this?”

In the opposite video, Lu Wen nodded. “Yes. If you are free now then wait. I’ll send a video invitation to Jing and have him tell you.”


In two minutes, the video was connected. Lu Wen had probably talked to Yan Jing and he didn’t ask about Xie Chi’s abnormal situation last night. He said concisely, “I received an invitation letter for the movie bound to Horror Skewers last night. I specifically went to ask other agents and they said this is the practice of the app. The New and Sharp Budding Talents who participated in Horror Skewers will be invited to participate in a movie together to better show themselves. It is because they are the best of the newcomers so the app will intensify the training in the hopes they will go higher and further. Therefore, the app will provide movies with better rewards. I have comprehensively measured it. You can consider going to the bound movie Brother Xie because it is really cost-effective.”

Xie Chi had only one focus. “Better rewards?”

Yan Jing nodded. “Yes, the news from the app is that the bound movie is a ghost movie and the quality is pros outweigh the cons. According to reason, the first place actor should be awarded 500 points. However, this movie will give a 20% bonus. The first place will gain 600 points. In addition, any rewards triggered by the behaviour of the actors in the movie will have a 20% bonus. For example, if you complete the side plotline and it gives 100 points then you will receive 120 points.”

Xie Chi nodded and was very excited.

This obvious resource tilt and the widening gap between the rich and the poor was understandable. After all, the app hoped that actors with relatively better qualifications would develop better. Thus, Xie Chi wanted to get stronger quickly not just for his brother. It was also for himself. He didn’t want to be manipulated by the app or others.

He had no freedom at all in his newcomer days. He was exploited and restrained by his agent and his life was controlled by other people’s preferences. Only by becoming stronger would he have the right to choose.

So in this place, becoming stronger was the only way.

Xie Chi took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth. “You said it is a ghost movie?”

Yan Jing replied, “Yes, the announcement is a ghost movie. It should be that they want New and Sharp Budding Talents who aren’t strong in ghost movies to weigh it themselves and give up. After all, the app attaches great importance to these newcomers or they wouldn’t have suddenly suspended the third level of the variety show. However, I heard that after this movie, the app won’t care about the New and Sharp Budding Talents anymore. Their development depends on them and there is no more welfare.”

Xie Chi nodded. He understood the meaning of the app. After the newcomer period, most of the actors had their plans and a certain degree of strength so they didn’t need support at all.

Yan Jing told him, “I still recommend it. After all Brother Xie, you went to a rough quality ghost movie. This time it is a pros outweigh the cons quality and there is no conflict. The points reduction mechanism won’t be activated.”

“Is this movie all New and Sharp Budding Talents or are there other actors?”

“Yes, this movie caters to New and Sharp Budding Talents but if they decide not to go and the number of people needed isn’t filled, other actors can go to get the benefits. They will also enjoy the 20% bonus points.”

Xie Chi nodded and inquired, “By the way, I wanted to ask if there is a point deduction for high level actors entering low level movies.”

“Yes, this is the app protection mechanism out of fear of high level actors coming to low level movies to grab points. The stronger the actor, the larger the points deduction will be. For example, a fourth or fifth tier actor going to a pros outweigh the cons will have a 60% reduction. They can only get 40% of the original points after completing the movie.”

“I see.”

Yan Jing’s expression suddenly became serious. “Brother Xie, you asked about this and I just remembered a serious matter. You should listen to it before carefully considering if you want to go or not. You Jing will definitely go to this movie. I happened to watch You Jing’s previous movies on the app last night. You Jing’s novice movie was a ghost doll themed movie. After that, there was another one in ‘Grim Reaper’. All of them are ghost movies and You Jing is a ghost movies expert. He will definitely go but in his first three movies… his mother accompanied him. So if the number of newcomers isn’t enough to fill the demand, his mother is likely to go with You Jing. She gave you such a low score on the show. I’m afraid…”

Yan Jing expressed his concerns. “I’m afraid she will be against you.”

“I know.” Xie Chi flicked the cigarette soot and spoke lightly.

“Brother Xie, I spent some points to gain knowledge. You Jing’s mother has been here a long time. She isn’t particularly talented but she is a stable type. She shoots relatively low difficulty and high safety films. She isn’t stingy about time and her title is based on the number of movies she has shot. She is completely different from the path you have taken. You are the sword type but it isn’t good if you bump into her. After all, she has been here for a long time and probably has many methods. I’m afraid she will hurt you. It isn’t worth the loss if you run into her at this time. You will definitely climb a lot higher than her in the future and trample her under your feet There is also more bad news. The only female New and Sharp Budding Talent in the black dress is You Jing’s new girlfriend…”

Xie Chi recalled that there was indeed a female newcomer in a black dress who stayed next to You Jing that day. However, she seemed to have a dull personality and never spoke so he didn’t have an impression of her.

“You really can’t imagine it.” Yan Jing coughed. “I knew that You Jing had a girlfriend but he still had a crush on the girl in the female ghost story. However, his girlfriend doesn’t seem to care too much. Maybe they are just s*x friends.”

Yan Jing realized he had gone too far and quickly returned to the topic. “All the other newcomers have decided if they will go or not except for Brother Lu. You and Brother Lu are still undecided. Brother Lu said that he will go if you go. If you don’t go, he will go to a zombie movie. At present, it is unknown if You Jing’s mother has a position. You Jing and his girlfriend must be together. If you want to change then I’ll pick another for you…”

“Will it be a pros outweigh the cons movie? The above quality movies haven’t been opened?” Xie Chi asked suddenly.

Yan Jing was taken aback. “Yes, our title isn’t good and we won’t be able to open it for a while.”

Xie Chi smiled. “Is this the one that gives the best rewards out of all the pros outweigh the cons movies?”

“Yes.” Yan Jing thought about it and smiled bitterly. “I understand. The answer is that you will ‘go’, right? Regardless of others, you can always do it. You just want to consider the number of points…”

Xie Chi raised his eyebrow slightly, lowered his head and put out the cigarette with his bare hands. “You are the one saying it.”

“I understand. I’ll report it for you.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

11 months ago

Didn’t the app force them to pick a person to “have a crush on” in the dance instance of horror skewers?so it wasn’t that he actually liked her but had to in order to try passing the instance. But I guess maybe what Yan Jing is implying is that this girlfriend must not have very deep feelings for YJ, otherwise she would have acted differently then just sitting there “acting dull”

9 months ago
Reply to  Tooth

Sometime some sentences and paragraphs with chinese language translate to english, the whole meaning can be different, so take it with a grain of salt.
Sorry for being rude

8 months ago

This is really a stupid decision …like I get he is the mc but taking your wish steadily is alot better because it’s better to ultimately get your lover instead of dying halfway. Also why would you even consider squandering all your points for a few minutes , did it just say 200 to open and 100 per minute?! He can have him forever why waster his money considering minutes