APP: Chapter 67

Xie Chi’s eyes widened. He knew that when he accumulated 10,000 points, he could have his brother forever. However, what did the inspection after the completion of the body production mean? Was it what he understood? After the body was made, it wasn’t directly placed in the mobile phone backpack to be stored…

In Xie Chi’s field of view, a pair of slender legs appeared. Further up, there was a black jacket, a thin waist, a broad chest and a handsome face. This was Xie Xinglan’s body. Xie Chi’s heart suddenly thumped. No, it wasn’t Xie Xinglan’s body. It was… Xie Xinglan. He couldn’t feel his brother’s existence anymore. In front of him was… Xie Xinglan who had a body for a while.

Xie Chi’s back tensed instantly. He was like a frightened bird, his eyes full of fear and panic. The fingers holding the goblet were stiff, numb and convulsing.

He had imagined the scene of their meeting countless times. He thought he would rush over to hug his brother immediately. Yet the moment it happened, his limbs were out of control. His blood was burning, struggling, protesting, greeting. However, both his feet were firmly nailed to the ground, instinctively clinging to the past intangible love method. This was a barrier he reluctantly built up after repeated hypnotisms. He had successfully blocked all the restlessness and desires of his teenage years and it had penetrated into his subconscious. Now this became his biggest obstacle.

Xie Xinglan adjusted to his body in a very short amount of time. Then he looked at Xie Chi and found that Xie Chi’s face was a bit pale. Under his gaze, Xie Chi instinctively took a step back.

Xie Xinglan noticed his small movements. “Is it very strange?”

Xie Chi shook his head. His lips moved as he tried to deny it but he couldn’t speak.

Xie Xinglan approached slowly. He was a hooligan, he didn’t have many scruples and this was his Xiao Chi.

Xie Xinglan clamped onto Xie Chi’s disobedient hands. Xie Chi struggled but was held tighter. In this posture of being subdued, Xie Chi leaned back slightly. The temperature at his wrists made his heart panic.

Xie Xinglan’s facial features were full of aggressiveness. There was wildness in his eyes as he leaned forward, bent his knees and forced Xie Chi’s stiff legs open. His lips almost brushed against Xie Chi’s lips as he whispered, “Is this still unfamiliar?”

They were so close, their limbs overlapped in a dangerous posture. Xie Chi could feel the temperature that showed it was real and his eyes were stunned. Xie Chi met the deep and focused eyes and heard this person say very gently, “I am your brother.”

Through the body and through the eyes, Xie Chi caught a glimpse of the incomparably familiar and beloved soul. The barrier broke. Xie Chi’s pale lips were a bloody red and his stiff, curled hands behind him relaxed. He spoke in a hoarse voice, “Brother, let me go.”

“You won’t run?” Xie Xinglan stared at him and asked.

Xie Chi was hot from this stare and he looked away in a slightly uncomfortable manner. “I won’t run.”

Xie Xinglan loosened his grip and gently rubbed the other person’s wrists. “Xiao Chi, there are less than three minutes left.”

Xie Chi gritted his teeth. “I know.”

“Inspection?” Xie Xinglan’s lips gently traced the shape of his ears. “You have to try it out so you have time to rework it.”

“What?” Xie Chi shrank back from the itching feeling and twisted his head. “…Um!”

Xie Chi stared.

The fiery male breath rushed toward his face with the meaning of predation and occupation. Neither of them could kiss, nor had they kissed anyone. It was just out of instinctive desire that their lips tentatively fit together. Then they knew nothing else.

Xie Chi didn’t resist. He felt his heart beating faster and his pulse beating frantically. His head was dizzy and he couldn’t see anything but Xie Xinglan. He couldn’t hear anything except Xie Xinglan. He started to cooperate with Xie Xinglan in a daze.

Xie Chi’s lips were soft and Xie Xinglan deepened the kiss. To Xie Chi, Xie Xinglan was completely unfamiliar. To Xie Xinglan, Xie Chi was just the way he thought countless times. The taste he imagined was far less than what he actually tasted from Xie Chi.

This was the kid he saved when he was born. Then Xie Chi grew up into a look that made him lustful. Their fetters had gone deep into his bone marrow long ago. They tangled tentacles around his soul but were still dissatisfied. They continued to expand and expand until they filled every corner of his life.

Xie Chi’s fingers gripped the edge of the counter. Xie Xinglan took his hand and placed it on his back.

“Close your eyes.” Xie Xinglan paused briefly and gasped.

“No.” Xie Chi finally managed to speak.

Xie Xinglan covered these lips again. Xie Chi used his eyes to trace over the outline again and again, to remember, engrave it, re-recognize it and learn it.

During the entanglement, Xie Xinglan’s eyes changed. He was like a beast in heat that was about to pounce on Xie Chi to tear him apart. He wanted to swallow Xie Chi into his abdomen and chew him piece by piece. He squeezed closer and pressed close to Xie Chi, forcing him to retreat.

Xie Chi struggled instinctively and wanted to escape, but was held down on his hips. “Don’t move.”

Xie Chi didn’t dare to move. His body was stiff. He felt ridiculous but the throbbing and temperature from his legs were so real that his heart was going to overflow.

Xie Xinglan knew this person was a paper tiger. Xie Chi had a glib tongue normally when waving his claws. However, the moment Xie Xinglan showed a knife, his true self was immediately revealed.

Xie Xinglan endured it and restrained himself. He gently twisted Xie Chi’s red ears and spoke with a bit of amused malice, “The most important thing is to inspect it. I’ll try it out twice.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago
Reply to  Moon

Same 😳😳

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2 years ago

Honestly this chapter got me excited for MC too. I could feel how much he wanted to feel and touch and kiss ML and for them to finally have a chance is just so beautiful. I almost choked up from happy tears.

2 years ago

Oh my gosh! I didn’t think they’d get a moment like this so soon.
I guess this means quality time after movies to help keep Xie Chi motivated XD
Thanks for the chapter!

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Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Aaah, I love this. Xie Chi is so nervous yet so eager while Xie Xinglan is just impatient to touch his husband. It’s gotta be weird not having Xie Xinglan and Xie Chi in the same body tho. There’s gonna be separation anxiety for sure

11 months ago
Reply to  Yoshi K

They’ll technically still be in the same body after this its just they have the opportunity not to now. I agree though, I can definitely see the separation anxiety happening.

11 months ago

Ah I just want him to have his own body already

10 months ago

Kiss it, touch it. 💋

It was custom made just for you, thr one and only. ❤

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