APP: Chapter 66

Ren Ze… called him Brother. Xie Chi didn’t expect Ren Ze to have a girlish heart despite his handsome appearance and arrogant personality.

…He was hairier than the average man.

“Are you really okay?” Xie Chi asked implicitly, a bit afraid that Ren Ze had fallen down and damaged his mind. However, it was unknown where Ren Ze got a pen from but he jumped over and in front of the group, he grabbed Xie Chi’s hand, placing the pen between Xie Chi’s thumb and index finger. Xie Chi held the pen with two fingers as he looked at the extremely excited arm in front of his eyes. His fingers were stiff.

“Brother, sign here. I’m not afraid of itchiness!” Ren Ran was looking forward to it.

“Do you really want…” Xie Chi’s expression was subtle. He was even a bit flattered. Ren Ze was so wild?

“Then I will sign it?” Xie Chi carefully asked again.

Ren Ran nodded, big eyes wide like a little beast waiting to be fed. Xie Chi reached out his fingers, held the pen tightly and signed Ren Ze’s arm.

As he lowered his head, Ren Ran finally dared to look in a straightforward manner. Her eyes became more open and her pupils widened. This brother was really gentle. He wouldn’t look at her with strange eyes. He was white and handsome. His eyes seemed to be filled with starlight when he laughed, as sweet as cotton candy clouds. He was tall, his hands were so white, the blue veins on his arms…

Xie Chi stared at the hair on the arm and the pen trembled. For a while, he couldn’t write.

Ren Ran didn’t feel embarrassed. Her heart was thumping and her other hand secretly clenched as she celebrated the success of chasing a star.

[Hahahahahahahahah Ren Ran, you scared him!]

[Ren Ran is out. Ahhh, so cute.]

[Ren Ze’s evaluation is being killed. Hahahahaha Ren Ze will want to die when it comes out.]

[Strong scamming brother.]

[The star chasing sub-personality sister fell in love with the stinky man I hate.]

(15555551 I also want his signature! Ren Ran is me now.]

[Hahahah the hairy Ren Ran should teach her brother to be a delicate boy.]

[Cub Chi’s face is calm but his heart is collapsing.]

[I still want to secretly say that Bigshot Xie might have multiple personalities but his… isn’t so obvious. Apart from the one person calling four elements at the end of the zombie, we wouldn’t have noticed it. Why can he switch personalities without any dizziness? Doesn’t it seem that Ren Ze is more the norm?]

[Huh? He has multiple personalities? I didn’t see it at all.]

[Really? So exciting!!!]

The room full of people watched this strange scene and their expressions were indescribable. Next to Xie Chi, Lu Wen covered his mouth and turned his head. Finally, he managed not to laugh.

Ren Ze’s enthusiasm was hard but after some hardships, Xie Chi finished signing it and returned the pen to Ren Ze.

“Brother, your handwriting is so beautiful!” Ren Ran let out an exclamation as she examined the two big words on her muscular arm. Xie Chi’s words were flowing and elegant. It was different from the feeling he gave people.

“…If you like it.” Xie Chi looked at Ren Ze’s arm, his tone slightly stiff.

“I’m not going to take a bath for the next week!” Ren Ran said while secretly rubbing the pen where Xie Chi previously held it.

“…Then I’m leaving.” Xie Chi turned and walked away like he was running for his life.

[Hahaha Cub Chi is frightened.]

[Bigshot: this crazy person!!!]

“Goodbye Brother! Remember Ran Ran!”

Xie Chi paused suddenly.

Ran Ran?

Xie Chi had a vague idea. His eyebrows gathered together thoughtfully. Ren Ze had suddenly fainted and he had a headache… Did Ren Ze have multiple personalities? Was this a female personality? She wasn’t that old. In her teenage years? A little sister?

Xie Chi’s hairs on his body rose and he felt distressed for Ren Ze for the first time. He got an older brother who looked after him while Ren Ze was the opposite. Ren Ze got a little sister who needed his care.

Interesting. Xie Chi had the subtle pleasure of finding his own kind. He imagined Ren Ze waking up to find the signature on his arm and smiled a bit maliciously. Xie Chi did his best to maintain the image of a gentleman as he waved at Ren Ran with a smile. “Goodbye Ran Ran.”

Then he made eye contact with Lu Wen and slipped away.


Xie Chi had just left when the settlement results appeared on the big screen.

First, the final ranking:

First place: Xie Chi.

Second place: You Jing.

Third place: Ren Ze.

Fourth place…

The audience in front of their mobile phones were happy.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“My Son Chi must be on top of the rest.”

The final ranking was followed by the scores for each part.

[First place Xie Chi guest rating announcement:

Guest No. 1 Lu Ming: 10 points. Guest No. 2  Zhao Jinhua: 0 points. Guest No. 3 Shen Yi: 10 points.]

The audience was in an uproar when they saw this.

“Fu*k, am I blind? The last one is Shen Yi right? Is it just the same name?”

“The movie emperor was actually a guest?!”

“10! A full score! Wtf, isn’t Shen Yi very demanding? 10! This is so satisfying!”

“What’s so strange? Son Chi is worth this much!”


“You Jing’s mother doesn’t care about her face anymore and even scored Son Chi zero. What should she do? Son Chi doesn’t care about her yet she takes herself so seriously. She is a pheasant who has just risen to the third-tier.”

“Look down on him? I’m so mad!”

[Second place You Jing guest rating announcement:

Guest No. 1 Lu Ming: 8 points. Guest No. 2 Zhao Jinhua: 10 points. Guest No. 3 Shen Yi: 3 points.]

“She is fu*king shameless. She feels that her son is 10 times better than Xie Chi?”

“Above person, zero times 10 equals zero. She thinks that Son Chi is a piece of shit.”

“Damn. Damn angry!”

“Isn’t the number one person still Xie Chi? It is useless no matter how high she scores her son.”

“Hahahaha, the movie emperor is really cool. He actually scored Ren Ze five points, which is higher than You Jing’s score. My anger is relieved.”

“This is normal. If it wasn’t for his mother, You Jing wouldn’t be as good as Ren Ze. You Jing is just a pile of resources.”

“Um, You Jing’s mother gave Ren Ze one point…”

The guest scores were announced and it was time for the individual performance score. The audience was in an uproar again when they saw Xie Chi’s performance score. Xie Chi’s performance score was 38 points, the second place You Jing’s score was 19 points and the third place Ren Ze scored 17 points.

[First place Xie Chi: Role playing is 9 points, the wonderful operation is 10 points and the time is 9 points. It is more than 10 points per level.]

[Second place You Jing: Role playing is 6 points, the wonderful operation is 4 points and the time is 10 points.]

[Third place Ren Ze: Role playing is 6 points, the wonderful operation is 5 points and the time is 6 points.]

Finally the audience rating was publicized.

This part wasn’t scored by the audience but was directly determined by the number of fans gained in the variety show.

[Number of viewers who watched this online: 102,388.]

[Number of fans gained by first place Xie Chi: 71,333, rounded up to 7 points.]

[Number of fans gained by second place You Jing: 17,888, rounded up to 2 points.]

[Number of fans gained by third place Ren Ze: 35,619, rounded up to 4 points.]

“Hahahahaha, the shy Lu Wen’s role playing and guest ratings aren’t good but as a result, he gained more than 10,000 fans.”

“70,000 new fans. I looked it up. Isn’t this the highest record ever?”

“He earned more than 700 points from one show. In addition, there is the reward for coming first. Son Chi gained more than 800 points from this variety show!”

“Sister Ren Ze is so cute, hehe. I’m also following him. I didn’t expect so many people to think like me.”

“You Jing’s mentality is very explosive once it is affected…”

[Due to Xie Chi’s special performance, the program has prepared a special item for him as a reward. Due to the formalities, it will be sent to Xie Chi in a few days.]

The audience exploded again.

“Item??? What the fu*k! Isn’t Horror Skewers always stingy?”

“Wait, talking about items, have you found that Bigshot Chi didn’t use one in the entire variety show? He clearly obtained an item in the last dungeon. I don’t know what it is but he does have one.”

“Think carefully! Then he hasn’t used all his strength yet?”

[Since the third level being suspended has caused inconvenience for the actors, the show will provide 20 points to each actor as compensation.]

[Points and item rewards have been distributed to the actor. Please pay attention and check.]

[The program will end here. I welcome you to watch the next season.]


Xie Chi returned to the familiar room, sat at the table and swayed his legs lazily. He opened the app and glanced at it.

He hadn’t shot a movie so no matter how many points he got, the title wouldn’t be upgraded. The title would only be upgraded when he made a movie. He was still a New and Sharp Budding Talent.

The variety show had a short filming time. He scored more than 800 points in three days, which was more cost-effective than the last time when he scored nearly 1,000 points in a dozen days. He had nearly 80,000 fans and 2,049 total points.

His brother needed 10,000 points.


Xie Chi smiled slightly.

Xie Chi reviewed the manufacturing progress of the body. His brother’s body would be ready in a few days. Although he would need to accumulate points before his brother could use the body, it was enough to make him feel at ease.

Xie Chi used to be a man who had nothing but wanted to live in a big house. His sense of restlessness was forever surging. Now the house had arrived in his hands. He just needed to gain the remaining 8,000 points and he would have it forever.


After Xie Chi returned, Yan Jing was busy picking a new movie for him. Xie Chi was in the cooldown period and it would take a few days before he could join a new movie shoot. It was convenient for Xie Chi since he could wait for Xie Xinglan’s body to be completed.

On the night when Xie Xinglan’s body was about to be completed, Yan Jing knocked on the door anxiously. “Brother, there is a suitable movie!”

Xie Chi opened the door for him and found that Lu Wen had followed.

Xie Chi looked at his watch and apologized. “We will have to talk about it another time.”

He wanted to wait for the moment when his brother’s body was finished.

Yan Jing was surprised. “Brother Xie, do you have an appointment with someone?”

Lu Wen was stunned for a few seconds. He knew who Xie Chi might be meeting and coughed wildly.

Xie Chi looked at him with some doubts. “Why are you coughing?”

“No reason.” Lu Wen replied hurriedly. He noticed that Xie Chi was wearing formal clothes today that were well-cut and set off his body. His trousers were straight and his coat buttons meticulously buttoned. He was full of abstinence and his hair was well-groomed. He was gentle and handsome.

Lu Wen understood more of the situation and pretended to be silly. He pulled Yan Jing and told him, “Let’s go back.”

Yan Jing followed Lu Wen in a daze.

Xie Chi closed the door and returned to the kitchen. He poured the alcohol that he had bought with a few points into the goblet. The bright red liquid swayed in the goblet. Xie Chi added grape juice and a few pieces of crushed ice. He cut a lemon and embedded the juicy lemon slice on the edge of the goblet. It was a cocktail the colour of love.

Xie Chi leaned against the counter and took a sip. It was sweet and bitter, rich in sweetness with a long and lingering bitterness. In the end, it was full of sweetness, like love.

The phone rang suddenly.

[The body has been made. After a three minute display period, the body will be placed in the mobile phone inventory. Now please accept it and try it out.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Yay! Xie Xinglan’s body is ready! Wait, “try it out” does that mean he can start using it?

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

He’s ready for a date with his husband 💕❤️

1 year ago

Oh oh oh! A boyfriend in a pocket