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APP: Chapter 65

“We just need to enter the mirror world.” Xie Chi stated. “In addition, the way to enter the mirror world is obvious.”

Xie Xinglan added, “Lie in the coffin and cover the lid.”

Xie Chi laughed.

Xie Xinglan walked toward the coffin while speaking. “I might be a ’weak ghost’ but that is just an identity in the hide and seek game. To put it bluntly, I am still a human. The opposite rule is that ghosts catch humans outside the mirror. Then in the mirror, it is naturally… humans catch ghosts.”

His tone was light and there was no confusion as he took out the enemy’s corpse and lay down in the eternal graveyard.

Xie Xinglan put his slender legs together, lay straight down on his back, head straight and hands on his abdomen. His pale skin, dark clothes and mysterious facial features combined with the coffin symbolizing death made him look like a handsome vampire sleeping in a tomb.

Xie Xinglan put back the coffin lid on top of him and closed his eyes.


[Wtf??? I don’t understand it again.]

[Is he being controlled by the strong ghost? Why lie down in the coffin?]

[Ahhhhh handsome Vampire Chi.]

[Cover the coffin lid~]


In the room where the ghosts were located, Shen Yi saw Xie Chi’s behaviour. Something flashed in his eyes and he smiled with satisfaction.

The male guest to the side also seemed to have some clues. After a few seconds, he suddenly realized. “It is like this!”

He had a bit of fear in his heart. He had a lot of items but he might not necessarily be able to clear this level. The way to break the game wasn’t difficult but it was too hard to think about. First, they had to realize it was correct to be caught by the ghost. This step required a certain force value. Then they had to find the clue in the scissors and realize the mystery of the foggy glass. Finally, they had to not be confused and find the method to kill the mirror ghost.

This required the actor’s IQ to be too high. A bit of carelessness would lead to death. Smart people would often make mistakes… such as You Jing.

You Jing’s mother sneered. “What is he doing? Experiencing the mood of the faceless man?”

The male guest glanced at her and whispered awkwardly, “You must’ve been focused on your son just now and didn’t pay attention to the details. All the rules in the short movie are the opposite.”

You Jing’s mother thought about it before her expression became hard to look at, her smile a bit stiff. “It is like this.”

Her hand gripping the glass became tighter and the blue veins on the back of her hands were more prominent.

Shen Yi glanced at her in a timely manner. The woman remembered how he previously called her son ‘trash’ and felt completely embarrassed. Her phone rang and the woman looked down. It was a message from You Jing.

[Mom, the difficulty was too imbalanced. Fortunately, I passed the second level first. I will definitely be in first place.]

The woman was embarrassed and said ‘useless thing’ in her heart. She was full of restlessness as she placed her phone on the table in a frustrated manner, not taking care of her mood.

Shen Yi saw that the situation had been set and scored the highest score in advance before leaving.


Xie Xinglan opened his eyes again and saw an overwhelming blood-red world.

It was still the familiar maze with the green light. The difference was that no matter if it was the mirror surface or the ground, it was splashed with thick blood. It was depressing and full of madness.

[Mirror world!]

There was a ‘tick tick’ sound behind him. Xie Xinglan turned his head and saw a dead body hanging from the glass! The dead body was hanging upside down, head down and severed arm fallen into a pool of blood. Xie Xinglan frowned and looked up to find that the dead boy’s arm had been torn off abruptly. Blood was still dripping from the torn arm.

“Brother, this person is familiar…”

Xie Xinglan raised the man’s hair that was hanging down and glanced at the face. It was the fatty.

Xie Xinglan took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the blood off his fingers. Then he walked through the mirror maze according to his memory. He could see a corpse every few steps. Some bodies here were still fresh while some were mostly rotten. The real world was clean while the mirror world was a bloody purgatory.

Xie Xinglan thought that the mirror ghost should’ve killed people in the real world with his special ability and then dragged the bodies in the mirror world to hide them.

“Brother, you have no footsteps.” Xie Chi told him.

It was only now that Xie Xinglan realized the changes. He paused and his expression was a bit weird. “I seem to be able to teleport.”

Xie Chi clicked his tongue.

[This is a ghost??]

[The feeling is so strong.]

“The faceless man should be here—” Xie Xinglan looked up and glimpsed a dark figure escaping around the corner.

[Faceless man ahhhhhh]

The dark shadow was going away and seemed to be deliberately hiding the sound of footsteps, but it was still clearly audible to Xie Xinglan. It could only be the faceless man. Xie Xinglan shrugged and placed his hands in his pockets, shoulders relaxed like he was just taking a stroll. “He saw me and knows I’ve come in. I’ll play with him for a while.”

“You’re too bad.” Xie Chi praised sincerely.

Xie Xinglan showed a cat chasing a mouse smile.

The game of the mirror ghost hunting was over and now it was… time for the game of catch the mirror ghost.

In the silent maze, the faceless man was escaping. He deliberately covered up the sound of the footsteps but the subtle movement quietly fell into Xie Xinglan’s ears like a drum. It was easy to catch the faceless man.

In the long aisle, the faceless man ran desperately. Since he had almost no eyesight, he always tripped over the dead bodies in the middle of the path. These people were all killed by him and they were randomly placed by him.

“You are caught in a trap of your own making.” A man’s low and playful voice was suddenly heard.

The faceless man immediately stopped. His body was trembling like a sieve and fear had entered deep into his bones. There was a ghost in front of him! He was a ghost in the real world and a human in the mirror world! The man in front of him was a human outside and a ghost in the mirror world! It was the human who was catching him now!

Feeling the man approaching, the faceless man turned around and ran away. He hid behind a mirror and was about to gasp when there was a biting chill behind him. The faceless man turned his neck mechanically and stiffened like he had fallen into an ice cellar.

Xie Xinglan stood behind the mirror. The blood-stained mirror showed his handsome, cold face. He reached out his hand and his pale hand easily passed through the green glass to touch the faceless man’s shoulder. The faceless man could no longer move.

Xie Xinglan held his chin in one hand and the back of the head with the other. Then he gently twisted. At the last moment, he whispered like a nightmare in the faceless man’s ear. “Game over.”

The faceless man’s neck was broken and his head dropped weakly. On the pale green glass opposite them, the ugly and twisted face of the faceless man was reflected.

Xie Xinglan’s eyes were indifferent as he pushed the corpse of the faceless man into a pile of dead bodies. The faceless man fell and he was no different from those killed by him. He would be greeted by eternal darkness.


The ‘ultimate lonely genius’ died in the game he created. The self-proclaimed hunter was eventually killed by the prey.



[I don’t understand it but !!!]

[Ahhhhhhhhh!! A good A!]

[This ending!!!]

[It is cool to fall into a trap of his own making! People were abused for so long!]

[It was actually cleared! Fu*k! I thought he was dead.]

[I will follow him, fu*k fu*k fu*k.]

[Other people aren’t on the same level as him.]

[In a smart vs smart showdown, it turns out that Bigshot Chi is the smartest!]

[The faceless man isn’t on the same level as Bigshot Chi at all. Think about it. He spent a few months planning this while Son Chi broke it in an hour.]

[The human in the mirror catches the ghost ahhhhh!]

[Please take my knees!]

[I understand, you will die if you’re too clever and you will also die if you’re dumb. To put it bluntly, you still have to rely on IQ.]


In the initial room, the New and Sharp Budding Talents who were still alive gathered together. They looked up at the screen with different expressions and forced smiles. Lu Wen, who had always been reticent, didn’t care about others as he exclaimed, “Brother Xie is awesome!”

You Jing was surrounded by a few people and his complexion was grey as dust. The elegance and approachability of the past had disappeared and his eyes were filled with resentment and hatred. You Jing stared at the lazy and indifferent youth on the screen and embarrassment crawled up his neck, taking away his reason and dignity.

He actually lost! He lost to Xie Chi who had been mentioned by his mother!

The few newcomers who originally complimented him were embarrassed. They pretended to be deaf and dumb and quietly moved away out of fear that they would be affected. In the blink of an eye, only a beautiful girl in a black dress was still standing beside You Jing.

[My usual favourite part is a bit boring. Probably because there is no suspense.]

[You Jing fu*king lost. Hehe, no matter how high his mother scores him or how she bribes the guests, he can’t catch up with Xie Chi.]

[Ren Ze’s sister didn’t come on in this variety show. Ahh, there is a bit of a sense of loss.]

Ren Ze was talking to himself in the corner.

“Brother wuuuuu. He is so handsome. I want to marry him!”

Ren Ze’s expression was dark as he said, “If I hadn’t been deprived of the opportunity to continue, I wouldn’t have lost to him.”

“Brother, you are duplicitous. When he lay in the coffin, I heard you say, ‘Wtf, he is giving up.’”

“……” Ren Ze’s face turned suspiciously red. “You shut up for me!”

“Brother, I want to ask him for a signature…”

Ren Ze was afraid of being tortured by his star-chasing sister and refused. “No!”

“I want it! This body is mine as well as yours. Why can’t I ask for a signature?!”

Ren Ze was fighting with his sister while You Jing glanced at the newcomers who left him and spoke coldly, “This isn’t fair. He was allowed to continue but I was deprived of my opportunity. I would’ve never lost if I was allowed to continue.”

A few newcomers didn’t want to offend him and nodded. Ren Ze just sat there with crossed arms and sneered disdainfully. He thought that this person You Jing was a sore loser.

You Jing’s eyes were cold and gloomy.


In the short movie, Xie Xinglan’s phone screen lit up.

[Congratulations on completing the short movie ‘Hide and Seek’. You will be transmitted away.]

Xie Xinglan returned to the initial room.

“Brother, let me come out.” Xie Chi said.


Lu Wen came up to congratulate him and Xie Chi responded with a smile. He counted with his eyes. Adding him, there were still seven people left. In other words, three people died in Horror Skewers before the temporary suspension.

The newcomers congratulated him with one or two sentences and Xie Chi responded one by one.

You Jing just looked over coldly.

They needed to wait for the results so Xie Chi found a low-key corner and leaned against it. First, everyone knew that You Jing didn’t want to stay here anymore. He put his mobile phone back in his pocket and walked to the door. As he passed by Xie Chi, he suddenly stopped, leaned forward slightly and sneered. “Don’t try to compare with me. This time was just a fluke. Are you very proud? Your acting is pretty good.”

Xie Chi was a bit speechless. He raised his eyes and looked at this person with a bit of indifference. “Who are you?”

Ren Ze stared.

You Jing was frustrated and the veins on his forehead bulged. He finally managed to hold back and didn’t do anything. “You are truly good.”

Xie Chi smiled. “You don’t need to say it. I know.”

You Jing felt choked up and he sneered. “You better not fall into my hands.”

Xie Chi just shrugged. Xie Chi also felt bored and stood up to leave. Then Ren Ze sitting near him suddenly fell from his chair. Xie Chi quickly supported him. However, he sat on the chair and held his head. It seemed that his head hurt.

“What’s wrong with you?” Xie Chi used the ‘warm man’ acting he was accustomed to and leaned over with concern.

The next second, Ren Ze looked up and Xie Chi met a pair of… excited eyes? Excited?

Xie Chi was dazed for a moment but still looked intently. He thought that Ren Ze’s eyes seemed to have bright… little stars?

“If you’re okay then I will leave first.” Xie Chi told him.

Xie Chi had just taken a few steps when his sleeve was tightly grabbed. Everyone looked over. Lu Wen was afraid that Ren Ze wouldn’t treat Xie Chi well since he had a nasty temper. Lu Wen came over and stood beside Xie Chi with a cold face.

Xie Chi frowned slightly and still spoke with a good temper. “What’s wrong? Is there something else?”

The handsome man with a height of 1.8 metres suddenly shook his sleeve and whispered with a shy expression on his face, “Brother, I am your fan. Can you sign your name for me?”

Xie Chi made sure his ears weren’t broken and then made a disbelieving expression. “……”

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Ren Ran thought it was tacit approval so she hurriedly let go of his sleeve and reached out an arm. “I didn’t bring any paper. Brother, can you sign here?”

She was looking forward to it.

Xie Chi looked down at the hairy male arm and his eyes darkened.

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Yoshi K
1 year ago

Oh right everybody knows about Ren Ze’s sister but Xie Chi doesn’t bc he doesn’tpay attention to unimportant ppl

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That was amazing and such a thriller! I’m so impressed by the author’s creativity. Thank you for translating it all well too! Was def easier to understand than MTL-ing such complex situations.

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