APP: Chapter 62 Part 2

“Hmm?” Xie Xinglan’s heart tightened.

Xie Chi’s words were extremely cautious. “She is like a ‘person’ who is ‘playing’ a ghost in the hide and seek game. In fact, putting aside the strong ghost in the mirror, the game between us and the weak ghost is no different from most hide and seek games in the real world. Several people play those hiding and one plays the ghost. They have the same strength or aren’t far from each other. They have no special ability and will make noise when moving. It is just that our game location is in the glass maze.”

Xie Xinglan frowned at these words.

Ghost identity…

Xie Chi felt that he was close to seeing something very important.

The mirror showed that the weak ghost had stood up and was starting a new round of pursuit. Xie Xinglan had chased after the female ghost so at this moment, he wasn’t far from the weak ghost. Now the footsteps of the weak ghost were gradually approaching.

Xie Xinglan declared, “She can’t threaten me anymore.”

“I know.”

Their greatest danger was the strong ghost in the mirror. Even with predicting the abilities and limitations of the strong ghost, it didn’t change the fact that the strong ghost was very threatening. Meanwhile, the weak ghost could no longer pose a threat to them.

The weak ghost’s footsteps were becoming louder and louder. Xie Xinglan knew the map of the maze and wondered, “She is still a road away from us. Should we stay far away from her?”

Xie Chi hesitated on an issue for the first time. Should they follow the rules and stay away from the weak ghost?

In terms of the rules, if they clapped their hands to contain the strong ghost then the weak ghost would chase after the sound, causing them trouble. They should naturally stay as far away from the weak ghost as possible. This would reduce the difficulty of escaping. After all, they needed to deal with the strong ghost and the pressure was already great. It was too unfavourable to be distracted by the weak ghost chasing them.

However, somehow, his heart was faintly uneasy. His ominous hunch was gradually rising.

“We shouldn’t be too far away from her but we also shouldn’t be too close.” Xie Chi could only choose a conservative answer in the end. He couldn’t make any extreme decisions before new clues appeared. This was likely to make the ending irreversible.

“Okay.” Xie Xinglan didn’t say much. He didn’t even move in place. He just deliberately adjusted his standing angle to make his own mirror image look far away. The weak ghost was smoothly deceived and passed by them on the opposite road. Xie Xinglan was almost right under her nose but she went straight past them.

This was Xie Chi’s first contact with the weak ghost.

The weak ghost’s skin was very white but it wasn’t as pale as a ghost. She was indeed wearing a white dress but there was no blood on it. Her long black hair covered her face but the hair wasn’t wet. She was indeed too human-like. The only thing that wasn’t like a human was… the scissors in her hand.

The scissors were red all over. It was a dazzling red that was like blood. The blade was silvery and sharp, like a murder weapon that had been stained with many people’s blood. It made people think of the sleeping beauty in the story who fell asleep after touching the spindle. It seemed that as long as someone touched the evil spindle, they would fall into a vicious curse, unable to escape and lost in the nightmare.

It was just like the mirror maze itself. The weak ghost was looking for them the entire time. Even though she was a ghost and familiar with the map, she still couldn’t find her prey. She still got lost, wandering around endlessly. It seemed that the hide and seek game was also a nightmare for the weak ghost chasing her prey.

The footsteps of the weak ghost gradually faded away. Xie Xinglan silenced his footsteps and headed in the direction she left, keeping a short distance between them.

“Brother, give me some more time.” Xie Chi felt that he was only one step away from something but it was too difficult to pierce it. Ghosts generally didn’t kill people intensively. Fatty’s death had brought them a short safety time. Once this safety time passed, they would be greeted by the strong ghost’s more violent attacks.

“Okay.” Xie Xinglan didn’t say much.

Realizing that the strong ghost might reach out at any time from the mirror to grab him or bite him, Xie Xinglan stared at the mirror images of the female ghost with all his attention. As long as there was something that didn’t conform to the law of reflection, he could immediately respond.

Every path in the glass maze was extremely narrow. It seemed to be deliberately designed like this. Xie Xinglan stretched out his arms to measure it. The path was only slightly wider than his arm. This length originally wasn’t enough to attract his attention but now thinking back, it was extremely frightening. This length was undoubtedly convenient for the strong ghost to reach out from the mirror to catch people.

Behind Xie Xinglan, the image of the weak ghost was gradually becoming larger. There was a chill down his spine. Xie Xinglan turned his head back first and saw the strong ghost in the mirror! The strong ghost slowly raised its head. The long black hair covering its face slipped off, revealing a hideously distorted face! There were tears on the strong ghost’s face as it reached out a pale hand toward Xie Xinglan.

In the narrow corridor, Xie Xinglan almost couldn’t avoid it. The moment it was about to reach Xie Xinglan, Xie Xinglan dodged sideways.

The next second, a ghost hand stretched out from the mirror beside him. Knowing the consequences of getting caught, Xie Xinglan quickly retreated and his back was forced to stick to the mirror behind him.

The ghost in front of him grabbed air but there was another ghost behind Xie Xinglan.

The ghost was everywhere. As long as there was a glass with a mirror surface, it could move to another glass as soon as it caught air. It was persistent and there was nowhere to hide. Xie Xinglan could only dodge the danger again and again.

Xie Xinglan rushed forward, swiftly moving between light and shadow. An arm reached out to block his way, five fingers moving like a spider’s legs. Xie Xinglan almost ran into it and abruptly braked. He turned back and ran in another direction.

Suddenly, a head protruded from the bottom of a mirror. The blood-red lips opened and a mouthful of white teeth burst out, as if to bite Xie Xinglan’s ankle the next second. It seemed to have no patience. It was about to stretch out most of its body from the mirror to drag Xie Xinglan into the mirror. It quickly crawled toward Xie Xinglan.

Behind was a dead end. Xie Xinglan reacted very quickly and jumped over the body of the ghost blocking the way. He was fearful and controlled his strength so that his actions wouldn’t break the glass.

[It is too hard to play! Wtf! It is so narrow! You can’t even break the glass!]

After holding on for a minute, Xie Xinglan finally used his first clap. The ghost suddenly retracted into the mirror.

10 seconds, only 10 seconds.

Xie Chi’s mind flashed.

Clap his hands to attract the weak ghost and clap his hands to stop the strong ghost. Here were two pairs of antonyms.

Containment corresponded to promotion and weak corresponded to strong.

From the beginning of the short movie to the present, there were countless contradictions and countless antonyms.

The mirror image corresponded to reality.

The hiding of words corresponded to exposure.

The invincibility of the medium corresponded to the limitations of the medium.

The destruction of the mirror corresponded to the rebirth of the strong ghost.

The evil ghost corresponded to…

Xie Chi was shocked.

The evil ghost in the mirror world corresponded to the good ghost in the real world! The weeping ghost was most likely good!

The opposite rule! Hide and seek, catch and hide were opposites!

Hide and seek in the mirror world was the strong ghost catching prey. If the rules were opposite, the correct order in the real world was…

Xie Chi almost had a heart attack.

The right rule in the real world was… the prey catches the weak ghost.

It was hide and seek! In hide and seek, who was the catcher and who hid? The rules referred to hide and seek where the strong ghost tried to catch them. However, the other half of the real world rules were also hidden inside it. They had to catch the weak ghost!

…It just so happened that the weak ghost was likely to be good. Just now, the strong ghost had shown its true face and there were tears on its face, indicating that the weak ghost had cried before! Why did the weak ghost cry? She had a high possibility of being good! She most likely wanted to save Fatty but Fatty was killed by the strong ghost!

…Clapping hands to attract the weak ghost, attract vitality.

The boss had never answered his question about what would happen if he was caught by the ghost. He thought it was death.

However, the clue was … a clever person might become the victim of their own ingenuity. The rules never said that being caught by the weak ghost would kill him. It was likely to be… their vitality walked in front of them again and again but cleverness pushed it away again and again.

“Brother, go and catch the weak ghost!” Xie Chi shouted.

Xie Xinglan also reacted like lightning and rushed in the direction of the weak ghost. Fortunately, they weren’t far away and fortunately, they still had two clapping opportunities.

Xie Chi was thinking of something else. The weak ghost was holding scissors in her hands. If the rule was the opposite, then the murder weapon to kill a person was actually…

To save a person’s life when they were in distress.

Proofreader: Purichan

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Nistha Roy
Nistha Roy
2 years ago

Wtf xie chi is so friggin smart

2 years ago

So far, I love this instance the most! *Chef’s kiss*

2 years ago

I think they are right, but its such a risk to throw yourself at what you thought was the predator. Really bold move.
Thanks for the translation!

2 years ago

Thats so smarttttt

1 year ago
Reply to  Takkun

I am wondering; am I just too stupid or are they too smart?🤣Man…I can totally work as a cool mysterious detector if I had the brain of Xie Chi.😂🤧

1 year ago

So thrilliiiiing 😍
I loved the Female Ghost’s Dance but this one here is just awesome

1 year ago

I thought you got to tap the small ghost on the back but it seem I’m not far apart

7 months ago

My corpse would be decaying at this point. I fr don’t understand how the mc always goes on the perfect logic train

6 months ago

This is really interesting……….time check 1:31 am, nice reading hahaha

1 month ago

this is rly good, unfortunately my brain is too small for this big brain move HAHAHAHA. FML.