APP: Chapter 60

Xie Chi followed the boss’ instructions to put down the doll and the game officially began.

The fatty asked, “Should I run with you or separately?”

Xie Chi thought about it for a moment before saying quietly, “Separately.”

In a hide and seek game, two people walking together was too eye-catching. Once caught, both of them would be finished. If they separated then the ghost had to find them separately. The ghost going to find one person will give the other person a chance to breathe.

Xie Chi didn’t believe in the NPC partner given by the app. He hated people dragging him back and the fatty had previously shown surprise. Xie Chi wouldn’t let this partner who might drop the ball at any time stay beside him.

It was enough for him to have his older brother.

The fatty was stunned for a few seconds before understanding. “Ah, that’s good. Let’s separate and we will meet at the entrance of the maze in an hour.”

The fatty still didn’t seem to take it seriously as he smiled at the live broadcast room. “Boss, I’m going to hide. Hurry up and let the ghost catch me. Hehe.”

Xie Chi no longer cared about him. Xie Xinglan controlled his body and hurried into the depths of the glass maze.

Xie Chi was currently full of doubts but there were only three minutes of hiding time. After three minutes, the ghost would come and catch them. He had no time to think. Fortunately, he could let his brother control his body and then think about all types of questions.

There were too many problems. Hide and seek games were generally played indoors or semi-outdoors with many hiding places. Meanwhile, they were playing in a glass maze where they were exposed.

Of course, this didn’t mean there were no benefits. The ghost couldn’t see through things and there were countless ‘him’ on the glass. The ghost would naturally be misled. It wouldn’t know which one was him or which one was a reflection. This gave him some breathing time.

On the other hand, if a ghost really appeared then he wouldn’t be able to tell the real location of the ghost. This meant he might miss the opportunity to escape. The pros and cons were mixed. The glass maze wasn’t a particularly bad place to play hide and seek as long as he used it well. He wasn’t completely at a disadvantage.

Xie Chi’s thoughts flashed while Xie Xinglan touched the glass and moved as quickly as flying. In the silent darkness, there was a sudden banging sound. Xie Chi was startled from his thoughts.

“It’s fine.” Xie Xinglan comforted him. “It should be that the fatty didn’t see the road or the glass so his head hit the glass.”

Xie Chi wondered, “Brother, how are you moving so fast?”

The moment he asked, he found that Xie Xinglan had closed his eyes completely and was moving forward by touching the glass.

Xie Xinglan explained, “I can’t tell the road using my eyes and will just mislead myself. Therefore, I will first touch the glass and walk while using my brain to remember the route. This way, I can escape later according to the route in my memories.”

Xie Xinglan now had in his mind the route he had just taken.

Xie Chi didn’t have peace of mind.

“Brother, will talking to you delay you?”

“It won’t.”

Xie Chi spoke immediately. “My rough guess is that the difficulty of this level is out of balance. It is too bad for us.”

They were two people and could feel a huge pressure trying to pass this level. The other participants would only be worse than them. It could never be better.

Xie Xinglan frowned and nodded. He also thought that in this movie, generally speaking, a weird place corresponded to a reversal. However, this short movie was full of weirdness, indicating that there were puzzles and reversals everywhere. It was too difficult for people to solve the puzzles, let alone doing it while escaping. They could do two things at once but what about other people?

It was at this point that the mobile phone in Xie Xinglan’s hand vibrated. Xie Xinglan paused and glanced down.

[Time is temporarily suspended. Since the most difficult ‘Hide and Seek’ in the initial room was selected by the newcomer, all newcomers will be given clues to reduce the difficulty and ensure the survival rate.]

Xie Chi thought in his heart that it was like this. This level seemed terrible so the app had to use this method to reduce the difficulty.

[The clue to this short movie is: A clever person might become the victim of their own ingenuity.]

[There are two ways to pass this short movie. 1. Survive the game time of one hour. 2. Completely defeat the ghost.]

[Friendly tip: There is only one way to defeat the ghost in this short movie. Please explore and discover it for yourself.]

[In addition, the doll isn’t important. The doll is just an introduction to hide and seek. Don’t waste time on the doll and solve other questions. There is only one ghost brought by the doll so please don’t panic.]

[The app has requirements for the difficulty of this variety show. The average difficulty of the selected levels shouldn’t exceed 60. The difficulty of ‘Severed Finger’ was 50 and the difficulty of ‘Female Ghost’s Dance’ was 40. The difficulty of ‘Hide and Seek’ is 90 so the average of the three difficulties has reached 60. This is the last level of this variety show. Please make persistent efforts and finish the level as soon as possible.]

“A clever person might become the victim of their own ingenuity?” Xie Xinglan understood the clue but he couldn’t figure out what it implied.

Xie Chi’s brain hurt. According to the literal meaning, the smarter one was, the easier it was to stumble in ‘Hide and Seek’. Did this mean that thinking too much would lead to bad results? Or perhaps the method to solve the puzzle was simple?

There was only one ghost. This was good news for them at the moment. One ghost had to catch two people. In addition, the ghost couldn’t see through the maze. A ghost catching people seemed to consume a lot of energy. This relieved the pressure on him to a great extent.

[Wtf, this clue gives me the feeling that the bigshot is going to fail. The smartest one among the new talents must be the bigshot. As a result, the clue says that being clever can make them a victim.]

[I’m a bit mentally challenged. Is there any bigshot who can help me figure it out?]

[The questions now are very clear: One is the identity of the boss and the purpose behind the boss making the character come to play hide and seek in the glass maze. The second is the doubts about the area of the glass maze. What does this area mean? The third is the meaning of the clapping rule. Is it good or bad? The fourth is the way to defeat the ghost. I think there must be five or six questions but I can’t figure them out. These questions must be known by the bigshot. After all, some of them were expressed by himself. You can clearly feel that he is tentatively testing it.]

[This is already very awesome.]

[Wait for the bigshot to break the game. I still feel a lot of security here. Meanwhile, You Jing is really too panicked.]

[It feels like many people are going to die.]

Xie Xinglan cut back to the live broadcast room. The room had already exploded. The audience was yelling. Some were too scared while some were very excited. Obviously, this type of live broadcast deeply stimulated them.

It had been three minutes.

On the glass at the entrance where the doll was located, the doll’s feet moved suddenly. It was clearly a doll but on the dark glass, there was a female in white clothes who was around 1.6 metres tall! The female ghost had disheveled hair. Her entire face was hidden under the dark, long hair and she was holding a pair of scissors in her pale hand.

At the same time, countless female ghosts appeared on the various glass.

Xie Xinglan had basically memorized the route of the maze at this time. He opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the distorted or twisted female ghost on the glass. The ghost had started searching and the shadows on the glass were constantly changing.

Xie Xinglan no longer walked around and his back was to a mirror. He heard faint footsteps in the distance. Xie Xinglan had noticed that the fatty’s footsteps were heavy. These ones were light and urgent.

“The female ghost seems to make sounds when looking,” Xie Xinglan stated.

Xie Chi softly replied that this was good news for them. Xie Xinglan could leave in time to avoid risks when he heard the footsteps.

The female ghost was clearly searching but she didn’t touch the front, rear or side mirrors. On the mirror behind her, her shadow slowly pressed a hand on the mirror, leaving a shallow ghost handprint.

It was like the ticket check in a game venue that marked the official state of the game. It was also a silent mockery of the players participating in the game, like the first celebration of a certain victory.

[What is this situation? I am completely confused!!]

[Why does the female ghost’s shadow show different movements from the female ghost?]

On the fatty’s side, he was hiding in a corner and looking at the shaking shadow of the female ghost. The fatty was completely panicked as sweat dripped down from his forehead and his body shook.

Was there a real ghost?! No, the fatty shook his head desperately. There must be someone pretending. Maybe the boss hired someone to tease them! However, the rules of the game… should he follow them? Did it matter if he followed it? After all, it was better to believe in something than in nothing…

The fatty didn’t dare to move and gripped the bright mobile phone. The bright light source made the fatty feel a great sense of security. The fatty barely managed to smile as he watched the barrage flashing quickly in the live broadcast room.

He thought that he just needed to survive for an hour and felt a lot of comfort instantly. He might be alone in this ghostly place but there were so many audience members with him. If he was really scared then he just had to stay where he was and chat with the audience in the live broadcast room.

The fatty thought so. He closed his mouth, turned off the microphone and volume button of his phone, and started to type out messages in the live broadcast room to communicate with the audience.

A minute passed and nothing happened.

The fatty became even more convinced that this was just a trick. Of course, he received the money and had to act well. He couldn’t expose the boss’ tricks and embarrass the boss. Thus, he obediently closed his mouth and stayed here.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: Is the fatty here?

The fat man was stunned.

In the live broadcast room, the boss who had been silent suddenly sent him a message. The boss had given them many gifts so her name had turned a dazzling purple. This was especially eye-catching among the black and white barrage. He could see it easily.

The fatty didn’t dare neglect the boss and immediately replied: Yes, I’m playing the game as the boss ordered.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka immediately sent another message.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: I’m watching your live broadcast. Where are you? I can’t tell where you are at all? Where are you in the maze?

The fatty didn’t think too much. He just didn’t dare to let the boss feel bored. He did feel it was a bad experience for the audience if he played like this without explaining anything. Therefore, he looked around, racking his brains as he tried to think about how to describe his position.

In order to prevent himself from getting lost, he always walked to the left when encountering a fork.

Thus, the fatty replied on the public barrage screen: I always take the far left at all forks.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: You are so clever. I didn’t think of it at all.

Xie Xinglan hid, listening to the subtle footsteps in the glass maze while staring at the live broadcast room. He saw the conversation between the fatty and the boss.

The next second, Xie Xinglan’s eyes narrowed. The gradual footsteps were suddenly moving away. The female ghost in the mirror had originally been facing him. Now she turned her back and walked in the other direction.

The direction of the woman seemed to have changed?

Xie Xinglan’s expression changed suddenly as he thought of something. He looked down at the chat between the boss and the fatty on the screen of the phone. Then he took off his coat and covered the phone screen.

On the fatty’s side, he was squatting in a corner and happily interacting with the audience. Then he looked up and found the white shadow not far away.

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