APP: Chapter 59

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: It must be your own hair and nails. Go there first and then I will tell you the detailed rules in the barrage.

“Wow, it is like this. I’m a bit scared!”

“This type of trick is still being played these days. A ghost, haha.”

“Do you think he looks like he can afford to ask?”

“Maybe the boss just wants to spend 2,000 yuan to scare the anchor and see if he dares to play.”

“Isn’t this the ghost game? I played hide and seek with ghosts when I was a child. There wasn’t anything…”

The audience in the live broadcast room clearly didn’t believe it and were all excited. Xie Chi read the boss’ words again and his heart sank slightly. He had previously suspected it when the boss wanted to hide their identity and then when the courier couldn’t call the boss. Xie Chi clearly said he would go to any horrible place for 500 yuan but the boss gave 2,000. Was it really just a bigshot? Could it be…

An intrigued smile appeared on Xie Chi’s face. Was it possible they were afraid he wouldn’t go so they gave so much money? Was it necessary for him to go? If he didn’t go, would it have a great impact on the boss? The doll sent at this fixed time made it seem premeditated, like the boss couldn’t wait for him to go.

Thinking of this, Xie Chi stared at the live broadcast room on the phone for a few seconds. Then he picked up the phone and started acting with a gentle face. “You aren’t sleeping yet? Have you eaten?”

Xie Chi paused like he was listening to the person on the other end of the phone.

“What? Surprise me? You are waiting for me downstairs?”

Xie Chi continued regretfully, “No, I am on the live broadcast. I received a gift from a boss tonight and I’m going out soon…”

“Don’t!” Xie Chi looked terrified. “Of course you are important. Making money isn’t important at all!”

Xie Chi acted by himself for a minute and then made a helpless face at the camera. “My girlfriend suddenly came to me so I can’t go tonight. Boss, I’m sorry. Add me and I’ll return the money to you.”

“I understand, a female tiger.”

“You can have a girlfriend when you’re so poor!”

“He’s handsome.”

Xie Chi waited lazily after his performance. Sure enough, 10 seconds later, there was another meteor shower in the room. This time, the meteor showers came one after another. There were seven or eight and it only stopped completely after two or three minutes.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka had sent over 10,000.

The audience in the live broadcast room was yelling.

“It is almost 20,000! Fu*k, big boss!”

“Isn’t this too much?”

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: Is this enough? You can earn 20,000 yuan in a night. Your girlfriend will understand and support you.

Xie Chi raised an eyebrow. So it was the boss begging him to go. The boss… had a plan for him. He had tried it out so XIe Chi no longer hesitated. He smiled. “Of course it is enough! I’ll go after talking to her.”

Xie Chi acted like he was rejecting his girlfriend while searching on the Internet for information about the address given by the boss. It was a glass labyrinth privately opened a few years ago. It had a good reputation. It might’ve been abandoned for the past two years but the glass building was still there.

There was another knock at the door.

“Chi, open up! There is work tonight. I saw it on the live broadcast room. Let’s go together! It so happened that my van was just repaired.” It was a rough male voice.

Xie Chi walked over to open the door. It was a fat man in his 20s. His face was so full of fat that his eyes were just slits. The live streaming room was called Bachelor Brothers. This should be his NPC partner.

Xie Chi asked him to come in and then looked at the camera. He asked, “Boss, can I add someone else?”

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: Of course. The two of you, seal your hair and nails behind the doll.

Xie Chi understood that the boss didn’t choose special and unique people. He and the fatty had nothing in common. Therefore, the boss just wanted ‘someone to go to that place’ instead of a ‘specific someone to go to that place’. There was something tricky about that place and the boss had a scheme in their heart.

“Half the money is for me.” The fat man slyly said as he took the scissors and cut his hair.

Xie Chi said ‘okay’ and the fat man handed over the scissors for him to cut off a small handful of hair. The two people followed the boss’ instructions and then Xie Chi got into the fatty’s second-hand broken van.

The car headed for the place the boss gave.


Ten minutes later, they reached their destination. The destination was located on the boundary between the city and the suburbs.

The glass maze in front of him was much bigger and more complicated than he had imagined. It was dazzling just looking at it. It was estimated that this was a serious game and it would take an hour or two to go out.

The fatty parked the car and gulped as he saw the glass maze in front of him. “Fu*k, we have to play hide and seek here? It is scary to look at mirrors in the middle of the night, let alone so many mirrors that are reflecting yourself…” The fatty wrapped his jacket tightly around him like he was cold or afraid.

“Does the boss want to give us a hard time?”

Xie Chi was watching the live broadcast room instead of caring about him.

“Boss, we’re here,” Xie Chi stated.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: The range of hide and seek is the entire area occupied by the glass maze.

“Okay.” Xie Chi felt something strange.

If the scope of hide and seek was the glass maze then why not directly say the glass maze. Why say the entire area occupied by the glass maze? There was no glass above his head but was this also included in the ‘entire area occupied by the glass maze’?

Xie Chi put the question aside for the time being and walked to the entrance of the maze with the fat man. The place where the entrance of the maze was blocked to pay the entrance fee was destroyed. They walked in without any obstructions. The moment they entered, a green light suddenly appeared under their feet. The fat man screamed with fright.

The light covered the entire glass maze’s floor. It wasn’t bright green but dark green like a wolf’s eyes. Xie Chi found that the ground of the glass maze was also glass. They were stepping on glass that was foggy like it was the bathroom. The glass glowed green under the green light.

Xie Chi cocked his head and explained to the fat man, “It is pressure sensitive. The moment we step on it, the light will turn on. It is like a voice-activated lamp.”

The fatty sighed with relief. “That’s it. Well, it’s quite decent.”

“Say, will this glass break? I’m so fat that I can’t help imagining…” The fat man walked carefully like a woman with her feet wrapped.

Xie Chi was too lazy to take care of him. Countless Xie Chi and fatties appeared on the green glass in front of them. Every time they took a step, the figures on the glass changed. Countless reflections of themselves were staring at them in the mirror.

“Ah… this atmosphere is a bit creepy. There are so many pairs of eyes, wtf.”

“It seems that not all mirrors are flat mirrors. The faces are distorted and terrifying while the facial features are blurred and split…”

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: Now put the doll you brought at your feet. Once you start to hide, the doll will attract the ghost for three minutes. After that, the ghost will start looking for you.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: The ghost can’t see so you can hide safely. However, be sure to be in the maze. If you leave the maze area then you will violate the rules and be directly killed by the ghost.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: You have three opportunities to clap your hands.

Xie Chi frowned. Clapping his hands?

He had never played hide and seek games but he knew the rules of the game. In order to prevent hiders from hiding too far in remote places or from taking too long, there were generally clapping rules in the game. The seeker could ask the hider to clap to indicate the location, narrowing the search range.

Now the boss said they had three clapping opportunities…

Was this being afraid the ghost couldn’t find them? The ghost also needed to be reminded of their location…

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: Don’t get me wrong. This opportunity is good for you. If the ghost is about to catch you, you can clap your hands and the ghost will pause for 10 seconds. 10 seconds is enough for you to escape, right?

“Brother, I think there is something wrong with this rule.” Xie Chi’s frown deepened.

Xie Xinglan’s voice was low. “Why is clapping and pausing? In hide and seek games, making a sound is obviously a taboo thing…”

“I think so too.” Xie Chi agreed. “Let’s go and take a look.”

“Okay.” Xie Xinglan said.

The fat man was a bit afraid. “Chi, I thought the boss was going to trick us to brag. Now looking at it, will there really be a ghost…”

He couldn’t say in the live broadcast that he didn’t believe in ghosts. After all, this was tantamount to smashing his own job. He could only blink at Xie Chi to ask what this was. He didn’t believe in ghosts at all but the boss was too mysterious.

Xie Chi shrugged with an expression of disbelief. However, he knew that if the boss said there was a ghost catching people then there must be a ghost.

Xie Chi was a bit confused now. The boss’ rules were so detailed and it didn’t look like the rules would scam them. From the contents of the words, the boss’ position was quite fair. They were an outsider like an arbitrator. Or did the boss have to explain the rules of the game to the participants for some reason?

Xie Chi pretended to be relaxed as he asked, “Boss, what happens if we’re caught by the ghost?”

There was contempt from the live broadcast room.

“Isn’t that nonsense? Being caught by the ghost certainly means death!”

“Is the anchor’s brain caught in the door? So stupid!”

“Hurry up, so much time is spent on the rules.”

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: The game time is an hour from the moment you put down the doll.

Xie Chi was wondering why the boss didn’t answer his seemingly meaningless question.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: Fatty, since you’ve joined the game, you should open the live broadcast room and the microphone.

The fat man was stunned and hurriedly coaxed the boss with a smile. “Good good, I’ll do it immediately.”

Three minutes later, Xie Chi’s screen was half himself and half the fatty.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: The live broadcast must be on the entire time during the hide and seek game.

Xie Chi secretly gripped his phone tighter.

There was glass all around him. No matter where he hid, he would leave his shadow on the mirrors layered on top of each other. This was already extremely detrimental to him. Now the live broadcast had to be on and the light from the phone screen made him more conspicuous. It virtually increased the difficulty of the game.

However, it seemed the ghost wasn’t too powerful? The more rules there were that were harmful to them, the weaker the ghost. Rules were needed to maintain the balance of the game. According to the current unfavourable situation for them, the ghost might not be much stronger than a human…

There was fog in Xie Chi’s mind.

“Brother, I’ll leave my body to you.” Xie Chi thought.

“Okay.” Xie Xinglan said.

Sister Sadako’s sister Sayaka: It has started. Put the doll on the ground and start running. The ghost is coming.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

The livestream has to be on, but they didn’t say Xie Chi needed to be in front of the camera. I wonder if this is the work around.

2 years ago

Maybe I got too used to Xie Chi being able to figure out everything quickly lol

1 year ago

bro this game is too risky…

Olivia Iriciuc
Olivia Iriciuc
1 year ago

This is quote from last chapter “Prepare a bunch of hair, a small handful of rice, and a small nail. Then use scissors to cut the sutures on the back of the rag doll and stuff these things in”. It sais a bunch of hair, not your hair, so im guessing that he didnt put his own hair in and only the fatty’s hair. So the fatty will get folowed by the ghost, but mc will not.

10 months ago

100% not play 😭 it’s not hide and seek but it’s run away bc the ghost can see you even if u get rid of the light broadcast the mirror will show you😭😭😭 it gives no security and id be like f this byeeee