APP: Chapter 58 Part 1

Over on You Jing’s side.

You Jing smoothly found his crush among the many dead souls on the stage and led her off the stage while secretly feeling proud.

Previously, he gave his token to the female ghost. The female ghost temporarily captured the soul of his crush, hid her among the dead souls on the stage and had her wear a mask. He had to quickly find the girl he had a crush on.

You Jing deliberately had some things in his mind. During the time when the app asked him to randomly pick a girl to like, he picked a very short one. His mother had told him about the app’s little tricks. Generally speaking, the app only provided superficial information and often played word games to mislead the actors.

The app didn’t emphasize the significance of choosing a girl to like but there must be a difference in the type of girl chosen. You Jing himself guessed that he might have to find his crush. He guessed it correctly so he took advantage of it at the beginning.

You Jing led the girl to the female ghost sitting below the stage. He recalled the scene of handing in the token just now and was a bit annoyed in his heart. The app actually used this type of thing as a token.

He wouldn’t have come to Horror Skewers if he had known. Variety shows weren’t like movies. The app might allow actors to face various situations in order to entertain the audience. There was a high probability that the actors would be fooled and this was too embarrassing.

Fortunately, all the actors were like him. They couldn’t escape the tricks of the app. You Jing felt relieved at the thought.

The female ghost was sitting in the third row and You Jing went to her. The female ghost’s face was hidden under the black veil as she said, “Look at her again.”

You Jing turned his head and almost jumped from shock. In the blink of an eye, the beautiful girl had turned into an old woman with a disgusting face. Her skin was falling down softly on her face. Her skin was like chicken skin, loose and densely covered with bumps.

“This is how she looks when she is old,” the female ghost stated.

You Jing gritted his teeth and kept holding the girl’s hand. In the next second, the girl’s face changed again. This time, it was even more terrifying. It was the girl’s appearance after she was burned. Her nostrils were dark, her eye sockets were empty and her jaw missing…

You Jing barely resisted the urge to vomit.

The female ghost raised her hands and spoke in a hoarse voice. “Don’t you love her? Loving her means accepting everything about her, whether she is old or disfigured. Otherwise, your love is false. Go and kiss her.”

You Jing’s eyes darkened. He had to kiss such a disgusting face? This person didn’t even seem to have full lips. Her lips were now a thin layer of burnt skin.

“Go kiss her!” The female ghost exclaimed again. This time, she obviously had no patience. Her voice was hysterical, hideous and sick.

The desire to win trumped everything. You Jing convinced himself over and over again that this was just an illusion. He finally stopped hesitating and kissed the girl’s cheek. He tried his best to be gentle without showing any flaws, even if his nausea had reached the peak.

The female ghost seemed to laugh with satisfaction.


[If there was no Xie Chi then I might feel that You Jing was quite romantic. Now I just feel… emm it is bleak.]

[I understand. The moment there is a comparison, I feel that You Jing is dull. He might be smart but he follows the rules.]

[I think he is too serious. Xie Chi is realistic but his essence is still acting. You Jing is too serious and it is boring.]

[Isn’t it more of a loss for him? Doesn’t he have many girlfriend fans? It is all acting and Xie Chi has nothing to lose. His mouth is light. Meanwhile, You Jing showed himself but fell behind. Xie Chi gained fans while You Jing lost fans. He might as well use items directly.]

[Maybe is he reluctant to use items? Or he doesn’t want to be accused of only using items?]

[In addition, isn’t it normal? Perhaps he saw that he was second and his psychological state was a bit messy. He especially wanted to win?]

[Have you found that in the two plots, Xie Chi hasn’t exposed any means? What about his items?]

[I still want to see a stimulating plot. I’m a bit curious about this simple Lu. Hahahaha, he is so embarrassed that he has become a shy grass.]

[Reporting! Simple Lu has passed the first level.]

[In fact, it is a pity that Xie Chi’s female ghost was reborn while the other female ghosts are still NPCs.]


You Jing constantly self-hypnotized himself and passed the second level. He finally got through the ‘Female Ghost’s Dance’ that embarrassed the actors and caused the viewers to celebrate and returned to the initial room.

He turned on his phone and looked at it. Then he smiled triumphantly. He was first. He had surpassed Xie Chi.

On the app, there was a short line in the column of the ‘Female Ghost’s Dance’ story: You have won eternal love with your sincerity.

The door behind him creaked open and You Jing turned to see Xie Chi entering. Xie Chi looked up and was stunned to see You Jing. He didn’t lose his composure and leaned against the door with one hand in his pocket, smiling lightly. “Congratulations.”

“You are also very fast.” You Jing smiled in a friendly manner but it was faintly provocative.

Xie Chi ignored it and strode in, sitting down on a chair. “You choose.”

The rule was like this. The person who came first chose the token for the next level. He was one step slower than You Jing which showed that You Jing was still a bit capable. Otherwise, he really wasn’t worthy of being number one on the list.

You Jing was annoyed by this person’s calmness and indifference. It seemed that You Jing cared and desperately wanted it while this person dismissed it and didn’t even bother to give it an expression.

You Jing gritted his teeth secretly and walked around the cabinets to select a token. Meanwhile, Xie Chi looked down at his phone. The ‘Female Ghost’s Dance’ column had been completed and there was a short line: She died while alive and only came back to life after death.

Xie Chi felt this was quite appropriate.

You Jing walked around for a while before turning his head and asking Xie Chi, “Do you want to choose? I can do it all.”

Xie Chi frowned invisibly before smiling gently. “It’s fine. There is no need to ask me.”

It didn’t matter any more than You Jing.

[Hahahaha, the big shot doesn’t want to pay attention to him.]

[Son Chi’s heart: Don’t suffer after touching me.]

You Jing snorted secretly and turned around to look again. Finally, he chose a strange-looking rag doll. His novice movie was a ghost movie with a doll theme. This should be a similar type of work, which was the story of a ghost possessing a doll. He would have an absolute advantage if he chose this.

The doll lit up with a fluorescent light and You Jing disappeared first. He smiled and waved to Xie Chi. “I hope to see you next time.”

There was a strong provocation in his tone.

[You Jing, really… don’t you know that you are a lot worse than others? My god, so embarrassing.]

[Yes, Xie Chi might be a step slower than him but Xie Chi’s performance was above him by more than one level. He might not be able to catch him.]

[He must’ve never been hit. emmmm I feel that after the final score is calculated, he will be taught to be a man by Son Chi.]

[I also feel a bit frustrated, second.]

Xie Chi shrugged. He had seen many people like You Jing who were happy to help the weak to satisfy their boring vanity when they were high up. Then once their heart was threatened, they would immediately become nervous and treat others as imaginary enemies. They were bound to kill in order to prove their superiority.

You Jing was suitable for standing in high places and being looked up to. Once he fell off the altar, he would definitely collapse and feel despair. Xie Chi had no interest in pulling You Jing down. He just wanted to be first.

Half a minute after You Jing disappeared, the screen lit up.

[Opening the short movie ‘Hide and Seek.’]

Xie Chi was startled. This time it was a short movie, not a plot. It should be close to the style of a movie and the structure was different. In addition, why was the short movie titled ‘Hide and Seek’ when the item was clearly a rag doll? What was the relationship between a rag doll and the game of hide and seek?

Xie Chi temporarily couldn’t figure it out.

Before the transmission, Xie Chi carefully examined the doll. The rag doll should be made by hand. It wasn’t mass produced by a machine and the needlework was extremely rough. The stitched place on the back of the doll felt hard like there was something hidden inside.

Before he could take it apart, he disappeared from the room.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

“He must’ve never been hit” I feel really bad for You Jing after reading this audience comment. He’s beaten and abused by his parent if he isn’t perfect, but he’s still working hard to survive. I hope it doesn’t end badly for him. Instead I kind of want him to escape his situation and find happiness. I wonder what his wish was.

1 year ago
Reply to  ctomes

Maybe he doesn’t even have a desire… His mom could force him into the game

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago
Reply to  ctomes

Yeah same. If he has a wish I bet it’s a sad one like I wish to make my mother proud or smthg

2 years ago

“Xie Chi temporarily couldn’t figure it out”

I thought he’d think of something like “its probably hiding from the doll” or at least something, I really didn’t expect that he wouldn’t even have any ideas? I was taken aback a bit lol

1 year ago

I think if You Jing didn’t have a mom like that he might have never appeared in this app sometimes parents can indeed cause the greatest tragedy for their kids.

3 months ago

I hope you jing would heal but at this point maybe he wouldn’t? it’s sad that he has been abused by his mother before. :/ but maybe he’ll learn and improve aft this variety show.

on another note, LMAO LW JUST PASSED THE FIRST STAGE? HAHAHHH FML. I got a good chuckle when I read it.

2 days ago

insane how lu wen just passed the first stage😭