APP: Chapter 57

Xie Xinglan’s voice wasn’t calm. “Xiao Chi…”

Xie Chi snicked and spoke quietly to himself. “I’m not coaxing you Brother. Coaxing is connected with deception. I am coaxing her but there is no need to coax you. It is because it is the truth. The sun and moon can be seen and the stars can be shown.”

“The story of Adelina is for her and the story of Narcissus is for Brother.”

Xie Chi spoke gently. “The beautiful boy Narcissus was so narcissistic that he fell in love with his reflection in the mirror. He didn’t like women but was obsessed with his own reflection. Finally, despite the obstacles, he jumped into the water and embraced death so he could always accompany his reflection.

“Narcissus endured hardship gladly.”

Xie Xinglan was silent for a few seconds before giving a low chuckle. “Xiao Cih, even if Narcissus didn’t jump into the water, the reflection will always accompany him. The meaning of its existence is to accompany Narcissus. If Narcissus felt lonely then he just needed to go near the water or the mirror and it could be seen.”

His tone was indescribably gentle.

Xie Chi’s eyes moved. “Brother…”

Xie Xinglan didn’t want the child to be bored or saddened. He changed his words and lazily said, “Of course, if Narcissus wasn’t narcissistic by the water but was standing by a large fish pond and counting how much new fish were added to the pond, the reflection would pull him into the water without hesitation to accompany it forever.”

Xie Chi was stunned for two seconds  and subconsciously felt guilty. Then he realized the possessiveness in the words and his mouth twitched. “Therefore, the handsome reflection killed the possibility of the beautiful boy Narcissus becoming the sea king.”

Xie Xinglan was stunned and then his laughter was filled with joy.

Xie Chi concentrated on playing again


[He can also play the piano! I’m listening well!]

[So romantic! I’m envious of the female ghost.]

[Too good, too good. Thank you little piano prince!]

[This is a scumbag! He is clearly gay!]

[Go away, the above person. I am willing to be scummed by Son Chi.]

[An affectionate scumbag ahhh. Compared to a pool of stagnant water for a lifetime, I am definitely willing to be held up in his heart for a short time!]

[Hahaha, I suspect that if it wasn’t for the god’s perspective, I would have good reasons to think Son Chi is an actor. Isn’t this acting too good?]

[He isn’t embarrassed by himself. Hahahah, my flesh is numb and my teeth are sore.]

[Really, you guys. You are leisurely and infatuated even after death.]


He pressed the last note and the sound reverberated in the grand theatre, beautiful and gentle. It was like the teenager’s love, passionate and obsessed.

Xie Chi had played with all his heart and mind and didn’t have time to take care of other things. Once he finished playing, he noticed the piano board was reflecting light and showed a woman in a black dress behind him.

The woman wore a black veil on her head and seemed to be standing silently behind him for a long time.

Just then, Xie Chi’s phone lit up.

[You have successfully found the female ghost. Since you chose the female ghost as your crush, the content of the test is different from other people and the plot trend is out of control. Please make persistent efforts to create a different ending for the audience.]

Xie Chi turned off the phone screen. The task given by the app was just finding the female ghost hidden on the dance floor. The female ghost voluntarily removed her disguise and appeared. Naturally, this counted as him finding the female ghost. Now he had gone all the way here and there was no other way out.

[Isn’t this almost cheating? How can this happen?]

[Is it the legendary taking drastic measures to deal with a situation??]

[The bigshot’s way of thinking is really different from ours.]

[Son Chi, I am willing! I am the female ghost, I am willing! Yes, I do!]

[I feel that the female ghost is a bit innocent. Son Chi isn’t good, right? Why does he want to hurt a girl who has been injured by love twice?]

[You still feel real about the mission?]

[The earlier person is mistaken. Son Chi didn’t hurt the female ghost. He proved his sincerity to the female ghost and made her happy. He didn’t tell her to forget the past and be with him. There is no conflict between Son Chi passing the instance and the female ghost being healed.]

[Is harm always a result of deception? Son Chi didn’t mean to hurt her. To put it bluntly, there are mutual benefits. I will realize your unswerving dream and you will let me pass the test.]

[Thus, Son Chi is a good gentleman.]

[Ah, I suddenly remember Taoist Lian Xi saying that his life won’t have any affectionate love affairs. It turned out to mean air conditioning, air conditioning he installed himself.]


The female ghost stared at this young man for a long time. It almost seemed longer than her short and fleeting life. No, there was no unconditional love in this world. She didn’t believe it.

The female ghost slowly looked up, raised a burnt hand and grabbed a corner of the veil. Xie Chi didn’t understand her meaning and asked uncertainly, “…Senior sister?”

The female ghost suddenly lifted the veil over her face and her burnt face appeared in Xie Chi’s eyes, sudden and unreasonable. They were so close and Xie Chi was completely unprepared. His eyes shook and his face tensed.

The female ghost’s face was like roasted sweet potato, the surface as dark as charcoal. It was like the layer of black charcoal had been scraped by fingernails. The cracks were filled with bright red or yellowed flesh and yellow body oil and pus were oozing from the flesh. It was sticky and glued the flesh on both sides together, a bit like sticky honey. There was a slight stench that drifted to his nose in a suffocating manner.

Xie Chi hadn’t expected the female ghost’s face to become like this after the second burning and some truths or lies flashed in his eyes.

The female ghost was a bit surprised that Xie Chi hadn’t flinched back with fear. Her two eyeballs in the darkened eye sockets were trembling. She stared at Xie Chi for a few seconds before grabbing at Xie Chi’s clothes and sneering. “Seeing my face, can you still say that you like me?”

Her mouth curved up like she was trying to show a sardonic smile but the effect was ghostly and terrible.

Xie Chi was silent for only a second and the female ghost’s voice filled with terrible hatred. “You like the me before I was disfigured!”

Xie Chi suddenly raised his head and smiled lightly. “I like—” Brother.

The female ghost was in a daze for a second. She scanned Xie Chi’s face like she wanted to see the smallest flaw in him.

“Senior sister, you still aren’t willing to believe it?” Xie Chi gave a lonely smile. His hands in his sleeves were clenched into fists. Xie Xinglan was ready to act at any time.

The female ghost was silent. Then something suspicious and insidious flashed in her eyes.

“Senior sister, how do you want me to prove it?” Xie Chi shrugged and moved closer, his voice deep and sweet. “It can be any method. I can do it as long as you mention it.”

These clear eyes were as bright as stars and seemed to hold the winning ticket. The female ghost saw no flaws in his expression. Something different flashed in her eyes and she looked ferocious. “Can you become hard when you see this face?”

Xie Chi whose legs softened and he almost fell down, “……”

This… he was afraid, yes, no, yes.

[Ahahahahahaha Son Chi is overturned.]

[Eyes shaking like an earthquake.JPG.]

[Hahahahahahahahahahaha is it easy to tease? The female ghost gave us face.]

[Hahahahahahahaha who told you to talk so much?]

[Little Son Chi’s acting skills aren’t compared to Son Chi. Let’s be considerate and don’t laugh.]

[Hahaha, it means sense. Actions can deceive people but the body can’t react in a fake manner. Hahaha, female ghost, accept my worship.]

[The female ghost needs a hard mouth to make him show respect.]

Xie Chi was expressionless, irritable and aggrieved. “I’m not playing anymore!”

Xie Xinglan used a lot of effort to suppress his laugh and said solemnly, “Then I’ll come back—”

“No!” The more Xie Chi thought about it, the more he didn’t want to lose. He had put so much thought into this. He would be too wronged if he lost to the female ghost in the end. He had to go on acting even if he felt uncomfortable.

He had to win. He had never suffered such a big loss when growing up and would never give up.

“I’ll play again.” Xie Chi spoke calmly. “I think she is testing me. There can never be too much deception in war. A person with a guilty conscience will lose. If she is really determined then we will find a way.”


Xie Xinglan secretly had a headache. He crossed out activities such as stock trading and playing competitive games from a list of possible activities for Xie Chi. It was because Xiao Chi would become addicted.

Under the electric lights, the two people finished communicating. Xie Chi raised his eyes and spoke firmly. “I can.”

His voice echoed in the grand theatre.

[Is Xiao Chi’s acting so good? How did he agree???]

[How can he act this out???]

The female ghost’s hand on his collar shook and she gradually released her strength. She took two steps backwards and stood still in a slightly lost manner. The teenager said he could do it. Even though she was ugly, he loved her unreservedly and was willing to accept everything from her.

She had learned not to trust and subconsciously felt she wasn’t worthy, but this person told her that she was worthy of another person’s love. Love needed no reason.

This was the answer she desired most. It was the true feeling that could only be found in dreams. It was a utopia away from cruel reality. It was something she wanted to touch but wasn’t capable of.

He didn’t need to deceive her because he would’ve never been hurt if he hadn’t stepped into the grand theatre. He either wanted to make himself happy or he really liked her. It didn’t matter which one it was. He told her what she wanted to hear, even if it came late.

The female ghost couldn’t bear to put such a clean teenager isn’t an embarrassing situation. Her original intention was just to test him. The female ghost was silent for a few seconds before putting on the black veil again. She moved slowly and solemnly. Under Xie Chi’s gaze, she headed to the centre of the stage.

The stage was gorgeous and spacious and the female ghost was surrounded by ghosts dressed in costumes. Her black dress looked out of place among the ghosts. The female ghost put on white gloves and looked like a black swan.

She slightly relaxed one hand and lifted it gently. Beautiful piano music flowed out. It was the Ballade pour Adeline that Xie Chi had previously played. The back swan danced to the music and the dead souls became the best backup dances.

In the dark theatre, the scenes on the stage were real and dazzling.

The female ghost was the most beautiful existence on the stage. She danced gracefully and every movement had a special rhythm. She seemed to be composing her short and hasty life with her body language, and conveyed her most sincere joy, anger and sadness.

Xie Chi gradually understood. The female ghost was thanking him in this way. He found a place to sit down and appreciated it seriously.

[The ghost sister covered up her ugliest side and danced for Son Chi.]

[Really so romantic ohhh.]

[The ghost sister is so bitter. Son Chi might’ve made a mistake but he did a good job.]

[You sent me piano music and I danced for you.]

The piano stopped. The female ghost stopped dancing and stood alone in the centre of the stage. This scene was fixed in Xie Chi’s vision.

The next second, Xie Chi opened his eyes and found himself lying on the ground outside the grand theatre. He was holding a blood-stained piano key in his hand. Xie Chi got up only to hear the sound of a knife cutting across the piano key. Xie Chi looked down.

Two black and deep words were quickly engraved on the piano key. “Thank you.”

Xie Chi glanced at the locked door of the grand theatre and smiled gently. Then the phone rang.

[The story ‘Female Ghost’s Dance’ has been completed. You will be transferred back to the original room.]

In the theater, the female ghost stood in the centre of the stage and watched the place where Xie Chi had been sitting. It didn’t matter if the truth was false. She was willing to believe that it was true.

The young man weaved a beautiful dream for her and dispelled the nightmare that had haunted her for many years.

She had lost the ability to love again but now she had regained her faith. The world was full of possibilities. There were scumbags and there were good men who were affectionate. It was just that she met the former at such an immature age and mistakenly regarded him as everything. She abandoned all love. There were still many worthwhile people in the world but she was no longer in the world.

“Thank you.” The female ghost’s voice was hoarse. “Never come back. Live well and meet someone who is worthy of your love and who loves you deeply.”

She released all the dead souls who were unable to reincarnate because of her and drifted away. Her transparent soul was like the dazzling feathers of a white swan.

The female ghost wanted to close the theatre, meet her parents and then be reborn.

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2 years ago


Nistha Roy
Nistha Roy
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