APP: Chapter 56

[Hahaha, let him suffer retribution.]

[It wouldn’t have been that difficult. The faces of the souls that You Jing looked at were good. They are just wearing a mask so it wasn’t difficult to recognize a girl whose photo has been seen among a hundred people. It would take a little time at most.]

]The cub overturned the car. Hahaha, I’m happy to see it. Who told him not to follow the routine and to choose the female ghost.]

[Tonight’s winner. This slap in the face isn’t fragrant.]

[Female ghost: Am I a woman you can easily get a hold of?]

[Hell mode get.]

“Brother.” Xie Chi spoke weakly. “Is it too late for me to grab the bra?”

Xie Xinglan gave a low laugh. “What do you think?”

Xie Chi stood in the middle of the dance floor and looked to the left and the right.

The phone rang again and Xie Chi looked down at it.

[Since you regard the female ghost as your crush, the app will provide you with more detailed and precise rules to quantify the difficulty.]

[You must find the female ghost hidden on the dance floor before 4 o’clock in the morning. Otherwise, it will be regarded as a failed challenge and you will become a dead soul on the dance floor, dancing along to the sound of the piano in the middle of the night.]

[During this time, you can do anything but you can’t leave the stage.]

[Every three minutes, the piano will automatically play music. At this time, you can choose a partner and dance with her. The music lasts for three minutes and you can’t change your partner during these three minutes. You can observe your dancing partner closely. Pay attention and don’t do anything out of the ordinary apart from observation. This includes touching and removing the mask. Otherwise, you will be regarded as unfaithful and will be killed by the female ghost.]

[You can speak to the dead soul but the dead soul can’t make a sound to answer you.]

Xie Chi sighed deeply. “Brother, I have never seen the female ghost. I’ve seen her hand but not her face. For the convenience of dancing, the bodies of these dead souls are all intact. This includes the female ghost. It seems I can’t find her on the basis of her burnt hands.”

He had seen the appearance of the possible crushes on the app but he had never seen the female ghost. His understanding of the female ghost’s appearance came from his roommate but this was too vague. Thus, even if he observed closely, he couldn’t recognize who was whom, not to mention the souls were now unrecognizable.

It could be said that there was no hint. Xie Xinglan also felt the difficulty was out of balance and said calmly, “It’s fine. We won’t look for her and will fight her.”

“No!” Xie Chi refused in a wronged manner. “I had bragged about it and the audience saw me picking the female ghost.”

Xie Xinglan. “Now you know about shame?”

“You are still laughing!” Xie Chi complained.

Xie Xingyi coughed.

Xie Chi’s expression was melancholy. “First, I have to keep my image. Second, I can’t copy that guy. She is a woman who has already suffered a love injury. I will be too much of a scumbag. I can’t do it.”

Xie Chi shook his head and denied it himself first.

Xie Xinglan, “……”

Xie Chi gritted his teeth. “This must be done. My set up is as an affectionate person.

“The difference between a love saint and a scumbag is that the former won’t cause harm to innocent women. In the beginning, a gentleman is single-minded, devoted and it is easy to get together in the end. What you give is what she wants, consideration.”

Xie Chi continued, “It is the same with your tricks. Eating malatang for six yuan and doing it 13 times in an hourly room compared to opening a presidential suite with a bed of roses and being a gentleman. Can that be the same?”

“Cheating and being deceived need to be paid attention to.” Xie Chi was straightforward when talking about theories. “A deception that doesn’t cause harm can be regarded as a white lie. It is a beautiful dream carefully woven.”

Xie Xinglan lazily reminded him. “You are talking to your boyfriend about how to get a woman.”

“……” The slightly proud Xie Chi fell silent in an instant. Then he smiled awkwardly. “Brother, let’s start looking.”

Xie Xinglan was helpless. He always felt like he was taking his stinky brother to the amusement park.

The piano sound stopped suddenly. The dead souls on the dance floor froze one after another, resting in a fixed position like a merry-go-round. They waited for the next music to play so they could turn mechanically again.

Xie Chi glanced at the message on the phone.

[The next time the piano plays, you just have to stand next to the dead soul and reach out to her. This will be regarded as you inviting her to dance.]

Xie Chi counted. There were a total of 67 female souls on the field. Of course, he was looking at the hair and body. There might be some other omissions.

The female ghost had to be on the dance floor. There was no doubt about this. After all, the request was for him to find the female ghost on the dance floor.

67 dead female souls, three minutes of rest and three minutes of dancing. This meant he could observe one every six minutes. Six times sixty-seven, he could observe all the female souls in around 400 minutes. 400 minutes was six or seven hours. It was currently 10:30 in the evening and the deadline was five in the morning. There were only five and a half hours so he couldn’t observe all the dead female souls. He had to exclude some of them.

Xie Chi calculated it in his heart and frowned even deeper. This method was too stupid. Eliminating them one by one definitely wouldn’t work. In addition, he was in a hurry. If he really finished it like this then he would probably end up last.

Xie Xinglan observed in a circle. “The female ghost definitely isn’t fat. There are five fat girls so we can exclude them first. The other physical characteristics are unknown.”

They had numbered the 67  female ghosts when previously speaking. Now Xie Xinglan told him the numbers of those who were excluded.

“There are still 62.” Xie Chi glanced at the time on the wall clock and saw there was still a minute before entering the next round of dancing. “Then I will find one first to test the water?”

Xie Xinglan had no objection to this.

In the remaining time, Xie Chi chose a better-bodied female soul to dance with.

[Hahahaha the Xie-style stare. I’m laughing to death.]

[Son Chi: I watch.]

Three minutes later, Xie Chi came down. “No no, I can’t tell at all. She didn’t react when I struck up a conversation with her. This method is a waste of time.’

Xie Chi walked back and forth on the dance floor. Then his eyes suddenly fell on the black piano to one side and he paused for a few seconds. Xie Chi thought of something and smiled.

Tang Bohu had read ‘Others laugh at me for being crazy, and I laugh at others for not being able to see it’, hoping to impress Qiu Xiang. As long as Qiu Xiang felt something from the poem and made a strange move, Tang Bohu would be able to see it. (Tang Bohu= Chinese painter, calligrapher and poet)

The movie about them was a comedy and this was a ghost movie, but there were similarities.

Xie Chi was inspired and raised an eyebrow triumphantly. “Brother, look at me Xie Bohu the female ghost.”

Xie Xinglan, “……”

Xie Chi was immersed in acting in an instant. His back straightened and his head slightly lowered. He stood in the centre of the stage, his body illuminated by a grey and mysterious light and he looked extremely lonely.

He was obviously standing in a crowd of people but a dead silence exuded from deep in his bones. It was like a desperate, forbidden song that silently infected people. His eyes were clear and relieved after he gained some insight.

Xie Chi shrugged slightly, the smile on his face a bit mocking. However, there was no sadness like he had expected this ending a long time ago. He spoke lightly. “Senior sister, love has nothing to do with looks. I have proved this by standing here.”

‘They came here, thinking of themselves and wanting love.” Xie Chi smiled scornfully. “I came here for love but I am thinking about you.

“Everyone who comes here has nothing to ask for. Only me, I just want to see you once and offer you my sincerity.”

Xie Chi’s voice was loud, gentle but firm.

“I didn’t plan for anything. Senior sister is no longer alive and I can’t do anything. There is no interest in entangling with someone who isn’t in the same dimension. Moreover, Senior sister is one dimension higher than me. A high-dimensional creature can easily crush a low-dimensional creature. My life is in your hands.

“Senior sister has lost your looks, your life and your parents and family. It can be said that you have lost everything. Only my lonely self is left and I just want you.

“I know you don’t want to believe it anymore so you use this to test me and stop me. From the moment I appeared, I have proved that love has nothing to do with appearance. Senior sister just doesn’t want to be found by me.” Xie Chi smiled. “I understand, I don’t blame you. All the previous scars will cause deep and shallow obstacles to a new start. The injuries suffered by Senior Sister during this time are too great. Every step is a torment and a nightmare.

“I’m not here to let you choose to struggle and suffer. It is up to the woman to choose to move forward or not. Being shameless and forcing you isn’t something a man should do. I’m not forcing you. You can choose to take my life and choose to not be found by me. This is your freedom and I have no right to interfere.

“A secret love never needs a response from the other person. Once I hope for something in return, I will cross the line and cause trouble to the other person. I just came here to give you a bit of happiness. After all, the night is too long and the world is so hard.”

Xie Chi smiled lazily, his eyes righteous and free. “If you really want to kill me, it won’t be too late once I finish everything I want to do. I have a song here that I want to give to you.”

The stage was filled with a dead silence. Xie Chi walked to the piano, wiped off the dust on the piano seat with the tissue in his pants pocket and sat down.

His feet were covered with thick blood and the piano keys were also a dazzling red. He was about to reach out to touch the keys but the blood on the keys started to flood like they wanted to stop him from playing.

Xie Chi laughed. “He can play the piano but he let you down. Senior sister must not want to listen to piano music again lest your memories become dark. Thus, you came to stop me.”

Xie Chi’s eyes burned with youthful ambition and superior pride. “However, he is him and I am me.”

He smiled. “I can assure you that when I play, you will be thinking of me, not him.

“This is Richard Clayderman’s Ballade pour Adeline. It is a very ordinary song and you must’ve heard of it.

“It tells of a beautiful Greek legend.”

Xie Chi smiled and started to play. The dark red blood kept slipping from the keys and his hands were quickly covered in blood.

“It is said that a long time ago, there was a lonely king called Pygmalion. He was so lonely that he carved a beautiful girl to accompany him. This girl was too beautiful and moving. Pygmalion always stopped and watched her from a distance. He clearly knew that the girl was just a sculpture and that the girl couldn’t be with him, but…”

Xie Chi laughed. “He still couldn’t help falling in love with her.”

The blood on the keys suddenly disappeared. They became white and bright like there was an invisible hand cleaning the blood off the keys, unable to bear this clean and sharp boy being contaminated with dirty blood.

Xie Chi smiled. “He knew it was a disease but he insisted on going his own way.

“Pygmalion prayed to the gods, prayed for love and prayed for a miracle to come.

Xie Chi’s deep and clear eyes flashed and there was a smile on his face like he was in love. “The gods finally heard his wish and gave the girl life. Pygmalion got his love and finally had happiness.

“There will always be loneliness in this world. As long as you love piously, you will eventually gain love.”

There seemed to be a dead female soul moving behind him.


Xie Chi spoke with his mouth while inwardly smiling and telling Xie Xinglan other words. “There used to be a lonely king. He was called Xie Chi. He was so lonely that he split his personality to accompany himself. His personality was too handsome and gentle. Xie Chi always thought about it secretly. He knew that the personality was just a personality and couldn’t be with him, but still…

“He still fell overwhelmingly in love.

“He knew it was a disease but he insisted on going his own way.

“Xie Chi didn’t believe in God or Buddha. He could only do his best to create a miracle.

“Finally, the app found him. After some twists and turns, the app gave the personality a body. Xie Chi found love and finally had happiness.

“There will always be loneliness in this world. As long as you are sincere and passionate, you will eventually gain love.”

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Yoshi K
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