APP: Chapter 55

Xie Xinglan said, “You can be flirtatious but the female ghost can’t hear it. I can hear it so be flirtatious with me, okay?”

Xie Chi cleverly said, “Brother, I was wrong. The two of us together is an incomparably wonderful love.”

Xie Xinglan laughed softly. “Your little mouth is really sweet.”

“Then do you want to kiss it?” Xie Chi smirked and raised his eyebrow slightly.

Xie Xinglan, “……”

The grand theatre had been abandoned for a year and a half. It was covered with many cobwebs and there was a thick layer of grey dust on the windowsill and the ground. The original gorgeous appearance couldn’t be seen at all.

The bright red carpet under his feet extended to the shabby stage. It seemed to be mottled with dark red blood stains. Xie Chi walked along the red carpet and seemed to alarm a mouse. There was a sudden rustling sound in the theatre.

At 10:17, the bells rang in the theatre for a long time and the scenes told by his roommate gradually appeared in front of Xie Chi.

The piano played and wonderful piano music flowed out. Silhouettes appeared on the stage as the ghosts spun in circle after circle, filled with endless joy that never seemed to stop. The broken diamonds and sequins on their dresses sparkled in the darkness.

Xie Chi passed the rows of seats and was about to approach the stage when he saw a person sitting in the third row of seats! It had clearly been empty previously. The person was hidden in the darkness, her face unreal. Only the black veil covering her head swayed slightly with the wind.

The female ghost?

Xie Chi raised his eyebrows and calmly approached. She didn’t turn around but suddenly reached out to stop him. The hand was dry, burnt and dripping with yellow body oil. The smell was disgusting.

Xie Chi turned a blind eye to it. He knew that the female ghost was reading out to him to ask for a token. The token had been thrown onto the tree outside by him. Xie Chi didn’t panic and stood there motionless.

[Why did you come in without the token?]

[I don’t understand it.]

[How can you understand? This is my Son Chi.]

The female ghost and XIe Chi, one was sitting and one was standing, one was hidden in the deadly darkness and the other was illuminated by the faint moonlight. However, there was a strange harmony.

Suddenly, Xie Chi took two steps back like he couldn’t believe what he saw. Ecstasy flashed across his face and his eyes shook violently.

“S-Senior sister, is that you?” Xie Chi wondered in a trembling voice.

[Senior sister???]


The voice filled with a year and half of thoughts and eternal sorrow that spanned life and death echoed slowly in the grand theatre. The dry human hand shook slightly and a voice that was so rough that the gender couldn’t be distinguished was it. It was filled with strong hatred and resentment. “Who are you?”

The female ghost’s voice seemed to have been destroyed by the fire.

Xie Chi laughed at himself. “Senior sister definitely doesn’t know me because I have never tried to appear in your world.’

Xie Chi felt that the popularity of a human, secret love lay in the unswerving affection, the moving dedication and the willingness to do everything for that person. It wasn’t the inferiority, depression and unreasonable stalking caused by humbleness. Unrestricted praise would only bore Jiang Wei. After all, she had heard it too many times as she grew up and he had to change her mind.

Xie Chi spoke bluntly. “I’ve always had a crush on Senior Sister.”



[Did I hear that correctly? He confessed to the ghost??]

[Why is my child flirting with the female ghost??]

[I would’ve really believed it if I hadn’t read the script.

[Son Chi, you aren’t good.]

[This fu*king person can even do this? The idea to trick a ghost is extremely audacious.]


Xie Chi admitted it very honestly.

The female ghost paused for a few seconds before she seemed to become irritated. “Men really aren’t good things! What the hell do you think of me?!”

The dry, burnt hand grabbed at Xie Chi like it would break his fragile neck in the next second. Xie Chi stood motionless. The ghost hand stopped near him.

“Senior sister, it isn’t too late to kill me after listening to me.” Xie Chi smiled.

The ghost hand paused for a few seconds before retracting.

“I thought I would never have a chance to say these words in my life.” Xie Chi smiled calmly. “It isn’t that I feel unworthy. It just didn’t think it was possible.”

The female ghost’s ears moved slightly.

Xie Chi sat calmly next to her. “Hormones are unreasonable and come and go, as they saw. People are full of an animal nature when driven by s*x hormones. I can’t get involved in another person’s life just because I like that. Love doesn’t come first. There is also ethics. Senior sister loved him and it was destined that I couldn’t win your love.

“It wasn’t like  I didn’t have evil thoughts. I would dream in the middle of the night and think more than once about what would happen if I met you first. Would it be me who was with you later? I have secretly compared with him countless times and then came to the conclusion that he is far worse than me. Even if it is a fair competition, I will win in the wind. “The young man’s face was full of complacency and a surging ambition to win his perfect love.

Xie Chi laughed with a bit of helplessness. “However, it was him who came first and it wasn’t possible for me. I could only be a bystander and witness the love between you and him. I might be full of unwillingness but I silently blessed you. I hoped that Senior Sister would get the happiness you wanted.”

The ghost hand silently grasped the lace skirt of the black dress.

Xie Chi laughed at himself in a self-deprecating manner. “I thought this was being a gentleman.”

There was loneliness in his eyes. “This worthless demeanor caused me to be separated from you forever. This is what I regret most. If I had thrown these thoughts away, perhaps you would be alive and with me.”

The female ghost’s thin back trembled.

Xie Chi’s tone was flat. “Later, I transferred to another school. I only heard the story about the grand theatre by chance and came back immediately. That is why you are seeing me now.”

“Why?” The female ghost’s voice was full of the hurts of life.

“I like a person. Who cares about becoming a ghost?” Xie Chi sneered. Then he looked at the female ghost like he really didn’t care about life or death.

The female ghost trembled.

“Senior sister, don’t you like to test the sincerity of those people?” He leaned in suddenly, voice low and sweet. “So do you want to test my sincerity?”

These clear eyes were deep under the moonlight with a winning ticket in his hand.

“No one in this world can pass this challenge if I can’t pass it.

“So don’t drive me away. I might not have brought a token but I am also a challenger.” He paused and added with a low smile. “Your challenger.”

“Tonight’s winner.”

The female ghost watched him.

Xie Chi stood up, took a step back and bowed in a gentlemanly manner with one hand behind his back. “Please give me a chance to prove myself.”

[This bad old man, I almost believed your nonsense.]

[It’s amazing that he isn’t embarrassed.]

[It will be magical cough cough cough.]

[Son Chi, come and tease me 155551. So great, why am I a good ghost? I want to be a fierce ghost whimper.]

There was a long silence. The next second, the female ghost’s red lips moved under the black veil and her voice was soft but mechanically stiff. “The price of failure is death.”

“I know.” Xie Chi smiled and answered very simply.

The female ghost was silent for a few seconds. “Find me among the people dancing on the stage.”

Xie Chi was taken aback and then smiled.

[Accepted??? He is lying to you. Ahhh, female ghost, wake up. Don’t be fooled by him. He is a liar.]

[Even the female ghost who has been hurt by love is secretly moved???]

[It is just giving him an opportunity to challenge. It doesn’t mean anything. Who said that she secretly promised her heart?]

[The upstairs brother doesn’t understand women at all. Giving a chance… tut, you know nothing. Son Chi is awesome.]

[I heard this side is magical and sneaked over.]

[You Jing is currently first but it is very boring. He went to the female ghost with the panties of the girl he secretly has a crush on and is looking for his masked partner on the stage.]

[Hahahaha, how is that boring?]


Xie Chi walked to the stage as the melodious piano played. He was free and unrestrained one second yet the moment he turned his back to the ghost, he looked guilty. He cautiously asked, “Brother, are you angry?”

Xie Xinglan was calm. “Of course not.”

Xie Chi felt a bit of regret as he secretly chuckled. “Oh, you’re not angry. I had prepared a lot of words to coax you.”

Xie Xinglan, “……”

Xie Chi’s phone rang.

[Female ghost: Love should have nothing to do with looks. You should still recognize me even if I change masks and makeup.]

[Since you have chosen the female ghost as your secret love, the female ghost will wear a mask, put on a new dress and hide among the dancing people. Please find the hidden female ghost as soon as possible while dancing with different people.]

Xie Chi stepped on the stage and found that all the dead souls were gone. They had become burnt people wearing masks and gowns. Their skin was intact but their faces were burned beyond recognition.

He had to find the burnt female ghost among the hundreds of burnt corpses wearing masks.

Xie Chi’s expression was dull.

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2 years ago

This is how searching your friend in a crowd nowadays looks like

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My guess is she’ll be the best dancer. Thanks for the chapter!

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Reply to  ctomes

I would’ve forgotten about it if you didn’t mention it good point (||ತᴗತ)

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Xie Chi you flirt agsgahshgba

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Is she not a dancer before death? It should not be hard no?