APP: Chapter 54

[Hahaha he is too deep in the act this time. He didn’t forget to play the script of affectionate love.]

[S*xy Xiao Chi’s online education of the motherland’s flowers.]

[I’m a bit curious about how he will ‘deeply love a girl.’ Hahaha, isn’t he gay? He admitted it in the last movie.]

[Huh? Is that real or fake? It is interesting.]

[The female ghost’s job of teaching director was robbed hahahaha.]

[A single dog feels a great deal of comfort from this story.]

[The ninth place newcomer died in the first level!!]

[In fact, as long as you can be cruel to yourself and brave, you can pass it. After all, people don’t die immediately when the ghost hand sticks out of their stomachs. They have to just reach in and find the sixth finger. It depends on who has the fastest reaction and has the most ruthless and courageous heart.]


The three people heard Xie Chi say the word ‘love’ and all showed a dirty and teasing expression.

The boy who told the story suddenly remembered something. He bumped Xie Chi with his elbow and smiled sneakily. “Chi, didn’t you secretly tell me before that you liked a girl for a long time and this person didn’t like you?”

The other two boys were stunned and then became excited. “No wonder why the word ‘love’ came from your mouth. We don’t understand love but you know it very well…”

One person thought of something and his eyes lit up as he laughed. “Chi, since this person doesn’t like you and your love is deep-rooted, you should go to the old campus to participate in the female ghost’s test. Perhaps you will pass it and then return with a beauty?”

“This idea is good!” The other two immediately agreed and provoked him.. “Didn’t you talk about love? Then prove it to us.”

They were probably convinced that Xie Chi was too afraid to go and taunted him with pride.

Xie Chi felt that rather than punishing unfaithful couples, the female ghost should teach these naughty children who talked blasphemy about love and didn’t take human lives seriously.

Xie Chi’s phone lit up again.

[Act two is released: Go to the abandoned theatre on the old campus to participate in the female ghost’s test.]

Xie Chi thought ‘sure enough’ and put the phone back in his pocket. Just as time was about to cut away, footsteps were heard outside the dormitory. It should be the aunt in charge of the housekeeper.

Xie Chi’s eyes changed slightly and his mouth twitched. These three weren’t under the jurisdiction of the female ghost so he would reluctantly educate them. Xie Chi stood up lazily, rubbed his slender fingers over his Adam’s apple and cleared his throat.

“What are you doing?” The three boys looked up blankly at him.

Xie Chi smiled slightly before making a frightened expression. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

“Where is it?” The three of them were so frightened they almost fell off their chairs. They twisted their necks frantically out of fear that a burnt face had appeared behind them.

Then there was a knock on the door from the fierce dormitory aunt. She severely scolded them, “Open the door! You’re still not sleeping?  Tomorrow I will inform the teacher and you will receive punishment!”

The three boys showed panic and Xie Chi raised his eyebrow with pride.

[Hahahaha, my god, how is he so cute?]

[If you upset me then I’ll ensure you receive a penalty hahahaha.]

[Xiao Chi is careful to remember grudges hahahaha. He is the only one who can make things difficult for NPCs.]

[He is too deep in the act ahahahaha. Too cute. The dedicated person setup won’t collapse.]


Time cut away.

Xie Chi opened his eyes again and found himself in front of an overgrown iron gate. It was a bright, moonlit night. The cold moonlight poured down on the abandoned campus covered in vines. Half of the campus was slightly bright while the other half was hidden in the darkness.

The weeds at his feet were as high as Xie Chi’s knees. The grey stones among the weeds looked like human bones at night. Not far away, the cicadas hummed intermittently, making the night quieter. Xie Chi could clearly hear the sound of his breathing and heartbeat.

Withered creepers were entangled around the iron door in front of him. It hadn’t been repaired for a long time and the paint on the iron door was mostly rusty. This should be the old campus and based on the layout, it was the back door.

The phone rang again and Xie Chi took it out.

[Act two: You deeply love a girl but you can’t ask her out. Therefore, your heart is soaked in bitterness all day long. Under the instigation of your roommates, you finally mustered up the courage to come to the old campus by yourself late at night, ready to accept the test of the female ghost and gain eternal love.]

[The second act is officially opened.]

There was a creak as the iron gate in front of him opened without warning, as if welcoming Xie Chi’s arrival.

Xie Chi walked in and saw the big theatre hidden in the darkness instantly. He pushed aside the weeds and walked to the door of the grand theatre.

A cordon was drawn around the theatre to prevent people from entering. Warnings were painted on the wall in a bright red colour and heavy locks were placed on the doors.

Xie Chi’s phone lit up again.

[It is now 10:15 in the evening. In two minutes, the theatre will automatically open and the female ghost’s test will come.]

[In the next minute, please select the girl you like.]

Xie Chi was startled.

A dozen or so photos of girls popped up on the app. Looking at it roughly, they had all sorts of styles but there was only the frontal face. The hair and body weren’t visible. Xie Chi randomly chose one that was more distinctive. The girl’s facial features were wide and open. She had big eyes, a slightly square chin, a high nose and heavy makeup. She looked enchanting and gorgeous.

After picking it, Xie Chi glanced at the photo a few times and took note of the girl’s appearance. Then he waited for the theatre doors to open.

“Brother>” Xie Chi had a dilemma. “The story requires me to deeply love a girl. This isn’t contradictory to my ‘open love’ right? I love her secretly and I love you openly…”

“Xiao Chi, you’re like a scumbag.” Xie Xinglan smiled.

“……” Xie Chi was wronged. “I can’t help it.”

Xie Xinglan’s tone was flat. “I’m not unreasonable. I might be jealous but rest assured, our goals are the same—to get through the instance. Being in love with a girl is just acting. Whoever is serious will lose. In other words, I picked the piano key and everything is on my head. It has nothing to do with you. I won’t be angry.”

Xie Chi’s Adam’s apple moved slightly. “Brother, previously you didn’t like to say such long sentences when talking to me. Now that you said such a long string of words, it makes me feel a bit flustered.”


Xie Chi silently added, “It feels like you are trying to convince yourself.”

“…No.” Xie Xinglan replied calmly. “Don’t guess. You are looking down on me too much.”

“That’s fine. Then you won’t get angry no matter what happens.” Xie Chi was completely relieved and tidied up his clothes. “Brother, it is necessary for me to flirt but you have to remember, you are always in my heart.”


Xie Chi was in a daze when he finished talking. He seemed to have said another scumbag quote.

Xie Chi was sure that he had reached a settlement with his boyfriend and smiled with satisfaction. The next second, something appeared in his hand and his smile completely froze and his eyes shook again.

It was a bra that gave off a woman’s seductive body fragrance.

[Hahahaha, this sand sculpture variety stow. I knew the app was making fun of him. I’m laughing to death.] (refers to someone perceived to be stupid or enjoys doing dumb things to make people laugh. It can also describe things that make you laugh. Mainly used humorously but can sometimes be derogatory)

[I love Horror Skewers hahahaha.]

[It is too hard to be pure.]

[I’d love to know how the honest Lu Wen reacts when he comes to this scene.]

[I thought it was a beautiful story. Cough, I’m naive.]


A paragraph flashed on Xie Chi’s screen

[The girl you like is a KTV ‘princess’.]

[Reference script: In the second year of high school, you have discovered that some of your good friends are no longer virgins. You are the only one. You felt ashamed and distressed. Therefore, on a lonely night, you made a money and body transaction with a KTV princess. The princess left after the job but took your heart with her.]

[You have looked for her many times after that but she coldly refused. She is willing to spend a night with you if you give enough money but that is all. You are still charged by hours. Your heart is broken and you know this is far from enough to satisfy you. You want to get her eternal love and punish her for only being open to money.]

[This night, you took the bra she gave you to the abandoned theatre.]


[Hahaha, high school student x KTV princess. This is reasonable.]

[I’m just hahahahaha.]

[This script ahahaha. Son Chi’s heart is collapsing.]

[The app did it to make us happy.]


Xie Chi felt that every finger was out of control. They were stiff like ice and couldn’t move at all.

“Brother, I want to throw it away.” Xie Chi stared at the s*xy bra and gritted his teeth.

Xie Xinglan’s voice was heavy. “You put it on the ground first and I’ll hold it for you.”

Xie Chi was about to refuse when something flashed in his brain.

The story requirement was for him to be deeply in love with a girl. It didn’t matter how it was as long as it was a girl. This could be seen from letting him randomly choose one.

The script given was also a reference script. It wasn’t a script that absolutely had to be played.

According to the request of the female ghost, he had to bring in something belonging to the girl he liked. However, there was a situation where he could go in empty-handed. It was when he was secretly in love with Jiang Wei. It didn’t matter if they were living people or ghosts, they had a gender. Jiang Wei was a girl.

Since the app allowed him to pick a girl casually as his crush, this meant it didn’t matter if it was true feelings or not, as long as the instance was passed. Jiang Wei absolutely didn’t have the ability to search his mind and know his true thoughts.

Xie Chi kneaded the bra into a ball and threw it. He saw the brightly coloured bra hang on a dead vine and immediately felt more comfortable.

Junk app.

[Wtf??? Why did he throw it???]

[It is hung so high that it can’t be taken down. So how can he bring a token in?]

[Hahahaha I’m laughing to death at this violent temper. He won’t regret it and go climb the tree to grab the bra later, right?]

[It actually depends on whether you want to challenge it or not. If Son Chi doesn’t want to play then he can turn around and leave. Then come back tomorrow.]

[Isn’t it a time story? Then it can be done according to ability.]

Xie Chi raised an eyebrow, placed a hand in his pocket and spoke inwardly, “Brother, I’m going to tease a ghost.”

Xie Xinglan coughed twice.

Xie Chi added calmly, “If I fail then remember to take your cute little brother to escape. If it doesn’t work then use the eight trigrams to attack her.”

“……” Xie Xinglan replied solemnly. “Okay, you can just play.”

Xie Chi felt it was good to have someone be around whenever he got into trouble.

The heavy lock on the door of the grand theatre was suddenly unlocked. The rusty door slowly opened with a loud creak.

Xie Chi stood at the door and joked, “The female ghost teaching director, do you want to have a ghostly love with your student?”

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2 years ago

They’re literally in the same body no one would still each other from them yet they still managed to be so damn possessive 😂

2 years ago

That app was definitely messing with Xie Chi when it gave him that bra. The image of him tossing it into a tree is too funny XD

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

I agree with the commenters tho, where do I have to go to see Lu Wen get that bra?

1 year ago

this is hilarious 🤣 the bra omg