APP: Chapter 53

The boy spoke up to here and abruptly stopped. He slowly and leisurely drank from a cup of water.

“Then what? Why did everyone call her the female ghost? Why was the grand theater locked? Why did your school move campuses?” The boy beside him couldn’t wait and spoke extremely quickly, like g*nfire.

The narrator paused for a moment and Xie Chi remembered every detail in his heart.

The narrator sighed and continued, “Jiang Wei locked the door of the grand theater before setting it on fire. At that time, everyone was dancing on the dance floor and no one noticed. The location of the grand theatre was too far away from the rest of the school. By the time people found out and arrived, everyone in the grand theatre had burned to death. No one escaped.”

“Fu*k, the most handsome boy in the school and his new girlfriend also died?” The boys who heard the story felt a bit dreamy.”

“That’s not certain.” The narrator gave him a meaningful look.

“Eh…” The boy spoke with a bitter face. “How can I dare find a girlfriend in the future? If I cheat then I will be burned to death. After all, I am a man and I’m likely to make the mistakes that men all over the world make.”

Xie Chi, “……”

He secretly called out, “Brother?”

“Yes?” Xie Xinglan replied softly.

“I will say something. Once you separate from me and gain a body, if you cheat…” Xie Chi paused with a sense of sadness on his face. “No matter the reason, I will burn you to death. I even think it is a bit cheap to burn you to death.”

“……” Xie Xinglan gritted his teeth. “This hypothesis isn’t true.”

Xie Chi smiled and the pretend sadness on his face was swept away. His expression was pure and gentle. “Thus, it is just a hypothesis.”

The narrator continued. “That scene… you really can’t imagine it. All the burnt corpses were completely unrecognizable. Hundreds of people died…”

A boy asked, “What about Jiang Wei’s parents?”

The narrator replied, “Jiang Wei’s parents lost all their money and left this sad place, moving away. The school survived the most difficult period and rebuilt the grand theatre.”

“Isn’t this good? Everything is back to normal. So why did our school move campuses later?”

The narrator’s tone became mysterious and he spoke in an official storytelling manner. “Everyone thought this matter was over but it was just the beginning.”


Jiang Wei burned everyone in the theatre. The original, magnificent grand theatre was burned to the ground and was just ruins. Once the corpses were claimed and dealt with, the school waited for public opinion to subside before rebuilding the grand theater. They hoped to let time bury the past.

The grand theatre was soon rebuilt and looked exactly the same as the original. Everything seemed to be on the right track until one night, a couple finished a night of self-study and wanted to find a place to kiss. They slipped into the empty grand theatre.

At the moment of love, they were reluctant to separate. Suddenly, a bell rang in the grand theatre. The sound of the bell echoed continuously. It was gloomy and remote, making their hearts tremble.

The girl instinctively looked at the gorgeous wall clock on the wall of the auditorium, which showed that it was 10:17 in the evening. She was wondering why it rang when it wasn’t exactly the hour. Then she suddenly saw a burnt face appear behind the boy!

The timid girl screamed and fainted with fright on the spot. A sudden chill went down the boy’s back. He slowly and stiffly turned his head but there was nothing behind him. The boy thought it was a false alarm and sword as he gasped heavily. He picked up his unconscious girlfriend to go outside when a wonderful and mysterious piano sound filled the grand theater.

“Who is it?” The boy thought that someone was pretending to be a ghost. He put down his girlfriend and looked around the theatre. Finally, he walked to the stage to check the piano, trying to find out the person pretending to be a ghost. However, he became frightened when he got closer. His legs became limp and he fell to the ground.

There was no one sitting at the piano seat but the piano keys were being pressed and played spontaneously. It sent out deep and beautiful music.

…It was precisely the song that was playing when the theatre caught on fire. The boy started sweating. In his eyes, the piano suddenly caught on fire and the flames spread rapidly. The sharp corners of the piano melted and turned into a black shadow.

On the black and white piano keys, dark red blood gradually appeared. The blood first stained the keys red and flowed through the gap between the keys into the piano. Blood soon spread from the keys and there was the sound of blood dripping onto the ground.

The boy was so scared that he started running away but he was dragged back by a burnt hand that reached out from nowhere. He fell onto the center of the stage, scared witless.

On the huge stage, countless dead souls had appeared. The dead souls were transparent. They dressed in gorgeous, expensive clothing as they danced in the sea of fire to the sound of the piano. They were like dolls with no emotions.


The narrator stopped talking to take a sip of water again. Xie Chi took the opportunity to pretend to be curious and asked, “The wall clock showed 10:17. Is this the time that Jiang Wei set the fire?”

The boy chuckled. “You are quite smart. My senior sister said this is indeed the case.”

Xie Chi immediately asked another question. “All the people on the stage have become ghosts? Jiang Wei has become a ghost? The burnt ghost hand that dragged the boy back and the face that scared the girl should be Jiang Wei?”

The boy was unhappy and exclaimed, “Don’t grab my lines!”

He looked like Detective Conan who was suddenly robbed of his lines.

“Who made you do this?” Xie Chi curled his lips. “You let us guess but don’t want people to guess.”

Xie Chi poked the man and urged, “What happened to the boy who was dragged to the centre of the stage? He died?”

The other two couldn’t wait to look at the narrator.”

The boy shook his head. “He wasn’t dead but when he was already delirious when he was rescued.

His expression was a bit scared as he leaned over and lowered his voice. “The senior sister said he was sent to a mental hospital afterwards!”

“Ah? He went crazy?” One person took a breath.

Xie Chi was silent.

“That isn’t the weirdest thing!”

The boy immediately continued. “A classmate who knew the boy secretly revealed that before being sent to the mental hospital, the boy kept repeating a few words.

Xie Chi wondered, “What were the words?”

He claimed to be a messenger of the female ghost Jiang Wei and blessed the world for the female ghost.”

“Blessed?” Xie Chi faintly felt that he had grabbed the key point.

The boy explained. “If you have someone you can’t ask out, you can choose to bring something from your beloved one and open the door of the grand theatre at midnight. If you can pass the test of the female ghost then she will give you love.

“It doesn’t matter if the person loves you or not. After passing the pass, they will love you forever, live for you, die for you and never change their heart. This is the female ghost’s blessing to those who pass the test.”

Xie Chi finally knew why this story required him to be deeply in love with a girl. It seemed he would challenge the female ghost’s test later.

Xie Chi asked tentatively, “What happens if the challenge fails?”

The boy replied, “If you fail, you will die and become a new soul on the dance floor. Every time a new challenge arrives, you will dance to the sound of the piano.”

Xie Chi muttered, “This female ghost doesn’t seem particularly bad? After all, the reward is eternal love. It doesn’t seem an exaggeration to bet your life?”

Of course, this was still extremely wayward. She couldn’t get unswerving love in her lifetime and didn’t think it existed in the world. After death, she had to test humans and bestow eternal love to others. It was indeed like the thoughts of an immature girl.

How could she maintain the order of love? Why did she feel that everyone in the world was the same once she encountered people who weren’t good enough? However, he was too lazy to judge other people’s lives. This didn’t bring him any inspiration or disgust. An individual had their own way of living. It was their freedom and had nothing to do with him.

The boy sighed. “Yes, it is very sad. She doesn’t kill innocent people indiscriminately and isn’t a particularly bad ghost. She is just obsessed with testing others. She usually doesn’t hurt people for no reason. She is just loyal to testing the love of men and women in the school.”

A person to the side was surprised. “Testing?”

“The female ghost’s shadow covers the entire Beilu High School. She is always watching in secret for those who fall in love at school. For men and women who fall in love, she will regularly take a loving couple to the grand theatre and test them separately to prove they truly love each other.”

Xie Chi inquired, “What if they fail?”

“Failure means becoming the female ghost’s messenger, just like the boy who entered the mental hospital. They will talk nonsense and convey the female ghost’s will, letting people know that there is a female ghost. They can take the initiative to participate in the test and obtain love.”

Xie Chi murmured, “So the boy who entered the mental hospital failed the female ghost’s test? His love with the girl will be forever with the female ghost?”

The boy nodded wildly. “That’s it.”

Xie Chi wondered, “How many go there?”

“There was a lot. In just one month, seven or eight students disappeared. They all had a crush on others, went to the challenge and never came back. I heard that some people have seen them join the ranks of the dead and dance on the dance floor late at night.”

Xie Chi sighed. The love of these young people was much hotter and pure than in society but this made it easier to go to extremes and suffer bad consequences.

The narrator thought about it. “It seemed they were three or four pairs who went crazy. They all failed the female ghost’s test. I haven’t seen anyone succeed.”

Xie Chi nodded. “So the school decided to move the campus?”

“Yes, that batch of students had good conditions at home. Many of them transferred schools and not many students were left. In addition, the school and society gave a lot of pressure. I heard from the senior sister that at the time, no one dared to fall in love for fear of being caught by the female ghost and going crazy.”

The boy quipped, “The grades of the school students at that time became even higher.”

Xie Chi, “……” The female ghost restrained high school students from falling in love.

The boy continued, “The school quickly moved the campus for the safety of the students so this type of thing didn’t happen again. I think over a year passed? The batch of students have graduated and less people know about it.”

The two boys to the side showed the same expression and one of them touched his chin. “The female ghost is too paranoid. There is no single-minded love in the world. Even if I like a girl, I will take a second glance if I see a beautiful woman in black silk stockings.”

“You are cheap!”

The three of them started joking around noisily.

“I’m telling the truth! Do you dare say you can love forever? I think it is boring to love only one person in a lifetime. There are so many girls waiting for me to sleep with.”

The boy sneered. “If the biological world really encourages monogamy then why are only one or two eggs produced at a time while hundreds of millions of sperm are produced at a time?”

“Men really have the ability to make many women fall pregnant at the same time. After all, an egg can be combined with one or two sperm. In terms of number, I can make women all over the world pregnant with my child.”

Xie Chi was caught off guard and couldn’t prevent his eyes from shaking. His expression was flustered.

[Hahahaha, Baby Chi is shy.]

[He’s so fu*king cute.”

Xie Chi inwardly spoke. “Brother, are the children now… so open?”

Xie Xinglan had a headache from this group of naughty children. “If you don’t want to listen then change with me.”

“No, no.” Xie Chi coughed slightly. “I just think that according to what they said…”


Xie Chi’s face was expressionless. “According to their words, us being together…


Xie Chi’s face was extremely red. “It is a pure waste of sperm.”

Xie Xinglan once again coughed violently.

The naughty children continued. “Other animals have multiple wives… I’m not wrong to say this. Later when I have money, I will have mistresses. Isn’t that what we did in ancient times?”

The other two children nodded with a smile.

Xie Chi’s phone rang.

[The first act is complete. You will enter the second act in 30 seconds.]

Xie Chi coughed twice.

The other three turned their attention to him.

Xie Chi supported his chin with his hand and had a deep expression on his face. “Human beings are animals but they are trying to get rid of their animal nature. S*x isn’t only to have children. Or in other words, the purpose isn’t to have children at all.

“Then what is it?”

Xie Chi’s expression became deeper. “There is love.”

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2 years ago

Do teenage boys actually think like this?? Scummy boys >:(

2 years ago

ISTG if guys think like this I’ll prefer being single in my whole life and take care of some animals so I won’t get lonely

Nistha Roy
Nistha Roy
2 years ago

I’ve never wanted to slap someone so hard until now.

2 years ago

i wonder if this how men really think of women…..
im so hurt. yeah true all the boys only look at pretty girls.
even the dull looking guys also prefer pretty girls…
back then i did had a crush on few guys, they’re not ermm good looking at all, but what i like abt them were their kind and cute personality.
but they all chase after pretty girls
no wonder im already 22 but never had a boyfriend bcs im ugly :’)

11 months ago
Reply to  Latte

As a men i never think this way. Nope, nuh uh. Even if i want child with my partner i we two need to talk it out first. Also, including this and that payment later, and time for our child also loving her.

As a men myself, anything is good. As long as my partner don’t cheat! And love me! I will do the same. If i have a partner and they cheat on me. I won’t get angry, i just straight up ask them “if you don’t love me anymore just say it! So i can leave and try my best to forget you”

Me personally when i like/love a person, only them are in my mind, i won’t persue others than the one that i pursuing

10 months ago
Reply to  Latte

Gurlll your not ugly you sound so cute on the inside~~😭 the boys are probably star chasers it’s probably not even u. It’s like how fan girls love BTS, if u get me everyone loves aesthetics. Mabey if you got to know someone better ,like have common interests such as art,novels or dance it would appeal because having someone to accompany and re feed into your interests is another lovable thing other than asthetics. It depends what specific people value. Like if u didn’t fit sociatal asthetics but I thought your amazing cook and are not arrogant, you would be a far better than some other girl who is ‘beautiful” but a absolute racket. As well as this I feel if the girl who got burned had mabey talked to some other fire survivors and found a support group instead of chasing her scummy bf she could have carried on with her dance career. She wasn’t disabled and her skills were still there. She was still a dancer and could have proved them wrong. Instead she gave up on herself which would lead to no one, not even her supportive parents being able to helping her. Basically if you give up on yourself and lose your passion like her , have become gloomy and won’t even try to become a dancer anymore id find that pathetic because you have become a different person at that pointm

4 months ago
Reply to  Latte

Liking someone only for looks is very cheap and since physical beauty isn’t forever it’s also unstable.
Being considered beautiful by the societal norms and having someone feel attracted to you are two different things. I believe that there will be someone who will appreciate you for your personality and beauty one day.
But most important is for you to accept, appreciate and love yourself first.

2 years ago

If I could be a ghost for a day I’d spy on a conversation of guys to know what really goes on in their perverted minds grrr

2 years ago

Reason 1000000 to be a lesbian

2 years ago

These boys are so gross. I wouldn’t have an issue with their choices if they were honest. But this kid actually plans to lie to their spouse by having mistresses. What a jerk. Sigh, seems like that female ghost never had a chance in this environment.

2 years ago

For me as long as the boys get with like-minded girls I really don’t care. It’s not like these boys are the only ones who want multiple partners. No doubt there are some girls who want the same

2 years ago


1 year ago

My main relationship preference is monogamy look if others are having polyamory or polygamy or even polyandry relationships while being open and honest and consensual about it that their business hen no problem but things like mistress and homewrecking disgusts me no matter what relationship if you aren’t honest or don’t treasure the trust of your partner then its just plain disrespectful these teenage boys thoughts are exactly hat gross I believe they must grow up to be cheaters that are gonna be scums of the society .

1 year ago

I want them to say that too hua cheng and chu wanning/mo ran faces. Now that was true eternal scarifical love

11 months ago

If this female ghost become a president i’d vote on her just because she add one law that “if your partner cheat on you, you can do what ever you want to your partner without getting police question you but, you need to report first on the authorities and get your cheat partner question if it’s true then that cheat partner of yours would be in your hand”

4 months ago

I never expected this novel to reignite my hate for men LOL HAHAHAHA.

4 months ago

They are basically objectifying women. Also, if they think cheating in relationships is only natural then they have never connected with a woman on an emotional level.

1 month ago

i will smack boys who have the type of mind like this! ò-ó

Last edited 1 month ago by Ayuyu