APP: Chapter 51

The ghost hand was wet and blue. The five fingers moved and stretched while the arm rubbed against the fragile stomach, trying to squeeze out. Gastric juices leaked out first, mixed with food residue. Then something quickly expanded in You Jing’s small stomach.

Gao Le!

You Jing saw there were centipede-like stitches on the outside of the thumb of the ghost hand!

Gao Le was in his stomach and was about to crawl out!


“Xiao Jing!” In a confined and narrow room, a woman screamed with a pale face.

The next second, on the big screen, You Jing tore open his clothes almost frantically and revealed a piece of jade hanging around his neck. The piece of jade had a transparent texture and a beautiful appearance, with gold inlaid in the middle. There was an ancient Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva carved on the gold.

The moment the jade was exposed, there was a great light and the Buddha shone brightly. The ghost hand quickly retracted into You Jing’s stomach and Gao Le’s heart-piercing cry was heard from You Jing’s stomach.

“Damn you!!” Gao Le’s last scream was full of hatred and unwillingness. The room was quiet again. There were only You Jing’s heavy gasps.

The ghost was suppressed by the jade and wouldn’t come out for the time being. You Jing was still in shock and his face was pale. The extremely acidic gastric juice corroded the stomach and would soon cause an infection. You Jing knew his condition wasn’t good. He could hold on for half a minute at most.

His mother’s harsh face filled his mind and her almost humiliating teachings circulated in his ears. You Jing shook his head desperately and found a trace of calmness. He sat for two seconds and finally understood. He endured the severe pain and started to look for the sixth finger in his open stomach.

Previously, there was a twitching somewhere in his stomach but he only regarded it as an upset stomach. Now it was clearly a reminder. You Jing moved quickly as he followed his memory. Finally, he touched it. You Jing pulled out a finger that was around seven or eight centimetres long from the food residue. It was bloody, wet and blue.

At the same time, You Jing’s phone on the table rang.

[Congratulations on surviving the story.]

You Jing painfully touched the jade around his neck. There was a long crack on the jade from top to bottom. It seemed that it would completely break if he used it one or two more times. However, he used this and he must be the first to clear the story. You Jing received some comfort. He sighed with relief and proudly raised his eyebrow.

You Jing disappeared from the room.


The woman sat down, sweat flowing down her back.

“You paid for it and took him with you? This item is pretty powerful. He shouldn’t be able to get it for the time being.” Shen Yi tapped his index finger on the table and asked casually.

The woman hadn’t expected Shen Yi to talk to her. She was flattered and hurriedly replied with a smile, “Yes… yes, he is my son after all.”

Shen Yi suddenly sneered. “He has so many items but failed to get first place.”

The woman’s smile froze.

Shen Yi looked up lazily. “Such a trash son is also quite rare.”

The other actor was embarrassed.

The woman’s hands in her sleeves clenched. She squeezed out a smile as she spoke unwillingly and cautiously, “He might not have adapted so he was a bit slow. This is only the first level. He will definitely catch up later…”

Shen Yi seemed to have heard a joke and ignored her. He watched Xie Chi appear in the selection room on the screen and a corner of his mouth rose with satisfaction.


[Ouch, Son Chi and You Jing don’t have the same style. Son Chi is handsome even when bloody. He had no expression as he cut himself and is a bloody A. Meanwhile, I diss You Jing.]

[My son treats himself so cruelly. I feel pain just looking at it.

[What’s wrong with you? All of you used to call him bigshot. How did he suddenly become a son?]

[Because he is so cute in this story.]

[I heard this is the channel of the first person and snuck over to look.]

[Lu Wen finally passed the first act. Slap on your belly to celebrate.]


Xie Chi appeared again in the room where the original selection was made. He was a bit clearer about what was happening.

The stories in Horror Skewers were short and weren’t necessarily difficult or dangerous. The difficulty and danger could be said to be random, depending on which item the program randomly selected.

Horror Skewers might be a variety show instead of a movie but the basic rules were no different. After completing the first level, his injuries were immediately healed. Correspondingly, if an actor died in the story then they were really dead. In the app, any action that could earn points risked taking their life in return.

He was alone in the dim room.

His phone rang. Xie Chi took it out and found that the app had automatically jumped to an interface.

In the interface, the story ‘Severed Finger’ was in the first column. There was an image of a severed finger and a fluorescent green tick in the next column. This meant he had successfully passed the level.

There was a very short introduction: The sixth finger of a very small group of people is used to seal an evil ghost. These people coexist with the ghost and suffer for the world, so their fate is bumpy and they will be poor. If you bully the good and force these people to cut off the sixth finger to lift the seal, you might pay the price with your life.

Then there was another line of words.

[You used the shortest time to clear the instance the fastest. Please continue the persistent efforts.]

Xie Chi was surprised. He was the first to come out?

He didn’t know how Lu Wen was doing.

[Friendly tip: The final score isn’t about clearing the instance the fastest. Please pay attention to your performance during the instance. Try your best to show yourself, increase interest in the program and entertain the audience.]

[Now, please randomly select an object in the room to open the second level. Once you touch it, the item will be regarded as being selected. Time is paused during the selection process. The selection process is limited to one minute.]

Xie Chi was surprised. So the first person to complete the previous level could pick the next level. Xie Chi quickly turned around.

He couldn’t see the difficulty of these things. However, the difference in style and the directional nature of the objects allowed him to guess some things. For example, the severed finger. The story behind it was bloody at first glance. The old-fashioned mobile phone with the broken screen probably had to do with a ghost calling. There was also the pale and smooth wax figure that probably had something to do with a wax museum.

Xie Chi became dizzier the more he looked. “Brother, I am suffering from a choosing phobia.”

Xie Xinglan told him, “Choose one at will.”

“Choosing randomly is also a choice.” Xie Chi slightly rolled his eyes and sneered. “Brother, which one do you like? Can you choose? We will play whatever one you choose.”

“Play?” Xie Xinglan smiled helplessly.

Xie Chi silently spoke in his heart. “It really is very fun.”

A single actor plot was very stressful for others but for him, it was always a world of two. Xie Chi sighed. This was a material benefit.

Xie Xinglan looked around in a circle and his eyes fell on a blood-stained piano key. “Choose this.”

“Is this your aesthetic style?” Xie Chi wondered. “Brother, I thought you liked bloody violence. This is so artistic.”

Xie Xinglan gritted his teeth. “…It is because you can play the piano.”

He chose while taking into account Xie Chi’s own situation. If he could establish an advantage by being first, he wouldn’t need to work hard to break through?

He didn’t want to expose too many cards. The variety show had too many audience members and the new talents were unpredictable. There were also the unidentified guests invited to the show. It was always good to keep a few hands back. It wasn’t good to be targeted.

He wasn’t afraid. He just thought it was troublesome.

“Brother, do you think the audience knows about your existence? After all, the app said that the entire process of shooting the movie is broadcasted live.” Xie Chi spoke as he touched the piano key.

“I don’t know. They should. Why are you asking all of a sudden?”

“My guess is that the smarter audience members can guess it. After all, one person activated four elements alone.” Xie Chi’s tone was a bit lost.

Xie Xinglan asked warmly, “Are you not happy?”

“That’s not it… let me think about how to describe it.” Xie Chi touched his chin with one hand. “It is like this. A man has been hidden away and spoiled in a golden house for years. He suddenly feels at a loss when it is discovered.”

“……” Xie Xinglan had to cough several times.

The piano key lit up in a fluorescent manner.

Xie Chi secretly spoke in his heart. “I selfishly want to hide you for a lifetime. If I was more sensible, I want to let them know how good you are.”

Xie Chi wasn’t worried about the audience knowing about Xie Xinglan’s existence. He was just like a squirrel. He took the pine cones home and hid them in his nest, not wanting them to be seen.

Xie Xinglan’s heart was soft and he smiled. “When are you ever alone?”

Xie Chi was stunned for a second before smiling wickedly. “If you didn’t listen enough then I can say it again.”

Xie Xinglan, “……”

The phone screen turned on.

[Opening the story ‘Female Ghost’s Dance’.]

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2 years ago

I can’t with Lu Wen 😂 he’s too good that he can’t even act gangsta

2 years ago

Aw, I love their interactions. They’re so cute (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
Also Shen Yi is not pulling any punches, right for the jugular with his comments!

2 years ago

The author keeps reminding us of poor Lu Wen who got stuck for so long in the first act out of nowhere lololol

1 year ago

even though Shen Yi was toxic with Su Qing his mouth here when he trashed that women is pretty sharp