APP: Chapter 50

[Why did Gao Le kill his parents? They didn’t commit any sins to die, right?]

[Why would a ghost care about good or evil when killing?]

[Gao Le must’ve resented his parents. This resentment was infinitely magnified after death.]

[Visiting corpses. This is the evil taste of ghosts.]


The bodies were covered with a quilt and flies were flying around the exposed faces, like bacon being placed outside in summer.

They stared, dead.

“Brother Chi, do you still want…. 500 yuan?” Gao Le’s voice had changed completely. It was hoarse and hard, like old and leaky bellows. it made one’s ears ache.

A sharp chill went down Xie Chi’s spine. He abruptly turned back and met a pale face! Gao Le’s face was dimly visible at the dark staircase. The corners of his mouth were curved up in a strange smile.

“Xiao Chi!”

Xie Xinglan was about to come out but Xie Chi refused. “Don’t come out! Let me act!”

Xie Xinglan was dumbfounded.

The next second, Xie Chi was terrified. “Ahhhhhhhh!!! Ghost!!!”

Xie Xinglan, “……”

[This dedication hahahahahahahaha]

[He is too deep in the drama hahaha.]

[He still doesn’t forget his character setting even at this time hahahaha. My laughter is spraying out.]

[Oh my god, he’s so cute.]

The deafening scream in the house pierced the silent night.

The request for this scene was to look around and leave. Xie Chi finished screaming and ordered, “Brother, run away in fear!”

“…….” The stairs were dark. Xie Xinglan leaned against the wall and stumbled downstairs. There were only two steps left until the first floor but a pair of feet appeared in his vision.

These feet were wearing white shoes.

Gao Le!

Xie Xinglan raised his eyes. Gao Le was blocking his way. Gao Le grinned hideously and grabbed him. Xie Xinglan quickly backed up the stairs.

“Brother, he doesn’t want to kill us. He is just teasing us. I’m sure this isn’t the last act. Otherwise, the script wouldn’t give us the requirement to leave. We can just escape! Acting! Remember to pay attention to acting!”

Xie Xinglan raised his eyebrow. “…Xiao Chi, you are very capable? You are still talking about acting.”

“That’s not… ahhhhhhhhh!!” Xie Chi screamed for his brother again.

“……” Xie Xinglan turned around and climbed up the stairs again in a panic. He turned his head to the left and right of the corridor, his face bloodless. The left side was a blocked wall and the right side was the stinking room where people had died.

There was a flash of light and Gao Le appeared again to Xie Xinglan’s left. Xie Xinglan resisted the urge to vomit and rushed into the room where the corpses were located. There was a glass window in the room but the location wasn’t very good. It was just above the bed.

Xie Xinglan pretended to be panicked as he rushed over. However, his feet showed no hesitation at all. He jumped onto the dead bodies with one foot and kicked out with the other. The fragile glass shattered in all directions.

Xie Xinglan looked back at Gao Le, who was catching up with him. Then he held onto both sides of the window and observed the landing place. He let go and jumped down onto the grass. Xie Xinglan had no injuries at all. He quickly got up, patted the dust off his arms and rushed to the motor scooter parked on the side of the road.

[It was so high that I thought he would break a bone. Yet it is just this?]

[Fu*k, his physical fitness is so good. His face is deceptive.]

[Gao Le’s purpose should be to scare him and make him half disabled?]

The ghost didn’t catch up. Xie Xinglan got on the motor scooter and was about to escape. Just then, he felt something and raised his head, glancing at the second floor of the house that he had just jumped from.

Gao Le was standing at the broken window, the exposed half of his body slightly transparent. However, his face was clearly visible. It was pale and scary. He slowly raised his hand and waved to Xie Xinglan downstairs. He smiled strangely and his lips moved like he was saying something.

Xie Chi could read lips. “Brother, he said ‘see you again later’.”

Xie Xinglan frowned again.

See you again later…

It was as if he would see Gao Le soon.


Xie Xinglan didn’t start the motor scooter for a long time.

Xie Chi smirked. ‘Do you know how to ride a motor scooter, emperor of the night?”

Xie Xinglan’s face was dark red and he let go with no expression on his face. “You come.”

“I will let you see how awesome your little brother Xiao Chi is.”

Xie Chi started the motor scooter while talking and moved away from the house.

“I can drive with one hand off, both hands off and even with my eyes closed.” Xie Chi’s mouth was idle while waiting for the app to refresh the script and he had to say a few words. It was rare that his brother didn’t know how to do something.

Xie Xinglan was so agitated that he wanted to explode. He gritted his teeth, “You fu*king look at the road.”

Xie Chi used to go to remote mountainous areas to investigate supernatural legends. If a car couldn’t be driven then he could only change to two wheels. Therefore, he was proficient with all types of transportation.

Xie Chi laughed and stopped talking nonsense. He held the handlebar with both hands and his tone was serious. “Brother, I’m sure that the cake with the female head in the second act was just an illusion. Just now, you looked back and I found the female corpse still had her head. He probably just wanted to scare us.”

Ghost type horror movies were generally divided into two categories: reasoning and horror. Reasoning movies weren’t scary enough and in order to make up for the length of time, the ghosts in the movie always gradually harmed people.

Stage 1: Harassment and teasing. For example, the sound of footsteps on the ceiling, the slight movement of glass marbles rolling across the ground in the middle of the night or the flash of a ghost face on the window.

At this stage, actors started to be suspicious. Generally speaking, they weren’t willing to believe it and continued to die. Then the next stage was smoothly entered.

Stage 2: The ghost started to hurt the actors. The damage wasn’t enough to kill or the ghost would only hurt the cannon fodder and supporting roles to give a strong warning to the protagonist.

According to this train of thought, they should’ve just entered the second stage. The ghost changed from the initial teasing to wanting to hurt them. The ghost wanted him to break his leg. It wasn’t known if stage two was over or not. The ghost might try to continue hurting him or it might skip this stage and enter stage three.

Stage 3: Killing. It was time for the ghost to act.

Putting it bluntly, it was a game of cat and mouse. The cat had played enough with the mouse and appreciated the fear of the mouse. Xie Chi was playing the role of the mouse. Therefore, the fact that Gao Le said ‘see you again later’ meant he really would see Gao Le soon. The ghost was likely to close the net.

Xie Xinglan thought for a few seconds. “The woman’s head is his mother? The corpses on the bed are his parents?”

Xie Chi replied, “I think so too. However, their identities don’t matter. Ghosts don’t need a reason to kill. If they want to kill then they will kill.”

Xie Chi shifted the topic. “The important thing is how the ghost killed them.”


Xie Chi explained, “Gao Le’s parents were on his kill list and I am also on his kill list. Following the development of the script, there is a high probability that my method of death will be exactly the same as Gao Le’s parents. The method behind how Gao Le’s parents died might imply the limitations and conditions for the ghost to kill.”

“There is no way to kill a ghost. Ghosts who aren’t restricted by rules and regulations when killing shouldn’t appear in the show because the actor will have no means to resist. This is unfair.

“In fact, the app gives me the feeling that it is extremely fair. It doesn’t want the actors to die for no reason. Of course, it won’t favor actors. Just like the agent system. This system was originally fair and effective. It was people who broke the system. It wasn’t the fault of the system and the app.

“I think that Gao Le has teased me several times now. It isn’t necessarily because he wants to tease me. It is very likely that he can’t kill me if I don’t meet certain conditions in front of him.”

“So he said ‘see you again later.’ Perhaps the next time we meet, he will kill me.”

Xie Xinglan was silent for a moment, uncertain. “I remember stepping on the corpses before jumping out the window. I didn’t see the body parts of the corpses but on the quilt, the coagulated blood was concentrated in the middle.

Xie Chi was startled.

“Xiao Chi, you stop. Let me think about it.”

“Okay.” Xie Chi parked the scooter on the side of the road.

Xie Xinglan closed his eyes and started to recall his last glimpse of the room. The window glass was broken and a weak light came in. Out of the two corpses, one was lying on the side and one was on the back. They were covered with white and yellow sheets. The bedsheets were wet with large patches of blood. The darkest blood pool was in the middle section. The further from the middle section, the lighter the blood. Obviously, the blood had spread from the middle section to two ends of the quilt.

The room was messy and all the drawers that could be opened were open. The insides were a mess. It was probably that after Gao Le killed his parents, he started to look for the bank books and change they had hidden.

This didn’t matter.

The important thing was…

Xie Xinglan opened his eyes. “Xiao Chi, the bedside table had an empty plate!”

“They ate before they went to bed.” Xie Xinglan’s voice was soft.

Xie Chi’s heart jumped. He had previously eaten the cake Gao Le had made. It was very likely that Gao Le had brought food to his parents before they went to bed. On the bodies of Gao Le’s parents, the blood was concentrated around the waist and abdomen. It was most likely… the stomach.

Xie Chi opened his eyes. Gao Le said he would see Xie Chi later. In what way? If the ‘look around’ was looking at a corpse, then what form would this goodbye take? Next time, it would be a killing.

Xie Chi paused for two seconds before looking down sharply at his stomach.


Xie Chi’s phone rang.

[Act 5 is opened.]

[Friendly tip: Act 5 is the last act.]

[The requirement for this act: Go home.]

[Asking the actor to live.]


“Ah, Ren Ze broke his leg too badly. It hurts to watch.]

[The little female in black who is ranked fifth is pretty good as well. She is about to catch up.]

[She snatched some time but her character setting is collapsing. She is almost ooc.]

[God Jing is first ah! Xie Chi is trash!]

[Scoff, he used an item!]

[He is also capable if he has items.]

[The items were obtained from his mother. Is this being capable?]

[Get lost.]

[I don’t think You Jing understands anything.]

[What is there to be afraid of with items? Just rush through it.]


[Act 5.]

Time cut away again. Once Xie Chi’s vision cleared, he found that he was standing in a bathroom.

Both his hands were on the sink, his back was bent over and there was a burning sensation in his throat. The tap was on and water was running. He should’ve just vomited.

A place in his stomach twisted abnormally. The sixth finger? Xie Chi snorted.


Xie Xinglan raised his eyebrow, went to the kitchen, casually picked up a kitchen knife and aimed it at himself.


[Fu*k? Suddenly cutting his stomach? Is a ghost on his body? Does he want to die??]

[Why is he so bloody and handsome? Why isn’t he showing any pain?]

[The sixth finger!!!]

[Why is it in his stomach??]

[Cake! Yes, he ate the cake!]

[Gao Le grinded the sixth finger into powder and added it to the cake. This is his condition to kill.]

[Gao Le just said ‘see you again later’? I know! The fifth act is definitely Gao Le crawling out of the actor’s stomach to kill the actor! This is how he sees the actor again!]

[Fu*k! So once the sixth finger is removed, Gao Le can’t kill him.]

[Question: isn’t he acting too fast? He didn’t even think about it? He clearly just entered the fifth act.]

[He figured it out at the end of act four.]

[Ahhhh, my Son Chi will be the first to finish!]


At the same time, You Jing walked around his character’s house with a guarded expression, frowning slightly.

His mother was originally the 11th ranked New and Sharp Budding Talent. She missed out on Horror Skewers so he had a limited understanding of the show. He never expected that the gameplay of Horror Skewers would be so complicated and changeable. This made him uncomfortable for a while.

The story of Severed Finger progressed too fast and there was basically no time for him to think. The last plot ended and the next scene appeared immediately. This interrupted his thinking several times.

You Jing rubbed his hair in an anxious manner. He felt that something was wrong but he still took the time to reason things out. You Jing wasn’t afraid. He had strong items that had an excellent effect against ghosts.

You Jing was unable to think about it and gradually fell into anxiety. Then he had another thought and smiled. In order to steal some time, he used a teleportation item to escape from Gao Le’s house. It was impossible for anyone to be faster than him. If he couldn’t figure it out, he just had to think slowly. There was no rush.

You Jing found a place to sit and closed his eyes. He started to recall some of the plot when he abruptly opened his eyes and looked down in disbelief. There was a sharp tearing pain from his stomach and a bloody ghost hand quickly stretched out from his stomach.

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2 years ago

And I agree with the ‘audiences’ comments. Props to Xie Chi’s dedication 👏🏻😂

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Hahah what happened to my Lu Wen tho?!! ‘audience’ answer me

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago
Reply to  Shy

Lu Wen is still trying to act gangster I bet XD Poor baby I can’t imagine him acting

2 years ago

Oh so cool and so creepy! Its like that scene in Alien. I hope Xie Chi got the finger out in time.

2 years ago


Also the audience is so entertaining lol

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Someone give Xie Chi an Oscar XDDD The way Xie Xinglan didn’t even try to scream so Xie Chi had to replace him had me in stitches.

1 year ago

You Jing is what we called spoon fed mama’s boy not matter what age he is at he will be a baby cause here is mama to help him.

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ahhh XXL is indeed cool!