APP: Chapter 5

Previously, the sun was still setting. Only an hour or two had passed but the sky outside was completely dark due to the time compression.

At close to 10 p.m., Yan Jing stood at the door of the company building, anxiously waiting for Xie Chi to return. He didn’t know what Xie Chi went to buy that took so long.

In the deep moonlight, Xie Xinglan walked in an expressionless manner, elegant and leisurely with a calm and lazy temperament that made him look like a handsome and noble vampire in the night.

—If you ignored the big and small bags hanging from his left and right hands.

The pedestrians on the street stared.

“Is this going shopping with his girlfriend?”

“He is handsome and carries them with no complaints. I also want to have such a boyfriend!”

They couldn’t help looking behind Xie Xinglan. “Hey, there is no girlfriend. He’s alone…’


Xie Xinglan saw Yan Jing in the distance and said, “Xiao Chi, we’re here. I’ll change with you.”

Xie Chi exclaimed, “My boyfriend is the best!”

Due to the time compression, Xie Chi couldn’t catch a car back and could only call Xie Xinglan to act as a ride.

Xie Xinglan felt helpless. “You…”

His voice was cold but the tone was indulgent.

Yan Jing heard the familiar footsteps and raised his head with surprise. The slightly willful Xie Chi immediately converged his smile and became serious and reliable. “Go in and look at the stairwell.

The locksmith had arrived before Xie Chi. By the time Xie Chi and Yan Jing arrived, the lock had already been opened. The stairwell door hadn’t been opened for a long time and the hinges were a bit rusty. Once the wind blew through the corridor, it creaked like a ghost.

The stairwell was dark. Xie Chi took out a lighter. His warm face in the orange light looked a bit demonic. He told Yan Jing, “I’ll go down and see. You wait for me here.”

Yan Jing pulled him with a bit of fear. “Brother Xie, don’t go. Although it is most likely empty, just in case…”

Xie Chi suddenly smiled, inwardly thinking that he had his brother to protect him. “I’m going.”

Yan Jing waited outside anxiously. Around 10 minutes later, Xie Chi came up and spoke in a relaxed tone, “There’s nothing. Let’s go to the fifth floor.”

Xie Chi and Yan Jing had been assigned to work on the fifth floor. Yan Jing was curious as they walked. “Brother Xie, what did you buy?”

Xie Chi said nothing and took the white gloves out of a bag. Then the app rang.

[The plot progress has updated. The actors have started their first day of work.]

Xie Chi ordered, “Jing, you go to work first.”

“Okay.” Yan Jing was very obedient.

Xie Chi took out the UV lamp he had bought in an equipment store and carefully examined the white wall inch by inch.”

[What is he doing?]

[Brother, you’ve seen too few horror movies. Blood is earthy brown under ultraviolet radiation. He wants to see if there have been any deaths on this floor. After all, even if blood is cleaned up, there should still be some residue. It is a liquid that penetrates.]

[Oh my god! He has seen so many moves! So strong?]

[What is the psychological quality of this newcomer? The person on the 11th floor is almost peeing from fright yet this person is searching the wall.]

The fifth floor was very spacious and wasn’t much different from a general office space. It was worth mentioning that there was a pool room for entertainment on the side.

The floor to ceiling windows were transparent. Since it was the suburbs, street lights were sporadically scattered on the road and the windows were dark and hazy. Fortunately, the brightness of the incandescent lights on the fifth floor made people feel very safe. Of course, the incandescent lights might not be on later.

Xie Chi thought so and sped up his movements.

[What did he spread out on the ground? I can’t understand it.]

[Fluorescent powder. If the lights are ‘suddenly’ turned off later, the ultraviolet light will shine on the fluorescent powder and this can show ghost handprints or footprints on the ground. This way, you can distinguish if a ghost is close and it is easy to escape.]

[My god, what is this technology? Too amazing!]

[What is this? Which big brother will explain it?]

[It is a famous item in old-fashioned American horror movies. It is a temperature controlled camera. There will be a chill when a ghost appears. This camera is temperature controlled and will automatically take a photo as soon as the temperature drops. This way, he can take a look at the ghost.]

[Why does it feel like he is waiting for the ghost to come? It must be an illusion.]

[Brothers, please pay attention.]


Xie Chi tested the entire fifth floor with the ultraviolet lamp. He found nothing and then glanced at the elevator. Perhaps the elevator…?

He raised his hand and took a photo of it. Then his pupils suddenly shrank. The audience outside the horror movie exploded in an instant.

[My god! there’s so many bloody marks and handprints!!]

[How many people have fu*king died?!]

[Ahhh, no wonder why the boss placed her office on the first floor. She has a ghost in her heart! She knows that the elevator kills people so she refuses to take the elevator!!]

[Little brother, come out of there quickly. If the door is locked then you’re finished!]

[Didn’t you say that the working hours are when the ghosts comes out to look for food?]


The imaginary plot of the audience didn’t happen and Xie Chi walked out unharmed. There was indeed a problem with the elevator. This was the only thing that could be determined at present. The wall clock showed that two hours had passed.

Xie Chi felt a bit hot and went to the water dispenser to pour some water to drink. Then he went back to the pile of things he bought during the day.

[Is there any other technology? My heart can’t stand it.]

[…Hahahahahaha, he took out a multi-functional small rice cooker for a dormitory.]

[Hahahahaha xswl] (xswl basically means makes me laugh to death)

[He plugged it in and started to boil water.]

[…It is starting next.]

[Okay, I want to live a good life and get married.]

[It is late at night and I’m hungry.]

[What is his job before filming the movie? How can he do anything?]

[I suspect that I’m watching a funny movie.]

At the same time, the seventh floor.

Zhou Wen’s expression was baffled. “What is that smell?”


Yan Jing finished eating and suddenly said, “Brother Xie, you are treating me like this but I’m concealing a bit of trickery.”

“No.” Xie Chi was washing his hands. “I’m not interested in how pure people are. Other people have nothing to do with me.”

Yan Jing originally thought this person would be kind enough to wait for him to complete his confession. Now he was completely stunned and became more certain of his previous thoughts. He asked seriously, “Brother, do you want to… see ghosts?”

Xie Chi closed the tap.

Yan Jing continued, “I can be your eyes and let you see ghosts.”

He felt that no one could refuse such temptation. After all, seeing ghosts in a horror movie meant they could escape and the probability of surviving had greatly increased. Xie Chi grabbed a paper to wipe his hands and chuckled. “Is there a price? For example, burning up your life?”

He spoke very smoothly and casually, as if he had learned it early on but was too lazy to speak. Yan Jing was stunned. He couldn’t hold back his trembling and couldn’t speak for a long time.

“This is why you’re pale, cough up blood and look like you are going to die. You can see ghosts at the cost of not seeing people, right? Do you have yin yang eyes? Every time you use it, you will overdraw your life?”

Yan Jing was caught off guard and didn’t know what to do. He hadn’t expected to barely speak yet Xie Chi instantly figured out the cause and effect. This was keenly terrifying.

“Brother Xie…”

“There is no good thing in the world like a pie dropping from the sky. If there was then we wouldn’t be here.” Xie Chi smiled. “You have called me Brother so what can I do to you?”

“I like to use people but I prefer to rely on myself.”

Xie Chi coughed softly and inwardly added, “And rely on my boyfriend.”

Before Yan Jing could speak, Xie Chi let out a light cry. “Strange, what happened to the two boiled eggs I placed on the table?”

“……” Yan Jing’s small emotions were suppressed in an instant.

In the sudden silence, the two of them heard the sound of white boiled eggs rolling across the ground, rolling over and over. It sounded like something was playing with the two eggs.

Boom! Not surprisingly, the lights on the fifth floor went out and they couldn’t even see their fingers in front of them.

[The temperature controlled camera seemed to be flickering.]

[Ahhh, the fluorescent powder on the ground is working. There are footprints on the ground! The footprints are near!]

[The footprints are small. It should be a little ghost.]

[He is really good.]


“Brother Xie, a headless baby boy! In front of you! Run!” In the darkness, Yan Jing opened his yin yang eyes and saw the ghost. Then he shouted hard.

Xie Chi saw the small footprints on the ground in front of him but didn’t move. The pure purpose of this little ghost definitely wasn’t to kill. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have played with the boiled eggs. The little ghost wanted to have fun and Xie Chi might be able to use this.

Headless…? Xie Chi suddenly thought of the baby head on the spider. The spider had a head and this ghost was missing a head. Could it be…

Xie Chi’s eyes narrowed. Once the true appearance was called out, the little ghost didn’t hide itself and appeared in front of Xie Chi. The boy’s head was torn off and gone. The ferocious wound on his neck was overflowing with black and shiny blood. A drop of black blood dripped to the ground and the floor tile was corroded with a hole that was visible to the naked eye.

Yan Jing listened to the sound of corrosion and was panicked. “The blood is highly poisonous. Brother Xie, don’t touch him!”

Xie Chi stared at the little ghost. The little ghost was in ragged clothing and there wasn’t a single intact flesh on his body. The white and tender skin  The white and tender skin was densely covered in traces of poisonous bites. Xie Chi could even see maggot-like eggs in the deep wounds.

Highly poisonous? Poisonous bites? The poisonous Gu with the baby head? Was the spider with the baby head raised on the body of the baby ghost? Baby boy’s head? (TL: Will be changing poisonous creature to the official name, Gu. Wiki Link.)

Xie Chi’s spirit flashed and he had a terrible idea. The baby ghost’s head was swallowed by the spider that had won the struggle and grew completely on the spider.

“Brother, aren’t you afraid of me?” The boy ghost’s voice carried inexperienced doubts, full of a sad and contradictory naivete.

Xie Chi replied, “I’m not afraid.”

The ghost boy told him, “Brother, I like you very much. If you play a game with me tonight and win then I won’t kill you or him tonight.”

The baby ghost turned to Yan Jing behind the sofa. Yan Jing was afraid to come out.

“Okay.” Xie Chi calmly agreed. “What will we play?”

The baby ghost didn’t talk and walked slowly to the pool room on the fifth floor. Black blood dripped from his neck, leaving deep corrosion marks on the ground.

The app rang.

[The personal plot has been updated and there is an agreement with the baby ghost. Actor Xie Chi and the baby boy ghost will play a game of snooker. If you win, you will be safe for time. If you lose then please plan your escape.]

The blind Yan Jing didn’t forget to frantically send glances at Xie Chi, the meaning clear. Hurry to escape if it wasn’t possible.

Xie Chi sent him an ‘okay’ sign. He could play snooker.

The baby boy walked while throwing the two boiled eggs. Since he had no head, he couldn’t see the eggs and didn’t catch them. There was a loud noise as the eggs smashed into the ground and broke.

The baby ghost turned to Xie Chi. “Brother, your two eggs are broken.”

Xie Chi and Yan Jing, “……”

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2 years ago

I really am an idiot for reading this in the middle of the night, am I gonna stop? Nah, thank you for this chapter~

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