APP: Chapter 49

[The cake in my hand suddenly stopped being fragrant.]

There was cake in his mouth. Xie Chi didn’t know if he should swallow or spit it out.

Xie Chi stopped chewing and placed the cake on the coffee table stiffly. Then he looked at the wall again. The shadow of the skinny monkey’s cake had returned to normal and the shadow at Gao Le’s feet had appeared again. He didn’t know if what he just saw was an illusion or reality but he was certain that Gao Le was no longer human.

Gao Le was either fooling  Xie Chi by using this method to cover himself up and get revenge or he was covering up the true appearance of the cake. The former was better. If it was the latter…

Xie Chi had no expression on his face. It was useless to think about it. The requirement of act two was to ‘eat cake.’ The app hadn’t vibrated yet so he hadn’t eaten enough.

“Brother, we should go through difficulties together, right?” Xie Chi spoke in a very low voice. “Help your super cute brother swallow it.”

Xie Xinglan stated, “You little villain.”

This was an agreement. Xie Chi smiled shamelessly. “I am Brother’s little villain.”

Xie Xinglan, who had just come out, smiled slightly. He raised his eyes and looked at Gao Le walking toward him with slight coldness in his gaze. Gao Le walked over, the strange smile gone. It was replaced by a cowardly look. His head was deeply lowered and he looked like he didn’t want to say anything.

“Don’t be an eyesore. Get lost if you have nothing to say.” Xie Xinglan calmly ate the cake.

Gao Le raised his head and asked, “Is the cake delicious?”

His expression was cringing but his tone was light and gloomy. Xie Xinglan felt the malice and teasing in it and sneered. He was going to say ‘it’s okay’ due to the requirements of the second act. Just then, his mobile phone vibrated. Xie Xinglan glanced at it.

[You have completed the cake eating requirement of the second act. Stay for one minute to dig out valid information. Then you will enter the next act.]

Xie Xinglan stared at the cake in his hand. Then he looked at Gao Le from top to bottom before inexplicably smiling. He didn’t need to eat the cake anymore and his essence as a bully couldn’t change. He had to follow through to the end.

Gao Le must be a ghost. He should’ve experienced something in the process of cutting off his finger, whether it was being possessed by a ghost or turning into a ghost.  This wasn’t important. The important thing was that Gao Le’s intentions were obvious. He came to seek revenge on this group.

This could be seen from the way he teased Xie Chi just now. Of course, it was unknown if it was just teasing or if the cake really had a problem. The only thing certain was that Gao Le’s malice was exposed.

Gao Le might not be able to take revenge freely. If a ghost really came to get revenge, there was no need to talk about benevolence, righteousness and morality. The hatred value was so high that it couldn’t get worse.

The next second, Gao Le was caught off guard as cream was thrown on his face. The white plastic plate containing the cake was stuck to his face, making him look very funny.


[That is a ghost! Hehehe…]

[I just saw him eating the cake and felt aggrieved. Then he suddenly…]

[You are so cool. Thank you.]

A sudden silence filled the box and Gao Le stared at Xie Xinglan with disbelief.

“What are you looking at?” Xie Xinglan frowned and sneered. “Do I need a reason to hit you? I’m in a bad mood and don’t want to eat the rest, but I don’t want to throw it away. Seeing your pale face, I rewarded you.”

The other teenagers in the box were dumbfounded. Then after a few seconds, they whistled. “Xiao Chi is awesome!”

They came here because they wanted to eat and drink. It was impossible for them to have feelings for Gao Le just because he treated them.

“Why are you staring?” The skinny monkey sneered and kicked Gao Le. “Daddy Chi is willing to come here to reward you. He can’t eat it anymore and is tired. Why can’t he reward you?”

[Shit, this direction, I…]

[I’ve never seen something so tough wtf.]

[This is fu*king with the character setting, daddy.]

[I’m sneaking over from You Jing, betraying You Jing.]


The fingers in Gao Le’s sleeve twisted at a weird angle. His eyes were filled with killing intent but he spoke timidly. “Chi… I’m sorry, Brother Chi.”

Xie Chi was amazed by Xie Xinglan’s action and spoke silently, “Brother, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have distrusted you, saying you would start a fight or gather a group to take drugs…”

Xie Xinglan slightly raised his eyebrow. “It’s good that you know.”

Xie Chi wasn’t too afraid. Physical means were useless to ghosts and the ghost had to kill them. This might seem like a mortal situation but it showed that there was a way to live in the story or there were restrictions on the ghost’s ability to kill.

Otherwise, this story had no way to continue. It would just be a slaughter without any solution. The app wouldn’t let them die meaninglessly. The plot had to continue and the way to live was left for them.

He just needed to maintain his character, try to move through the story while thinking of the way to survive. No matter how bad, there was still a trick. They had angered Gao Le so much but he didn’t do anything to kill them. This proved that Gao Le had limitations or conditions to meet before he could kill them.

Xie Chi’s phone rang.

[Requirement for act 3: Send Gao Le home.]

[Act 3 is opened.]

The time cut away. It was a few hours later. The bad teenagers had been drinking and lay on the sofa in a satisfied manner.

Xie Chi woke up and found that he had kicked his shoes off. His legs were hooked on the sofa and his head was down, half hanging off the sofa. The initial pain was terrible and Xie Chi made a pained expression. This teenager was bad enough. He drank beer and could actually get drunk.

[His toes are so cute.]

[Person above, enough!!]

Xie Chi got up and lowered his head to put on his shoes. Gao Le came over and spoke timidly. “Brother Chi, you…”

Xie Chi turned to look at him. “What the hell? I have a headache. So annoying!”

Gao Le trembled and his face was pale. Finally, he said, “I… I want you to take me home.”

Xie Chi remembered his character setting and didn’t agree right away.

“Don’t you have long legs?”

“I…I’m afraid of the dark.” Gao Le looked at the sky outside with fear.

Xie Chi scoffed. “How do you being afraid have anything to do with me?”

Gao Le’s eyes flashed before he cringed. “I’m telling the truth. In fact… I don’t have money. The money I used to treat all of you was stolen from my parents.”

Xie Chi tied up his shoelaces and looked at this person with interest. “You stole money? You’re afraid your parents will hit you so you want me to protect you?”

“U-Um.” Gao Le nodded like a chicken pecking rice and there was a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

Xie Chi was originally smiling openly. Then he changed his face and wondered in an expressionless manner, “You think too beautifully. What the fu*k are you?”

Gao Le gritted his teeth and whispered. “Brother Chi… I beg you. Please accompany me back. I have 500 yuan left. I can give it to you.”

“Deal.” Xie Chi’s face changed instantly. He smiled scornfully and lit a cigarette. “You should’ve made it clear earlier.”


[Son Chi who was bought for 500 yuan.]

[Hahahah, I am bald. How can Lu Wen still be in the first act? Hahaha, he has no confidence in swearing and his accent isn’t right. I’m laughing to death.]

[Isn’t this plot too unfriendly to a good person?]

[They have all come to a variety show and should be more active and smart. Otherwise, it is better not to come and go directly to shoot a movie. Variety shows are different from movies. The most important thing is to be flexible and adaptable. The difficulty depends on luck. There are many restrictions and playing methods. By the way, it can make us happy and allow us to learn about the character of these new budding talents.]

[Yes, it is paving the way for the future and building up fame.]

[I originally thought that Xie Chi was similar to You Jing since they are both very gentle.  I was a bit blind and couldn’t tell one from the other. Now I think that Xie Chi is much more vivid than You Jing. He is handsome and cute.]

[Son Chi is first.]

[My God Jing is catching up.]

[Chuckle. Your family’s You Jing sacrificed some people to rush the time. What’s so good about that?]


Xie Chi put on a helmet and sighed. Wasn’t this drunk driving? In addition, it was a minor drunk driving. He stepped on the motor scooter and tested a few things with the cigarette in his mouth. He made sure the vehicle had no problem and called out to Gao Le. “Come up.”

Gao Le was about to sit behind him when Xie Chi suddenly yelled, “Go down.”

Gao Le trembled and went down. “What’s the matter? Didn’t Brother Chi ask me to come up…?”

Xie Chi opened his long legs to the side and spoke coolly, “Squat on the footboard.”

Gao Le, “……”

[Hahahahahahaha is he afraid of the ghost attacking him from behind?]

[I clearly know his intentions but it’s funny hahahaha.]

[I think that right now, the ghost doesn’t want to follow the script. Hahahaha.]

[Secretly ran over to watch for a while.]


The time cut away again and the motor scooter stopped in front of a small house. Gao Le got down from the footboard and his legs were completely numb. Xie Chi was a bit dizzy after drinking too much but he became sober again due to the blowing wind.

Xie Chi’s phone lit up again.

[Requirement for act four: Be introduced to Gao Le’s home, look around and leave.]

Xie Chi put his phone back in his pocket and followed Gao Le inside. He naturally wouldn’t be so naive to think that things were like Gao Le told him. Gao Le had said that he stole money, was afraid of being beaten and needed Xie Chi to protect him for a bit. Since Gao Le was established as a ghost, taking him home must have a purpose.

In addition, the requirements for act four were very ambiguous. What did it mean by ‘introduce’ and ‘look around’? Look around what?

Xie Chi was thinking of another question. The name of the story was Severed Finger but apart from the first act, the other two acts didn’t mention the severed finger at all. Was the natural setting of six fingers used up so casually?

Gao Le’s home was in the deepest part of the lane. It was extremely narrow with vegetable stalls on both sides. Broken bicycles were parked randomly and slightly bigger cars might not be able to drive through this road.

There were no street lights in the lane and no moon or stars in the sky. It was a dark, summer night. The air was filled with the sour smell of rotten fruits and the stench of the trash cans not far away was disgusting.

Gao Le’s living environment was quite poor.

There was a loud bang behind them and Gao Le was so scared that he screamed. Xie Chi immediately turned his head. It was a black cat that had overturned the trash can. It stared at them, the cat’s eyes shining in the darkness with a strange light.

The moment Gao Le turned his head, Xie Chi saw the cat arch its back and scream at Gao Le. It was as if the cat had seen something dirty and was ready to attack. Xie Chi tilted his head as he watched Gao Le.

Gao Le explained awkwardly. “My parents often beat it so it is hostile to me.”

“I see….” Xie Chi seemed to smile yet not smile. He looked like he believed it. The black cat screamed anxiously at the house in front of it before running away.

Xie Chi turned back to the gloomy looking house in front of him and had an idea in his heart. The identity of the woman’s head seemed to be revealed. Xie Chi seemed to casually ask. “It’s so late. Aren’t your parents home?”

The lights in the house were all out and it didn’t look like anyone was at home.

Gao Le replied, “My parents should be sleeping.”

Xie Chi gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Then you don’t need my help. I’m leaving.”

Gao Le immediately added, “Of course, they might not have come back yet!”

Gao Le was afraid Xie Chi would regret it and hurriedly took out his keys to open the door. The sound of the keychain hitting it was particularly harsh in the silent night. The door opened and the strong smell of air freshener filled his nose. Xie Chi immediately frowned. After his body had been rebuilt by the laws of the heavens, his senses were more sensitive. There was a wet, rancid smell under the air freshener.

“What is that smell?” Xie Chi pinched his nose with disgust.

“The meat that has been left for a long time is rotten.” Gao Le replied while turning on the light.”

The light was yellow and the brightness was very low, probably to save money on the electricity bills. Gao Le’s face looked inexplicably gloomy under the light. “My parents haven’t come back yet. Brother Chi, go sit in my room. I’ll get you the 500 yuan.”

“Hurry up.” Xie Chi was impatient.

Gao Le led him upstairs. The wooden staircase seemingly couldn’t bear their weight and made a creaking sound. The closer he got to the upstairs floor, the more obvious the rancid smell. The air freshener could hardly suppress it.

Xie Chi formed fists and he spoke in his heart, “Brother.”


Gao Le led him into the room but Xie Chi noticed there were two pairs of slippers at the door. This… wasn’t Gao Le’s room.

The stench was hard to hide. Xie Chi raised his head and the faint light showed the scene in the room. Two rotten bodies were lying on the bed!

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Nistha Roy
Nistha Roy
2 years ago

Aaoooo plot twist

2 years ago

I love the audience they’re so relatable wish I were one too

2 years ago

Oh no, poor Gao Le’s parents, actually also poor Gao Le. Does this mean the head was Gao Le’s mom? So tragic.