APP: Chapter 47

The competitive variety show ‘Horror Skewers’ wasn’t broadcasted in cinemas. Audience members didn’t need to pay money to buy movie tickets. It was open to all audiences and it could be said there was no threshold at all. If the audience was interested, they could watch it online in real time as long as they turned on their mobile phone and clicked on the Horror Skewers program.

The app data showed that the number of viewers for every season of Terror Skewers was around 80,000. If the new and sharp budding talents for this period were more resistant and attracted more viewers, the number of viewers would break through.

Several ghosts were sitting together and ate melon seeds while exclaiming, “This episode actually broke 100,000!”

“Isn’t it the most popular one in six months?”

“Yes, I watch every issue. There are many good new talents in this issue and I’m following all of them.”

“That’s right, I’m a fan of Ren Ze. Hahaha, his sister is so cute. She is a proud yet delicate girl. Isn’t the contrast great? Ren Ze is so quick to absorb fans. It feels like he will absorb all the loyal people who have come here.”

“Hahah, the new budding talents are sucking each other. Let’s see who has the super suction power.”

“It feels like there is no doubt about the first place You Jing.” A ghost whispered, lowering his voice like he had a mysterious secret. “I heard gossip that one of the guests is You Jing’s mother, an actor who just made it to the third tier.”

The other ghost’s eyes widened. “Wtf, his mother? I didn’t pay attention to You Jing before. Can it be like this? Isn’t this cheating? The guests hold so much weight…”

“However, this also requires You Jing’s own excellence. He is determined to be first and is making second-hand preparations.”

“Scoff.” The ghost lowered his phone. “That’s boring. There is no suspension. I wouldn’t have watched it if I knew.”

The show entered the first plot and the ghost was really [tn content=”awesome”]The awesome used here is an expression of approval used hypocritically after bi*ching about the exact same thing earlier[/tn]. He silently picked up his phone.

The phone screen was dark and then bloody words appeared in the center.

[The old man said that six-fingered people are both with an incomprehensible life and are unknown people. Their fate is bumpy and they are destined to live poorly all their lives. However, the sixth finger should never be cut off or there will be endless trouble.]

The audience’s hearts jumped. “It sounds quite interesting.”

Once the bloody words disappeared, a hand appeared in the centre of the screen. There was an extra finger on the outside of the thumb of that hand. The extra finger extended from the knuckle under the thumb and was the exact same length as the thumb.

On the nails of the sixth finger and the thumb, two small black dots were drawn with markers. From the front, it looked like a double-headed snake. The four small black dots were the snake eyes.

The strange fingers connected together like a poisonous snake spitting out poison and peeping at someone in the darkness in an evil manner.


In the operating room of the hospital, surgery was about to be performed. A doctor was arranging the equipment.

It was late at night. This hospital was a bit old and wasn’t a regular large hospital. The light in the operating room wasn’t bright and was slightly yellowed. This had no effect on visibility but it seemed a bit dirty.

Small living insects were flying around the shadowless lamp. They might be dying but they still trembled slightly as they struggled to live.

There was a handsome boy lying on the operating table. He listened to the slight collision of cold instruments in his ears and couldn’t help his trembling body. His dark pupils started to become dull under the light and fear spread inside them.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s just a minor operation. It’ll be fine soon.” The old doctor comforted him.

The boy nodded stiffly.

The anesthesiologist put on his gloves, took the needle from the assistant and pushed in the entire dose of anesthetic. The boy had tears in his eyes but he felt that everything was worth it once he thought about getting rid of his fate of being rejected.

The boy’s right index finger wrapped around his right thumb and touched the outside finger outside the thumb. By the time he woke up again, the meat strip he hated for more than 10 years would disappear.

No one would laugh at him anymore, look at him with strange eyes and alienate him. In addition, his parents would no longer blame him for bringing bad luck to them. He would soon be a normal person. The boy felt more comfortable than ever.

The surgical light came on.

The moment before the boy opened his eyes, the doctors were still chatting about what to eat after the operation. Then the boy fell unconscious.


There was a sound as the doctor threw the severed finger into the iron tray.

The sharp scalpel was stained with blood. The doctor put it down since the most critical step had been completed. The next bleeding and stitching stage would be handed over to his assistant. He took the iron tray. “I will show it to his family.”

Some hospitals did have the habit that the surgically cut object would be shown to the family members. The doctor would explain the pathology and specific conditions so the family could rest assured.

“Okay,” the others responded while busily organizing everything.

On the boy’s right hand, the finger on the outside of the thumb had been cut off. A steady stream of blood was flowing out and combined with the green cover under him, there was something indescribably strange.

The doctor went out and saw two middle-aged people arguing outside the door.

“Why are you secretly giving him money behind my back? Is it necessary to spend 7,000 yuan to cut off a finger? It doesn’t get in the way and it’ll just grow back!” The middle-aged woman had a bloated body. She wore a green short-sleeved shirt and her face was sallow and gaunt.

The short man was only in his 40s. His hair was half white due to his and his face was red with rage. “Can you bear to watch his classmates laugh at him? Do you know what they say about him? Do you only have money in your eyes? Aren’t you going to think about your son?’

The woman was pointed at and scolded. Her face was green-white as she shouted, “Will he die if he is told a few words? In addition, if you have to get rid of it then why not go to a big hospital? Why find such a small clinic? 7,000 yuan? What if we have been tricked!”

“Don’t make noise, don’t make noise! This is a hospital. Keep quiet!” The doctor scolded them and the two people finally stopped.

“Come and take a look.”

The two of them leaned in. They saw the doctor pick up a bloody finger with tweezers to show them and they stepped back in horror, almost screaming.

The doctor told them, “The cut is like this. There is no extra bone at the bottom of your son’s right thumb and there are no unsightly bulges. After the finger is stitched up, the scar will recover well and there will basically be no difference from normal people…”

Blood dripped down from the finger only the yellowed tile. The two people gulped. “Okay, okay, we see.”

“Old Yan, it isn’t good!” Suddenly, the assistant screamed from the operating room.

The doctor rushed in. “What’s the matter?”

The assistant trembled and pointed to the ECG monitor behind him that was already a straight line. “No… there is no heartbeat!”

The doctor abruptly turned around. He listened to the long ‘drop’ and his face was incredulous. “How can this be? How could such a small operation turn out like this?! He rushed over to save the person but the boy lying on the operating table was already standing up. All the people in the operating room stepped back, some timidly falling onto the ground.

The lights flashed twice.

The boy sat stiffly, his dark eyes very hollow. He turned his head mechanically and slowly looked at the doctors and nurses in the operating room. Gradually, a strange smile appeared on his face. On the ECG monitor behind him, the boy’s heartbeat had magically recovered…

The doctors and nurses were frightened by this and fell into a state of collapse. Fortunately, there was no danger or they would’ve been in great trouble. The boy climbed down from the operating table on his own, his face a bit pale in the light.

The operating room was inexplicably chilly.

The boy mechanically lowered his head and stared at the bloodied finger in the tray. His voice was strangely stiff. “Can I take it away?”

The doctor squirmed. “Of course.”

The patient requested it and of course, he could take away something that belonged to him.

One nurse couldn’t help asking, “What are you going to do with it? It isn’t good to place it just anywhere. It is scary if it is seen by others. It is better to bury it.”

She was being kind but the boy looked at her with a sickly smile. “It’s too cruel to bury it. I’ll make it worthwhile.”

The ‘worthwhile’ seemed to mean something and the nurse felt flustered.

The boy grabbed the finger in the tray, held it in his hand and walked out of the operating room. The boy walked up to the middle-aged people and smiled. “Mom and Dad, let’s go home…”

The two middle-aged people left with a curse. They seemed to be distressed about spending money on something useless.

There were obviously three people but under the dim lights of the corridor, only the shadows of… two adults could be seen

The nurse covered her mouth with horror and blinked desperately. She looked again and clearly saw three shadows, two tall and one short. The nurse sighed with relief. The night shift truly made her too paranoid.


Xie Chi woke up and found that he was in a KTV box. The box was a bit vulgar with red and purple lights, red walls and a colorful carpet. He was sitting on a purple sofa with over 20 bottles of beer in front of him that hadn’t been drunk yet. The box was full of people and the smell of smoke spread.

There were people who were smoking, laughing and cursing. They looked small and their faces were particularly young and inexperienced. They were probably 16 or 17 years old and all minors.

Xie Chi bowed his head to look at himself and was stunned.

He was wearing a shiny black t-shirt with the huge logo of a game team printed on the front of the t-shirt. In fact, his clothes were okay. It was mainly his pants. A chain was hanging from his blue jeans that made a noise when he moved.

A rebellious bad teenager? It seemed that he had this ‘character set’ in the story of Severed Finger.

At the same time, the same scene happened to nine other people.

In Horror Skewers, actors would be separated and enter the story individually. They would experience the same plot. It was only in this way that fairness could be maintained and the real level of the actors reflected.

Xie Chi was now fully a part of the story of Severed Finger.


[Xie Chi is the most eye-catching one. The fourth ranked new talent is already ugly so wearing those clothes with his body is simply crazy.]

[Ahhh, I’m going to save some coins to buy a large screen mobile phone. The screen is divided into 10 equal parts for each person and it makes it too hard for me to watch!]

[You can just click into the one you want to watch to open the full screen. In any case, the plot is all the same.]

[No no, I want to watch them compete. It is boring if there is no comparison.]

[Then you ask for it.]


The phone suddenly rang. Xie Chi pulled it out and looked down.

(The protagonist of this story: Gao Le.]

[Your character: Senior gangster who bullied Gao Le.]

[Please act in accordance with your own personal setting. If the ooc reaches a certain extent, you will be disqualified.]

[This story requires: Live.]

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2 years ago

aaaahhhhhh i wish i was one of the audiences

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nice now they’d really be ‘acting’ to avoid ooc

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That ghost is going to watch 10 screens at once, they must have some special powers because that’s kind of impossible 0_0.
Thanks for the chapter!

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Ngl I’d also be worried if I had to be operated in a room with insects in it. I trust lit no one in that hospital