APP: Chapter 46 Part 2

Four days later at night, Xie Chi was facing the full-length mirror and adjusting his cuffs. He saw in the mirror that Yan Jing was trembling badly and stated, “Don’t hold back your urine. You can go. I don’t need you to watch me all the time. Besides, you can’t see me.”

Yan Jing’s legs stopped shaking immediately. He moved them closer and declared angrily, “I’m not holding back my pee! I’m nervous!”

Xie Chi was about to go to Horror Skewers. How could Yan Jin not be nervous?

Xie Chi didn’t care. “Why are you nervous?”

Yan Jing had dark circles under his eyes and finally realized what it meant the observer being more anxious than the person involved. Xie Chi glanced at his dark circles several times and joked, “You didn’t stay up all night, right?”

“No!” Yan Jing was too ashamed to admit it.

Xie Chi told him seriously, “Go to sleep once I go to the show. Don’t endure through it.”

Yan Jing felt wronged. “Brother, it will be strange if I can sleep.”

“That’s the point.” Xie Chi was helpless. Yan Jing was like a primary school student going on a trip.

Yan Jing giggled mischievously. “Don’t you know what I’m capable of?”

Xie Chi straightened his hair in the mirror and spoke in his heart. “Brother, am I handsome? Is it suitable for men, women, the old and the young?”

“…Handsome.” Xie Xinglan replied after a while.

Xie Chi knew this person was feeling sour and coaxed him with a laugh. “Don’t I have to betray you to support you?”

“…Xiao Chi.” Xie Xinglan gritted his teeth.

Xie Chi laughed happily. Yan Jing was stunned to the side. He had spent a long time with Xie Chi before discovering that Xie Chi inexplicably had a habit of laughing to himself. The phone on the table rang. Xie Chi picked it up and swiped his finger to unlock the screen.

[You will soon go to the shooting site of Horror Skewers.]

“I’m going.” Xie Chi glanced at Yan Jing.

Yan Jing nodded like a chicken pecking rice. “Brother Xie must be first!”

The first place You Jing might have almost 2,000 points, which was a lot more than Brother Xie, but Yan Jing believed that Brother Xie would be first.

Xie Chi smiled and said nothing.


The sky spun and once Xie Chi opened his eyes again, he had appeared in a room with an extremely strange layout.

The room was square and around 40-50 square metres. There was a black, round wooden table in the centre. Two people were sitting at the table. Both of them had fresh faces and excellent looks.

The one sitting on the left was sitting on the chair, slightly leaning back while tapping his legs. His arms were crossed over his chest and his chin was slightly raised. He seemed a bit arrogant. His face was stinky like he just experienced something particularly unhappy.

The young man on the right was handsome, elegant and had soft features. He was smiling gently at Xie Chi. Xie Chi nodded slightly towards the man on the right and walked towards the round table.

The gentle looking young man held out his hand and smiled like the spring breeze. “I am You Jing.”

You Jing? First in the New and Sharp Budding Talents list?”

Xie Chi politely shook hands with him. “Xie Chi.”

You Jing secretly glanced at Xie Chi, a dark light flashing in his eyes. Before he came, his mother had repeatedly told him to pay special attention to two people.

One was Ren Ze, the second place person with multiple personalities. The other was Xie Chi in front of him. In addition, his mother seemed to have a much higher evaluation of Xie Chi than Ren Ze.

You Jing was rarely praised by his harsh mother so after hearing his mother praise others, he was inevitably upset. However, he didn’t show it. He didn’t need to compare himself to Xie Chi and drop his status for no reason.

He would prove it to his mother.

You Jing saw Xie Chi sitting down and praised him. “You are very powerful. You only shot two movies and it is already 1,200 points. I am only nearing 2,000 after three movies.”

You Jing obtained 200 points in his novice movie. Then he relied on his relationship with his mother to shoot two pros outweigh the cons movies. He had his mother’s help and successfully reached 1,800 points.

Xie Chi replied calmly, “You are number one. There is no need to be humble.”

You Jing shook his head. “No, I just benefited from my early advantage. Otherwise, I might not be ahead of you.”

“Not necessarily.”

Ren Ze suddenly scoffed from the side. “Is this interesting?  You are all rivals yet you are pretending.”

Xie Chi glanced at him with surprise and smiled. It wasn’t interesting but sometimes you had to pretend or it would cause unnecessary trouble.

Hypocrisy was often necessary. Hypocrisy might indeed take a lot of time but if he wasn’t hypocritical then he might expose himself too much. This might cause trouble in the future and would end up more time-consuming and laborious.

Xie Chi was a very lazy person. He paid attention to efficiency with everything he did. He was extremely reluctant to cause trouble of his own initiative. Of course, if trouble found him then he wouldn’t give in.

You Jing’s face was embarrassed. He was obviously a bit annoyed at Ren Ze’s disdainful attitude. Coldness flashed in his eyes before his gentle smile was restored. Xie Chi secretly raised his eyebrows. It turned out that this You Jing could endure it.

“Ren Ze, second place.” Ren Ze glanced at Xie Chi and gave a short introduction, like words were gold. He showed no intention of shaking hands.

Xie Chi nodded, not asking for trouble.

[Does Ren Ze think that no one can stand up to him? Does he think he is first so he dared to show that face? What is he? Why are people used to him?]

[My sweetheart Ren Ze is like this. Do you have a problem?]

[Sweetheart? What damn title is this?]

[These three people together are good on the eyes.]

[You Jing is a bit similar to the newcomer who just entered but why do I think… he looks better than You Jing.]

[Who is this person? I haven’t watched his movies.]

[God Chi! My Bigshot Chi! I’m going crazy for you! I’m here again!]

[God Chi? Is he that great? What movies has he filmed?]

[He just finished shooting a zombie movie! Super handsome! It is called Zombie Lover! The most worthwhile purple movie to watch this month!]

[Zombie movie? Then he must be very upright! I prefer a wicked little brother. He definitely isn’t my style.]

[The most worthwhile purple movie to watch this month is You Jing’s Death, right?]


Xie Chi scanned the room while waiting for others to arrive.

The wooden table in front of him was old, dilapidated and covered with traces of insects and ants. The table split in the middle into a scorched tree with no branches. Just looking at it could give people a bad feeling.

The light in the room was dim and depressing while the long cabinets around him seemed to be full of small objects. Xie Chi couldn’t see them clearly so he went over to take a closer look. Behind him, Ren Ze stared at Xie Chi blankly while his lips moved like he was talking to himself.

“Brother, you said that you are the most handsome one in the universe, the best in the universe! you lied to me!”

“Why isn’t it true?” Ren Ze’s expression worsened.

A cute and lovely female voice spoke. “The one standing in front of you is more handsome than you! The one sitting next to you is better than you!”

Ren Ze was stabbed and his face instantly became as dark as the bottom of a pot. He  yelled, “Ren Ran!”

Ren Ran wasn’t afraid of her brother. “I’m telling the truth.”

She stared at Xie Chi and admired him. “This brother is really handsome and gentle. He will definitely look good when he smiles.”

“Don’t be crazy! Go back and stay there.”

“I know Brother. I hate you to death.”

Ren Ran went back obediently. Ren Ze had a stinky expression as he stared at Xie Chi’s back, wishing to stab a hole in it.

People came in one after another. Xie Chi and Lu Wen greeted each other and looked at the things on the long cabinet.

There were all small things covering the long cabinets. There were an oxidized and yellowed clay sculpture and a worn music box. In the middle of the music box was a bride with a broken leg. There was also a ring worn by a woman and it seemed to be stained with blood.

A white mushroom growing in a blood-stained dish, an old-fashioned mobile phone with a broken screen, a perfume bottle that seemed to contain corpse oil, a longan shell with an eyeball…

It was messy. It could be said to have everything but they were obviously a bit weird and had a touch of horror. He was watching when the eyeball in the longan shell unexpectedly rolled out, dragging a sticky trace on the long cabinet.

Xie Chi didn’t react much but Ren Ze frowned and covered his nose with a look of disgust. Xie Chi was clear about the number of items in front of him. There were 56. Then he roughly estimated based on the area ratio that there were at least a thousand such things here.

The seated You Jing gave a timely introduction. “There are horror stories hidden behind each other. The show will randomly select a few pieces to let us enter a horror scene, experience the story and complete the stage.”

Xie Chi was startled.

Ren Ze frowned and stared at You Jing. “How do you know so much?”

Other people also looked at You Jing with confusion and caution in their eyes. The program hadn’t started yet and the content should be completely kept from the participants. However, You Jing seemed to… know it in advance.

You Jing smiled in an approachable manner. “My mother is a third-tier actor so I know a bit more.”

Xie Chi raised his eyebrows slightly. Third tier?

The faces of the people present changed and they looked afraid.

All the people here were new and sharp budding talents. They were leaders and it was inevitable that they were a bit arrogant. Even so, half a minute later, two or three people rushed to You Jing and talked to him softly. They were probably trying to gain information.

You Jing was quite gracious and there was satisfaction in his eyes. Ren Ze sneered disdainfully and glanced at the indifferent Xie Chi. He suddenly felt that Xie Chi was more pleasing to the eye.

The stage for the newcomers to get to know each other passed quickly and their apps rang at the same time.

[The first stage of Horror Skewers has officially begun.]

The moment the dark characters finished appearing, the lights in the already dim room went out and the surroundings were pitch black.

Lu Wen immediately walked to Xie Chi’s side. The room was quiet and only the nervous breathing of the new and sharp budding talents could be heard. Slowly, among the thousands of objects, one lit up with a fluorescent colour.

The people looked over and saw it was a severed finger, blood still flowing from it.

[Opening the story ‘Severed Finger’.]

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2 years ago

Multiple personality buddy??

2 years ago

ahhh ren ze my third most favorite character! also i wish that author had written a little about the other items,,,i really wanted to know about the music box and the perfume bottle and the broken phone….also you jing you scum!! i hate you to death!!

Smitten kitten
Smitten kitten
2 years ago
Reply to  amyes

Can you please stop with the spoilers. I’m seriously gonna quit reading comments on this story, this is legit the 3rd time you’ve done this. I get the excitement of reading but you’re taking the fun of the story away from us first time readers. Not to sound rude or anything and sorry for calling you out publicly like this but this site doesn’t have a report spoiler button

2 years ago

Ren Zen actually seems kind of fun. I love direct characters. Also another person with two souls in their body?!

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Ren Zen and Ren Ran really are siblings with the way they act lmao. And You Jing AND his mom are actors? I wonder if he followed her independently or if he knew it was gonna happen. Either way super convenient for him, it’s like he’s an industry baby.

4 months ago

lol pls don’t have an oedipus complex HAHAHAHAHA.

otherwise this is gonna be quite the colorful cast. first, oedipus, second, sibling energy, sixth, boyfriends HAHAHAHA.

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