APP: Chapter 46 Part 1

Shen Yi’s office.

“Su Qing, did you go and make a zombie movie behind my back?” Shen Yi asked in a flat tone from where he was sitting on the sofa as he heard the door opening.

Su Qing, who opened the door, trembled and his voice was as low as a mosquito. “Yes.”

He was a delicate and beautiful man with a thin back, long hair down to the waist, a fair complexion that looked a bit sickly and an artistic temperament. He was Shen Yi’s secret lover.

Shen Yi turned his head and smiled. “What are you afraid of? I didn’t say anything. Come here.”

He patted his leg, his expression very natural. Su Qing blushed and walked over slowly. He was held in Shen Yi’s arms.

“The movie is called Zombie Lovers? I heard from my agent that the word-of-mouth is pretty good and the audience likes the script very much.” Shen Yi said as he turned on the TV.

Astonishment flashed in the eyes of Su Qing. He raised his head and asked, “You like it?”

Anticipation and joy were about to overflow from his bright eyes.

Shen Yi remained silent as he pressed the remote control to fast forward all the way. Then he pressed the pause button at the end. “Crossing life and death and crossing race, a love theme…”

“Love comes and goes like this.” Shen Yi snorted with some casual contempt in his eyes. “You are still so small-minded, like a woman.”

Su Qing’s face became pale and he lowered his head to hide it. He was silent for a few seconds before replying in a very low voice. “I know, I won’t go and shoot these in the future.”

“It is good to be obedient.” Shen Yi was relieved that this person agreed. He sighed and smiled softly. “In fact, I know you are secretly confessing to me. You love me whether I am alive and dead. You substituted yourself into Mrs Zhao and the female fox, right?”

Su Qing sweated nervously and didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Thank you for your intentions.” Shen Yi hugged the person tighter and paused before his tone became a bit colder. “However, I don’t need it. Emotions are the most useless thing in the world.”

The blood in Su Qing’s body became cold and he forced a smile onto his force.

Shen Yi continued indifferently, “We each take what we need from each other. Don’t be so shameful in the future. Two of my friends have seen it.”

Shen Yi was helpless. “You really make me embarrassed.”

Su Qing’s face was white and he spat out difficult words. “…I know.”

“Now watch Zombie Lovers with me.” Shen Yi was satisfied with Su Qing’s obedience and fiddled with this person’s fingers as he pressed the play button again, indifferently watching the screen.

The next second, his casual expression froze. The TV screen showed a close-up of a man’s face, handsome and clear. The close-up was only for two or three seconds before flashing past. Shen Yi’s expression was a bit subtle as he picked up the remote control and rewound the movie, pressing pause on the close-up.

This was the first time he had taken a serious look at the appearance of the male lead in Zombie Lovers. Although the male lead was amazing, it was still difficult to catch Shen Yi’s eyes. He had just fast-forwarded before and it was only now that he took a closer look.

Shen Yi seemed to be looking for something on the male lead’s face. Su Qing also followed the close-up of the male lead. He saw that Shen Yi’s expression was different and tentatively wondered, “Do you know him?”

Shen Yi casually replied, “I don’t know him.”

The door of the office was pushed open and the agent came in. He saw Su Qing, made an embarrassed expression and wanted to leave, only to be called back by Shen Yi.

“Do you know him?” Shen Yi asked as he pointed to the TV screen.

The agent looked over, saw Xie Chi’s face and was surprised. His eyes dodged Shen Yi’s eyes. “I know.”

Last time, he wanted to tell Shen Yi about Xie Chi and was reprimanded by Shen Yi. Xie Chi was developing well currently and the audience was calling him Little Shen Yi. The agent was afraid that Shen Yi would be unhappy if he knew it. After all, no one liked a newcomer using his name.

Seeing the agent’s expression, Shen Yi thought for a moment. Then his eyes cleared and he laughed. “He is the one you mentioned before?”

Since Su Qing was here, he omitted the second half of the second: the actor who looks similar to me.

The agent had to nod. “It’s him.”

“Just say it.” Shen Yi wondered, “What are you afraid of?”

“The audience at the bottom isn’t sensible and they are calling him… Little Shen Yi.” The agent was so nervous that he was sweating and didn’t dare to look at Shen Yi.

Shen Yi was stunned for a second before he laughed abnormally, a bit of joy in his laughter. “He is that talented? That’s why is he called Little Shen Yi?”

“Yes.” The agent was surprised by the reaction. He sighed with relief before explaining. “He gained 230 points in his first movie which broke your record. After that, I paid more attention to him because he is different. His performance in this movie was amazing. His IQ and physical quality are top-notch and he even finished the second ending that is left for advanced actors. He did it alone. I thought he was bound to die but he summoned four laws alone…”

The agent felt this new actor was abnormally strong but Shen Yi was here and he didn’t dare praise the newcomer too much in case Shen Yi was unhappy.

“Wait for me.” Shen Yi’s eyes flashed with a bit of interest. He pressed the play button and quickly watched the entire movie. During the whole process, Su Qing sat on the side like an invisible person.

After watching it, Shen Yi revealed a bit of surprise in his eyes and spoke to himself. “A double personality? How can that be? How could he get a mental illness?”

Su Qing and his agent glanced at each other with confusion. Shen Yi had some interest in exploring things. He remembered something and turned to look at the agent. “Is he on the New and Sharp Budding Talents list?”

The agent quickly replied, “He is sixth.”

Shen Yi frowned. “So bad? Just sixth?”

The agent knew he hated incompetent people the most and quickly explained, “He has been here for less than a month and only took two movies.”

Shen Yi’s frown disappeared. “It turns out to be like this. I remember that the top 10 of the New and Sharp Budding Talents list will be invited to that show. Will he go to the next episode?”

Shen Yi couldn’t remember the name of the show.

“He will go. The final list for Horror Skewers has come out on the app and he is on it.”

Shen Yi hadn’t picked up a horror movie in the past few days and he was free. He thought for a moment before inquiring, “Are the guests for that show already decided?”

Su Qing’s expression darkened. This meant… Shen Yi wanted to go? He had never seen Shen Yi caring for someone so much.

The agent’s surprise wasn’t small. He reacted by hurriedly replying, “Yes, it is full. For this show, the app randomly invites three actors below the third line and above the fifth line to be guests. However, actors above the third line who want to go can directly gain a position. If you want to go, I will upload the information to the app immediately.”

“Okay.” Shen Yi replied decisively.

Once his agent went out, Shen Yi found that Su Qing’s expression was gloomy.

“What’s the matter?” The smile on Shen Yi’s face instantly converged and he was impatient.

Su Qing’s heart was pained and his lips were dry. “Are you… looking at him?”

The young man’s body was bestowed by the heavens and his appearance was better than Su Qing. He was also talented which Shen Yi liked the most. Su Qing wasn’t a genius type and he had no motivation and desire to win. His special talents lay in areas that Shen Yi didn’t like.

Shen Yi disdained lying. If Shen Yi said he didn’t know this person then he definitely didn’t know him. Yet Shen Yi condescended to go to the show for him. Su Qing couldn’t think of any other possibilities apart from this. Shen Yi would never do so for him. Su Qing secretly laughed at himself.

Shen Yi was stunned for a few seconds and his face became a bit strange. Then he smiled. “Don’t think about it. He and I are impossible.”

He learned forward and held Su Qing’s face. “What are you thinking in that little head of yours every day?”

Su Qing instantly blushed at the gentle tone that was filled with some teasing.

“Then why are you going to the show?” Su Qing stubbornly asked. He was always very persistent about such things. He had to ask clearly to have a moment of peace.

“I’m a bit interested in the little guy.” Shen Yi replied patiently.

Su Qing stared at him without blinking. “Which interest?”

Shen Yi hated people who didn’t believe him the most. He was just about to become colder when he saw Su Qing’s stupid expression when asking the question and softened. He smiled, “It isn’t the same as my interest in you.”

Su Qing’s face reddened again.

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2 years ago

Yikes 😬😬😬

2 years ago

Hmmm my theory is that Shen Yi knows Xie Chi’s identity as ‘Pet 1.0’ or something

2 years ago
Reply to  Moon

Or to stretch it out a little, maybe they both are/were the ‘Pet’ thing??

2 years ago

I know they look shady but these two are the cutest side pairing and characters out there. So relax and buckle up shen yi is pretty awesome ^^

Smitten kitten
Smitten kitten
1 year ago
Reply to  amyes

Anyone who manipulates and insults their lover is not my cup of tea . You can support him tho but he definitely doesn’t have my vote

2 years ago

I’m guessing Shen Yi is probably another “pet” (?). Especially when he found it interesting that our guy had a mental illness–since we all remember that “pets” were not supposed to get sick.

loquentes ineptias
loquentes ineptias
2 years ago
Reply to  Mememe

Why was he surprised? Looking from his reactions to other people and ‘his’ lover, he looks like someone who has a mental illness as well, don’t know which or how many, though. Why did they even become lovers in the first place? Benefits? He’s a movie emperor, so doesn’t seem like it. Anyway, I don’t like this side CP, their interactions isn’t just shady, it’s toxic. His lover made a movie to confess his love to him, and instead of encouraging and complimenting him, he downgraded, insulted, and scold him? Saying that he embarrased him? He seem to only wanted someone obedient with some talent by his side. If possible, I hope Su Qing can broke up with him, enduring his attitude and words isn’t worth it, for any benefits at all. Even dying in a horror movie isn’t that bad. What Shen Yi did is basically mental and verbal abuse, it still seemed light since there wasn’t much shown, but accumulate it on a daily basis, and it will be really heavy. Shen Yi could’ve just prowl around movies and invest in them (don’t know how, but probably possible?) / be an agent if he only likes talent.

2 years ago

Red flag, idiots in love are really annoying to me, it’s clear that the relationship is toxic but still stay because of “love” stupid. Just stupid.

2 years ago

I’m dead curious about shen yi… he’s so sus I wonder if he knows the ‘pet’ thingy about xie chi

2 years ago

Hello toxic relationship, yikes. I hope Shen Qi learns to appreciate his partner more.
Shen Qi seems to know Xie Chi somehow, maybe some kind of sibling (╭ರ_•́)
Thanks for the chapter!

1 year ago

Damn I jinxed myself he really did get his attention and even way before the Horror Skewers started…Good thing it isn’t romantic interest..wait..I..I won’t talk anymore. (´༎ຶོー༎ຶོ`)

Last edited 1 year ago by Takkun
10 months ago

Definitely pet with numbers. How could he know about MC can’t get sick?

Probably blood related or lab made.

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
2 months ago
Reply to  Golex9000k

Yes and Similar in arrogance and ability to manipulate!

Difference is Xie Chi has a soulmate

9 months ago

eh not liking the side cp it’s not just the toxicity but also both of them seem annoying to me one for his red flags other one also due to his personality being something I don’t really like or resonate with especially when he is being treated like this and his reaction just puts me off you just don’t allow yourself to be a door mat like that do you ?

8 months ago

Yikes. This couple is full of red flag, I don’t like them. Su Qing’s personality is to passive and the type that become an idiot when it comes to love (and I hate characters with this personality) while Shen Yi seems so full of himself and absolutely arrogant. He doesn’t looks like he wants a ‘boyfriend’ but an ‘obedient pet’ that caters all his interest. Disgusting

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