APP: Chapter 43

The eight trigrams board  was as big as a target. Xie Chi was worried about how to carry it with him when the app rang again.

[The prop is bound and included in the app’s exclusive backpack. Once you need to use it, you can open the app and click on the backpack to take it out.

Xie Chi suddenly realized that Lu Wen’s sword should’ve also been included in the app. However, Lu Wen used it so often in a zombie movie that he didn’t bother putting it back in the backpack. Xie Chi was browsing when he raised his head and found that Yan Jing standing opposite him had eyes bigger than a bronze bell.

Yan Jing felt Xie Chi’s gaze. “@*¥&…!!” (Brother, come here!)

Xie Chi walked over. “What is it?”

Yan Jing reached out an arm to him. “#…@…¥8@!” (Quickly wake me up. I think I’m dreaming!)

Xie Chi, “……”

Yan Jing felt Xie Chi’s speechlessness and immediately handed his phone over. “%@&!” (Brother, take a look!)

The app showed that Yan Jing had gained a low-level zombie lineage.

[Low-level zombie lineage effect: Superior sense of smell, a certain degree of physical growth (mainly resistance to a beating), ability to hold your breath for a long time and slow metabolism of the internal organs and blood.]

Xie Chi was surprised for a moment before smiling. “You are blessed because of this disaster.”

Yan Jing accidentally obtained a low-level zombie lineage because he was transformed into a living zombie. Yan Jing seemed to want to laugh but he met Xie Chi’s eyes and ended up squeaking.

“@……¥&!” (It is because of Brother Xie!)

“It has nothing to do with me. You were the one who survived.” Xie Chi told him. “Anti-beating and holding your breath for a long time… you are now a bit similar to Lu Wen.”

Lu Wen should have some type of fish lineage. Yan Jing’s zombie lineage was similar to Lu Wen in some respects.

“@… ¥$? (If you say so, it must be the case! Once I go out, I’ll have to find Brother Lu to show off.)

Xie Chi smiled and was about to return the phone to Yan Jing when his eyes casually swept up. His hand paused and his expression became strange. He looked up with some pity in his eyes. “Have you already been bound to it?”

Yan Jing froze and nodded slowly. “#?” (Yes, what’s wrong?)

Xie Chi looked at the words that seemed to jump off the screen.

[Low-level zombie lineage side effects: Uglier facial features, worse vision, strong metabolism of nails and teeth.]

The worse vision and uglier facial features had no effect on Yan Jing. After all, he had a relatively ordinary appearance… It was mainly the last side effect. Yan Jing would need to cut his nails and grind down his teeth more frequently.

It was a bit cruel and Xie Chi was too embarrassed to tell the other person this immediately. He just smiled and said, “Nothing.”

Yan Jing nodded.

During the settlement period, the time in the instance was suspended. The two people briefly chatted before the actor’s comprehensive evaluation report was delivered.

[Zombie Lovers’ Actors Table:

First male lead: Xie Chi, plot exploration degree of 93%, 500 points are rewarded.

Completed the task: Catch a pheasant and earned 30 points.

Completed the task: Find the teeth powder to rescue zombie bitten Taoist Xuan Cheng (first place) and earned 50 points.

A total of 15,102 fans (pros outweigh the cons quality, audience limit is 20,000), rounded up, 151 points are rewarded.

Successfully challenged ending 2 and gained 300 points.

50 points will be deducted for the service purchases.

Purchased the zombie language manual and zombie outfit, 2 points deducted.

Current total points: 1,219 points.

Second male lead: Lu Wen, plot exploration degree of 37%, 300 points are rewarded.

Completed the task: Catch a pheasant and earned 30 points.

Completed the task: Find the teeth powder to rescue zombie bitten Taoist Xuan Cheng (second place) and earned 30 points.

A total of 3,977 fans. Rounded up, 37 points are rewarded.

Gave up on challenging ending 2.


Current total points: 451 points.

Third male lead: Yan Jing, plot exploration degree of 24%, 100 points are rewarded.

Completed the task: Catch a pheasant and earned 30 points.

Completed the task: Find the teeth powder to rescue zombie bitten Taoist Xuan Cheng (third place) and earned 10 points.

Successfully challenged ending 2 and gained 300 points.

A total of 1,921 fans. Rounded up, 19 points are rewarded.


Current total points: 461 points.

Dead actors: Zhou Tong, Yue Xiuming, etc.]

[Thank you to the actors for their performance. The rewards will be distributed to the app immediately. Please be sure to check them.]


Outside the horror movie, the big screen lit up again and the comprehensive evaluation was clearly displayed to the audience. There was the character’s head portrait in front and the score in the back.

“1219? Is he really a newcomer? Less than 1,000 points were earned in Zombie Lovers… then he only had over 200 points at first! He has been to two movies at most!”

“Shit. A newcomer cleared a pros outweigh the cons quality movie and now has over 1,000 points? A points farming machine! I’ve never seen anything so fierce…”

“The ups and downs scared my little heart…” A ghost covered his heart.

A ghost was suddenly excited “He must be able to go to the top 10 of the newcomers list, right? I remember that the cut off line was around eight or nine hundred. I don’t know if he can be ranked in the top five.”

“So he will definitely be invited to go to Horror Skewers?”

“Definitely. It just depends on whether he wants to go or not. I like that variety show so much. It is really cool to see the competition between newcomers!”

“He must go. You can see that he is lacking points and the rewards for the variety show are generous.”

“Ah, I’m really looking forward to it. This is my most anticipated episode. I really like him!”

“Stay with him, stay with him!”

“Lu Wen might also be able to go to Horror Skewers? However, it is estimated that he will be ranked at the bottom.”

“Didn’t the ones ranked at the bottom die last time?”

“I don’t know what the theme is for this episode of Horror Skewers.”

“Do you think he got an item?”

“I don’t know… I don’t think so. If he really did get the luck buff in the novice movie then how can he get two items in a row? Is this allowing others to live?”


After the comprehensive evaluation of the individuals, it was time for the quality of the horror movie to be defined again.

“Do you think this movie can be upgraded?”

“Absolutely not. A purple movie is difficult to upgrade. The upgrade itself is difficult because there are problems in the movie itself. It can’t make a qualitative change just because of the actors.” A slightly experienced ghost explained.

“Yes.” The ghost nodded.

The experienced ghost said again, “However, the colour of this card will definitely become darker. I will use my head as a guarantee…”

On the big screen, the purple card Zombie Lovers didn’t turn around but flew to the top right corner.

A pros outweigh the cons quality and higher quality horror movies redefined the quality based on the extra points accumulated. If the actual shooting effect was better than expected, the card colour would become darker and deeper. It was only once it became really deep that a qualitative change would occur and the quality would be improved. Of course, if the actors performed poorly then the colour of the card would become lighter. If it was too light, it would be downgraded.

The screen started to replay the plot. As Xie Chi’s operations flashed by, the colour of the card became a bit dark.

Stealing the zombie, counter attacking against Yue Xiuming and Zhou Tong, breaking the illusion and cutting off the hands and refining the living zombie all caused the colour of the card to darken a bit. Once it reached the finale, the card was obviously deeper. Finally, once Xie Chi was broken and reshaped, the colour of the card had become a deep purple.

“Light purple to deep purple! Is there anything else?”

“Oh my god, after reviewing, I’ve found so many operations…”

“I still remember him stealing the zombies…”

“Hurry up!”

After the plot was replayed, the colour of the card eventually stayed purple. It was a deep purple that was almost black.

“It hurts. The actors did their best but the movie itself is too limited. There is no way.”

“It feels like a bit of a waste of the bigshot’s talent.”

“It is the early years of the movie emperor. He came in late and his agent bullied him. You see, if I was his agent then I would’ve definitely sent him a message when the second ending appeared, telling him not to enter it. Then it wouldn’t be so dangerous that he almost died.”

“You can’t say that. It is because his agent didn’t tell him that we could see this type of scene.”

A ghost head said, “In fact, if you stay here for half a year then you know that getting the second ending isn’t as easy as cutting vegetables. In fact, the second ending is usually an egg left behind by the horror movie so a second movie can be made for advanced actors to shoot.”

He paused briefly before continuing, “I’ve thought about the topic well. Zombie Lovers 2: Borrowing the Laws. Brief introduction: Taoist Xie Chi and his team defeated the zombie possessed by a soul and left Huai Ao. However, the horror was far from over. The zombie actually stood up again! This time, without Xie Chi’s rescue, Huai Ao town turned into purgatory. Several Taoist priests arrived and were told that only the strength of the five elements can defeat the zombies. What should they do…”

“Hahaha, this plot is a bit interesting! Then the entire movie will be centred on how they gather the power of the five elements. It is very likely! You are so good.”

“I’ve also thought about it. Wasn’t this ending wrongly given to the bigshot? The movie is complete and there will definitely be no sequel. The current ending is much cooler and more interesting than that hypothetical sequel. The rhythm is fast and where else would you see one person borrowing four elements?”

“In the end, it was worth our money right!”

“Yes, I love Daddy Xie Chi. I will save my money for the sequel.”

There was a line of black characters below the dark purple card: Purple ‘Zombie Lovers.’ A pros outweigh the cons quality movie.

Advantages: Excellent performances by actors Xie Chi, Lu Wen and Yan Jing. The unexpected challenge of ending 2 was successful. There was a fairly good service, many reversals, a double ending suitable for the theme of zombie movies and a happy ending.

Disadvantages: The plot advancement was too rigid, the conditions were harsh, the actors too unfriendly and the time was too long, making the audience impatient.


Xie Chi returned to his home after confirming his withdrawal from Zombie Lovers. He first opened the wish interface to see if Xie Xinglan’s body had been made well.

The interface showed it was still being manufactured. Xie Chi was a bit disappointed and was going to browse other things when the wish interface gave a progress bar.

[Manufacturing progress bar: 60%.]

Xie Chi was stunned for a moment before his eyes lit up. He immediately turned on the computer and saw it was currently July 29th.

He had submitted the model image on July 16th and 12 days had passed. The progress bar after 12 days was 60% and day one was 5%. This meant that he could get his brother’s finished body in 8 days.

8 days. He would be able to see it before entering the next instance if it was fast. Or he would have to wait for the next instance to end if it was slow.

Xie Chi smiled, took out the chip that was removed from him by the heavens, opened a drawer and threw it in. He poured himself some water and leaned against the cupboard. He drank the water while browsing the personal information panel on the app.

He now had 19,000 fans and over 1,200 points.

In the title interface, his original title was an unknown ghost movie actor. The green had now turned into a light blue and said: New and Sharp Budding Talent

The following evaluation was: You have participated in ghost movies and zombie movies. You have the tendency to develop as an all-rounder. Your fans count is the best among the same batch of actors and you are very charming. Your fans are relatively loyal and your fame is expanding. However, the audience base that knows you is still limited. Your masterpieces are: ghost movie Spirit in Red Clothes, zombie movie Zombie Lovers.

Below the evaluation was a small reminder. [The quality of the horror movie that was originally open to you is: rough (green) and blade (blue). Congratulations. Due to the title upgrade, the quality of the horror movies that can be currently entered are: rough (green), bland (blue), pros outweigh the cons (purple)

Xie Chi raised an eyebrow. Previously, Zhou Tong made an exception and placed him in a pros outweigh the cons movie. Now he had the authority to enter it on his own. He could earn more than 500 points in a pros outweigh the cons movie and the efficiency of earning points was greatly improved.

Xie Chi’s slender fingers flicked and dragged open the expandable column behind the title.

[Your current total ranking is now 7,834. There are 3,458 actors with the same colour title as you.]

Previously, Xie Chi was 18,277 but now it had risen by over 10,000. The lower the ranking, the easier it was to rise. It was because one point could open a gap with many people. The higher the ranking, the more difficult it was to advance. It was because those in front would have many points.

After Xie Chi’s ranking rose, it would bound to rise slower and slower.

The matter of his agent had to be considered but he was a bit hungry. Xie Chi rummaged through the refrigerator. He saw it was full of food and laughed happily. He used to live a takeaway live. How could Xie Xinglan let him eat someone else’s meal? Perhaps he was anxious but in the end, his brother started to cook.

Previously when he went to school, he lived alone and there were only sodas and wine in the refrigerator. He didn’t like to invite a cooking aunty because he always felt his private space was being invaded. Later, Xie Xinglan was really scared. He picked up the spatula and never put it down.

Now this was the result of Xie Xinglan’s actions. The ones in the fridge were bad but the things in the freezer could still be eaten.

In fact, he didn’t need to eat in his spiritual state but there was the feeling of hunger. Xie Chi pulled out bags of what he wanted to eat and spoke in an extremely plain tone. “Husband, I’m hungry.”

Xie Xinglan spoke warmly. “I will cook it for you. Just wait a while.”

“Yes.” Xie Chi laughed.

Xie Xinglan was halfway through cooking when he suddenly lost his spatula. He asked incredulously, “What did you just call me?!”

Xie Chi could only laugh.

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Scared? Why was XXL scared?

1 year ago
Reply to  Takkun

Probably crying over how poorly his darling was treating himself, subsisting on nothing but boxes of chow mein lol or on a more serious note we know he wasn’t particularly careful or cleanly pre-boyfriend, he probably has a lot of issues like self loathing from the pet 1.0 thing.

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I wish i got someone like them in my life. Cute MC or husband material ML. 😭

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Wait but how does xie Chi’s points round up to 1219, counting it comes out 979?

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