APP: Chapter 42 Part 2

The always benevolent wood didn’t choose to let Xie Xinglan go. It just wasn’t as arrogant as water, fire and gold. It absorbed his vitality. There was no such thing as a pie dropping from the sky. The power he obtained didn’t belong to him and it came at a huge price.

His body finally couldn’t bear it. A crack formed on the back of Xie Xinglan’s hand. Obviously, the power of the five elements needed a place to vent. Once they could no longer expand in the body, they desperately wanted to stretch the body and spread it out. The human body seemed insignificant compared with these heavenly laws.

Xie Xinglan’s eyes were dark.

“Brother!” Xie Chi’s voice trembled.

Xie Xinglan opened his eyes, spat out another mouthful of blood and coaxed Xie Chi. “It’s okay.”

He said it was okay but more and more cracks were appearing on his face. The crack on his forehead gradually widened and spread to the bridge of his nose. Thick red blood meandered down, making him look dark and evil. His eyes were as dark as ink but there was no despair in his eyes. He hadn’t taken Xiao Chi out of the movie and he hadn’t held Xiao Chi yet. Therefore, he wouldn’t die.

The injection of the five elements was coming to an end. The five elements didn’t want his life. If so, he should’ve been like Taoist Lian Xi and died within half a minute instead of suffering like this.

Heaven wanted him to repay it but it didn’t want his life. The five elements liked him. Xie Xinglan chuckled.

How could the heavens have no preference? If there was no preference, why could he borrow so much? They knew he couldn’t afford it yet they still let him borrow so much. If the heavens had no preference, why did a person need to have the same attributes to borrow from a certain law? This was clearly exclusive. If the heavens were truly merciless to him, why bother tormenting him? Since he was alive, it meant that heavens couldn’t bear it and was leaving him a path to live.

Xie Xinglan had become a bloody man.

The more threatening the moment, the calmer Xie Chi became. In the long silence, his voice finally rang out. “Brother, I know! Give up your body! Stick to your mind and give up the body completely! Don’t fight! Pay it back!”

The human flesh was unable to resist the heavens. Under the torture of the heavens, Xie Xinglan would die sooner or later. However, the heavens wanted Xie Xinglan’s repayment, not his life.

Repayment didn’t mean death. The collapse of willpower and the demise of the spirit was true death.

Xie Chi finally understood the meaning of the heavens. Xie Xinglan would give his body to it and it would leave Xie Xinglan’s life.

For humans, if the physical body was dead then the human body was dead. The physical body could be said to be almost everything. However, for the heavens, the physical body was just a piece of meat, nothing more.

It was just like how the five elements recognized people by their spirit, not their blood. The flesh was just a carrier. Xie Xinglan wouldn’t die as long as his willpower didn’t die.

“Okay.” Xie Xinglan smiled.


[The bigshot is broken!!!]

[Ahhhh, this trash zombie movie that promised to reward goodness. I am crying as I go into the cold palace !]

[A team of mourners standing in front of you.]


[Dead, he is dead. I don’t want the five elements as a boyfriend anymore. The five elements are a scum man. Wu wu, throwing him away after being used. I don’t want to love the five elements, I want the preference of the five elements.]

[Chi Chi wu wu!]

[I can’t get rid of my tears. This was my favourite actor in the past two years wu wu wu.]


Yan Jing arrived and found that the weak blood connection between him and Xie Chi was gone.

Xie Chi… was dead? Yan Jing’s body was instantly cold as rain wet his face and mixed with his tears. Yan Jing’s eyes were filled with an unprecedented loss.

Xie Chi was dead? He glanced around frantically and didn’t feel the existence of a human being.

Xie Chi… was broken to death? Yan Jing knelt down and cried. His life was saved by Xie Chi but Xie Chi was pitted in the instance because of the laws.

The townspeople saw Xie Xinglan cracking and cried out in horror. This scene had become their eternal nightmare. Their savior who saved them was killed by the merciless heavens. They were as small as grass and couldn’t get the mercy of the heavens. This was the cruel truth hidden under the peaceful surface. Some people made low sobs and the sad atmosphere spread instantly. In the heavy rain, the faces of everyone who witnessed this scene were lifeless.

Dawn suddenly appeared in the east and there was a dazzling beam of white light. The long night seemed to be over but it also seemed to never end.

The eight trigrams that was forgotten by everyone in the corner suddenly shivered. The power of the five elements gathered again and rushed in one direction, glorious and brilliant. The townspeople closed their eyes and once they opened it, they saw the scene in front of them and shivered.


[Am I dreaming???]

The rain stopped and a man appeared at the end of the road, well-dressed and handsome. He used to be white but now he was even more radiant. His skin was bright and it felt like he would shed tears with just one pinch. The blemishes on his face had been retouched and were almost perfect. Every cell was full of vitality.

Everything was part of the five elements and the human body was also constructed by the five elements. The heavens destroyed him as repayment and then reshaped him according to its preferences.

Death and the unwillingness to die. This was the path of life that the heavens had given him. His physical fitness and appearance had been improved to a certain extent and his six senses had never been sharper. The most important thing was…

Xie Chi felt the chip in the palm of his hand

The chip that was implanted in his body at birth was removed by the heavens. He didn’t know if he would now get sick but he had clearly removed the mark of Pet 1.0. He was no longer a ‘pet’ that could be monitored at any time, but a living person.

This was what he wanted most.

Xie Chi gave a low chuckle.


[Why is he alive?!]

[Regardless of why he lived, I’m so happy! I’m in love with zombie movies again!]

[I’m in love with the laws again!!]

[Brother has become so handsome. I want to touch.]

[Men don’t rely on their face, okay?]

“Ghost!” The townspeople thought they had seen a ghost and fled.

“@&*#——!” Yan Jing rushed up with a red nose and red eyes. It was an amusing sight when combined with his zombie face.

“Everything is fine.” Xie Chi laughed.


Xie Chi looked helplessly as Yan Jing danced around. Countless Taoist arrived in Huai Ao and started slaughtering the small zombies. The power of the five elements on the eight trigrams disc started to fade and merge with the world. Finally, there was only a small bit of wood energy left and it seemed to hesitate.

Xie Chi walked over and picked up the dirty eight trigrams. He looked at the wood energy and smiled. “Just do it if you want.”

It seemed to have been encouraged. The wood energy didn’t leave with the other four elements but slipped quietly to Taoist Lian Xi’s head. It jumped twice as if saying goodbye to Xie Chi. Then it entered Taoist Lian Xi’s body.

Vitality blossomed in Taoist Lian Xi. It was only a matter of time before he recovered.

[Ahhhh virtue has its rewards. The Taoist priest will live.]

[Good savior. Why did I get caught in a horror movie. So gentle and sweet.]

Xie Chi and Yan Jing’s mobile phones rang.

[The horror movie ‘Zombie Lovers’ is over and you will soon be sent away. The actors will stay for a while because items have fallen.]

[The quality of this movie is a purple movie. The privacy protection is activation and the stage of obtaining items won’t be displayed to the audience. Please rest assured.]

Xie Chi was a bit surprised and smiled. Previously, he got an item in the rough quality movie and there was no such treatment. He got the luck buff and the audience knew about it. He hadn’t expected a pros outweigh the cons movie to be so friendly.

In a low quality movie, the actor’s reputation was almost equal to zero and there was no need to be afraid of causing jealousy. In a higher quality movie, the items were generally more precious. There was indeed a need to cover it up for the sake of the actors. This was the app’s consideration for them.

Outside the horror movie, the big screen went dark. The audience was accustomed to this and waited patiently for the comprehensive evaluation of the actors.

“It turned out to be an item.”

[The bigshot’s completion percentage is so high. Isn’t it normal to drop an item?”

“Yes but zombie movies generally only drop items for zombie movies. Do you think Xie Chi will stay in zombie movies because of this? In that case, we will have benefits. It is cool.”

“I want to see Chi Chi’s previous movies.”

“I remember that he is a newcomer? I’ll have to check once I go out.”

“If he is a newcomer, wouldn’t he be in the top 10? Can he be invited to that variety show? I’m looking forward to it.”

“Hey, I want to see if he has multiple personalities.”

“What item do you think Chi Chi will get?”


“Just like Lu Wen, perhaps a refined eight trigrams?”


The dirty eight trigrams that Xie Chi held started to spin and split into two.

Xie Chi’s phone rang.

[Item detected: eight trigrams that can summon the power of the five elements (low configuration, only available for zombie movies, available uses: twice).]

[Item detected: eight trigrams that can summon the power of the five elements (low configuration, full instance use, available uses: once).]

[Please choose one of the two as your reward item.]

[Explanation of item effect: The actor summons the power of the five elements and will have a burst of super strength for a short time. Later, they will devour him. It is a low configuration so the actor won’t die. How many of the five elements can be summoned depends on the number of participants involved in borrowing the laws and the strength, disposition and potential of those borrowing the laws.]

Instead of making a choice, Xie Chi first opened the app and entered a question in the search bow. [Difference between specialization and all-rounder.]

He wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue staying in zombie movies. He liked to challenge himself and hated mechanical repetition. However, if he could continue to shoot zombie movies quickly then he would definitely stay.

After all, shooting the same type of movie meant experience and items accumulated very quickly. This would greatly reduce the difficulty for him.

The app quickly gave the answer.

[The difference between specializing and becoming an all-rounder:

Specializing: Using the analogy of a zombie movie, the first time the actor shoots a pros outweigh the cons movie, he will get 500 points if first in the comprehensive evaluation. The second pros outweigh the cons movie will give 300 points if first in the comprehensive evaluation. The third time will be 100 points and it will decrease progressively. Unless the difficulty of the horror movie decreases, the next time the actor enters the same type of horror movie then it will be hundreds of points less than before.]

In other words, if Xie Chi chose a pros outweigh the cons zombie movie next then he would only get 300 points for coming first in the comprehensive evaluation. However, if he went to a higher difficulty zombie movie, the reward for the first challenge would be normal. Then it would decrease the second time he filmed a horror movie of the same quality.

This was to maintain a balance. If an actor specialized in a certain type of horror movie then they would inevitably accumulate experience and items. The difficulty of the horror movie would be greatly reduced. It wouldn’t be fair for those involved in various horror movies if the rewards remained the same.

So if he chose to specialize, he would have to endure progressively decreasing rewards and the consumption of a lot of time. On the other hand, he would be safer and his life more secure.

If specializing was like a fund that rose steadily and slowly, an all-rounder was probably like stocks. He would pick different types of horror movies and earn the highest score the first time. Never repeating the same difficulty and the same type meant quickly scoring points. However, it also meant a higher danger level and the accumulation of different types of items.

Xie Chi smiled. “Brother?”

“Do I have to say it?” Xie Xinglan was lazy.

Xie Chi selected [Low configuration, full instance use, once.]

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2 years ago

Aww Yan Jing is so cute ≧ω≦

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Wow he got rid of his Pet 1.0 status! We still don’t know what that is, but I guess we’ll find out eventually. Thanks for the chapter!

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This chapter is a very wuxia like

Heaven’s will destroy your body and rebuild it.

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Mei mei
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