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APP: Chapter 42 Part 1

[Isn’t this dead??]

[The actor feels good. The audience wants to scold but I’m full of expectations. The result is like cutting vegetables.]

[Cool ahhhh.]

[Bigshot: hell star, fantasy ending. Zombie: fantasy start, hell ending. Conclusion: the big shot is awesome.]


On the screen outside the horror movie, the monstrous red light in the zombie’s eyes faded and the scenes of the past emerged quickly.

It was a wild mountain. The boy heard the low cries of a beast and followed it. Finally, he pulled away some weeds and saw a little red fox with the front leg caught in a trap. The kind boy rescued the fox and released it. A few years later, the boy became a young man. His family was poor and he couldn’t marry.

One day, an injured, beautiful young woman appeared at the entrance of the village. The kind villagers looked after her. The woman said she was trafficked to the mountains and escaped. She forgot the way back and if the village could accept her. Everyone agreed.

The woman seduced the young man called Yu Lang and he finally got married as he wished.

The loyal and honest young man married a wife who looked like a fairy and the villagers naturally paid more attention to their family.

They gradually found that the originally strong and healthy Yu Lang had a dull complexion and a weaker body.

Some people started to notice that something was wrong. They had just prepared to go down the mountain to ask a Taoist to look at him when they heard that his wife was pregnant and relaxed. It was just that Yu Lang exerted too much force with his wife.

Yu Lang learned that his wife was pregnant and jumped with joy. The fox was pale-faced but eventually chose to have the child. Her stomach grew bigger every day. At seven or eight months, the fox spirit woke up to find that her tail was exposed!

Yu Lang was snoring beside her and didn’t find anything strange. The fox was relieved as she stared at the roof with empty eyes. She seemed to be thinking that it would pass after a month or two.

Once it came time for delivery, the village chief and villagers warmly invited someone to help deliver the baby. Several big men stayed outside to accompany Yu Lang while the women went inside the house. A heart-breaking cry of pain came from the house. The child was about to come out. Then suddenly, there were screams from the women in the house.

The blood-stained woman had become a fox and the born child was also a fox. The women fled the house while the men went down the mountain to find a Taoist.

In the house, Yu Lang learned the truth and wept holding the fox. For him, it didn’t matter if she was a fox or a person. She was still his wife. Yu Lang wanted to explain to the villagers but the Taoist priest arrived to arrest the fox spirit at the encouragement of the villagers.

“Taoist priest, you can’t let her harm us!”

All the kind villagers seemed to have changed their faces. They were very agitated and held farming tools to fight the weak fox spirit. Yu Lang went to protect his lover but he was beaten to death by the villagers who had fallen into madness.

Half of the fox spirit’s head was smashed and she pretended to be dead as she lay on the bed. She just wanted to repay this person but she hurt her benefactor and lost her love forever.

The demon was dead and the villagers were just about to sigh with relief when they saw markings appear on Yu Lang’s face.

The Taoist priest’s expression abruptly changed. “Not good! He’s going to become a zombie!”

Yu Lang was suffocated with anger before his death and his resentment was very deep. He was likely to become a powerful zombie. The villagers were ashamed that they killed him by mistake and raised funds to buy a copper-cornered gold coffin. Then they found a place with excellent feng shui to bury him.

The fox spirit who had only one breath left escaped quietly. She sucked out the essence of several villagers and finally recovered her life. She watched tearfully as the villagers lifted away the coffin that contained Yu Lang and her child.

After that, she waited for 20 years.

The dream was still broken.


Xie Xinglan had just recovered his sword and landed on the ground when his mobile phone rang.

[Zombie Lovers Ending 1 – Dying for Love: A stiff puppet love that transcended life and death was reached.

Zombie Lovers Ending 2 – Dreams Breaking: a cross-race zombie love was achieved.

The double ending was reached.]

[Congratulations for completing ending 2. Reward: 300 points.]

Outside the horror movie:

[In fact, it is quite reasonable. One crosses life and death and one crosses race. The themes combined is a love that crosses life and death. This topic is really good.]

[Huh? Is it over?]

[Have you forgotten the repayment? I’m particularly curious about how it will be repaid. The laws liked the bigshot so much. Will it be a thunder and rain type?]

[No, Heaven is the fairest. It wouldn’t do that.]

[Eh? I’m suddenly nervous.]

Yan Jing’s phone also rang. He was about to rush to congratulate Xie Chi when he sensed something. He stared at the eight trigrams in Xie Chi’s hands and fear gradually appeared in his eyes.

Xie Xinglan’s face was gloomy. “Don’t come here. Get back!”

On the eight trigrams, the energy of the five elements was gradually converging. They seemed to be retreating but a terrifying power was slowly being born.

Yan Jing paused and his heart was filled with great uneasiness. “@……&#*?”

Xie Chi told him, “Don’t worry about me. Leave this place.”

The repayment of the laws was about to start and he was afraid of damaging Yan Jing.

The townspeople had lived in the shadow of the zombies and now they were saved by a strange man. Their eyes involuntarily showed feelings of worship.

Xie Xinglan glanced at Taoist Lian Xi and motioned for him to retreat but Taoist Lian Xi didn’t move. He just smiled. “This old man will die without any doubts.”

Xie Xinglan was stunned before realizing. “You bet your life to borrow the earth line?”

Director Lian Xi smiled bitterly. “Yes, I’m dead.”

He was really going to die. It was a pity that his life seemed to be in vain.

The energy of the five elements was violently moving on the eight trigrams. Xie Xinglan’s hand became numb and he asked lightly, “What do you think about me?”

Taoist Lian Xi smiled bitterly. “You definitely don’t want to hear the answer. I don’t want to be pinched by you before I die so I won’t say it.”

A person borrowing one law might not be able to survive the repayment, let alone Xie Chi who borrowed four laws. There was no doubt that Xie Chi would die from the repayment. Taoist Lian Xi glanced at him and thought it was a pity.

Xie Xinglan seemed to know this but he still smiled. “I think I can live.”

It was one thing to be clear, it was another thing to feel that he could absolutely survive.

Taoist Lian Xi had wide eyes.

Xie Chi’s low voice was heard. “Brother, I believe in you.”

Xie Xinglan smiled.

The next second, the overwhelming power of the laws spread out from the eight trigrams. The townspeople and Yan Jing, who was on the periphery, were shocked. On the eight trigrams board, the force of the five elements first separated out a small earthy yellow colored energy that drilled into Taoist Lian Xi’s body.

This was the earth law that Taoist Lian Xi borrowed. After the earth law entered Taoist Lian Xi’s body, his face instantly turned grey. He had breathing difficulties and his blood flow rate slowed down and almost stopped. The heart received insufficient blood and started to beat abnormally. In a few seconds, his face had already turned red-purple like an onion.

The eight trigrams was stuck to Xie Xinglan’s hand and couldn’t seem to be removed. Xie Xinglan was ready to help Taoist Lian Xi but he shook his head hard. “It is useless… I can only rely on myself.”

These words were squeezed out through gritted teeth. After another seven or eight seconds, Taoist Lian Xi fell to the ground, as stiff as a stone. There was no vitality left in his wide-open eyes.

The earth law got what it wanted.


[I’m a bit reluctant for him to die. He might’ve talked a lot but he was really good.]

[To be honest, I think this is a bit inconsistent with zombie movies. Aren’t zombie movies about good and evil? The Taoist was so good but he didn’t get a good ending.]

[The Taoist only borrowed a little bit and became like this. What about the bigshot who borrowed so much? Isn’t it over??]

[Ahhhhh, don’t die male god.]

Half a minute ago, they had been talking to him and now Taoist Lian Xi was just a corpse. Xie Xinglan pursed his lips and watched quietly. There was no sadness in his eyes. He was certain that he wouldn’t die, even if he had to pay back a hundred times more than Taoist Lian Xi.

“Xiao Chi, are you afraid?”

Xie Chi smiled. “Brother is here.”

The next moment, all the power of the five elements was injected into Xie Chi’s fragile body. The shockwave caused by the five elements shook the people around him. Those who weren’t in good health directly spat out blood.

Yan Jing was a powerful living zombie but he was still thrown back more than a hundred metres. Yan Jing got up and ran tearfully towards Xie Chi’s location. He finally figured out the causes and consequences. Xie Chi must’ve used the technique of borrowing the laws and now it was time to repay the laws. Taoist Lian Xi only borrowed a small amount and was dead. Xie Chi, he…

Yan Jing didn’t dare think about it.

Only half of the power of the five elements was injected but Xie Chi’s fragile body had already reached a critical value. It seemed that some of his blood clots would explode in the next second.

Xie Xinglan supported himself using the sword and straightened up. Every movement hurt deep to his bone marrow but he didn’t say anything. Sweat covered his forehead.

He wasn’t the same as Taoist Lian Xi. Taoist Lian Xi clearly used his life to make a deal with earth so earth directly demanded Taoist Lian Xi’s death. It was just kind enough to not let Taoist Lian Xi suffer too much.

Xie Chi just borrowed and didn’t say what he was giving back. This was enough for the five elements to take away his life but it depended on the mood of the five elements. The five elements might not necessarily want his life.

The power of the five elements was still being injected. Xie Xinglan’s fingers started to twitch and his fingertips were almost embedded in the sword.

His body was experiencing two days of ice and fire. He was cold for a while and frost appeared on his face. Then he was hot for a while and his skin was faintly red.

The gold energy was wandering in his body. It cut at the small meridians and destroyed the internal organs. Xie Xinglan’s body was messed up in an instant. He finally couldn’t support it and fell to one knee with his sword, spitting out a big mouthful of blood.

The blood was mixed with his broken internal organs.

[He is dead.]

[I’m closing my eyes.]

[I’m crying.]

[Still so handsome.]


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2 years ago

Ouch, but I think this might result in a new buff or prop. Probably a buff since its in his body. Speaking of props, he probably needs to return that sword XD

2 years ago

When I read scenes like these I always try to imagine the feelings the characters are experiencing to immerse myself more with the story, and damn, just reading about this makes my body grow stiff.

That must’ve been so painful they are so mentally strong they’re not even shedding a single drop of tear after all this woah… (゚o゚;;)

2 years ago

There’s always one person in the chat. I hope he’ll be fine