APP: Chapter 41

The brass eight trigrams met fire and it instantly became extremely hot. However, Taoist Lian Xi didn’t even notice it and kept holding it in a daze. He thought he was hallucinating and blinked desperately. Then after confirming the result many times, he started to gulp frantically.

“T-This is fire…?” Taoist Lian Xi secretly pinched himself and felt pain. Then he was sure that he wasn’t dreaming. Obviously, water and fire were incompatible but a miracle was happening right before his eyes.

[Wtf, how can it be borrowed?]

[Is there a problem with the metaphysics??]

[Isn’t fire and water incompatible??]

[Wait, he borrowed three lines by himself? One person is a trio?]

[What is happening??]

“Are the records wrong and fire and water can coexist? This…” Taoist Lian Xi was completely confused when he suddenly thought of something and raised his head.

The young man in front of him still had the same face but when he looked carefully, he could see the difference from before. The eyes, temperament and expression were slightly different. Taoist Lian Xi stared with wide eyes.

How could he forget that this man was a double soul? His master couldn’t be wrong so there was only one possibility. Xie Chi had two souls. One was water and the other was fire. This made sense theoretically. However, one was water and one was fire and they both managed to get the approval of two lines. Wasn’t this probability too fantastical?

Taoist Lian Xi was in a complicated mood for a while. He knew Xie Chi and thought he had always been communicating with Xie Chi’s main soul. Now that he calmed down, he found that he had always been dealing with both souls. The one who borrowed fire in front of him must be the secondary soul.

Taoist Lian Xi thought back and discovered that this soul was a typical fire. He had a bad temper, strong actions and was decisive and fearless. Taoist Liang Xi had been surprised by Xie Chi’s stinky face from time to time. Now it was clear that there had been two people.

It was just that the two of them switched quietly. For him, there was basically no sense of disharmony. After all, Xie Chi had so many faces. Who knew which one was true and which one was fake, which one was him and which one was his secondary soul?

Xie Chi’s mood was also a bit complicated and he didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. If Taoist Lian Xi had told him earlier that it relied on the soul and not blood then there wouldn’t be so many troubles.

[Why can he borrow fire?]

[Is it because his desire to protect Taoist Lian Xi is so strong that fire lent it to him as an exception?]

[It would be more convincing if it was changed to a handsome guy or a beautiful woman. This sloppy Taoist Lian Xi…]

[Who cares why he can borrow it? It is done. So cool!]

[Fire is borrowed and it shouldn’t take up a lot.]

On the eight trigrams disc, fire was expanding aggressively. It was unreasonable. It first squeezed the pitiful earth into a corner and then went to harm the mild wood. The wood was scared and hid in the water. Thanks to the addition of wood, the blue light flourished.

There were clearly four lines but only the burning red and calm blue could be seen on the eight trigrams. The tongues of fire rolled several times to tease and bully water. Water retreated before finally stopping at a certain point. It could be regarded as holding its ground. However, obviously both masters weren’t satisfied with this result. Water and fire were still fighting.

[Water and fire are half and half? Water is so strong yet fire can still take up half? How strong is his fire? Isn’t this too awesome??]

[The water is still combined with wood.]

[Why?? Why can he borrow fire? Looking at the disc, they are clearly incompatible.]

[Look! The combat power has been refreshed. It is more than 130,000!]

[The zombie reached 150,000 after burning its soul. There is a gap of 20,000. For such a big gap, this is almost negligible, right? After all, additional values such as intelligence aren’t taken into account in combat power.]

[Ahhh, I’m so excited. Can I watch three big zombies?]

[However, didn’t Taoist Lian Xi say that all five elements were needed to fight the zombies?]

[Who would’ve thought that he could borrow so much? I don’t think there is any need for the five elements to gather together. The existing four are enough. Taoist Lian Xi’s earth can even be removed.]

[Thinking about it, I’m very scared. One person can borrow three elements. He can probably wipe out the zombies…]

Xie Xinglan didn’t use the power of fire but fire spontaneously sent power to his limbs and the zombies. Xie Xinglan’s exhaustion was swept away and his state entered a new level. The water behind them could definitely resist the zombie for a while. Now they had found fire and only gold was needed. Xie Xinglan decisively ordered, “Go and find gold.”

According to Taoist Lian Xi, the five elements needed to be gathered to kill the boss zombie. They had to speed up their operation. Xie Xinglan was just about to leave when Taoist Lian Xi grabbed him with a strange expression. Xie Xinglan frowned and glanced at this person doubtfully.

Taoist Lian Xi spoke in a dry voice. “I think we might not need to gather the five elements. You can try fighting with it first. If the gap is still very large then we can go and find gold.”

“Didn’t you say that all five elements should be gathered?”

Taoist Lian Xi smiled awkwardly. “The gathering of the five elements will indeed cause a qualitative change in the originally weak five elements and the power will increase sharply. However, you already have a powerful fire and water. You might not need to gather together the five elements to beat him…”

Taoist Lian Xi secretly hated his previous words. At this moment, he felt like he had punched himself in the face and was too cheap. His life could be said to be completely lost but in fact, Xie Chi alone was the one with the ability to kill the zombie. Taoist Lian Xi felt a bit pained at this time. He hadn’t lived enough.

Xie Xinglan thought for a few seconds. “Okay, let me try it.”

He didn’t know what level he really was and he should indeed try fighting first. Previously, he had thrown the peach wood sword given to him by Lu Wen to save his life. He couldn’t find a suitable weapon so Xie Xinglan could only pick up a wooden stick on the side.

Taoist Lian Xi’s eyes widened. “You are using this?”

Xie Xinglan refuted, “Do I have any other options?”

Taoist Lian Xi was dumbfounded. The boss zombie blocked by the water curtain saw Xie Chi and Taoist Lian Xi standing still and howled with excitement. It beat on the water curtain faster. Xie Xinglan had just moved to the water curtain to fight the zombie when Taoist Lian Xi thought of something and grabbed him. “That… don’t worry about it.”

Xie Xinglan frowned doubtfully. “What is it?”

Taoist Lian Xi didn’t look at this person as he shook. “Or… why don’t you try gold?”

Xie Xinglan was stunned. “Do you think I can do it?”

Taoist Lian Xi’s mood was indescribably complicated and he laughed awkwardly. “In any case, you’ve already borrowed three. One doesn’t seem that bad. Why don’t you try…”

Fire might be different from gold but there was a great similarity and it could appear at the same time in one person.

Fire destroyed and gold killed…

Taoist Lian Xi glanced at Xie Chi.

A person that fire liked so much, gold.. would surely like him too? Even if it didn’t like it as much as fire, wouldn’t gold feel appreciation? As long as Xie Chi gathered even a small amount of gold, the five elements would be together. Once the five elements were gathered, the qualitative change would make the world change. If it was hard to know if Xie Chi could beat the zombie presently, the matter was basically settled once he borrowed a bit of gold. The zombie would definitely die.

One person and four lines. Previously. he wouldn’t even dare think about it but now there was one person with three lines…

Taoist Lian Xi was numb. His imagination was going wild while Xie Xinglan had once again pressed his finger against the bulge. His blood soaked the last clean bulge but Xie Xinglan basically had no hope.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t borrow gold. Xie Xinglan felt that he had enough power to fight. It was enough to have wood, fire and water. He would definitely be able to take Xiao Chi out of this movie. Just then, the eight trigrams started to shake again.

[Taoist Lian Xi is crazy, right? Letting him try gold? One is possible, two is a big, three is broken metaphysics and four is…]

[I still want to ask about why he can borrow fire?]

[Wait, didn’t he ask Taoist Lian Xi how the laws recognize people? Then Taoist Lian Xi said it relies on the soul or energy. Do you think he has a different energy in his body or a different… soul?

[Above person wtf!!!]

[Ahhhhhhhhh, there can’t be a bug in the rules so it must be someone who is a bug.]

[This really isn’t fake?]

[A double personality? I don’t see it? I don’t think there is any sense of disharmony at all. Ren Ze’s double personality is particularly obvious. Ren Ze will sometimes faint when he changes his personality. This person showed no traces at all…]

[A bigshot shouldn’t be like this. I don’t think so. He is just a person.]

[Then how to explain him borrowing fire and water at the same time?]

[…I’m confused. Should I follow him? I can’t wait.]

[Returning to the topic. Do you think he can borrow gold? Why do I feel a bit uncertain? I feel like I’m crazy.]

[I’m not going to guess because I’m afraid of punching my face.]

A few seconds later, Taoist Lian Xi’s eyes became extremely wide.

The disc was slowly lighting up with a dazzling white light.

[Is this gold???]


[One person, four lines? One person tops four?]

[It might be two people tops four.]

The moment the white light appeared, the world changed colours.

“Ah!!!” Taoist Lian Xi suddenly cried out with pain. The eight trigrams in his hand was trembling violently and whirled rapidly. After a few seconds, it had drilled a bloody hole in his hand. If he was a bit slower then his entire hand would be wasted.

Xie Xinglan immediately took it. The eight trigrams immediately fell silent in his hands. The five-coloured laws on the eight trigrams disc changed and moved in squeezed in front of him as if they were courting him.

The yellow earth line sometimes joined the fire line and became dazzling. The white gold line sometimes joined the earth line to become thicker. The five elements were interlinked and the power of the five elements became a linked ring. It could change in an instant and was wonderful.

The zombie outside the water curtain seemed to feel something and howled anxiously, its eyes shining with a red light. This was fear that came from instinct but it couldn’t retreat. In a few hours at most, it would be burned to death. It had to kill Xie Chi and Taoist Lian Xi before then.

Taoist Lian Xi had long forgotten the pain in his hand and was watching what was happening in front of him. Xie Chi really used the power of one person to borrow four elements. One soul and two lines, one person and four lines.

[Fu*k, the combat power is 200,000!!!]

[Oh shit!]

On the eight trigrams, the other four lines changed quickly and all became earth. The next second, the earth in the distance started to stir and roll and the waves surged toward Xie Xinglan.

Xie Chi wondered, “Brother, is this…?”

The earth stopped moving and a sword appeared on the ground.

Xie Xinglan was surprised. It was Lu Wen’s peach wood sword. Previously, he had thrown it to block the boss zombie. Later, the Ladies’ House collapsed and the sword was buried under the ruins. Now the earth power had directly sent it to him.

Xie Xinglan smiled with disbelief. He was just about to bend down to pick up the sword when on the barren ground, a green plant suddenly emerged. The plant grew rapidly and in the blink of an eye, it reached Xie Xinglan’s waist. On top of it was the sword and it sent the sword respectfully to Xie Xinglan’s hand. Xie Xinglan reached out to pick it up and the green leaves of the plant twisted and rubbed against his fingertips, expressing the most sincere intimacy.

[Wtf, the laws are so cute. I want a law to be my boyfriend.]

[I’m lying in bed and the law gives me food. If I want to play somewhere then the law will move that place to me.]

Xie Xinglan looked down at the eight trigrams. This time, it was completely green. He seemed to understand. The earth behind him shook again. It had been looking for Xie Chi’s Yan Jing and now it sent Yan Jing directly to him.

“%¥&*……@?!” Yan Jing was frightened. Only one or two hours had passed but it was already progressing in a direction he didn’t understand.

He felt Xie Chi pick up the peach wood sword and his legs abruptly softened and he almost knelt down. As a zombie, he had a natural fear of the peach wood sword, not to mention he could feel that Xie Chi was nearly ten times stronger than before. In the end, what the hell had happened?

Xie Chi turned to him. “Don’t worry.”

Due to the use of earth and wood, the water curtain blocking the zombies in the distance disappeared and the zombie boss jumped in. Xie Xinglan stared at the stupid thing and sneered. “You have chased after me for so long. It is the end.”

The boss zombie was provoked and howled angrily. Xie Xinglan held the sword in one hand and the eight trigrams disk in his left hand. His thoughts changed and the entire eight trigrams shone a dazzling white light. A sharp white light suddenly appeared around the refined peach wood sword that had been a bit dull.

Gold killed and the main method used was to increase the lethality of objects. The flat and mediocre sword could suddenly kill a thousand troops.

Xie Xinglan held it and there was a burst of numbness in four fingers. The zombie boss saw the sword and its eyes flashed with fear. Nevertheless, it was really arrogant and it roared angrily. Xie Chi translated it for Xie Xinglan. “It said that it is invulnerable and the peach wood sword isn’t useful. It said that you are overstepping your strength and will kill yourself.”

Xie Xinglan looked up coldly. “Then try it?”

The zombie didn’t understand the human language but it understood the contempt in Xie Xinglan’s eyes. It was furious and wanted to crush this human to powder. On the eight trigrams disk, fire took control this time. Xie Xinglan leapt up to the roof and gravity seemed to have completely no effect on him. He raised his sword to meet the zombie.

The townspeople saw the nightmare-like zombie retreating from the man’s sword and whimpered. The zombie jumped to avoid the sword.

“Aren’t you invulnerable?” Xie Xinglan smiled, his eyes filled with undisguised malice. He attacked again.

The zombie’s invulnerable skin was cut apart inch by inch when facing the sword. Cold and dark red blood dripped down the zombie’s body. Yan Jing’s face was filled with disbelief. Just two hours ago, Xie Chi had been seriously wounded and fled. Now two hours later, the zombie was cut by Xie Chi and howled like a human.

The zombie never thought that Xie Chi would be so strong. Its eyes were full of monstrous resentment as it kept attacking instead of defending. It just wanted to scratch Xie Chi so that he could instantly become a zombie.

It held this thought and desperately grabbed at Xie Xinglan. In the dim light, Xie Xinglan’s sword pierced the zombie’s heart while the zombie did indeed catch Xie Xinglan. There was still some joy in the zombie’s eyes. Xie Xinglan saw it and laughed, his eyes full of mockery.

The eight trigrams disk was a light green. The three shallow scratches on Xie Xinglan’s shoulder disappeared in less than a second. The skin exposed by his torn clothes was fair and radiant.

The zombie screamed with despair and the red light in its eyes finally faded. It fell to the ground, completely dead.

It was the boss 3.0 but that was it. Hell started and the dream ended.

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Nistha Roy
Nistha Roy
2 years ago

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I had a feeling that Xie Chi would be able to also borrow the element of fire and gold because of his boyfriend haha

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Ahhhh I’m so curious what’ll happen next… about paying what u borrowed and alll

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Such cool imagery.
If I was in the audience, I’d definitely follow Xie Chi after this (๑°o°๑)

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That was so cool I’m dead

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Chat be like: He’s over 9000! So OP!! Thank you!

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theyre so powerful ah

7 months ago

I wonder if he can keep the laws they are badass…but then again it’s too op and if he does idk like a limit would prob be good. Mabey it’s a last resort cuz it has a price or mabey he needs to find another earth person to use it