APP: Chapter 40 Part 2

It wasn’t enough. Earth felt that he was too weak and couldn’t afford to pay it back. It was a loss-making business. Borrowing the law was like borrowing money. The more money you had, the greater the possibility of borrowing. It was because such people could afford to make the repayments.

Indeed, he was in his later years and there was no potential and no future. He probably couldn’t afford it. Taoist Lian Xi smiled desperately and declared, “I offer my life.”

A few seconds later, the eight trigrams started to tremble again and a faint yellow light appeared on both sides of the earth groove.

Xie Chi’s pupils shrank. “It is borrowed.”

Taoist Lian Xi opened his eyes. His entire body was shaking and there were tears in his ears. “I borrowed it!”

[Step 2.]

[I’m so excited ahhh.]

“Why did earth refuse to lend it at first?” Xie Chi’s eyes were tense.

Taoist Lian Xi looked bleak but he replied truthfully, “The earth line is like earth. It is generous and kind. The earth law is the easiest to borrow from the five elements. It was moved by me and it follows the wood line. It is the master of life and the growth of all things. It is a kind and soft-hearted existence. It can’t bear the suffering of all things. The most difficult ones to borrow are the remaining three. Water is cold. People say that water is the gentlest but it is actually cold and merciless. It values the ability of the one who borrows the law. It won’t have any compassion.

“As for the two lines of gold and fire, gold is breaking things down while fire is destruction. They have a mutual relationship and were born together. Fire can melt metal but metal requires fire to be turned into objects. Fire is the most self-willed and attaches great importance to the heart of the one borrowing the law. If it is dissatisfied with your heart then you won’t be able to borrow it at all. Gold greatly values the ability of the borrower.

“I have borrowed earth. As long as I can find someone who is part of the gold line, it will be easy to use my help to induce gold.”

Xie Chi looked at the faint yellow light and frowned. “How can we borrow more laws? This definitely isn’t enough.”

“Look at the future potential, look at their current ability and look at the heart. The greater the potential, ability and heart, the more we can borrow.”

Xie Chi understood and no longer hesitated. “I will try it. Which one first?”

Taoist Lian Xi replied without thinking. “Water.”

Taoist Lian Xi had long seen that the young man in front of him was likely to borrow the law of water. Taoist Lian Xi had lived for over 70 years and had met so many people. Xie Chi was the most in line with water. He was scheming, flexible and had a slender tongue. If the water line didn’t like him then there was really no hope.

Xie Chi pressed his finger against the bulge. It pierced his finger and blood poured into the groove. He frowned slightly.

[Do you think he can borrow it?]

[He should be able to borrow a bit of water, right? His temperament fits well.]

[This is good metaphysics.]

The eight trigrams started to tremble again but there were zombies jumping outside the house. Based on the sound, at least a dozen zombies would rush in. Xie Chi’s face changed and Xie Xinglan was about to come out to lead Taoist Lian Xi to escape. However, Taoist Lian Xi anxiously shouted, “Don’t worry about them and pay attention!”

The next second, the ground started to stir and a small mound that was half a meter in high formed at the door. The small zombies could only jump 20 to 30 centimetres. They couldn’t get over the mound and were stopped outside.

They walked around the mound in an attempt to enter from other places. Taoist Lian Xi controlled the earth to enclose the entire house where they were located. Then Taoist Lian Xi looked somewhere and his expression changed. “Shit!”

He could see the tall figure of the boss zombie approaching. It jumped very quickly and in the blink of an eye, it was dozens of metres away from the mound. It just needed to jump three more times and then it could jump onto the house, trampling them to patties.

The zombie jumped heavily and Taoist Lian Xi’s heart was going to burst.

“Quickly!” The earth that he could control was extremely weak and making the mounds was already his limit.

Xie Chi’s eyes were still closed. A red light flickered slightly in the zombie’s eyes, evil and demonic. It jumped again as if to kill the two sitting prey in the mounds.

It wasn’t possible? Taoist Lian Xi looked at Xie Chi with disappointment. If Xie Chi couldn’t borrow it, he couldn’t think of anyone who would be able to borrow the water law.

“Xiao Chi!” Seeing the zombie approaching, Xie Xinglan couldn’t be calm any longer.

The moment the zombie was about to jump again, Xie Chi abruptly opened his eyes. The blue light in his eyes was clear and deep. Meanwhile, a blue light suddenly burst out on the eight trigrams. The previous weak yellow light was squeezed out and had nowhere to settle down. It had to shake before submitting. Earth conquered water but right now, it was being suppressed by water and struggling to survive.

[Wtf he really borrowed it!]

[So beautiful!!!]

A water curtain appeared in front of the two people, clear and indestructible. The zombies hit the water curtain directly but were completely blocked. Inside the water curtain, Taoist Lian Xi and Xie Chi could hear the angry howls of the zombies outside.

Taoist Lian Xi looked incredulously at what was happening in front of him. He turned his head and glanced at Xie Chi, who shrugged. He had indeed guessed that Xie Chi could borrow water because his heart was so similar. He just hadn’t expected Xie Chi to borrow so much.

This showed that it wasn’t just ability and the heart. It was also… unfathomable potential. Water liked Xie Chi because of his heart, recognized Xie Chi because of his ability and gave him huge help because of his unpredictable potential. This was the only explanation. If he lived, this man’s future was full of possibilities.

There was torrential rain outside as a steady stream of water fell from the dark clouds onto the water curtain. The zombies destroyed one layer but water just made another layer endlessly.

[How much did he borrow? Oh my god, isn’t it said that water is cold and ruthless? Why is it so generous?]

[Borrow more then repay more.]

[The combat power has been renewed. He alone is 50,000. It is doubled!]

[This isn’t enough. The zombie’s combat power is 130,000.]

Taoist Lian Xi had never seen such a powerful and magnificent scene in his life. This was water’s confession to its borrower. It was said that when those in the water line had a relationship, they were the most romantic of the five elements. In addition, this borrower was so beautiful.

Taoist Lian Xi had long estimated that Xie Chi could borrow the law like himself but he hadn’t expected the result to be like this. His mood was extremely complicated. In the five elements, hundreds of him couldn’t match one Xie Chi. This man…

Taoist Lian Xi secretly glanced at Xie Chi.

He made a bitter smile. He never thought that their lives would be completely guaranteed just borrowing two lines. He thought that even if they were fortunate enough to borrow earth and water, they would still be hiding.

However, they still had to find the other three lines as quickly as possible. The water line would borrow more and more from Xie Chi. Once they were exhausted and the laws were exhausted, they wouldn’t be able to escape from death. They could only completely beat the zombie by finding the aggressive gold and fire. However, the water line was so strong that the pressure of the other three lines was small.

“Are we going to look for the other three lines now?” Xie Chi asked.

Xie Chi didn’t know how much water he had borrowed but he had a hunch that there would be absolutely no problems holding on for a few hours. It was just that the more he borrowed, the more he would have to pay back. Thus, he had to hurry.

Xie Chi was about to leave when Taoist Lian Xi grabbed him with a strange expression. “You should try the wood line.”

Xie Chi had an amazed expression. “Do you think I can borrow it?”

Taoist Lian Xi rubbed his hands. “Water and wood have a mutual relationship. You have borrowed water. If you have a bit of wood… it isn’t impossible to induce wood. After all, the wood line is kind. Even if you don’t have it in your body, it is likely to come out due to water. In any case, it is just borrowing it. The relationship between water and wood is good and it isn’t impossible for water to help you borrow some wood, cough…”

The zombies outside were furious.

Xie Chi thought for a few seconds. “Okay, I’ll try but don’t feel too much hope.”

Taoist Lian Xi was full of anticipation as he watched Xie Chi press a slender finger to another bulge. Blood was injected a third time. Perhaps it was because there was a lot of water in the eight trigrams but this time, the eight trigrams responded quickly. It shook for 10 seconds before a gentle green light appeared.

On the eight trigrams disc, the light of the water line trembled and flickered like it was welcoming the joining of the wood line. The water line and wood line intertwined and started to merge. Sometimes the wood line was swallowed by the water line and sometimes the entire water line turned green.

Director Lian Xi just wanted to try it and hadn’t expected it to really be borrowed. He was surprised and happy. “You see, this is the mutual relationship between the laws.”

Xie Chi easily borrowed the wood line and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

[Why is he borrowing it so easily when Taoist Lian Xi had such a hard time??]

[It is amazing that wood also gathered…]

[Is it going to change something rotten into something magical again?]

[I also want a boyfriend like water. Him pulling his brother wood is like supporting you.]

Taoist Lian Xi joked, “How does it feel to be loved by the laws?”

Xie Chi didn’t have time to speak. The injuries on his fingers and the back of his hands had healed. The regenerated skin was intact with no scars. The wound on his shoulder was heavier and the recovery was slower, but the scary cut there was also shrinking visibly to the naked eye. In less than half a minute, only the dried blood remained to show there had been an injury to the shoulder. The effect of wood was fully exerted.

“Go, there are many people in the town. Let’s find gold and fire!” Taoist Lian Xi exclaimed. He didn’t want to delay the time. Every second that passed meant they needed to pay back a bit more.

Xie Chi just wanted to agree when Taoist Lian Xi saw the zombies and his expression changed. “It’s bad!”

Xie Chi also saw it. The boss zombie who had been originally blocked was now coming through the water curtain.

“How is this possible?” Xie Chi’s heart sank.

Taoist Lian Xi paused for a second and his face was pale. “It is burning its soul for a short time to explode its potential and kill you along with it! We have to withdraw!”

The fox spirit had limited wits and didn’t understand the technique of borrowing the laws was only temporary. She was blinded by hatred and didn’t hesitate to die with them to avenge her lover.

The water curtain was constantly receding and their safety space was getting smaller and smaller. Xie Xinglan took control of the body again and quickly retreated with Taoist Lian Xi.

He and Xie Chi had been able to switch freely for a long time. As long as the other person was awake, it wasn’t difficult to switch with each other in seconds. They could even control the body one by one to communicate with Taoist Lian Xi.

Taoist Lian Xi was anxious. “We have to hurry and find the other two lines!”

Xie Xinglan nodded. They used the protection of the water curtain to run while the zombies chased from behind.

[Where to find gold and fire?]

[I suddenly feel that the momentum is unclear. One side borrowed the laws and the other side burned her soul. It is hard to say if this side can hold on or not. You can see that the water line on the disc is getting weaker. The consumption is too large.]

“How to find it?” Xie Chi turned to ask Taoist Lian Xi.

Taoist Lian Xi tried to remain calm. “Look for those who look grumpy! They are arrogant and don’t believe in fate. Earth and fire are completely different. Earth is good at worshipping the gods while fire is about life. It likes the strong and likes to win over the strong with the weak. Gold has a strong will and is indestructible…”

Xie Chi couldn’t help thinking that this was describing his brother. Taoist Lian Xi’s description was exactly the same as when he first met his brother.

However, Taoist Lian Xi said that water and fire couldn’t appear in the same person. He had already borrowed water. How could he borrow fire? Wasn’t this a contradiction like Taoist Lian Xi said? But where could he find such a grumpy old brother?

Xie Xinglan slightly raised his eyebrows. He apparently had the same thoughts as Xie Chi but he didn’t say anything. Water and fire were indeed incompatible.

The zombies were getting closer. The wounds had healed so Xie Xinglan’s combat power had returned to its peak. He dragged Taoist Lian Xi all the way.

“Are there any other qualities?” Xie Chi asked.

They passed by many people who didn’t fit Taoist Lian Xi’s words.

Taoist Lian Xi thought for a long time before something flashed in his hand. “In the ancient records, the last person who borrowed fire was a man who wanted to protect his beloved one! Fire is also a guardian. This man’s personality didn’t match fire at all. He was a gentle man but he was willing to face powerful enemies for his loved one. No matter how weak, he would always stand in front of her, live for her and die for her. Fire likes this type of pure love crazy person!”

Xie Chi was stunned. Before he could react, Xie Xinglan directly occupied the body and asked Taoist Lian Xi with a strange expression, like he wanted to confirm something. “Do the five elements recognize people by blood?”

“What’s going on?” Taoist Lian Xi looked puzzled.

“Just answer.”

Taoist Lian Xi shook his head. “No, the five elements don’t rely on blood to recognize people. They rely on energy and the soul. Blood is only a medium.”

“You should’ve said it earlier.” Xie Xinglan couldn’t help cursing.

“What is the use in what I just said?” Taoist Lian Xi wondered with a dazed expression.

The zombies were behind him and he was scared and nervous.

Xie Xinglan stopped suddenly. He held down Taoist Lian Xi’s arm and pressed his finger against the eight trigrams.

Taoist Lian Xi was shocked and tried to remove his hand. “What are you doing?! Don’t test it out blindly! Water puts out fire. If you press against the fire bulge then you will be hurt! In any case, you have already borrowed water. It is impossible—”

The eight trigrams trembled violently and then after a second, the disk lit up with a raging fire.

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