APP: Chapter 40 Part 1

Xie Chi frowned deeply. According to Taoist Lian Xi’s words, it was indeed impossible. However, giving up didn’t conform to his character. Xie Chi resolutely said, “We will go out.”

He didn’t consume too much energy making this decision. If he was going to die anyway, he might as well take the initiative and step out. Xie Chi originally thought that the second ending was only a bit harder than the first ending because it was only worth 300 points, but this wasn’t the case.

If the first ending was normal mode, the second ending probably skipped one difficulty and directly entered hell mode. The difficulty was unbalanced. Obviously, the second ending only existed as part of the plot, providing actors with the possibility of earning more points in a single game.

The danger was extremely high and there were a few rewards. The actor had to choose whether to enter or not after evaluating their own strength. It could be said that it was a complete gamble that was suitable for a desperate man like him. Of course, he put this together since the app’s information was insufficient.

[If the bigshot had an agent, they would have reminded him that it is easy to die in the movie’s second ending.]

[What is the use in saying all these things now?]

There was no regret on Xie Chi’s face. “Let’s go out.”

Taoist Lian Xi’s expression was horrified. “Are you crazy?” He didn’t need to think about how dangerous it was outside currently.

Xie Chi glanced at him and sneered. “Is it useful to stay here? Do you want to wait for death?”

Taoist Lian Xi was dumbfounded. Xie Chi was right. There was only the road of death if they stayed.

“Look for the eight trigrams first then try it. If we can’t borrow it then we will find someone.” There were many townspeople in the horror movie. The borrower didn’t have to be an actor and it didn’t necessarily mean there was no hope.

Xie Chi spoke inwardly, “Brother, go out.”

“Okay.” Xie Xinglan took control of the body and moved the board in front of him without saying a word. He usually joked around but in critical moments, he always kept his words short and clear. He wouldn’t question Xie Chi’s decisions.

Xie Chi felt a peace of mind like never before.

Taoist Lian Xi wasn’t a greedy man with a fear of death. He only looked shocked for a moment before he started to help.

Xie Xinglan and Taoist Lian Xi had just pushed away the biggest wooden board pressed against them. The moment they looked up, they saw that the boss zombie was in the ruins not far away, searching with its back to them. It seemed to sense something nearby and slowly turned around.

Xie Xinglan’s heart jumped and he immediately pulled Taoist Lian Xi down, covering his mouth and nose. The boss zombie jumped twice and seemed to be distracted by numerous and chaotic characters nearby. It jumped away and went somewhere else.

Taoist Lian Xi sighed with relief and was about to go out to look for the eight trigrams disk. Xie Xinglan realized what he was doing and tense. He immediately covered this person’s mouth and nose and crouched down.

In his narrow field of view, the boss zombie had actually gone and then come back. It glanced back and forth with red eyes and jumped away in a disappointed manner after not finding the target. This time, it was really gone. The fox was extremely cunning.

Taoist Lian Xi apologized. The older he got, the worse his vigilance became. Xie Xinglan ignored it. He held his breath for another 10 seconds. After confirming there was no danger, he turned sideways out of the hiding place. He moved very lightly without making any noise. Taoist Lian Xi also came out lightly.

Xie Xinglan followed his memories and headed to the table where Taoist Lian Xi had been sleeping. Then he searched outward.

The Ladies’ House was over 10 floors high and it suddenly collapsed. The original furnishings of the first floor were all buried at the bottom. Xie Xinglan could only crouch down and move aside the wood and stones like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Taoist Lian Xi was old and physically weaker so his search was much slower than Xie Xinglan. This place had been searched and the zombies had gone away. There were only two small zombies not far away. They wouldn’t be caught for the time being but they had to hurry.

Sweat dripped down Xie Xinglan’s forehead and too much blood was coming from his shoulder. Every second was a huge consumption of strength for him. Xie Xinglan didn’t say a word as he bit his lower lip. A bit of blood spilled, making the pale lips a bit more lustrous.

Xie Chi couldn’t help saying, “Brother, you kissed me and cracked my lip.”

Taoist Lian Xi was searching while looking. Then he heard a low laugh from the person beside him and glared stared secretly. This man was truly a god if he could laugh in such a moment.

“You are still shameless at this time.” Xie Xinglan’s hands kept moving but his cold eyebrows gradually relaxed. He knew that Xie Chi was deliberately teasing him. It might be a placebo effect but it didn’t hurt that much anymore.

“If I’m not shameless at this time then when should I be?” Xie Chi asked back.

“I won’t die. I’ll take you out.”

Xie Chi laughed lightly. “It’s fine to die. In any case, you don’t even have a chance to resist.”

“No resistance.” Xie Xinglan spoke lazily.

Xie Chi was struck hard and he held back the apology he had just been prepared to say. He had nothing to apologize for. His decision to stay might be ill-considered but it was for his brother. He came in for his brother and his brother bore everything for him, good or bad.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Hmm?”

Xie Xinglan went to another place and saw three or four zombies approaching from a distance. He gave Taoist Lian Xi a long look and held his breath.

Xie Chi paused, his voice a bit subtle. “Brother, do you want to hear it…”

“Hear what?” Xie Xinglan chuckled and sighed again at the beauty of multiple personalities. It allowed them to chat while doing things without any delay.

Xie Chi paused again before speaking in a plain tone. “That name other than Brother and Boyfriend.”

Xie Xinglan was distracted and his fingertip was scratched by sharp rubble. He looked at his bloody finger and his heart was shocked. Xie Chi had been pestering him since childhood and he knew how terrible this person was. Xie Xinglan smiled. “You don’t need to make up for it with words.”

He didn’t want to hear it at this time. It was inappropriate, as if he was weak and needed encouragement. It was fun to tease his little boyfriend but he didn’t really want Xie Chi to repay him.

Xie Chi said, “It’s not the same. For Mrs Zhao, it was forcing her to commit suicide. For Brother—”

“Hmm?” Xie Xinglan was in high spirits.

Xie Chi was silent for a few seconds. He was always good at speaking and it wasn’t difficult for him to say all sorts of things. He never expected that he would have such a stupid day.

“It is willingness.” Xie Chi answered with no shame. “So do you want to listen?”

Xie Xinglan was amused by his tone. “Why is it that when I don’t want to hear it, you want to say it?”

Xiao Chi had the most disagreeable character. The more you didn’t want him to do something, the more he loved to do it.

Xie Chi replied, “I don’t care. Why can’t I say it?”

Xie Xinglan immediately told him. “No.”

Xie Chi hadn’t expected this person to refuse so decisively. He remained silent for a few seconds before speaking in a dull tone. “Brother, it is too late for you to take back your words or I’m warning you, I will be very angry. You can’t coax me with that type of thing.”

His brother didn’t want to hear it.

Xie Xinglan was serious. “It isn’t that I don’t want to hear it. I am just waiting to leave this movie. I have done nothing now and it isn’t worth calling me that.”

It didn’t matter if Xie Chi was willing or not. The goal that Xie Xinglan had set for himself hadn’t been reached so it naturally wasn’t worth it. He had to do more. At the very least, he had to do enough to hear this word.

Xie Chi felt cherished and then stuffy. “…I forgive you.”

He really had no lower limit. He could be coaxed with one sentence. Xie Xinglan smiled.

[Why is the bigshot laughing from time to time in this dull atmosphere?]

[It is weird. I was just feeling suffocated by the scary atmosphere when it disappeared in an instant.

[The boss zombie! It’s coming back! It is hundreds of metres away from them!]

Xie Xinglan and Taoist Lian Xi had bleeding hands but they still couldn’t find the eight trigrams. Xie Xinglan stood up straight and stared in one direction. He felt something and his face changed slightly. His movements became faster and faster.

“Where is it?” Taoist Lian Xi was crying anxiously as he moved the dirt and stones. How could he be so stupid? He let such an important thing fall out and didn’t pick it up. Xie Chi’s heart was beating faster. Xie Xinglan’s sixth sense had always been good and he must’ve felt something.

200 metres away, the boss zombie was coming through the heavy rain and ruins. If they couldn’t find it soon, they would have to give up temporarily and find a place to hide to avoid the zombies’ searching.

“I found it.” Xie Xinglan abruptly declared as he struggled to remove another wooden plank. The eight trigrams lay intact under a wooden plank.

Taoist Lian Xi’s face was filled with joy. Xie Xinglan quickly picked up the eight trigrams and pulled Taoist Lian Xi away as the boss zombie was only a hundred metres away.

The boss zombie raised its head stiffly. It saw the two distant figures and its eyes flashed red. There was a cunning light in its eyes as he called out. Dozens of seconds later, an endless stream of zombies jumped over here and started to chase Xie Xinglan and Taoist Lian Xi.

The two people hid in an empty house and Xie Chi urgently said, “Brother, he is calling the small zombies!”

He had heard the shrill zombie cry. Apparently the boss zombie had found them and used the group of small zombies to chase. Xie Xinglan nodded and remained alert.

Xie Chi told him, “Let me out. I will talk to Taoist Lian Xi.”


The next second, Xie Chi asked Taoist Lian Xi, “What to do now?”

Taoist Lian Xi hesitated for a few seconds and stared at him deeply. “Think carefully. The reason why the art of borrowing the laws is forbidden is because it kills the enemy by 800 while damaging you by 1000.”

“What do you mean?” Xie Chi’s eyes narrowed.

Taoist Lian Xi thought it was necessary to make things clear or Xie Chi would be harmed. “The heavens and earth are merciless. Everything is a dog to them. The heavens and earth don’t care about good and evil and the life and death of everything, including humans and zombies. They are all equal to them. There is no zombie killing or zombies are evil. No matter who lives and dies, who is weak and who is strong, who is bullied and who is humiliated, it makes no difference to the heavens and earth. This is absolute justice. They will never intervene in anything and will always look on coldly.

“Thus, they won’t be biased to any side and won’t lend you the five elements because you want to kill countless zombies.

“The method of borrowing the laws is basically going against the sky.”

“It is called ‘borrowing’ because after we borrow it, we have to pay it back.”

“Pay it back? How do we pay it back?” Xie Chi was stunned and asked immediately.

“The more laws we borrow, the more we need to repay in the end. This is to maintain the balance of everything in the world.”

Taoist Lian Xi’s face was pale. “You might be able to defeat the zombie using this method but you might not be able to survive the end. You might die while repaying the laws.”

Xie Chi cursed. He knew there were no such good things in the world. Otherwise, there was nothing that couldn’t be done by borrowing the laws directly.

Taoist Lian Xi was kind and pessimistic. “That’s why I want to ask you if you want to try it. Once you start and you really manage to borrow it, there will be no room for regret. It doesn’t matter if you use the power or not. You will have to pay it back.

“I once borrowed a small amount of earth and stopped in time. Even so, I was weak for several days. In order to kill this zombie, the power of the laws we need is unimaginable. Your life might…”

Taoist Lian Xi’s voice was unspeakably heavy. Taoist Lian Xi saw his ending. He might be lucky enough to borrow the law but in the final repayment, he would die. He was too old and wouldn’t be able to bear it. All he wanted was the peace of the world and for people to be safe. He was over 70 years old and wasn’t afraid of death. However, Xie Chi was still young. If Xie Chi hid and ran far away from Huai Ao, he might have a chance to escape this nightmare.

[I was wondering why not many people tried such a good thing. It turns out that there are side effects. It is understandable.]

[Fu*k, it is really hard. I think this movie can end at any time.]

[This quality bigshot, will he be planted here?]

[Is he lacking so many points? Losing his life for 300 points… he should’ve focused and not done this.]

[It means that even if he defeats the zombie, he might not be able to survive, right?]

“I will borrow it.” Xie Chi’s answer was simple. “Do I have a choice?”

He hadn’t broken the deadline of the horror movie and had only one path. He might be able to escape temporarily but he couldn’t escape with Taoist Lian Xi. Taoist Lian Xi was the only one who knew how to borrow the laws. If Xie Chi missed this time, his situation would only get worse.

Taoist Lian Xi glanced at him, eyes showing some respect involuntarily.

He reached out for the eight trigrams disc with trembling hands. He shook the dirt out of the grooves, held the eight trigrams in his hand and took a deep breath. “Then I will start.”

“I am part of the earth line. I will now press my finger to the earth bulge of the eight trigrams. If I can’t summon the earth line…”

Taoist Lian Xi didn’t finish. If they failed at the beginning then they would surely die. The probability that he could borrow the law was definitely greater than Xie Chi. It was because Xie Chi had never been in contact with these things while he was a Taoist and had borrowed it once many years ago.

If he couldn’t do it then it was basically over for them and the entire Huai Ao town.

He had only succeeded once in his 70 years. He was unsure if he could succeed this time but he didn’t retreat.

Xie Chi was silent as he watched Taoist Lian Xi press his finger against one of the eight bulges on the eight trigrams. A thick blood flowed out and stained the bulge red. The blood flowed to the grooves on both sides of the earth bulged.

The eight trigrams shook twice and Taoist Lian Xi’s heart was in his throat. The eight trigrams was the medium between a human and Heaven and earth. It only trembled when it sensed the power of the five elements. If the earth line that belonged to was willing to let him borrow it, the grooves on both sides of the bulge would gradually light up. The heavier the light, the greater the law that was borrowed.

It was the so-called sincerity led to something spiritual.

Taoist Lian Xi closed his eyes. 10 seconds passed and the eight trigrams gradually fell silent. Feeling this, Taoist Lian Xi’s face was pale. He pressed against the bulge and more and more blood poured into the groove.

There was still no movement.

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2 years ago

If this is how the extra endings are like, then I don’t think anyone would attempt them. Its not enough payoff for this risk. I hope Xie Chi has a really nice prop waiting for him at the end of all this.

2 years ago

Too much brain juice is being used I’m turning off my brain