APP: Chapter 4

[I was naive. It turns out that he thought it was fun to swear again so he swore twice…]

[His personality hahaha]

[This is too arrogant. He has to take this seriously. Even if he is a bit competent, can he afford to offend the agent? After all, except for the novice movies, the next movies are all selected by the agent. What if the agent places him into a hellishly hard movie?]

[The agent can also send a message to promote the actors in the movie. Now Zhou Tong probably won’t care about him.]

[Zhou Tong has always been taking advantage of the newcomers. The last newcomer was never mentioned by Zhou Tong until his death.

[Why should he have to endure it? What an interesting newcomer. It is a pity he will die.]

[Who would fu*king promise Zhou Wen? In addition, it was live. Zhou Tong is a fool.]


The number of fans was slowly rising and in a few minutes, it broke 50 people.

Xie Chi reasoned that just like the real world, there must be fewer viewers for the rough quality movies. So the higher the quality of the movie, the faster the fans would rise due to the large audience base.

Just then, the app sent a message.

[The plot has been updated. All the actors have signed the contract. Now all actors are invited back to the office where the secretary will lead them to become familiar with their post.]

Xie Chi followed the instructions and returned to the office.

Yan Jing felt it was him and joyfully ran over. Then he seemed to think of something and suddenly braked. Xie Chi saw this person was about to fall and immediately reached out to support him. He only touched Yan Jing’s arm but he felt that Yan Jing seemed to tremble.

Xie Chi was slightly surprised. “Are you afraid of me?”

He hadn’t done anything to Yan Jing?

Yan Jing complained in a wronged manner, “You spoke coldly and ferociously, telling me not to touch you.”

Xie Chi froze for a moment and then smiled brightly where Yan Jing couldn’t see.

His brother was jealous. He couldn’t ruin his brother’s face so he tried to make an expressionless face. “En, I said that.”

Yan Jing wanted to reply when the newcomer saw the newly arrived sullen Zhou Wen and exclaimed loudly, “Brother Zhou, what happened to your face?”

Zhou Wen’s face was swollen like a pig’s head and it was a purple colour like an onion. There was a black-blue colour around his eyes, his mouth was cracked and sometimes blood oozed from his eyes. The newcomers immediately flocked to express their false condolences.

Zhou Wen’s face was blue-white and his eyes were glued on the indifferent Xie Chi. He still had to save his reputation so he could only say, “I ran into a ghost in the bathroom!”

Everyone was as terrified and anxious as a grasshopper in a pan.

“Ghost! There’s really a ghost! It came out during the day. What should we do?”

Xie Chi snorted and seemed amused.

Zhou Wen heard it and his face became worse. He was shaking with anger but he was afraid of Xie Chi’s strength. He didn’t dare step forward to retaliate and was even afraid that the newcomers would see something.

Yan Jing pulled at Xie Chi’s sleeve and asked in a worried manner, “Brother Xie, didn’t you just go to the bathroom? Did you meet a ghost? Are you okay?”

Xie Chi replied lightly, “No. My limbs don’t work properly so I would’ve died long ago. How could I come out alive like the veteran actor Zhou?”

“Yes,” Yan Jing agreed.

Zhou Wen was so angry that he nearly turned his back to this person.

Then the secretary called out impatiently. “Come with me to the elevator to become familiar with your posts!”

The two of them quickly followed.

Yan Jing had always shown good intentions to him. Xie Chi had a clear distinction between kindness and resentment and didn’t like owing people. He didn’t mind temporarily joining with Yan Jing and pulling him when necessary.

People thought it was an ordinary job assignment but things weren’t that simple.

A total of seven actors were assigned to work on four floors. Xie Chi and Yan Jing were assigned to the fifth floor, Zhou Wen and a newcomer were assigned to the seventh floor, two other newcomers were on the ninth floor and one was on the eleventh floor.

Yan Jing whispered, “This is intentionally separating us. Brother Xie, your previous guess feels right. They are making it clear that they wanted to facilitate the ghost’s killing. I used to watch ghost movies previously. Those who died basically acted alone…”

Xie Chi was silent.

The secretary took everyone to become familiar with their work. They were all ordinary jobs. Those who couldn’t work on a computer would clean up and organize documents.

The app sent a message prompt.

[The plot progress has been updated. The actor must complete the assigned work during the work hours. 10 points will be deducted if it isn’t completed in a single day.]

[It is currently your free time and work will officially start at 10 p.m. Those who don’t appear in the company at 10 o’clock in the evening will get 100 points deducted and will be expelled from the movie.]

Yan Jing was surprised. “Only 10 points will be deducted for not completing the tasks!”

Xie Chi told him, “It is because not finishing the work will have little impact on the plot. The point is that we have to stay in the building.”

Yan Jing suddenly understood.

Xie Chi glanced down at his watch. It was now 4 in the afternoon and there were still six hours left before work started. Then there was another message prompt.

[In order to avoid the impatience of the audience, the six hours will be compressed into three hours. After three hours, it will be 10 p.m.]

Yan Jing was startled. “Is this okay?? Isn’t it too much of a pit?”

“It is normal to have a time scaling approach in horror movies.”

Yan Jing knew.

Suddenly, they had free time to move around and people looked blank. They didn’t know what to do and had to look at Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen was full of anger. “Get lost for me! What do you want to do?”

He subconsciously glanced at Xie Chi but found that Xie Chi had led the blind man into the elevator like a father and son.

In the elevator, Yan Jing raised his head. “Brother Xie, what should we do now?”

Xie Chi replied, “First, walk around the building to see if there are any problems. I will go out and buy something.”

Yan Jing suddenly developed a backbone. He might be blind but he didn’t want to just sit back and succeed. So as Xie Chi checked the entire place, he also felt around everything.

Xie Chi wandered to the stairwell and his eyes narrowed when he saw the lock on the stairwell door. He took the elevator to check every floor and found that the stairwell door on every floor was locked.

A company of this height generally had no employees climb the stairs but in the case of elevator failure or an earthquake, every building must be equipped with stairs and no locks were allowed. Yet this building was locked. The secretary and female boss were gone and the reason for the lock was unknown.

It seemed that Yan Jing also noticed this. He found Xie Chi on the first floor standing at the door of the black stairwell and was obviously a bit afraid. “Brother Xie, do you think there is something in the stairwell? Perhaps a corpse or a ghost? Will it be locked in the stairwell?”

Yan Jing continued, “I used to watch my horror movies. Ghosts have a taboo. For example, some ghosts can only kill when the protagonist says something while others are imprisoned in a certain place. It will only kill if someone enters there. Do you think this ghost will kill people who enter the stairwell?”

Xie Chi replied without thinking, “No.”

“Why?” Yan Jing couldn’t understand why this person was so certain.

Xie Chi said, “We are actors and the previous temporary workers weren’t actors. They won’t search everywhere. They wouldn’t step in the dark stairwell when they know there are ghosts in the building. Yet all of them died with no exceptions. This means the ghost can move freely outside the stairwell.”

Yan Jing was confused. “Then why did they lock the stairwell?”

Xie Chi glanced at the place where the female boss’ office was located and mused thoughtfully, “Tell me, why would a boss put her office on the noisy first floor? What is she afraid of? What is she subconsciously avoiding?”

Xie Chi compared the first floor with the other floors and there was suddenly an answer.

—“The elevator.”

Xie Chi spoke quietly. “She is hiding from the elevator and can only have her office on the first floor, where she doesn’t have to get on the elevator. She is forcing us to take the elevator. Since the stairwell is locked, we can only use the elevator.”

Yan Jing became sober and a cold feeling shot down his spine. Xie Chi had just finished talking when the phone screen lit up.

[Plot exploration degree +3.]

Yan Jing couldn’t see the phone screen light up. Xie Chi smiled and pushed up his glasses. He glanced at the stairwell door and declared, “I’m now sure there is nothing in the stairwell.”

Yan Jing listened to him.

Time was running out so Xie Chi halted. “I will go back to buy something while also calling someone to break the lock. Since there are set work hours, it should be safe when we aren’t working. You wait for me here.”

Zhou Wen must be busy searching the building and won’t bother Yan Jing for a while. Xie Chi was about to leave when Yan Jing pulled him. In front of Xie Chi’s puzzled eyes, he gulped and asked a very important question. “Brother Xie, when you go shopping, do you… have money?”

Xie Chi touched his body and his face froze. He had no cash on him, his mobile phone was completely occupied by the Horror Movie Actor app and payment software was completely useless.

Outside the horror movie:

[Hahaha, just a second ago, I was still sighing at his good wit and now this is the result.]

[So cute.]

[Who would bring cash these days? These newcomers don’t have any money and the secretary and female boss are gone. Where can he make money? It seems his plan will be smashed.

[It is true that the ideal is very beautiful but the reality is skinny.]

[He went to the bathroom. It seems he has given up.]

[He went to the female boss’ office.]

[Hey, he went outside to grab a taxi without changing his face.]

[Doesn’t he have no money? This is interesting!]

[Why is he hiding his phone?]

[Oh my god!!!]

On the screen, the taxi driver stopped the meter and was prepared to receive the payment when Xie Chi touched his pocket and was a bit embarrassed. “Master, I didn’t bring my mobile phone.”

The driver glanced at him suspiciously. He saw that this person was well-dressed and elegant. The person’s face was gentle and correct and the watch on his hand was probably worth a month or two of salary. It didn’t seem like someone who would pit a driver for money. It should be that he really forgot his phone and became embarrassed.

Xie Chi spoke in a timely manner, “I’m really in a hurry just now. I am going from my job to my rental place.”

Xie Chi touched the card in his hand and handed it over. “This is the business card of my boss. If you aren’t assured then I can write you an IOU.”

[God! I just remember that the female boss said she would come back every afternoon to check. He must’ve asked the female boss to borrow it!]

[Scheming ahhhh]

After writing the IOU, the driver was immediately generous. “Okay, then you go down.”

Xie Chi smiled and waved at him.

[It can be like this!]

[Using that face to benefit!]

After a while.

[Omg supermarket sister, speak better. He is a liar!]

[He still isn’t paying and will pay it back tomorrow.]

Some time later.

[The equipment store uncle seemed to have doubts so this person directly handed over his watch.]


[The locksmith left without saying a word.]

(Not much to say, I’m following him.]

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When this was posted on the Chrysanthemum garden website there were comments. I guess since RainbowTurtle moved this novel to here, all the comments are gone.

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Well t’il now the development is ✨ smooth ✨😎

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Breaking News-XieYangIsGay?!
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Don’t get me wrong but I think the author forgot what they wrote last chapter, or perhaps my memory is the issue but how in god’s name is he going shopping, I assume outside the office building, when they can’t leave the building or else they’ll lose 100 points and get expelled from the movie which for newbies means death

8 months ago

They can’t leave the building only during work hours