APP: Chapter 39 Part 1

Xie Chi had guessed the second ending was related to the fox but he never expected this to happen. The change came so quickly that they were caught off guard.

The cold dark blood on the zombie’s forehead quickly solidified and at the same time, a strange red light glowed in its eyes. The soul of Mrs Zhao’s lover, Wen Lang was completely destroyed. Now the fox lived in the zombie’s spirit sea and controlled the zombie’s body. The fox spirit and zombie’s body were completely integrated as one.

Xie Xinglan’s hand holding the sword slightly shivered. There was a wound on his shoulder and the strength in his hand was slightly weaker.

In the battle with the 2.0 zombie just now, the barely closed wound on his shoulder had opened again. At this time, there was a continuous stream of blood from his shoulder that stained half his clothes. Mixed with the rain, it was another type of stimulation.

The zombie stiffly bowed its head and looked at Xie Xinglan. Hatred flashed in its eyes and it let out a soul-shaking zombie cry.

“It’s all because of you! Yu Lang is dead! Yu Lang’s soul is gone! I’m going to kill you!”

Xie Chi translated it, covered his ears and met its bitter gaze. Then he started to speak in the zombie language, “It was Mrs Zhao who killed the soul of your husband. It has nothing to do with us.”

“It has nothing to do with you?” The zombie’s laughter was horrifying. Its eyes turned even redder. “I tried my best to release Yu Lang. If you hadn’t subdued him and sent him to the Zhao family, how could he be caught by Mrs Zhao?

“It’s all you! I can’t kill Mrs Zhao but can’t I kill you? You ruined my only chance to reunite with Yu Lang! You must die!”

The zombie was in a frenzy and its shouts were dizzying. Negotiating was useless. Xie Chi hurriedly said, “Brother, let’s go!”

In this short exchange, Xie Chi had measured the fighting power of both sides. His brother definitely wasn’t a match for this upgraded zombie.


Seeing their intentions, the zombie jumped first to grab at Xie Xinglan. The movement was so fast it was almost an afterimage. Xie Xinglan predicted it in advance and blocked with his sword, but he was still thrown back seven or eight metres from the force.

His shoulder hit the wall and his internal organs were shocked. Xie Xinglan’s Adam’s apple moved up and down and he spat out blood. The gap between the human soul and a demon spirit was completely apparent.

Xie Chi’s heart was pained. “Brother!”

Yan Jing’s eyes were wide. “@……#&!”

[Oh my god, just one hit! Compared with ending one, ending two is hell mode!]

[Isn’t this normal? Wen Lang had tuberculosis and his soul must’ve been weak. How can it compare to the demon spirit whose soul condensed after she burned herself.]

[Is this zombie 3.0?]

[This is nonsense! How many moves will it be before Xie Chi is killed?]

[The calculation results have come out. The zombie’s fighting power is 130,000. Xie Chi is 15,000 and the living zombie is 30,000! This is fu*king just like watermelon skin.]

[130,000? Isn’t this wanting Xie Chi’s life? 20,0-0 to 30,000 can still be fought. Isn’t over 100,000 bullshit?!]

[What is this situation? Isn’t it blatantly wanting Xie Chi to die?]

[I haven’t encountered this either!]

[Is a living zombie so weak?!]

[Perhaps it is the movie’s suppression. Or perhaps it is because he is a semi-finished product who was quickly refined.]

[Why is it only 15,000?]

[The bigshot is hurt!]

“I’m fine.” Xie Xinglan appeased Xie Chi. His hand holding the handle of the sword was slightly pale from excessive force. He stood up and tried to hold his breath but the zombie still grabbed him.

Holding his breath would no longer be useful against this zombie. The zombie not only had the fox’s spirit but also her vision, The methods that were suitable for ordinary zombies didn’t have any effect on it.

Xie Xinglan quickly retreated, dodging an extremely dangerous blow as he glanced at Yan Jing, “Go!”

He shook the bell twice, covered the wound on his shoulder and ran to the entrance of the alley. There was the sound of wind and rain in his ears.

[This movie might be over at any time…]

[So exciting.]

Yan Jing wanted to keep up but his legs were shaking and he moved very slowly. the zombie approached and his legs actually bent down a bit. Xie Chi, as a human, didn’t know the true strength of this zombie. Yan Jing… had the feeling that he should kneel. This was the genetic fear between the same species.

Yan Jing’s eyes filled with despair. He looked back at Xie Chi, who was struggling because of the injury, and hope suddenly rose. Anything was possible as long as there was Xie Chi, even if Xie Chi was injured. He thought it was impossible to survive yet Xie Chi had restored him.

Xie Chi had always created miracles, from Spirit in Red Clothes to Zombie Lovers. No matter how powerful the enemy in front of him, he always had a way to overcome it. Yan Jing believed in Xie Chi more than he believed in himself.

Xie Chi must live. This was Yan Jing’s new belief.

Yan Jing raised his head and stared bravely at the zombie in front of him. He was saved by Xie Chi and now was the time to repay Xie Chi. Xie Xinglan stopped and looked at Yan Jing.

“@I$!…!” Yan Jing straightened his knees and struggled to stand upright as he shouted at Xie Chi.

“He said for you to go. He will buy some time.” Xie Chi spoke. “Brother, go!”

Yan Jing was blocking the zombie’s path. For the first time, he could bravely face the enemy without listening to the bell. The zombie raised a hand and grabbed him. Yan Jing jumped toward the zombie, hugged the zombie’s hand and clung on tightly as the zombie threw him around violently.

Xie Xinglan wasn’t sentimental and just nodded. “Wait for me!”

Xie Xinglan disappeared into a dark alley while behind him, there was the sound of Yan Jing being slammed into the walls one after another. The noise continued and the nearby houses collapsed.

The people around them started screaming. “Zombies!”


Xie Chi opened his mouth. “Brother, give me some time!”


“Don’t get caught! You can be shaken but you can’t get caught.”

This zombie was stronger than the living zombie. The living zombie bit Yue Xiuming and he became a zombie immediately. This meant that if the upgraded zombie caught Xie Xinglan, he would immediately become a zombie.

“I know.”

Behind him, the zombie finally got rid of Yan Jing and ran after Xie Xinglan. It jumped slightly and crossed two houses instantly.

The zombie didn’t care about where it was going. It fell onto the roof of a house and the house collapsed. Countless people died while screaming in horror. More and more people flooded the streets and were frightened when they saw the zombie. They escaped everywhere and the scene was extremely chaotic for a while.

The originally spacious road in front of him was suddenly crowded due to the escaping people. Xie Xinglan’s running speed dropped greatly and he was distracted as he stopped people from hitting him.

The zombie behind him was sitting rushing at its original speed as it stepped on several people or bit them. As expected by Xie Chi, those who were bitten by the zombie immediately became zombies and started chasing Xie Xinglan with the boss zombie.

Soon, Xie Xinglan was being chased by more than a dozen zombies while the boss zombie was in front and getting close to him.

Xie Chi’s mind moved quickly. There must be a way out! There must be.

If the zombie was only a little bit stronger than them, they could win by fighting and relying on wisdom. However, the zombie was so much stronger than them that it was a complete crushing. This showed there must be some key information hidden in the instance that could help them defeat the zombie.

Xie Chi quickly recalled the movie from the beginning to the end. Then something flashed in his mind. He got it!

The zombie behind him stepped on another person and grabbed at Xie Xinglan. Xie Xinglan had already foreseen it and rushed forward to escape, but he was shocked. Seeing that he was about to fall heavily, Xie Xinglan rolled over and sprinted up. Behind him, Yan Jing had grabbed the boss monster again.

Xie Chi called out anxiously, “The Ladies’ House. Brother, go to the Ladies’ House. Go find Taoist Lian Xi!”


The road ahead of them was blocked by seven or eight zombies rushing over here excitedly. Behind them was the chasing boss monster.

Xie Xinglan looked around and rushed into the house next to him. He looked at the timing before opening the broken window and smoothly reaching the other end of the street.

Five minutes after hiding, the magnificent Ladies’ Building was finally close. Xie Xinglan was about to rush in when the boss zombie jumped over a private house and grabbed at Xie Xinglan. Xie Xinglan gritted his teeth and threw his refined peach wood sword into the air with no hesitation.

The zombie was delayed for a few seconds and Xie Xinglan successfully rushed into the Ladies’ House.

The peach wood sword was lost.

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2 years ago

I must praise Xinglan/Xie Chi’s stamina. I could never

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Yan Jing kinda reminds me of Wen Ning from Mo dao Zu shi LMAO😭

I missed the cinnamon roll

2 years ago

Oh no! I hope Yan Jing is okay.

2 years ago

“Xie Chi must live. This was Yan Jing’s new belief.”

All hail Xie Chi, our new religion. _| ̄|○

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although idk if it has anything to do w the fox, isn’t there like a child in the coffin with the father? i remember it also has a fur skin