APP: Chapter 38 Part 2

“No!!” Not far away, Mrs Zhao’s heart-piercing scream was heard.”

Xie Xinglan pursed his lips. He was about to raise the sword again to meet Mrs Zhao’s crazy revenge when Xie Chi laughed. “Brother, change with me.”

Xie Xinglan replied with no hesitation, “Okay.”

He had 100% trust in Xie Chi.

Mrs Zhao flashed to the zombie, her face full of tears as she touched the zombie’s face in a panic. “This isn’t true. No, it can’t be. Wen Lang, please open your eyes and look at me…”

Mrs Zhao’s expression was almost crazy as she burst out crying. “Please, please… please look at me…”

“Don’t you love me? I don’t want forever. I really don’t want it. Please just open your eyes and look at me. I beg you…” Mrs Zhao lay on the zombie’s chest and wept bitterly.

She closed her eyes with pain.

“Wen Lang, I regret it… I shouldn’t have wanted forever. I really regret it. I should’ve been content. Sorry, sorry, sorry, please look at me…”

Mrs Zhao was in a daze and kept repeating ‘sorry.’

She really regretted it. If she hadn’t wanted to live forever then perhaps Wen Lang would still be alive and well, staying by her side and playing the piano for her. It was she who poisoned Wen Lang with her own hands for the sake of that unreachable forever. For forever, she completely gave up the present. Wen Lang cooled down in her arms. Just like now, a bit lax and dying little by little.

Before Wen Lang died, he had looked at her with disbelief. The last sentence he said was, “Lan’er, you are wrong. Don’t do this. Don’t hurt others. I will hate you like this.”

Even so, she did it all with a single-mindedness. Wen Lang loved her kindness but due to love, she became the most poisonous woman he hated.

“I don’t want you to love me anymore. I don’t want anything as long as you live well… will you live?” Mrs Zhao’s eyes were blurred and she was ashamed.

A few years ago, she married into the Zhao family and only thought about contentment and cherishing Wen Lang every day. Then she watched as Wen Lang’s body gradually faded. How could she achieve contentment?

Contentment was nothing but empty words. No one could be content in the face of such cruel reality. What’s more, the Zhao family had such monstrous power. Her heart bled day and night until she finally set off on the road of no return. She couldn’t stand Wen Lang’s death and killed others for Wen Lang’s life. She endured the pain of being skinned alive and made herself a puppet. She paved everything for that forever hope but was forever broken.

Mrs Zhao turned her head mechanically and saw Xie Chi watching with cold eyes nearby. Then her eyes finally filled with a bit of light. “I will kill you!”

This blow cost her all her strength but Xie Chi didn’t avoid it. He just gently rang the bell and the invulnerable Yan Jing stopped in front of him.

Mrs Zhao wiped her tears, glanced at Yan Jing and sneered. “I can’t beat him but you can’t beat me. I am different from Zhang Linu’s other puppets. I’m really immortal. There is no stupid flaw like that string. He can’t be here forever. There will always be a day when you are alone or careless. Once that time comes, I will definitely kill you!”

Her voice seemed to come from hell. Word by word, she revealed the deepest curse.

“I can’t wait for Wen Lang but I can wait for you. In this life, you can’t escape.” She turned away from the zombie in a lonely manner. Then Xie Chi called out to her.

Mrs Zhao turned around. In her pupils, the young man was well-dressed, gentle and thin in the rain.

Xie Chi pushed up his glasses and asked softly, “Do you believe in the Yellow Springs?” (the underworld in Chinese mythology)

Mrs Zhao’s pupils shrank. “What do you mean?”

Xie Chi avoided answering and approached with one hand in his pocket. Yan Jing immediately raised his sleeve to protect Xie Chi from the rain.

Xie Chi said, “You are boring and always focus on the wrong point. When this person is alive, you think about the unreachable forever. When this person is dead, you want to avenge him.”

“Then what should I…” Mrs Zhao asked in a quivering voice.

Xie Chi smiled and declared, “Death is forever.”

The words were filled with a strong hint, unknown and beautiful. Mrs Zhao fell to the ground.

Xie Chi walked up to her. Yan Jing grabbed him in a worried manner and whispered, “@&*¥…!”

Xie Chi laughed and appeased Yan Jing with his eyes. “It’s fine.”

Then regardless of Yan Jing’s block, he went to Mrs Zhao’s side and crouched down. His fragile neck, chest and abdomen were close to her. Mrs Zhao’s hand crooked into claws.

Xie Chi ignored it and took out a clean handkerchief. He wiped the rain from her forehead and told her gently, “If you are late, he will have crossed the bridge and you will never find him again.”

The man’s movements and voice were gentle but his words made Mrs Zhao shake and feel fear deep in her bones.


She choked, tears slowly sliding down from the corner of her eyes. The next second, Mrs Zhao lay down sideways on the zombie’s chest, completely immobile. In the last moment before her death, there was a contented smile on her face.

A bloody hole gradually appeared on her forehead. An immortal puppet self-destructed her spiritual wisdom and chose death.

Mrs Zhao was her own puppet master, She had no string and no flaws. She manipulated her actions with her own spiritual intelligence. She was no different from an ordinary person but she had eternal life and unmatched fighting power.

The only way to kill her was for her to self-destruct.

This was her only flaw. The heart of a person was a flaw.


(Bigshot, does this count as a pair of bitter mandarin ducks?] (In China, mandarin ducks are believed to be lifelong couples so they are a symbol of affection and fidelity)

[A few words forced her to commit suicide, I… scared.]


[This ending is really… very beautiful. One is a zombie and will surely harm people in the future. One has already killed countless people. Now they have died together. It is really a good ending.]

[It is still a zombie movie about good and evil.]

[Isn’t it around time to leave? Both bosses are dead?]

[I’ll follow the bigshot and then leave.]


Xie Chi stood in the rain and was thoughtful. At this point, the boss zombie was dead and Mrs Zhao was also dead. It seemed that the horror movie was finished and it was time to leave. However…. there was clearly a link missed.

Where did the escaped fox spirit go? The story of her and the zombie was still confusing.

Lu Wen arrived late and sighed with relief when he saw the dead zombie and Mrs Zhao. He had feared he was too useless and ruined Xie Chi’s plan. Lu Wen covered his wound and Xie Chi frowned at him. “Is it serious?”

Lu Wen shook his head. “I’m self-healing. The problem isn’t big.”

“How did Mrs Zhao die?” Lu Wen didn’t want Xie Chi and Yan Jing to worry so he changed the topic.

Xie Chi explained briefly.

Lu Wen had a complicated expression on his face as he sincerely asked, “How did you guess that this could kill Mrs Zhao?”

Xie Chi replied, “Zhang Linu is a man who strives for perfection. In the beginning, he made a perfect puppet but he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to let the cold and rigid puppets have a soul. In fact, this is what he has been doing. In accordance with this development direction, his dream must be to create a puppet that is no different from a real person. A puppet separated from a puppet master is Zhang Linu’s ultimate goal. Zhang Linu regards his puppets as his wife and children. Naturally, he hopes the puppet will one day really be the same as other people.

“In fact, he did so. His work with Mrs Zhao can be called mutual achievements. Mrs Zhao is his most perfect artwork.”

Lu Wen suddenly smiled. “Is it over?”

Yan Jing also grinned happily. However, Xie Chi’s expression sank slightly. Just then, his phone rang. He thought it was the prompt to leave the movie and opened it to see the content, only for his expression to slightly change.

[Congratulations on reaching ending 1 of Zombie Lives: A zombie and puppet love that crosses life and death. Now that the conditions are met, do you want to challenge ending 2?]

[If you choose No then you will leave the movie immediately. If you choose Yes then you will stay and continue to complete the plot.]

[If the challenge of ending 2 is successful then the actor will receive a reward of 300 points.]


[Fu*k it really is the double ending!]

[Sit down, sit down!]

[Isn’t ending 2 terrible? Will Xie Chi stay?]


Xie Chi questioned Lu Wen with his eyes.

Lu Wen’s phone had also rang and he shook his head. “I haven’t experienced this type of situation.”

Xie Chi nodded while the appearance of the fox spirit flashed in his mind. Where had the fox spirit gone?

Xie Chi stepped to one side and said, “Brother, I want to stay.”

Xie Xinglan smiled. “There is me.”

There weren’t many words but it was enough. The corners of Xie Chi’s mouth twitched.

“I will stay.” He stared at Lu Wen. “Are you staying?”

Lu Wen’s body was covered with wounds and his situation clearly wasn’t optimistic.

Lu Wen thought for a few seconds before shaking his head. “No, I’m not particularly anxious to earn points. I want to stay but I am now in this state. In the second ending, I will only hold you back. I will go outside and wait for you.”

Yan Jing grinned and revealed his teeth. He could finally stay behind. His current state might be temporary and he would recover after leaving the horror movie but this was enough for him to enjoy for a long time.

Yan Jing danced with his hands and feet. “@#……!¥!”

Xie Chi asked, “Are you sure you want to stay?”

Yan Jing nodded wildly.

After the three of them discussed it, Xie Chi and Yan Jing pressed Yes while Lu Wen pressed No. Lu Wen disappeared and then a red light flashed through the sky in this direction. It was a fox, or to be precise, a burning red-furred fox.

In the blink of an eye, the burning fox had lost its fur. The closer she got to the zombie, the more she burned herself and flesh and tissue dropped down. The hot ones touched the cold rain and made a spine-tingling sizzling sound while bubbles appeared on the ground.

Then there was the sound of the fox spirit’s black bones falling. In the light of the electric flint, the fox spirit changed from a fox to a remnant soul that fell between the eyes of the zombie.

Xie Chi’s phone rang.

[Ending 2 of Zombie Lovers has opened.]

Just then, the dead zombie suddenly opened his eyes. A red light flashed in his eyes and the aura around him rose to an unprecedented peak, many times more than before. He only stood up and Xie Chi and Yan Jing were shocked back several steps.

Xie Xinglan held the wall and managed to stand firm. There was fear in his eyes but he didn’t intend to flinch back.

Xie Chi was silent for a few seconds before anxiously calling out, “The spirit for the soul!”

The role of the fox spirit was here! She was the key to the second ending. The fox burned herself into a condensed spirit. Then she injected herself into the body of the zombie. The human soul had already gone away and was replaced with a more condensed and powerful spirit.

The fragile human soul couldn’t be compared to the spirit of a demon. The zombie was resurrected and his strength was much higher!

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2 years ago

I’d definitely take the Lu Wen route and leave. I’d be so tired of this movie after all that, but Xie Chi needs those points ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

2 years ago

On the contrary I would’ve stayed too or else my curiosity about the fox lady’s purpose will never be satiated and it’ll bug me for a long long long time— But who am I kidding I probably would’ve been dead long ago


Last edited 2 years ago by Takkun
1 year ago

bro this zombie has been used like twice already, resurrecting and resurrecting…. anyway, the ending 1 definitely ended with a good ending as the audience said. The villain was not killed directly and she realized herself the wrong things she did. now, ending two… kinda scary