APP: Chapter 38 Part 1

[The bigshot said she is a puppet???]

[I thought that Mrs Zhao’s movement speed wasn’t right. She was like a ghost but I didn’t dare think about it.]

[Recalling Yue Xiuming’s experience, I think the big guy’s guess is very reasonable!]

[The problem is that the bigshot didn’t know Yue Xiuming’s experience. How did he dare make such a guess?]

Lu Wen stiffened in place and only realized after a few seconds.

Yue Xiuming had run so fast and yelled at them for help. There must’ve been something chasing him. At first, Lu Wen thought it was the boss zombie. Now looking at Mrs Zhao in front of them, he understood everything. She was the one chasing Yue Xiuming. How could  Yue Xiuming be afraid of a weak woman with no power?

Lu Wen remembered that not long ago, Xie Chi seemed to casually ask Zhang Linu, “Can only females become puppets?”

The answer given was that only women could become puppets because they were hundreds of times more ruthless than men. Only they could endure the severe pain of their skin being peeled off to be successfully reborn as an immortal puppet.

White Apricot and Peach were rejected because of illness and disfigurement. They took the initiative to come to his door and endured the pain of being peeled alive to be reborn as puppets, let alone… Mrs Zhao.

A woman who was so morbidly in love with her husband that she planned for years to borrow a zombie’s body for her husband. She poisoned her husband to death and killed young children for their blood. What else could she do? What else could she withstand?

The thing she wanted wasn’t a few decades together but… forever.

As a person, she would inevitably experience aging and death. Mrs Zhao couldn’t endure this. The only way to make her and her husband stay together was obvious. She made herself a puppet. She just had to endure the severe pain of being skinned alive and she could be with her husband forever. This was Mrs Zhao’s fatal temptation that she couldn’t refuse.

So from the beginning of the movie, Mrs Zhao hadn’t been human at all. She had already made herself a puppet and was waiting with anticipation for her husband to be reborn as a zombie. A zombie and puppet would be together forever. This was why Yue Xiuming couldn’t destroy Mrs Zhao’s plan even if he went to the Zhao house. The moment he acted, he would’ve been killed by Mrs Zhao, a puppet disguised as a human.

Lu Wen thought about the cause and effect and his blood cooled a few times. He looked at Xie Chi and trembled. “Zhang Linu is dead so who is her puppet master? Where?”

Lu Wen’s mind was blank. In an instant, he thought about everyone they had contact with after entering the movie but found nothing. There was no suitable puppet master at all. Who was it?

Yan Jing was also dazed and panicked. He was invulnerable and wasn’t afraid of Mrs Zhao, but he was afraid the immortal puppet would hurt Brother Xie and Lu Wen.

At this point, Mrs Zhao was approaching from the alley and Xie Chi saw Mrs Zhao’s face for the first time. Gentle and beautiful, dignified and quiet, she held the oil paper umbrella and was so beautiful.

“Xie Chi, let’s go and quickly catch the puppet master!” Lu Wen pulled Xie Chi and shouted anxiously.

Xie Chi shook his head and spoke softly. “No.”

He stared into Mrs Zhao’s eyes and smiled. “She is her own puppet master.”

Lu Wen felt like he had been struck by thunder.

[What the fu*k!!!]

[What is this situation???]

Mrs Zhao smiled lightly but her eyes were cold. “Smart people can’t live long.”

Xie Chi shrugged. “I think you might be too confident.”

Mrs Zhao sneered. Her cold gaze passed Xie Chi’s shoulder and looked behind him.

Xie Chi cocked his head and ordered Lu Wen, “You go and delay Mrs Zhao. Yan Jing and I will control the zombie.”

“Zombie?” Lu Wen was stunned.

The next second, there were loud bangs from behind the three people. Lu Wen’s face instantly changed. There were no waves in Xie Chi’s eyes. The thing that Mrs Zhao was waiting for was obvious. They couldn’t avoid it.

In the darkness behind them, a grey face gradually emerged. The zombie fangs flashed white in the night. The three people were surrounded from the front and behind and the atmosphere was tense. Lu Wen moved slowly, his back to Xie Chi’s shoulder as he handed Xie Chi the peach wood sword.

Xie Chi frowned and didn’t take it. “I don’t need it.”

Lu Wen’s words were quick. “The peach wood sword is useless against Mrs Zhao! You take it!”

Lu Wen insisted so Xie Chi could only stare deeply at him and take the sword.

Xie Chi gripped the sword and spoke softly, “Hold on, hold on as long as you can but the prerequisite is to save your life.”

Lu Wen smiled confidently at Xie Chi’s order. “Absolutely no problem!”

[Isn’t this too selfish? He is so strong and has a living zombie. The two of them are going to fight the zombie while leaving Lu Wen to deal with Mrs Zhao whose level is unknown?]

[Is this ready to disregard Lu Wen?]

[Why did Lu Wen agree? This is obviously unreasonable! Don’t believe people like this. It is stupid!]

Xie Chi raised his hand and rang the bell while saying, “Fight quickly and make quick decisions!”

Yan Jing had originally been trembling with fear. Once the bell rang, his body straightened instantly and he flew to meet the zombie.

[Wtf, fighting power! A new model!]

Outside the movie theater outside the horror movie, the audience exclaimed at the novelty. On the large screen that had more clarity, the combat power values of both sides appeared.

The upper left corner of the screen showed that the boss zombie had a combat power of 43769. On the upper right corner of the screen, the living zombie’s combat power was 36158 and Xie Chi was 803.

“Why is the big guy 803? Is it wrong?”

[What is this? If Xie Chi is 803 then am I 0?”

The next second, the ghosts saw Xie Chi’s combat power surge to over 20,000.

“It was a backstage bug. Now it is definitely the real data.”

“It is a new model so please be considerate. Mistakes are inevitable.”

“Fu*k, Mrs Zhao is over 30,000 while Lu Wen is just 10,000! This is bullshit!”

“This side is over. The living zombie is over 30,000 and the bigshot is over 20,000 for a total of 50,000. It is better than the boss zombie. However, look at the overall strength. The zombie and Mrs Zhao combined are over 70,000. It is more than the three of them combined.”

“Does the bigshot plan to do horse racing? He will settle this side quickly and then go help Lu Wen with Mrs Zhao?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Zombies are afraid of the peach wood sword and can be killed with it. How to kill Mrs Zhao? Does she have a string?”

“The big guy can definitely clear the instance but looking at this, I’m not so sure about Lu Wen.”

In the horror movie, Xie Xinglan used both hands. He shook the bell to control Yan Jing according to Xie Chi’s instructions and he stabbed the zombie with the sword. Knowing that Lu Wen’s situation was terrible, Xie Xinglan didn’t hold back and made quick decisions.

He only attacked and exposed all of the zombie’s flaws. Cunning flashed in the zombie’s eyes but every time he tried to attack, Xie Xinglan shook the bell. The next second, Yan Jing stopped it.

Xie Xinglan took the opportunity to stab the zombie with the peach wood sword and the zombie retreated. Red light appeared in the place where the peach wood sword stabbed. It seemed to be terribly painful as the zombie let out a piercing cry that penetrated the eardrum.

[Hahahaha, making full use of his weapons.]

[This is so good. I also want to raise a zombie.]

The zombie seemed to see their plan for a quick battle and no longer rashly engaged in a frontal confrontation. Instead he would go into hiding and wait for Mrs Zhao to kill Lu Wen. Then they would team up and kill these two together.

The zombie jumped too fast. He seemed intent on leading the two people away and delaying time for Mrs Zhao to kill Lu Wen. Yan Jing was able to catch up but Xie Xinglan fell behind even running at full speed.

Xie Xinglan’s face changed slightly. Yan Jing alone couldn’t beat the zombie. Xie Xinglan had to catch up. He thought about it before shaking the bell twice. Yan Jing heard it and jumped back. He carried Xie Xinglan on his shoulder and started chasing wildly.

Xie Chi, “……”

The zombie was still getting further and further away.

Yan Jing, “!@……#……#?”

Xie Chi translated, “He said he can’t catch up. This is his fastest speed. He is asking what to do!”

Xie Chi couldn’t help in the fight and could only translate. Xie Xinglan gave a low curse. He glanced at the route of the zombie and looked around. Then he saw the tall eaves nearby and thought of something.

He shook the bell a few times, Yan Jing instantly understood his meaning. He put Xie Xinglan down and bent over. Xie Xinglan sprinted and stepped on Yan Jing’s shoulder. Yan Jing jumped and sent Xie Xinglan to the eaves. Then he chased the zombie according to Xie Xinglan’s instructions.

Xie Xinglan looked down from above and had a panoramic view of the whole block. He fixed his gaze on the zombie and ran on the waves in a straight line. Finally, he caught the zombie at a corner of a street and jumped down. He stopped the zombie and raised his sword to meet the zombie.

On the other side, Lu Wen coughed up blood and struggled to climb up again. His body was ordinary while Mrs Zhao was as fast as a ghost. He couldn’t block at all. Fortunately, due to his lineage, he was very durable. He couldn’t attack Mrs Zhao but he could resist for a while and it was absolutely no problem to delay her.

The torrential rain washed away the red blood from Lu Wen’s body. His clothes were torn and large blue-green fish scales on Lu Wen’s back were exposed. There was another blow and Lu Wen was beaten down again. He coughed up blood. “Xie Chi, you hurry up…”

Mrs Zhao never thought this human could resist so much. Anxiety gradually appeared on her face. She was just about to pinch Lu Wen’s neck when her pupils shrank sharply. There was a sudden pain in her heart for no reason.

“Wen Lang!” She shouted her husband’s name.

Sensing that Wen Lang’s life was in danger, Mrs Zhao immediately gave up on Lu Wen. She moved quickly and rushed to the location of the zombie.

Lu Wen remembered Xie Chi’s request to delay her and exploded his physical strength to the extreme. He knocked Mrs Zhao down to the ground and started a fight, trying to buy time for Xie Chi.

On Xie Xinglan’s side, Yan Jing arrived later and took advantage of when the zombie wasn’t prepared to subdue the zombie to the ground. The zombie was furious and jumped up but Yan Jing was like a rag doll as he hung onto the body of the tall zombie.

Xie Xinglan rushed up from the back and replaced Yan Jing. He placed his forearm around the zombie’s neck to prevent the zombie from biting him. His legs hung in the air while the peach wood sword in Xie Xinglan’s right hand pierced the heart of the zombie in front of him.

The orange-red light appeared but the zombie just howled with pain and didn’t die immediately. Xie Xinglan’s eyes sank. How could this be?

Xie Chi paused for a few seconds before speaking. “Brother, the eyebrows. The human soul is there. Once the human soul dies, the zombie is also dead.”

The kindness of Mrs Zhao’s husband before his death had nothing to do with Xie Chi. If he blocked Xie Chi’s way then he must die. Xie Xinglan understood and in accordance with Xie Chi’s instructions, he thrust the sword between the zombie’s eyebrows.

The zombie was completely immobile and the faint humanity quietly left the turbid eyes.

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2 years ago

The poor guy, he didn’t do anything wrong but now his soul is destroyed so he can’t even reincarnate 🙁

2 years ago
Reply to  Moon

Yeah its a shame, he, from what they described him, was a good guy before he died yet he couldn’t even go to the afterlife or onto his next life in peace bc his wife was too hung up on him rip

2 years ago

“ITS OVER 9000!!”
Lol, sorry. Could resist resurrecting this meme after all that power level talk (๐॔˃̶ᗜ˂̶๐॓)
Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

I need to watch more action movies/series I’m struggling to imagine the scene I bet its really cool but my brain can’t keep up ah… (@_@||)..

1 year ago

his wife is just too evil, he was killed then forced to have his soul entered a zombie’s body. how unlucky ah