APP: Chapter 37

At three in the morning, after escaping from the Zhao hour, Yue Xiuming kept running. Due to the heavy rain, no one was on the road. It was dark all around him and Yue Xiuming suddenly braked as the blood drained from his face. There was a dead end ahead of him!

He looked back. In the darkness, there seemed to be something hidden. His pupils shrank and the hairs of his body were standing upright. Yue Xiuming wiped off the rain on his eyelashes and boldly stared into the darkness. After a few seconds, he was finally relieved. It hadn’t caught up.

He dared to go back along the original route. He entered a quiet alley and saw a broken wooden house. He thought about it and flashed in sideways, closing the door gently.

Yue Xiuming stuck to the cold wall and could finally breathe. Every pore in his body was clamoring and sucking in air. The sweat beads rolled down continuously and Yue Xiuming was in a state of shock.

Three days ago, he took advantage of the chaos to escape from the Ladies’ Building. He wandered the streets for half a day before finally deciding to go to the Zhao house to investigate.

He had no choice. Last time, he kidnapped Yan Jing because he was forced to do so. It was understandable and Xie Chi let him go. However, this time was completely different. Yue Xiuming knew that although Yan Jing was killed by White Apricot, he never would’ve died if Yue Xiuming hadn’t pushed him. Xie Chi was so clever and would’ve definitely figured out the ins and outs.

Staying in the Ladies’ Building was just a dead end. Even the powerful Zhou Tong was tortured to death by Xie Chi, let alone Yue Xiuming. He might be arrogant but he knew he couldn’t compare to Zhou Tong.

Thus, this time he was really alone. It was a dead end if he was found by Xie Chi and Lu Wen. He would go to the Zhao house. If he explored the plot and left early then there might still be a chance to live.

Yue Xiuming thought about seeking wealth despite danger and finally sneaked into the Zhao house. He knocked out a young man, took his clothes and pushed him into an abandoned well. He put on the cover of the well and wore the clothes. Then he bought a prop to change his appearance from the app mall and became the humble young man.

On the first day, he wasn’t found. That night, he pretended to sweep the floor and suddenly heard Mrs Zhao’s voice. He immediately hid himself.

He watched Mrs Zhao lead a few Taoist-looking people to the place where the coffin was left. Mrs Zhao was holding a lamp in her hand. Yue Xiuming had filmed a zombie movie and knew it was a soul-locking lamp.

Tonight was the seventh day after Young Master Zhao’s death and her husband’s soul had returned. These Taoists should’ve used special methods to place the soul of Young Master Zhao into the soul-locking lamp.

So why were they going to the copper-horned coffin? Yue Xiuming immediately thought of borrowing the zombie’s body to restore the soul.

Yue Xiuming’s heart was in his throat and he was both afraid and happy. He was afraid that the boss zombie would be released while he felt happy that if he stopped Mrs Zhao’s plan to use the zombie to return the soul, the movie would be over.

The plan was easy to break. He just had to slip in and smash the soul-locking lamp. Yue Xiuming thought about it. Then he took a few deep breaths, leaned down like a cat and approached the wall.

A voice came from the room. “The mistress is so brave. Today’s weather is hard to encounter for several years. The young master’s soul being bound to the zombie is sure to succeed. There will be no difference.”

“I have to trouble you. Can you start now?”

“Wait a minute. There is one hour left…”

Yue Xiuming had reached the edge of the window and was about to raise his eyes to look in when a dark shadow suddenly appeared on the glass of the window! The shadow was behind him! Someone was behind him!

Yue Xiuming’s heart stopped and his eyes were wide. He crouched down and slowly and mechanically turned his head. It was just a pretty little servant with clear eyes. Yue Xiuming was relieved. He immediately went over, covered the servant’s mouth and whispered in the servant’s ear to explain his actions.

The little servant blinked to show he wouldn’t make any noise. He crouched below the window and asked, “What is Mrs Zhao going to do?”

It was clearly a man’s voice but it was filled with a bit of womanly charm. The unspeakable oddity made Yue Xiuming get the creeps. Yue Xiuming looked carefully. The more he stared, the more bewitched he felt.

Yue Xiuming felt something was wrong and was about to leave to save his life when the eyes of the little servant started to glow red. It was a demonic red light. Yue Xiuming was entranced and answered the little servant’s question. “Mrs Zhao is going to dig out the zombie’s low intelligence soul and place the soul of her husband inside the body.”

The little servant’s eyes flashed with monstrous anger. the next second, his beautiful face turned into a crooked fox’s head! It was the fox! She sneaked in here as well!

Yue Xiuming trembled uncontrollably and his adrenaline soared. He wanted to escape but he couldn’t move. He could only watch the fox’s claws grab him. Yue Xiuming thought he was going to die. He closed his eyes desperately and the next second, his phone suddenly rang.

[Detected that Actor Xie Chi’s known information is up to standard. The plot needs to be advanced and the special time skip has been enabled. It has immediately entered three days later.]

Yue Xiuming found that he could move and opened his eyes. The fox spirit in front of him was gone and he was crouching alone under the window.

He had a good agent who knew the mechanism of the time skip protection. Once the time skip was enabled in the app, in order to avoid the accidental killing of actors during this process, no one would discover the existence of the actors during the time skip. Only the time was transferred.

In other words, once he started to move, things had returned to normal and it was three days later.

Yue Xiuming quickly glanced around the room where the coffin was originally placed. The coffin was open, the zombie inside was gone and the soul-locking lamp was turned on. It seemed that Mrs Zhao had completed her plan to borrow the zombie’s body to return the soul. He just didn’t know what happened to the fox and where the zombie had gone.

Just then, there was the sound of footsteps not far away. Yue Xiuming was scared and immediately took a path to escape the house. This time, a powerful boss zombie had merged with a human soul and possessed the intelligence of humans. It was no longer comparable to him and he had to escape.

Hearing voices nearby, Yue Xiuming fled the room. He was too panicked and slammed into something. He looked up and found a dark coffin in front of him. The coffin lid wasn’t nailed in and he had hit it so hard that it opened.

Yue Xiuming thought that a zombie was in here and was so scared that his legs softened. He got up and glanced in, only to feel relieved.

Inside was a young man with no signs of zombie transformation. He was covered with greasy wax but his dead appearance still couldn’t be hidden. He had become thin and dry. He lay in the coffin like a terrible skeleton.

Fortunately, it was just a human corpse. Yue Xiuming made a low curse that this was better. At this time, Yue Xiuming wasn’t far from the gate of the house. He was just about to sneak out when something flashed in his mind and he understood the identity of the man in the coffin. It was Mrs Zhao’s husband.

Yue Xiuming hesitated. Then in order to explore the plot, he pushed away the coffin lid and examined the corpse carefully. Under the wax, the skin of the corpse had darkened faintly and it seemed a bit wrong. Yue Xiuming’s hands shook as he opened the mouth of the human corpse. Then he saw it and stared.

Inside the mouth of the corpse, the tongue had become completely rotted. The mouth was black and it stank. It seemed that Young Master Zhao was actually… poisoned.

Yue Xiuming suddenly remembered the deadline for delivering the coffin mentioned by Taoist Xuan Cheng. Mrs Zhao had given them nine days to transport the coffin and her husband had died halfway through their transportation. He might be suffering from tuberculosis but this was too coincidental.

He had been wondering at the time and now he understood everything. Mrs Zhao was determined to meet the deadline so she killed her husband. She didn’t have the patience to wait a long time. This was a rare day that appeared once in a thousand years and her success rate would be very high. If she missed this day then she would have to wait many years. It was likely that Mrs Zhao’s husband would’ve died from tuberculosis before the next opportunity came. Mrs Zhao loved him deeply and would never allow such a thing to happen.

His mobile phone didn’t ring but Yue Xiuming was very sure that he obtained some plot exploration. He was proud and was going to flee the house as originally planned. Then he turned his head and saw a pair of feet.

The feet were wearing beautiful, new embroidered shoes that looked cheerful and glamorous. Yue Xiuming’s eyes widened and his expression was stiff as he looked up from the feet to meet a smiling face.

Mrs Zhao! She came in without him knowing it, without making any movements at all! She was obviously a weak woman but Yue Xiuming somehow felt a fear that dug into his bone marrow. It felt that if he stayed for one second longer, he would die without a burial place.

Yue Xiuming ran away. He turned his head to look but he found that Mrs Zhao ran faster than him. She was about to catch him when a few people appeared at the end of the path and she slowed down to become the delicate young wife of the past.

Yue Xiuming took this opportunity to run out of the house.


In the abandoned house, Yue Xiuming could only hear his thunderous heartbeat. There was heavy rain outside and the dusty windows were gradually cleaned by the rain. Then his sixth sense struck. He slowly turned his head and saw a pair of translucent eyes!

The eyeballs were rolling back and forth. Her face was blurry and her eyes became even darker. Mrs Zhao’s face was attached to the window and she stared into the house. Yue Xiuming clung to the wall tightly, wishing he could embed himself in it.

Finally, Mrs Zhao left. Yue Xiuming was about to collapse to the ground gasping for breath when he looked up and found that Mrs Zhao had appeared in the house and was smiling gently at him.

“I found you,” Mrs Zhao declared.

Yue Xiuming broke through the window and ran in the heavy rain. At the end of the road, he saw Xie Chi holding an umbrella. His eyes flashed with ecstasy and he rushed over. “Help!”

He was afraid of Xie Chi but Xie Chi couldn’t immediately kill him. After all, actors couldn’t kill another actor. On the other hand, Mrs Zhao behind him could kill him instantly. There were many people here and they were bound to fight for him. Then he would be able to live.

Xie Chi stopped and looked at Yue Xiuming running in the alley, his lips slightly curving. Yue Xiuming became even happier and was so excited he almost cried. Was Xie Chi waiting for him? Yes, he had information. Xie Chi definitely wanted this information so he waited for Yue Xiuming.

Yue Xiuming got closer only to find that something was wrong.

Lu Wen was holding an umbrella alone while Xie Chi’s hands were hanging down naturally as he looked at Yue Xiuming in a leisurely manner. There was a short man beside him holding an umbrella for him.

Yue Xiuming wondered about this person’s identity.

In the night, Xie Chi’s face was cold and white, his entire body glowing. Meanwhile, the man beside him was hidden in the darkness. His entire face was covered and not a single bit of his appearance was exposed.

Yan Jing? Impossible. Yue Xiuming immediately denied this answer. He knew how many wounds Yan Jing had. Even if Yan Jing could last a few hours, the ending was surely death. He had been wounded by a puppet and the medicine had no effect. Then why was there one more individual?

The thoughts flashed quickly in Yue Xiuming’s mind as he ran through the alley and smiled in a flattering manner. “Lu Wen, X-Xie Chi…”

Xie Chi suddenly smiled at him. “I found you.”

This sentence was exactly the same as what Mrs Zhao said a minute ago. Yue Xiuming recalled the horrible memory and felt his scalp become numb and his body cold.

“You… why are you looking for me?” Yue Xiuming asked stiffly.

“Of course, it is because I need you.” Xie Chi smiled softly.

Yue Xiuming sighed with relief and continued to approach. “I did find something. If I tell you, can the previous grudges be canceled?”

Xie Chi was silent and just smiled at him with clear and calm eyes, as if encouraging him to say it, to follow the temptation. Yue Xiuming thought that Xie Chi had agreed and his joy soared. He quickly approached and spoke while walking, “Mrs Zhao’s husband was poisoned by Mrs Zhao. She—”

Then Yue Xiuming saw Xie Chi raise his hand, the hand exuded a radiant luster in the dark night. On his slender index finger was a ring with a beautiful bell hanging from it. There was the ding of the bell as Xie Chi shook the bell. The bell sounded clear and pleasant. He rang it a few more times.

“You… what are you doing?” Yue Xiuming couldn’t control his expression and couldn’t help revealing fear in his eyes. Xie Chi was full of the unknown.

The next second, without warning, the dark shadow by Xie Chi’s side rushed toward Yue Xiuming. He was thrown to the ground and his head hit the ground in a heavy manner. The black shadow pinched his chin then forced him to raise his head and expose his fragile neck.

This scene was too familiar. On the ground, Yue Xiuming’s brain stopped thinking. The next second, the dark shadow lowered his head and sharp fangs pierced the right side of Yue Xiuming’s neck.

Yue Xiuming’s blood coagulated and it was like falling into an ice cellar. A zombie!

On the left side of Yue Xiuming’s neck, there were still shallow marks left from Zhou Tong’s bite mark. The robe on the man’s head lifted a bit and his fangs dripped blood, revealing a pair of dead black and white eyes and a familiar face.

Yan Jing!!!

Yue Xiuming was so frightened that he pissed himself. His will to survive reached the peak. He got up to run but his face suddenly showed lines. Blue-green nails green wildly and long fangs pierced his upper and lower lips, causing blood to flow.

Yue Xiuming turned into a zombie in an instant! Xie Chi hadn’t expected Yan Jing to be so poisonous.

Yan Jing quickly got up, his expression scared and dull. “@……¥#*@!”

Lu Wen stared blankly at Xie Chi.

Xie Chi laughed and translated. “Fu*k! I’m more poisonous than a biological weapon! I just wanted to gently rub my teeth and didn’t know I would bite so hard. Sorry, I didn’t know this. I’m innocent.”

Lu Wen instantly stiffened. He was afraid that if he let Yan Jing rub his teeth against his shoulder just now, if Yan Jing couldn’t control it and bite him then even Xie Chi couldn’t save him.

Yan Jing looked wronged and walked toward Xie Chi in a disappointed manner.

Xie Chi held down the small bell and glanced at him. “Well done.”

Yan Jing revealed four fangs in an instant as he smiled at Xie Chi in a terrible manner. Lu Wen saw this scene and secretly looked away, the words ‘Pavlov’s training’ lingering in his head.

[Hahaha, the little blind man has such a big contrast. Cute.]

[Did the little blind man bite on purpose? Did he have an idea? Then after biting, he said it wasn’t intentional. Hahaha.]

[Huh, you’re really stupid. Didn’t you see the big guy shaking the bell a few times?]

[Fu*k!! The big guy…!!! Terrible! My scalp is numb.]

[I don’t know who is scarier. The bigshot or Mrs Zhao.]

[Sure enough, it is still a zombie movie about good and evil. The movie guided Yue Xiuming to encounter them or else Mrs Zhao would’ve killed Yue Xiuming earlier.]

[Fu*k the movie is encouraging the blind man to avenge himself?]

[What else?]

Yan Jing’s zombie breath was too strong and the low-grade zombies were scared away.

Then in the alley, a pair of dazzling, red embroidered shoes appeared. Mrs Zhao holding an umbrella slowly appeared in the vision of the group.

Lu Wen immediately found that refined eight trigrams that Xie Chi had him hold and extended it to Mrs Zhao. He saw the clear face in the mirror and was relieved. “She isn’t a ghost or a monster. She is—”

Lu Wen wanted to say she was human but Xie Chi corrected Lu Wen as he lazily raised his eyelids and stared at the approaching Mrs Zhao. “She is a puppet.”

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