APP: Chapter 36

“What’s cracking?” Lu Wen’s thoughts were still on the sudden time skip and he couldn’t respond to Taoist Lian Xi’s words.Meanwhile, Xie Chi had already strode past him.

Taoist Lian Xi was sweating anxiously. “The face is cracked!”

He instantly poured all the children’s blood from the bloody pool beside him in a hurry, causing Yan Jing to immediately become a bloody man. Even so, this didn’t stop the cracks on his face from becoming bigger and bigger.

Xie Chi’s eyes were heavy but he maintained his composure as he crouched down and carefully examined Yan Jing’s face.

The blood that spilled from the cracks wasn’t warm. It was instead cold and dark red, indicating that the corpse was well before. Taoist Lian Xi had dared to go out to buy herbs because of this point. Yan Jing’s body was very stable.

Now his face suddenly cracked which was a clear sign of failure. Once Yan Jing’s entire body split open, the creation of the living zombie would have completely failed.

Lu Wen sweated nervously. “How can this be?!”

Taoist Lian Xi raised his head violently and asked in a sharp voice, “How can you be saying this? What happened to the two of you? Why did this blood dry? I told you many times! If you hadn’t wanted him to live then you should’ve told me to save him from the beginning!”

Lu Wen anxiously defended himself. “I clearly splashed it! I have been watching. I was afraid of making mistakes so I poured in a lot. I’m afraid—”

Xie Chi interrupted. “It isn’t your fault. The reason is the time skip.”

Lu Wen’s voice stopped. Yes, the time skip. It was now three days later which meant he hadn’t been pouring blood on Yan Jing for three days. The poured blood had already dried up. Yan Jing only started to crack at this time but he must’ve been cracking for ages.

Lu Wen’s eyes instantly turned red.

Xie Chi stood up and patted him on the shoulder. “I shouldn’t have started talking. It is my fault.”

If he hadn’t explored so much, the horror movie wouldn’t have started the time skip. The logic chain was indeed like this and no one could blame Lu Wen. Xie Chi was just stating a fact.

Lu Wen shook his head. “No! This has nothing to do with you. It is just that his horror movie doesn’t want us to succeed! It is intentional! A junk horror movie!”

Hope rose and then fell. His expression was too grim.

[A living zombie is too much of a bug and probably exceeded the upper limit of strength in the movie. Therefore, the app doesn’t want a living zombie because it isn’t in the scope of the predetermined plot. It is easy to cause the ending to go out of control. The time skip could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.]

[There is nothing they can do about it so they are really helpless. They were working so hard for such a long time only to fail? Look, the cracks are becoming bigger.]

Lu Wen vented his resentment while Xie Chi went to Taoist Lian Xi and calmly asked, “Is there any way to remedy it?”

Since Yan Jing could survive three days without the children’s blood, anything could happen.

Taoist Lian Xi’s face was grey with disappointment. “No, if it is missed then it is missed. It is useless trying to save him. It is up to him if he can survive but most of the them…”

Taoist Lian Xi’s eyes were dim. “Most of them left.”

“The probability of a living zombie succeeding is too low and the conditions are too harsh. It requires luck that goes against the sky. He was able to survive not only due to his long-cherished desire and pure thoughts. It was also because he has rewards in his body. His ancestor left a very deep luck for him. Now… alas.” Taoist Lian Xi couldn’t bear to say anything else.

Xie Chi wondered, “We can only wait?”

Taoist Lian Xi shook his head. “There is no other way. This is destiny. Destiny wants him to die.”

“Fu*k destiny.”

Xie Chi hated this type of feeling of powerlessness where he couldn’t do anything. He hated words like luck, destiny, etc. He did his best to save people and didn’t care about the ending. If he was capable, why not save them? It might be impossible in the eyes of others but it was just a piece of cake for him.

To be honest, he hadn’t taken Yan Jing too seriously. Yan Jing followed him and protecting the weak was just because it was easy. He didn’t expect Yan Jing to put so much trust and dependence on him. It made him feel sorry if he couldn’t save this person.

Xie Chi had always relied on his brother and knew how good it was that someone relied on him. He didn’t want to disappoint Yan Jing. Even if he didn’t have to take on this responsibility, he wanted to do the best he could and repay Yan Jing’s dependence. In addition, this stinky old man was nagging on and on about the destiny he hated most all day long.

Xie Chi sneered. If he had believed in destiny then would he be able to reach here?

“I don’t believe in this evil. If I say that I want to fish then I will fish. Old man, do you have a way? Don’t give me that nonsense?” Xie Chi sneered.

Taoist Lian Xi couldn’t help shuddering and he secretly wondered how he could be scared by this young man who didn’t even have a beard?

Taoist Lian Xi thought hard about it before replying with a bitter face, “There is really nothing. Don’t force me. He was unlucky at the last moment. This is his destiny—”

HE wanted to continue but instantly became mute when he faced Xie Chi’s icy gaze. “I…I won’t say that word anymore.”

He was old and had a bad body. He couldn’t beat this young man.

Lu Wen, who was crouching down by the pit, suddenly called out. “Taoist, please come here!”

Taoist Lian Xi and Xie Chi immediately came over. In the pit, the cracks on Yan Jing’s face had spread to his neck and his skull was at risk of breaking away at any time. Lu Wen stared at Taoist Lian Xi with red eyes. Taoist Lian Xi shook his head again and again, unable to look. “Don’t look at me. I really don’t have a way.”

Xie Chi couldn’t describe his irritation. Everything that happened in front of him violated Xie Chi’s beliefs.

He felt that as long as people wanted to do something, they could do it by any means. However, the cracks that continued to spread told him that some people would still be played by rules and fate.

He crouched down and his fingers accidentally touched Yan Jing’s arm. Xie Chi made some calculations in his heart. He was ready to go to Mrs Zhao’s house with Lu Wen when the app rang. Xie Chi glanced at it randomly and froze.

[Your strong will has triggered the luck buff.]

Before Xie Chi could recover, Lu Wen shouted happily and pulled Xie Chi’s sleeve. “Brother Xie! The cracks are recovering! Look!”

Taoist Lian Xi couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The almost broken bloody man was actually recovering in front of him. The long cracks gradually became smaller and then disappeared. The children’s blood was absorbed in the process and in just a few minutes, Yan Jing’s face was dry and clean. Only the unique characteristics of a zombie were growing.

Feeling Yan Jing’s spirit growing and leaping, Taoist Lian Xi was shocked. He quickly picked up the shovel on the side and shoveled at the position of the hand. The next moment, Yan Jing’s hand with blue-green nails appeared in front of the three people.

Xie Chi’s pupils shrank.

Taoist Lian Xi took a few steps back, staring and gasping for air as his chest moved up and down violently.

“It’s done! It succeeded!” Taoist Lian Xi was so excited that he burst out crying. He was over 70 years old and made a living zombie with his own hand. Even if he did nothing in his life except for making this living zombie, he would be able to die with no regrets.

Lu Wen saw the miracle occur in front of his eyes and was extremely excited. “Jing, you are too awesome!”


[It isn’t the blind man, it is the bigshot. I saw it. The bigshot’s phone turned on. Otherwise, the blind man would’ve died earlier.]

[The bigshot is really a noble! I also want to have such a noble person in my life.]

[The luck buff??]

[Wait, he was the newcomer who previously got the luck item??]

[Is it really fu*king him??]

[He is really a newcomer? Isn’t a newcomer someone who has done just one movie?]

[I lost! I will follow him!!]

[It turned out to be the cast! This is the first time I’m seeing a living zombie in a horror movie!]

[Do you think this is better than Mrs Zhao’s zombie?]

[I don’t know. It is the first time I’m seeing it and I have no idea about a living zombie. I am looking forward to it ahhh.]

[No one can stop the bigshot. He is too strong.]


Xie Chi smiled. He had won. The buff he previously dismissed was really useful.

Taoist Lian Xi said that Yan Jing was missing that last bit of luck and the buff made up for it.

In the pit, Yan Jing’s eyelids started to move slightly and Taoist Lian Xi was excited. “He’s going to wake up!”

He looked at Xie Chi and urged loudly, “Quickly press your blood against his brow!”

Xie Chi didn’t hesitate. He picked up the peach wood sword that Lu Wen had left on the stool and gently scratched his index finger. A slight tingling sensation spread and blood welled up. Xie Chi approached the pit, leaned over and pressed his blood against Yan Jing’s brow.

The next second, Yan Jing opened his eyes. In the black and white pupils, there was a dark and heavy air and no signs of humanity at all. Taoist Lian Xi was instantly worried. He feared that Yan Jing’s spirit was destroyed during the refining process and he had become a powerful killing corpse.

He clenched his peach wood sword and eight trigrams, ready to fight to the death at any time. Then Yan Jing in the pit suddenly jumped. He shook off the soil and headed for Xie Chi, seemingly ready to hug him.

Xie Chi responded quickly, pulling the stool to block Yan Jing so that he couldn’t be contaminated by the smell of dirt and children’s blood. Yan Jing had no choice but to pounce on Lu Wen. He was a bit unaccustomed to his strength and couldn’t control it, so he directly threw Lu Wen to the ground.

Lu Wen, “……”

Xie Chi was secretly glad about his quick reaction and lazily asked, “Can you see?”

Yan Jing got up quickly and showed a particularly terrible smile toward Lu Wen, seemingly apologizing.

Lu Wen got up and sniffed himself, expression stiff. “…It’s okay.”

Yan Jing looked at Xie Chi as if wanting to answer this person’s question. Then he opened his mouth and the sounds he made were very strange.

“!¥@%¥……&!” Yan Jing froze for two seconds. He apparently also realized he was talking in the zombie language. His expression was frightened and because he was too anxious, he spoke faster while tears appeared in his eyes.

Taoist Lian Xi and Lu Wen glanced at each other. They had both forgotten. The living zombie might be a living person but they were subordinate to the zombie after being refined and spoke the zombie language.

There was a language barrier. They might be able to rely on expressions to communicate but this was also very troublesome.

Lu Wen’s face was bitter. “Taoist Lian Xi, what should we do…”

“I can’t help—”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he saw Xie Chi walk over to Yan Jing. “You slow down. I can understand some things but I can’t understand if you speak quickly.”

Yan Jing froze for a few seconds before shock turned to joy. Taoist Lian Xi stared with wide eyes. Lu Wen was shocked. “Didn’t you say that you only learned a few words?”

“There was some time after my initial study so I learned some more.” Xie Chi replied in a perfunctory manner.

[Bigshot: I’m very average.]

[Bigshot: It isn’t that complicated. I only learned the key words.]

[The bigshot’s modesty means we are really stupid.]

Xie Chi and Yan Jing exchanged a few words while Taoist Lian Xi and Lu Wen watched in a stunned manner.

Finally, Yan Jing stopped and stood aside expectantly.

Taoist Lian Xi and Lu Wen hurried over. “What did he say?”

Xie Chi explained, “He first expressed his joy, gratitude and excitement. Then he told me how to control him. He said he can’t see but his sense of smell is very sensitive and can replace eyesight. We don’t have to worry about him at all. He isn’t too afraid of light but he will be uncomfortable when exposed to light. It would be nice to wear an outfit that blocks his face altogether. He asked us to borrow one. He also said that he feels very strong.”

Xie Chi paused in an embarrassed manner. “If I’m not translating wrong, he said that he feels stronger than the Hulk.”

Lu Wen, “……”

“I asked him who he thinks is stronger between him and the boss monster. He said he hasn’t fought it so he doesn’t know, but he isn’t necessarily weaker than it. Then he expressed his eagerness to try.”

Xie Chi glanced at Yan Jing, asking with his eyes if he was wrong.

Yan Jing nodded with satisfaction. He thanked his brother for being so strong.

Lu Wen glanced at the dirty and ragged Yan Jing and took off his robe to place on Yan Jing. Xie Chi was thin and his robe was small. If Yan Jing used it to cover his face as well then the length would be sufficient but it would look very funny. Meanwhile, Lu Wen’s robe was relatively spacious.

Yan Jing started speaking zombie again.

Xie Chi translated on the side, “He said thank you Brother Lu. And…”

Xie Chi’s expression became a bit strange. “He said that his fangs have just grown out and are especially itchy. He can’t stand the itchiness. He wants to see if he can borrow your shoulders to rub his teeth. He won’t bite you.”

Lu Wen froze and stared at Xie Chi. “…Why can’t he use your shoulders?”

Xie Chi spread out his hands. “He said he is afraid of hurting me. You have thicker skin.”

Lu Wen, “……”

Yan Jing hadn’t expected Xie Chi to translate it directly. He jumped anxiously and seemed to blush while secretly blaming Xie Chi for being unkind.

Lu Wen sighed and was just about to submit to his face when Xie Chi remembered Yue Xiuming. He looked at Yan Jing and made a smile with an unclear meaning. “I will find someone for you to rub your teeth against. You can do that or bite him, just don’t kill him.”

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2 years ago

Yan Jing lives! Luck buff to the rescue ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

1 year ago

Yue Xiuming is gonna get bitten again. now, he definitely deserved it.

1 year ago

Mwahahaha literal weaponized plot armour, bless our boys.

1 year ago

I can see the relationship happening. Sharp nails vs hard skin 😅❤❤

1 year ago

Okay but I feel like LW and YJ would make for a cute side CP. YJ can’t see and thus bases people on how they act and treat him. LW likes kind people and is willing to protect the weak. Plus, he’s clearly very open minded so I don’t think he would care about YJ being blind. LW could be the muscle and YJ can help him look for ghosts