APP: Chapter 34

[A living person zombie?? Fu*k! Thinking carefully, it seems possible!!]

[This is the bigshot’s idea?]

[I’ve heard many legends about living zombies in other zombie movies but I have never seen it!]

[Everything is there. Everything is truly prepared and only one small item is missing.]

[Can the bigshot get this person??]

[How could he know about such a crooked thing like a living zombie?]

[I’m shocked.]


Panic flashed on Taoist Lian Xi’s face. He quickly lowered his head and wiped the tears on his face. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Xie Chi was more convinced that this person knew it and pulled him up with a smile. “Taoist Master, my friend is in danger. You can’t just watch him die and not help him. My master Taoist Xuan Cheng shouldn’t have died. It was because of your negligence and delay that he died in this Ladies’ Building. If you just stand by and watch my friend die in front of you, it is adding onto your crimes. Can you be forgiven?”

He deliberately said ‘your negligence and delay’ in an extremely heavy manner. It seemed to intentionally be provoking guilt.

Sure enough, the moment Xie Chi finished his speech, Taoist Lian Xi glanced at Yan Jing on the ground with an unbearable feeling in his eyes. Lu Wen let Yan Jing lean on himself while secretly feeling shocked. Xie Chi seemed to be using this person’s guilt for a certain purpose.

Taoist Lian Xi gritted his teeth. Then he turned around and refused to look at Yan Jing. “No! Even if I can do it, creating a living zombie is a forbidden technique! If this living zombie was used by the wicked then it will be a disaster. There are endless troubles in the world and this is one of them. If the heart technique of the living person isn’t used correctly, once it is cultivated, the person will be eaten away by the corpse energy and become a killing zombie. You and I won’t be able to bear the consequences at that time! I can’t ignore the lives of others for one person!”

Lu Wen’s hopeful heart instantly sank again. This Taoist Lian Xi was really so ruthless that he could look at someone dying and not save them?

“Taoist!” Lu Wen’s eyes were red.

“Don’t call out to me!”

Xie Chi suddenly sneered. “Aren’t you the one who follows fate the most? Have you ever thought about it? Why didn’t you come here sooner or later but appeared right at this time? Why does this Ladies’ Building happen to be the land of four yin energies required for zombie refining? Why didn’t I need to kill and do evil to get the blood of children easily? Heaven is gathering everything together. Don’t you understand what Heaven wants? Eh?”

He raised his voice at the end.

Taoist Lian Xi was in a momentary trance. Dao was natural. He believed in this the most. The circumstances were indeed telling him…

No, no, the consequences were too serious. Taoist Lian Xi secretly warned himself.

Xie Chi saw the Taoist Lian Xi’s hesitation and his eyes were sharp as he pointed out coldly, “If you go against the heavens, the heavens won’t spare you.”

Taoist Lian Xi was poked in his painful spot and he blew up as he stared at this person while touching his beard, “You! I should’ve seen that you are so bad-minded!”

This person could do everything to achieve his goal! Taoist Lian Xi had misread him before!

Xie Chi chuckled. “If you think that my friend’s heart isn’t right then won’t don’t you look at him? Old man, if you don’t listen to people’s words then just listen to the heavens’ orders. What are the heavens telling you? Just go to his face to take a look. In any case, my master is dead and you can’t save him. Just go to him and take a look. It won’t take you any time.”

Taoist Lian Xi was moved. He was indeed afraid of going against the sky and being punished. He walked over suspiciously and stared at Yan Jing’s face for a few seconds. Then he withdrew with amazement.

“Supreme goodness is true, good fortune continues from his predecessor, The later generation saved him from death’s door and a noble person will bring him forward in life!”

Xie Chi hadn’t expected Yan Jing to be so blessed. He placed one hand in his pocket and raised his eyes lazily. “The heavens are telling you that he is kind and true. Can’t you save him, old man?”

Yan Jing was concerned about the predecessor and noble person part. The predecessor was naturally his grandfather and the noble person was naturally Xie Chi.

Taoist Lian Xi was silent for a few seconds. He seemed to be struggling. Xie Chi just crossed his legs and leaned to the side. His expression was light and he seemed to have already confirmed Taoist Lian Xi’s choice.

Xie Chi’s app suddenly rang.

[Taoist Lian Xi’s goodwill toward you is detected and the plot will continue.]

Finally, Taoist Lian Xi smiled helplessly and nodded. “I will save him.”

Taoist Lian Xi believed in fate. Xie Chi might not understand it but Taoist Lian Xi knew who clever and fateful this was. He was destined to save this person.

The living person zombie technique and the technique of borrowing the laws were two forbidden techniques. The technique of borrowing the laws meant borrowing from the world. The five elements were harmless to others and only harmed himself. There was little harm to the world.

However, the process for the living zombie was too cruel. It involved bringing harm to people and it was banned.

The process was naturally cruel. The blood of children must be used and the amount required was huge. It absolutely wasn’t enough to kill one child, at least three or four were needed. In addition, the child must be alive when the blood was taken. If the blood was taken from a dead child’s body then it wouldn’t work.

This was destined to stain the hands of the living zombie creators.

The conditions for refining a living zombie were too harsh and the probability of success was slim. Even if everything was present, the probability of failure was great. This wasn’t a thing that could be achieved through human resources. It was a matter of luck and adversity.

IF refined, they had to ensure that the zombie refiner didn’t go astray. After all, there was no one who could guarantee that after the zombie refiner had the lethal weapon, he wouldn’t want to use it to achieve his desire and harm the world.

There had been several living zombies in the past hundreds of years. The zombie refiner used the living zombie to kill innocent people. Every time, countless Taoists died before killing the zombie. It was said that enough blood flowed to form a river.

Due to the above reasons, the living zombie technique had been banned many times. In his generation, the legend of the living zombies still circulated among the people but not Taoist society.

As his master’s disciple, he was fortunate enough to get a glance at it. Once he was 70 years old and had half a foot in the dirt, he was prepared to bring this living zombie method into the earth with him and completely destroy it. He hadn’t expected that in his later years, he would get an opportunity to use it.

He was probably the only one in the world who could make a living zombie.

Therefore, his rescue of Yan Jing seemed to be fate. The only person in the world who knew how to make a living zombie happened to appear in the Ladies’ House at this time while the person whose life was in danger was extremely true of heart.

God clearly told him his choice.

“I will save him.” Taoist Lian Xi murmured again.

Xie Chi sent Lu Wen a look, asking him to hold up Yan Jing. Then he walked to Taoist Lian Xi and smiled gently. “Master Uncle, what should we do?”

Taoist Lian Xi glared at him fiercely.

[Hahahahahaha, he called this person ‘Master Uncle’ after agreeing and old man when he didn’t agree. I’m dying of laughter. This change in face is really fast.]

[I thought he was going to threaten the Taoist with a knife.]

[How can that be? Taoist Lian Xi is extremely decent and isn’t afraid of death at all. If he really did that, the blind man would become cold. This big guy has the ability to use the right method. If Taoist Lian Xi hadn’t believed in fate then he probably wouldn’t agree.]

[A noble person will bring him in life. Does this mean the big guy? It is like the fantasy novel I read before dying. The bigshot is the white-bearded grandfather and the blind man is the trash blind person.]

[Have you ever seen such a young and handsome golden finger?]

[The bigshot is very attractive. He is strong but doesn’t bully the weak. He does his best to protect the people who trust him and gives off a super strong sense of security. I want to marry him. I thought it would be hopeless but this blind man is actually going to be saved.]

[The bigshot is mine!]

[Don’t be happy too early. I remember that the survival rate for this technique is particularly low. Can it succeed?]

[I’m still curious about how he thought of this method. His brain circuits…]


Xie Chi walked over to Yan Jing and quietly asked, “Jing, do you want to do this?”

If Yan Jing didn’t want to endure this sin then he wouldn’t force it. This was Yan Jing’s own decision and it had nothing to do with him. He didn’t want to interfere. Yan Jing was unable to speak and could only gently nod his head, eyes crystal bright. If he could survive then he still had a chance to meet his grandfather.

Xie Chi calmly told him, “Then keep your mind.”

Xie Chi did his best. He didn’t believe in fate or probability. He only believed that a person could win the day. As long as Yan Jing thought so, Yan Jing would definitely be able to do it.

Yan Jing nodded again.

Taoist Lian Xi had made up his mind and he no longer hesitated. He pointed to Lu Wen and ordered, “You are strong. Go find a shovel and dig a pit in this place. Bury his entire body in such a big pit.

Xie Chi didn’t need to be commanded by Taoist Lian Xi and knew what to do. He went upstairs to take the blood of the children from the blood pool.

The pit was quickly dug. Taoist Lian Xi assigned Lu Wen to bury Yan Jing in the pit and after a few minutes, Yan Jing had only his head and his heart exposed. The refined eight trigrams was placed on Yan Jing’s heart and would be used to absorb the four yin energies.

Taoist Lian Xi had fowl blood, charms, a brush, porcelain bowls and other things. He poured fowl blood into the bowl, dipped the brush into the fowl blood to write several runes. Then he gripped the paper with two fingers and closed his eyes for two seconds.

The character was engraved on the talisman paper and Taoist Lian Xi quickly threw the paper into the pit. Before falling into a deep sleep, Yan Jing suddenly took Taoist Lian Xi’s hand, worked hard to open his mouth and spoke in an extremely hoarse voice. “T-Taoist, I want Brother Xi to… control, control my corpse.”

Taoist Lian Xi had wide eyes. He glanced back at Xie Chi and shouted, “He can’t do it! He has a bad mind!”

The zombie controller had absolute control over the living zombie. As long as they rang the bell, the zombie would serve him. Once the bell rang, the zombie would move. Once it stopped, the zombie would stop.

The zombie refiner was generally the controller so there was no distinction between them, but there were exceptions. If the refiner was making the zombie for someone else, they would press the blood of the employer against the living zombie’s eyebrows and if the refining process was a success, the living zombie would naturally recognize its master using this blood.

After Yan Jing said this, he fell unconscious and the ending was unclear.

Taoist Lian Xi had a complicated expression. “Who is he? He can actually distinguish between the zombie controller and the zombie refiner. There must be a Taoist in his family!”

Xie Chi’s shoulder was numb with pain. He lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. “His grandfather was a Taoist.”

“No wonder.” Taoist Lian Xi sighed. “The probability of a living zombie succeeding is extremely low. You must be mentally prepared. He will most likely… go.”

“I know.” Xie Chi spoke lightly.

Taoist Lian Xi suddenly looked solemn. “If successful, I will take him away in case he is a disaster.”

Take away?

Xie Chi was shocked and his thoughts flashed. He remembered Yan Jing’s last request and thought for a few seconds before sneering. “Taoist Master, do you know why good people refine a living zombie only for the world to end in disaster?”

“Why?” Taoist Lian Xi couldn’t help asking. He really didn’t understand why all the good-headed Taoists succeeded in this hard practice only to end up on the road of no return.

Xie Chi explained lightly, “It is because goodness doesn’t mean a lack of desire. Many people are good because they haven’t been subjected to the test of desire. Desire can easily erode goodness. This is why the most suitable zombie controller definitely isn’t a good person.”

Taoist Lian Xi’s eyes widened. “What do you mean…”

“Master Uncle, you pursue justice but isn’t this also a desire? It is wrong. Your desire is more intense than mine and more chaotic., If you are the zombie controller, can you guarantee that you won’t kill a wicked person if you meet him? You can’t. This is the spread of desire. You think it is just but it is violating the nature of Taoism and the faith you believe in. Heaven and earth regards all living things as the same dogs. There is a fixed good and evil and it is determined by Heaven, not by you. Isn’t killing all the evil in the world as determined by you actually a curse to the world?”

Taoist Lian Xi’s expression was horrified. If he had a living zombie then he would indeed do as Xie Chi said…

Xie Chi smiled like a fox. “That’s why the most suitable zombie controller is someone like me.”

Taoist Lian Xi had a stunned expression.

Xie Chi laughed. “I have seen many evils and thrown away all desire. My last desire is unique and doesn’t harm the world.”

“The living zombie in my hands is just a friend who had known me for a long time, not a tool to increase territory. My desire will never spread so the harm of the living zombie will never spread.”

Taoist Lian Xi’s heart shook. If this was the case, it seemed more appropriate to place the living zombie into this person’s hands than his own. If it was really made, the situation was beyond his control.

Taoist Lian Xi had a complicated expression on his face as he asked, “Why are you so familiar with a living person?”

Xie Chi froze for a moment before smiling. “For my only desire.”

In his teens, he watched many zombie movies while wondering if he could put his brother’s soul into a zombie. If he had an idea then it wasn’t difficult to find information. It was just that he was constrained by his world and couldn’t act.

Taoist Lian Xi’s heart was shocked again. This man’s actions were only for one purpose. It was indeed purer than him, more suitable than him and less prone to harm people than him. The living zombie would only be regarded as a friend.

Taoist Lian Xi remained silent for a long time before finally sighing. “You are right. If it succeeds then you should be the zombie controller.”

Xie Chi tried to tighten the corners of his mouth to look like someone without desire. “Okay.”

Xie Xinglan chucked in his head. “You are once again fooling people.”

Xie Chi raised his eyebrows slightly.

Xie Xinglan asked, “Why didn’t you let me carry Yan Jing? Your shoulders are injured like that when you are clearly afraid of pain.”

Xie Chi was silent for a few seconds before replying blankly, “Brother can only carry me in a princess hug.”

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2 years ago

In this life, Xiao Chi’s only desire…is his husband (Err, I mean his ge, for now).

Xie Chi all the time: Expresionlessly possessive, “It can only be me!”

They’resocutehuhu ≧ω≦

2 years ago

Will the zombie powers last after the film? Also is Zhou Tong now forever dead?

2 years ago
Reply to  ctomes

He better be dead (c” ತ,_ತ)

2 years ago

This is basically Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ning😭(from Mo Dao Zu Shi)

1 year ago
Reply to  Scorpio

Ay verdad no lo pense

Seamless Sky
Seamless Sky
1 year ago
Reply to  Scorpio

Shoot you had to bring it up didn’t you? 😭

2 years ago

Yan Jing is gonna live yayyy

1 year ago

Living zombie? Wen Ning bae is that you?

1 year ago

that’s probably why xie xinglan said that his boyfriend isn’t nice at all and lu wen’s thoughts of xie chi is different from xie chi’s own personality.

i didn’t actually understand it back then because for me, i feel like xie chi could still be considered as a nice person. the truth is that that wasn’t the case. xie chi is a hypocrite, if i met a person like him in real life, i would either stay very far away from him or be his helper/assistant. although he never actually said that he hate evil beings/people, he clearly showed it. like what happened w zhou tong and the other old actor in the first arc, he hated their ways. but the truth is he can do worse things. he’s a great pretender, a great manipulator, and very cunning. he use people’s own desires and thoughts to make it easier for him or to defeat them. it doesn’t just look like that since the result benefits a lot of people. also, he initiates bad intentions because in the very beginning he doesn’t care about anything that will not benefit him or his boyfriend in the end.

the only one thing that made him different from others is his desire. if it is possible, he could still do anything just to reach his desire. evil or not. i still like him though lmao. this is just my observation abt xie chi because i find him very unique and interesting.

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