APP: Chapter 33

[Fu*k, I just said I was hungry and wanted to eat cooked meat and have a drink.]

[Hahahaha this big guy just plunged into a blood pool.]

[It is a good evil door.]

[Why is it that none of the other illusions beside his was broken when the big guy cut off Zhang Linu’s hands? How did the big guy come out? It was too fast and I didn’t see it clearly.]


Xie Chi recalled his experience a minute ago and his eyes were cold. He thought that the illusion would automatically break after killing the puppets but this wasn’t the case. The illusion remained after the puppets died.

Killing the puppets didn’t mean leaving the illusion. Killing the puppets only meant there was no longer anything that could endanger the actor’s life in the illusion. The actor might still starve to death in the illusion if he couldn’t find the exit.

Even if they survived, it was still a dead end. It was because the actor’s mission time was limited. Once the shooting ended, the actors who were trapped in the illusion would die by default and there was no chance to escape from the horror movie.

So… cutting off Zhang Linu’s hand became the only solution.

The horror movie was playing with actors.

The actors thought they would go out by cutting the string but in fact, they were destroying their own lives. The string was broken and the crisis in front of them disappeared, but they could no longer find Zhang Linu using the puppet’s strings. Zhang Linu was located at the exit of the illusion.

However, in fact, getting out of the illusion was actually very simple. Zhang Linu needed to insert his hands or fingers into the illusion to control the puppets. This was the place where the illusion and reality were connected. The place where Zhang Linu reached in was the exit of the illusion.

Xie Chi walked to the place where Zhang Linu’s hand had fallen, struck a place that seemed to be a wall and smoothly went out. Xie Chi looked back at the glass cube. On one side of the cube was a fist-sized hole where Zhang Linu’s hand had stretched in and where he came out from.

Xie Chi rammed out from there and entered the control room where Zhang Linu was located. In the large control room, apart from his own wine pool and meat forest, there were a dozen other glass cubes with different arrangements.

Zhang Linu had lost too much blood and his face was as pale as paper. He was in pain and twitched on the ground like an earthworm. The ground near the cut wrist already had a pool of blood and the surrounding air was nauseating and disgusting.

Zhang Linu gritted his teeth tightly. His teeth were twisted and his tongue broken but he finally managed to take a breath. His voice was sharp and filled with maliciousness. “Hahahaha, so what if you come out? Isn’t it wonderful that all of them are annihilated apart from you? You’ve cut all the strings of the illusion and they will never find the exit. You killed them all!”

Xie Chi’s face sank and he couldn’t help clenching his fists.

Zhang Linu gasped. “Those idiots, perhaps they are still thanking you for saving them. How wonderful will it be when their hope is destroyed after finding out it is impossible to escape the illusion? I have no hands but so many people were buried with me. It isn’t a loss, hahahaha.”

“I remember that you have a good relationship with the blind man and the man with scales on his face? Hahahaha, they aren’t far from death. They will be waiting for death for a long time and hate you!”

Zhang Linu’s expression was fierce and mad but there was defeat in his eyes. For a puppet master, his hands were more important than his life. Without his hands, he had no meaning in living. What’s more, he lost all his puppets. They were his heart and soul over the years. It was all because of this person!

Zhang Linu glared fiercely at Xie Chi in front of him, trying to see a trace of pain and regret. However, Xie Chi just cocked his head and smiled slightly at Zhang Linu. “You are stupid.”

Zhang Linu’s eyes widened with disbelief.

Xie Chi called out, “Brother.”

The next second, Zhang Linu saw the man lift his foot indifferently and kick all the glass cubes in the control room one by one.

The sound of breaking glass was uplifting. There was a rain of broken glass but Xie Xinglan easily avoided it. A few pieces of broken glass were inserted into Zhang Linu’s body, bringing another wave of extreme pain. In the midst of Zhang Linu’s heartbreaking howls, Xie Chi crouched down and waved a fist at Zhang Linu. “Yes, the exit of the illusion was only as big as a fist and was hard to find. But now, can’t everyone get out?”

Zhang Linu’s chest moved up and down violently, his thoughts grey. He never thought that his seamless layout would be vulnerable to this person. He never thought that such a brutal and unreasonable method would break the game.

Zhang Linu closed his eyes with pain. In the next second, two more people appeared in the control room that originally only had two people. They were Lu Wen and Yue Xiuming. Lu Wen saw Xie Chi and his eyes were red with excitement. However, Yue Xiuming’s eyes avoided Xie Chi and he quietly moved back, heading toward the door of the control room. Compared to Lu Wen’s body that was completely bruised, Yue Xiuming’s body only had shallow scratches.

Xie Chi waited more than 10 seconds before his face changed slightly. “Yan Jing?”

Why didn’t Yan Jing come out? The illusions were clearly full of exits. Why didn’t he come out?

Xie Chi’s gaze swept over the room and finally fell on Yue Xiuming’s face. Yue Xiuming had reached the door and now he suddenly faced Xie Chi’s sharp eyes. His heart trembled and he lied with shaking lips. “Why are you looking at me? I wasn’t in the illusion with him?”

Xie Chi didn’t speak and only stared at this person.

Yue Xiuming’s scalp was numb but he continued to be hard-mouthed. “He is blind. Isn’t it normal for him to die in the illusion? Don’t vent your anger toward me because I have hatred with you previously. What does this have to do with me?”

“Then why are you running?” Xie Chi’s eyes flashed with coldness. Just then, Zhang Linu tried to bite his tongue to kill himself. Xie Xinglan responded extremely quickly, grabbing Zhang Linu’s jaw.

Lu Wen froze for a second before immediately taking off his clothes and throwing it to Xie Xinglan. “Here!”

Xie Xinglan took it, rolled the clothes into a ball and stuffed it in Zhang Linu’s mouth. Xie Chi still needed to get information from Zhang Linu. Zhang Linu temporarily couldn’t die. Xie Xinglan pulled a rope from the wooden table to one side and bound Zhang Linu’s bleeding body tightly. The blood flow gradually slowed down. By the time Xie Chi turned back, Yue Xiuming was no longer in the control room. He apparently used this time to run away.

Lu Wen’s eyes were red and his voice was hoarse.  “Yan Jing, is he dead?

Lu Wen’s lips moved constantly before he finally spoke the terrible possibility. Lu Wen angrily punched the wall, apparently hating his own incompetence. Xie Chi was silent for a few seconds before speaking lightly. “It has nothing to do with you. You don’t need to blame yourself.”

Lu Wen raised his head, eyes full of disbelief. “You…”

Indeed, it was as Xie Chi said but wasn’t Xie Chi sad at all? This person was admirable, thoughtful and… distant. It was because he was too rational and ruthless that no one could leave an impression on his heart. He wouldn’t stay sad for anyone and he couldn’t care about anything apart from himself.

Xie Chi stood up. “I tried my best but I can’t help everyone. He didn’t survive so I’ll help him get revenge. There is nothing else to think about.”

“Brother, I’m in so much pain…” Suddenly, a very weak voice filled the empty control room.

Xie Chi’s pupils suddenly shrank. Lu Wen shivered and turned around, unable to believe his ears.

On the ground covered with broken glass, there was another familiar person. He was lying on the ground and trying to get up, but the blood seeping out of his abdomen kept increasing.

Xie Chi strode over and lifted him from the broken glass. Yan Jing hugged his neck happily, smiled comfortably and whispered, “I definitely can’t see my grandfather again but I worked hard to climb back to meet Brother Xie. It is still possible…”

Lu Wen’s eyes were red and he finally couldn’t hold back. He covered his mouth as he sobbed. Xie Chi’s hands clenched slightly. He wasn’t used to someone relying on him so much. He took off his clothes and tied a knot around Yan Jing’s waist, temporarily suppressing the blood flow.

Yan Jing was very light. Xie Chi hurriedly picked him up and calmly said, “You aren’t dead yet. There will be a way.”

His face was stained with blood and his expression was cold and indifferent.

“Lu Wen, let’s go.”

Xie Chi rushed out of the control room. Lu Wen was about to follow when he saw Zhang Linu on the ground. He picked up Zhang Linu on his shoulder and quickly caught up with Xie Chi.

Yan Jing smiled. “Brother, you are so handsome. I haven’t enjoyed the treatment of a princess and I’m satisfied. Don’t go too fat and don’t drop me. I know what happened to me. I can’t survive. It is useless. I can’t make it to the end of the movie. Just talk to me.”


Yan Jing spat out blood. “Brother, I haven’t thanked you yet. I really like you and admire you. Growing up, you are the only one who was good to me except for my grandfather. I was sincere every time I called you Brother. I’m sorry that I can’t help you this time. This is my biggest regret…”

“Don’t say it. Save some energy.”

Yan Jing shook his head. “I know that I’m very noisy but I was too lonely. My grandfather died and no one talked to me anymore. Sometimes, I would squat in the yard and tall to my grandfather’s chickens and ducks.”

“Shut up.”

Yan Jing smiled. “Brother, you are really ruthless, cold and hard. Have you been hurt a lot? Then I wish for a lot of people to love you, okay?”

Xie Chi didn’t speak.

Lu Wen chased behind them while rapidly browsing the app store. However, he couldn’t find any way to save Yan Jing’s life. Yan Jing wasn’t injured by a human, he was injured by a puppet. Medical equipment couldn’t save him at all. Lu Wen’s face was grey when he saw this. It seemed certain that Yan Jing would die.

Xie Chi responded to Yan Jing while thinking of a way to save him. If a person died then he would erase that person. If the person didn’t die then he would try his best to save them.

Thoughts flashed quickly only to be denied one by one.

Grabbing a zombie to make Yan Jing’s body change and then detoxifying him with the zombie teeth powder seemed possible. After being bitten by a zombie, the blood flow of the human body would slow down and this was enough to resist a heavy injury. However, Yan Jing couldn’t wait that long. If bitten by a zombie, Yan Jing was likely to become a zombie immediately after being bitten. It was because he was dying and couldn’t resist the spread of the corpse poison.

He would become a complete zombie and couldn’t be saved with the teeth powder.

Yue Xiuming killed Zhou Tong without being punished. This was enough to prove that an actor was considered a zombie after being changed. The app didn’t recognize him as an actor. If Xie Chi turned Yan Jing into a zombie, Yan Jing would stay in the horror movie forever.

Even if Yan Jing barely survived the zombie poison, it took time to detoxify using the teeth powder. He likely couldn’t wait for the detoxification. Then after the detoxification, the wound was still present and he had to endure the severe pain. This was equivalent to suffering.

Basically, it was futile. Moreover, they were currently in the rich and prosperous town of Huai Ao. The only zombie present was at Mrs Zhao’s house and that zombie’s poison was too strong…

Yan Jing couldn’t bear it. Was there any way to temporarily save Yan Jing’s life and help him live to the end of the movie without depriving him of his actor’s identity?

Xie Chi opened the app and entered ‘actor definition’ into the app search box.

The app seemed to know what he was thinking and the answer given was very intimate. [The body can be injured at various levels such as the amputation of limbs or even decapitation (provided that it is alive) as long as the mental wisdom is preserved. There is no loss and they are still considered an actor.]

Xie Chi was thoughtful. Then Zhou Tong wasn’t considered an actor because he became a low level zombie and lost his intelligence. In other words, Yan Jing’s body could have various problems but as long as his mind was preserved, he would still be an actor. Under normal circumstances, if you died then your intelligence would disappear. Were there any special circumstances that would allow him to retain Yan Jing’s wisdom.

Xie Chi went down to the first door, wanting to find someone to stop the bleeding first when he bumped into Taoist Lian Xi who broke through the door.

Taoist Lian Xi’s ass fell to the ground and he shouted with pain. Then he saw the person and grabbed Xie Chi with shock. “Little brother, how are you here? How is your master?”

“Dead.” Xie Chi spoke concisely, not wanting to delay the time. He just wanted to go out when he heard Taoist Lian Xi crying. “I should’ve given up driving the corpses to accompany him! It is all my fault! I shouldn’t have eaten noodles at the stall! I should’ve rushed to this broken Lady’s Building…”

Xie Chi paused suddenly. “Why did you come to this Lady’s Building instead of going to the Zhao house to find my master?”

Taoist Lian Xi stopped howling and sobbing. “I just arrived in Huai Ao and found that it was a land of four yin. The yin energy has spread and the evil is overwhelming. There must be an evildoer. I wanted to slowly find my younger apprentice brother. I decided to come here to catch the demon first. Unexpectedly…

Xie Chi froze for two seconds before leaning over and grabbing his collar. “Did you say that this is a land of four yin?”

Taoist Lian Xi was frightened by him and trembled. “Y-Yes…”

Xie Chi suddenly thought of something. He placed Yan Jing gently on the ground, strode over to Lu Wen and took the ball of clothes from Zhang Linu’s mouth. “I want to ask you, is the blood pool in the control room made of children’s blood?”

Zhang Linu didn’t know what Xie Chi was thinking but he didn’t want Xie Chi to get his wish and sneered. “No! You can’t get anything from me! I’m not afraid of death at all.”

Xie Chi glanced at Zhang Linu’s reaction and sneered. “I already know.”

He rudely stuffed Zhang Linu’s mouth again.

Zhang Linu and Mrs Zhao… in this way, the whereabouts of the missing children of Huai Ao seemed clear. The children were killed in the Ladies’ House. Their blood was taken and should be the material used to weave the illusions.

However, children’s blood couldn’t only be used for illusions but also…  zombie refining. Combined with the land where four yin energy gathered, the refined eight trigrams that helped absorb yin and Taoist Lian Xi who was proficient in various techniques, everything seemed ready.

Xie Chi once again came to Taoist Lian Xi. He patted the dust from this person’s body and smiled warmly. “Uncle, you are so awesome. Do you know how to… refine a living person zombie?”

Refining a living zombie meant refining a zombie with the body of a living person. It required a land with four yin energies, children’s blood, a refined eight trigrams, a master and a living person with a long-desired wish.

A successful refining could protect the living person’s intelligence while giving them the fighting power of a zombie.

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Well if Yan Jing gets the zombie strength, he could get revenge for himself.

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